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Getting There by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 2 : Timing
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                “Hey, kid, whatcha doing?” I asked to a small unidentified first year that was standing in the middle of the train stupidly in my way. He jumped at the sound of my voice and looked up to meet my eyes slowly. 

                “N—Nothing.” He sputtered. 

                “Well can’t you do nothing off the train?” I asked. 

                He didn’t even respond this time, he just bolted. I smirked and continued on my way. Lily scowled at me. “You can’t treat them like that. What if some rude girl asked you that on your first day at Hogwarts?” 

                “I would have told her to mind her own business.” 

                “Yes—but try to understand that the world isn’t like you.”

                “Are you asking me to conform, Lil’s?” I raised my eyebrows and let out a laugh that scared even more little kids away from me. “Because I think you’re shit out of luck if that’s what you want.” 

                “Oh Bridget…” She trailed off as if she was unsure of what to say to me. Marlene just giggled and we continued on our way off of the train. It was cold for the beginning of September, but at least it wasn’t raining like it had the last three September the firsts. As we boarded the carriages pulled by nothing I tuned out the beginning of Lily and Marlene’s conversation about Black, really not all that interested. 

                “…But why?” Lily asked when I tuned in. “Why would you put yourself in that kind of a situation again?”

                “What situation?” I asked; they both just rolled their eyes at me. 

                Marlene sighed and as if she didn’t have time to explain this to Lily and I. I looked over, interested now. “Look, Lil’s. He’s Sirius Black. He’s not ever going to change, so I’ll just be friends with him and forget last year.” I snorted and Marlene turned to me. “What?”

                “Marley, c’mon. Friends? I think we all know that’s a shitload of shit.”

                “Shitload of shit?” Lily asked me with a giggle. 

                I waved her comment off and continued. “He was an arse to you. You’re just going to let that slide? He shagged so many girls while he was with you!”

                “But we won’t be together anymore, Bridget! So I won’t have to worry about it!” She was annoyed with me, but I just shrugged. It had to be said.

                That was the thing about Marlene and I. I had very strong opinions, and they often hurt her feelings. She hates shopping with me for that reason. Lily doesn’t really listen to me all that much, but she might possibly be the only person in the world besides Anastasia who has the ability to control me. It’s kind of scary actually. 

                We didn’t talk about Sirius the rest of the carriage ride, and when we got off of it and started into the castle, it started raining. Lovely. 

                “I wouldn’t want to cross the lake in this…” Lily trailed off looking up at the sky and pulled her uniform closer to herself. 

                I nodded in agreement, we all fell silent as the crowd around us laughed and chattered. It was a nice kind of silence. The kind that isn’t awkward because you’re with friends that just get it. I think that’s how you know you’ve got good friends or not. If you are all quiet and it’s not awkward. 

                And then, of course, it’s ruined by:

                “I slept with someone.” Marlene blurted out. 

                “What?” Lily asked astonished at the same time I turned to her with a devilish smile and said, “Wicked! Who?” 

                “Bridget!” Lily hissed at me.

                “What?” I shrugged and turned back to Marlene with the same look. “Who?”

                “Would the two of you shut the hell up?” Marlene shushed at us as she looked around to make sure that no one overheard. 

                “When!” I was getting really excited now. Marlene had of course slept with Sirius, but other than that no one. 

                “I don’t even want to talk about it!” Marlene whispered hysterically. “I feel terrible!”

                “Then why bring it up?” I turned moody and rolled my eyes. “God Marley, you’re so—”

                “It was Amos Diggory.” She whispered, looking down ashamed. I gaped, looking to Lily to make sure that I heard right. Then I started to laugh when Lily started to turn red like she usually did before she yelled. 

                “Holy shit, Amos Diggory!” I was practically jumping up and down as I looked into Marlene’s ashamed face. You could say that I loved drama “Oh my god Marley! You bad girl!” 

