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Bitten. by starrynightshy
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Hello beautiful people! This is my first ever fanfiction so please review! I hope you like it!


Chapter One

It was nearly three in the morning while I sat in the Evans’ garden staring at the full moon. I sighed as I took a sip from my steaming hot cup of tea and thought it was a great night to have insomnia. My insomnia usually didn’t accrue while I was visiting Lily but tonight I just couldn’t stop staring at the moonlight and finally just decided to sit outside, waiting for my eyes to grow heavy with the need of a dreamless sleep. The night was perfect; no wind, the temperature was neither hot nor cold and London couldn’t have asked for a more perfect full moon.


I looked to my left and stared at the tall row of sunflowers growing and mused over the fact that Mrs. Evans sure did love flowers hence the reason Lily and her sister were named after them. Their garden was beautiful; flowers filled every little inch of their backyard. I couldn’t help but wandering around their garden when my nightmares were too much to handle, I could sometimes hear the Marauders late at time plotting next door. Yep, Remus Lupin lived next to the Evans and of course all of his friends would visit every summer, much to Lily’s disappointment. I couldn’t blame her really; James Potter always seems to put her in the worst of moods with his constant need to ask her out.

I set my cup carefully in the cobblestone ground and stretched my legs out. I stood and did a little twirl, laughing at my shadow. I was giddy while acting estranged and these sleepless nights always brought out the dancer in me. The moonlight tickled my auburn hair and blushed over my cheeks as I stared up into the sky. I breathed in the crisp air and spread my arms wide wishing I could fly on my broomstick right now. I usually loved the night and it’s mysterious black sky, I was a night owl no doubt about it. I twirled to my heart’s content; I never had the courage to dance in front of anyone. My dance was my secret so lets keep this between us.


I swayed with the moonlight as my partner and that’s when I felt the strangest things. Someone was watching me. Don’t ask me how I knew. I could just feel it. Even though I’ve only visited Lily during the summer I felt safe until this very moment. I chill filled me and I quickly grew goose bumps all over.


I looked to my left and then my right seeing nothing. The comforting silence before now turned to dread as I heard a wolf howl. It sounded close but I didn’t think much of it. Wolves in London? You have got to be joking. No one has seen a wolf in London in years. I picked up my tea and started walking fast back to the house when I spotting golden yellow eyes watching me and I froze. I didn’t know what had come over me but those eyes…. Oh those eyes. For some possessed reason I stepped closer.




Right good one Chloe. Just keep talking to the strange creature in the darkness.


The glowing golden eyes grew larger as it stepped forward and the breath I was trying to take got caught in my throat. There stood a werewolf. I’ve read about them in school but never would I imagine being face to face with one. Its dark long hair covered its mangled body from head to toe. It was on all fours but as it came closer I had to look up to see those enchanting eyes. I could now see the brown flakes mixed in with green as it stared at my pajama form. Scars covered the creature’s body and I realized I was trembling as it took a deep sniff of me.


It’s going to eat me. I thought. I, Chloe Bell, am going to be killed by a werewolf before I even get to graduate from Hogwarts. Sixteen and I can’t even perform magic outside of school. I can see it now at my funeral they’d say, “Chloe died because she was too stupid to run away from a damn werewolf what a shame.”


I was jolted out of my thoughts when I heard another howl coming from over the fence. I jumped and stupidly dropped the porcelain cup and watched as it shattered at my feet. The werewolf lunged at me and I backed up, tripping over a stone and I tumbled down on my rear. I lifted my arms waiting for the end but then another howl came and the large creature paused to look while I was over my body. My heart was thumping out of my chest and tried not to make a sound. It turned back to me and sniffed at me some more. Why hasn’t it attacked by now? From what I’ve read in my textbooks werewolves didn’t think twice before killing a human.


I whimpered in fright, fearing my life. The werewolf growled threateningly and that’s when it bit my out stretched arm. This was also the moment where I screamed bloody murder from the seething pain and then soon after everything went dark. The last thing I remember were those golden eyes.


I woke up to Lily shaking me. “Chloe. God please wake up.” Her voice was trembling and I slowly tried to sit up.


“What happened?” I glanced around and realized I was still in Lily’s backyard. The sun was rising over Lily’s shoulder and her flaming red hair glowed from the bright burst of sunlight. She helped me up from the ground. I was so sore and yelped when Lily brushed against my arm. I looked down at it and wished I didn't. I hate blood. I could feel all the blood drain from my face. It wasn’t a dream. I turned to Lily sharply and I could feel the tears start to form.


“Lily… Last night..” I took a deep breath as Lily’s emerald eyes encouraged me to continue. “I think I was bitten.”


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