                “Shut up, I don’t need that from you.” Marlene said darkly to me. I just continued laughing and patted her on the back. 

                “You little—” 

                “Bridget, shut up!” Lily snapped at me. Her face looked furious, so I decided to keep my sniggers down on a low level. “Marlene! How—when?!”

                “I dunno how!” Marlene wailed. We were walking into the entrance hall now and out of the rain. “It was over the summer—two months or so ago. You know how he’s friends with my cousin Nate? Well, he came to a family party. I was still kind of—you know—cut up about Black. He talked to me, and I really just felt good about him. Next thing I knew we were—”

                “Okay!” Lily cut across her quickly. She sighed and looked down on Marlene. Lily was the mother of our group. “Marlene, how could you? I’d expect something like that from Bridget, but not you.”

                “Hey!” I scowled, putting my hands on my hips as we sat down at the Gryffindor table apart from everyone else.

“Bridget,” Lily started. “You have no regard for other people, Marlene does.”

“I may be an obnoxious whore at times Lily, but I wouldn’t screw a guy who has a girlfriend.” 

                “I didn’t mean to!” Marlene called out with her hands in her head. “Oh god, I’m such a bad person.”

                “Hell yes you are.” I said with a smirk. Both Lily and Marlene turned to glare at me. “What? You are!"

                “God Bridget, you’re such a…” Marlene trailed off as if she didn’t know what to say. 

                “Sociopath?” Lily offered up. I scowled again to her. 

                “I have feelings you know!” 

                “I was kidding, Bridget.” Lily turned to Marlene again. “Does Lisle know?” 

                Marlene shrugged her shoulders. “I hope not.” 

                Lisle Jacobsen was Amos Diggory’s girlfriend of three years. I had personally never met her, and didn’t even know what she looked like. From prior conversations I could come down with the fact that she was a Ravenclaw, seventh year, and pretty. Too bad all Ravenclaws are usually bitches. They’re really smart and would make excellent pranksters if they weren’t so goddamned stuck up. 

                “You hope not what?” James interrupted our conversation, sitting down next to Lily.

                “Oh god, go away!” She called tiredly. 

                “Wait, but how will you know that he told her about it?” I asked Marlene as if the Marauders still weren’t here. 

                “I guess I’ll find out.” Marlene said as she banged her head against the gold plate. I just chuckled again and examined my chipped red nails. 

                “Told who about what?” Sirius asked me. I just gave him a dirty look. 

                “Shut up.”

                “God Daniels! I was just asking!” He ran a hand through his hair as if he was frusterated.

                “And I’m telling you to shut up!” I hissed back. 

                “You’re such a bitch!”

                “Don’t you dare call me a bitch!”



                “If you two don’t stop I swear to god I’ll have you in detention for a month!” Lily yelled crossly over the two of us. I just glared at Black from across the table and he glared back at me, and then he kicked my leg.

                “Damnit Black!” I shrieked. “Lily, he just kicked me!”

                “I did no such thing, it was Remus.” Sirius said in the most innocent face he could muster. What bullshit. 

                “Remus would never kick me! Would you Remus?”

                “No, I wouldn’t.” He answered me with a smile. 


                “You two are like toddlers who didn’t get their way in a store.” Lily commented just as McGonagall opened the great oak doors to let the first years in. “But you’re worse, you have a wider vocabulary.” 

                I went silent as the names were called and children were sorted. I wasn’t really listening to the whole sorting, but I clapped when the others did. I guess that meant that someone new was being sorted into Gryffindor. Halfway through I caught eyes with Anastasia. She winked at me before turning back to the sorting. As usual, she was surrounded by a circle of ‘friends’. Too bad she only liked about three of them. I guess I shouldn’t be talking though, seeing as I hang out with Black and James and Peter and I really wouldn’t call them friends. They’re more like the annoying twits that we hang with out of pity. 

                “Brilliant!” James boomed, bringing me back to the present. I was a little shocked at the noise level at first, but I adjusted and started to pile food onto my plate. Marlene still had her head in her hands. 

                “Fuck Marlene, get over it.” I said before piling food into my mouth. Lily glared at me as if I was the worst friend in the entire world. I guess I kind of am. I should really work on that. 

                That’s the thing with me. It’s not that I don’t have feelings, because I do. I just don’t understand why people get so cut up about stupid things. I don’t feel bad about most things I do, I just move on and forget about it. I haven't cried since the second year when my mum and dad got in the huge fight the night before they decided to get a divorce. I just don’t see the point in feeling sorry for yourself. 

                “You’re so horrible Bridget.” Marlene said, finally pulling her head up and putting some food onto her plate. I helped her along, as if to say I was sorry for being such a bitch. That’s another problem I have. I can’t say sorry for the life of me. “If I didn’t know you I’d hate you.”

                “How does that make sense?” Lily asked with a smile. 

                “It doesn’t.” Marlene said as she began to eat. 

                We didn’t really say much the rest of dinner. All of us were hungry and tired. Afterwards Dumbledore gave the usual schpeel about not walking into the forbidden forest (he looked over to Marauders and co) and how we must stick together in times like this. I’m guessing he’s talking about You Know Who. Some people think that he’s going to get worse. I hope not, but I could definitely see it happening with the rate things are going. 

                “First years!” Lily called, Remus by her side. “First years follow me please!” 

                “I give her so much respect.” I said to Marlene. She giggled and we began to walk out of the great hall and leaving Lily to deal with her little minions. God only knows how she enjoys them. 

                “What am I going to do, Bridgey.” Marlene moaned as we started up the stairs. Sirius and James had their heads close together behind us, who knows what they’re planning this time. I turned back to Marlene and gave her a quizzical glance. “About Amos!”

                “Well, do you like him?” I asked her, attempting to sound like Lily would sound. It resulted in Marlene giving me a weird look.

                “No…I mean about Lisle! If she knows! She’s bound to confront me!” 

                I shrugged. “I’ll back you up.” 

                “Oh Bridget…” Marlene trailed off as if I didn’t understand. I don’t really understand what there is to understand in the first place. It was simple, Marlene fucked up and she was going to have to pay the consequences. That’s just life for you. 

                When we got to the fat lady I stopped, because I didn’t know the password. “Hey, let us in!” I yelled up to her. She looked down to me, annoyed. We had never really gotten along. 

                “You have to have the password, dear!” She yelled back to me.

                “You know who I am!”

                “Unfortunatly, yes, I do!”

                “It’s bumblebees.” James said over us. When I turned back to him and the portrait hole swung open he shrugged. “Remus.”

                “Aha.” I said more to myself than anyone else. I stepped through and was greeted by the familiar scene of the Gryffindor common room. It was a good feeling. After being away all summer, it made me happy to see that it was still the same. 

                “I’m going to bed.” Marlene said to no one in particular. I followed her up, ignoring Black’s ‘nighty night Bridgey!’ He was honestly the most annoying guy I’d ever met. I’ve met a lot of annoying guys. 

                “Hi Alice.” Marlene said sweetly to Alice Fuller. She was crossing the room from the bathroom, but she stopped to smile at us sweetly.

                “Hello Marlene, Bridget, good summer?”

                “Absolutely terrible.” I told her, making my way to the bathroom, but I stopped dead on when I heard rustling from the bed near the window. I grinned an evil grin and changed my course of direction. 

                There are six girls in my dormitory. Lily, Marlene, and I make up one group of friends, and we occupy the side of the room by the door. Alice Fuller is kind of a lone wolf, although she does hang out with us from time to time. She’s a drifter. Next to her is Rachel Horst, one of the biggest gossips I’ve ever met. She honestly bores me with her stupidity, and it’s hard for me to get bored. The bed on the farthest side of the dormitory by the large window belongs to Katherine Brady. Words cannot even begin to describe Kat Brady.

                She’s kind of like the school nutter. I’ve never met someone with such serious personal space issues. Back in third year when Professor Donahue breathed too close to her she asked Pomfrey to put her in a chemical shower. It’s that serious of a condition. 

                “Bridget, could you not?” Marlene whispered as I slowly crept up to her bed where the curtains were drawn. She always has them shut. I stepped over the masking taped box she had surrounding her bed and then ripped the curtains on the right side open. “Hey, let anyone see your bed yet?”

                “GET OUT!” She shrieked, quickly jumping out of her bed so I wouldn’t see whatever it was that she hid in there. 

                I calmly smiled and got ready to dodge as she lunged for me in a look to kill. “I’m not in your bed, Kat. I’m right fucking here.” 

                And then she whipped out her wand and threw me out. I laughed hysterically as Marlene came to help me up. She glared at me, but I kept focused on Kat who was setting up a shield charm around her bed. 

                “If you even think about coming into my box again I swear I’ll tell McGonagall!” Kat said in a deranged sort of voice. I just continued laughing like this was the funniest think in the world. Right now it kind of was. “I want to be alone!” And then she shut the curtains. 

                “Well, that went well.” Rachel Horst said from the bed next to Kat’s. 

                “It was bloody perfect!” I said once I was done laughing.

                “You’d think that after five years you’d get bored of torturing her. She obviously has some sort of issue.” Marlene commented, making her way back to the bathroom. I just shrugged and followed her there.

“You’re right, she’s legitimately insane.”

                “Ohh Marlennnnnneeee?” Rachel called from her bed where she was putting curlers in her long blonde hair. 

                “What?” Marley snapped, turning around to her. 

                “I heard from Darren Edwards who heard from Heidi McWilliams who was told by her sister Ellie McWilliams that sat next to Lisle Jacobsen herself and was told that you screwed Amos Diggory!” Rachel ranted off in one big sentence. Marlene turned pink.

                “I have no idea what you’re on about.” She lied pitifully as she left the bathroom.

                “Well is it true?” Rachel urged, bending into the direction that Marlene was leaving the bathroom in. “Did you or did you not? I need a story for the gossip column of Hogwarts Weekly this week!”

                “Hey, Rachel?” I asked all innocently. She turned away from Marlene and looked to me. “Go fix your face, I think I might see a pimple coming up between your eyebrows and—”

                But she was gone, running to the bathroom to examine a zit that didn’t exist. Marlene groaned and got into bed. Lily came through the door and did the same. Before I knew it everyone was sleeping and Rachel was yelling ‘fuck you! There’s no zit!’ and I pretended to be asleep to so she wouldn’t kill me. 

                I always have hated the first night at school. It makes me sad, I don’t know why. It’s not like I miss home, because I really don’t. I more just miss my bed. It’s weird, because the night before we leave school in the summer is the exact opposite. I don’t do well with change. I can’t really handle having two homes, and I know you might think it’s strange and all, but it really just throws me off. 

                I pulled the comforter closer to my face and sighed, staring out the smaller window that was right next to my bed. I fell asleep practically every night staring at this window. Somehow it gave me a sense of security. It made life not seem so hard, and I don’t even have it that bad. I know this, yet I still don’t think that it’s a walk in the fucking park if you know what I mean. I really do wish I could be like Anastasia. She looks at everything like it’s the greatest thing in the entire world. I don’t go through what she goes through, I can’t even imagine…well, I think that if I was told I could be dying I’d throw a series of fits just so my last days were miserable for everyone. She handles it with a sense of grace that I don’t understand. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m messed up. Who knows? We all have to die sometime, don’t we?





Okay, so first: I'M SORRY FOR NOT POSTING THIS CHAPTER! It's been written for 5 months...I just don't really think you guys like the story, or that's the vibe I got from the first chapter I posted. A recent review (you know who you are::) made me think I'd try it out again! So, tell me what you think and the updates will keep on coming:)




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