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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension by lostintransit
Chapter 16 : Opposites Attract and Interact
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“We don’t know how to apparate, George.” Deniz said

“Ok … we’ll bring you side along.” George replied to the beautiful woman by his side.

“What must we do?” Nehir asked, intently.

“Just hold me tight and turn when I do, I’ll do the rest. It will feel a little uncomfortable, as if you are being forced through a very small hole.” Fred said

“We’re ready.” said Deniz, nodding to her sister.

“OK … one, two, three.” they spun and appeared outside the gates of the Burrow.

“That felt very strange …” Nehir said to Fred “… can this be done without a wand?”

“I don’t know Nehir, not many wizards can do much magic without a wand.” Fred said.

“I will teach you how Fred, if you will teach me your magic.” She said, holding him close.

“Nehir, Father did not give us permission to teach anyone else the forbidden.” Deniz said in Mermish, to her sister.

“I will not deny my husband, the right to become Su-Sihirbaz.” Nehir answered

“Very well sister, if you are sure.” Deniz answered “But we will have to speak to Father.”

“Will you teach us to speak your language too?” George asked Deniz.

“We will try, but it might take quite a while, George.” Deniz replied, smiling at the man in her arms.

“Harry learned in only four days … If he can do it in four days, it shouldn’t take us too much longer. I mean, Harry’s a talented boy, but … well, me and Fred aren’t without our own fair share of skill you know.” George replied.

“George, Harry had many people to learn from; it will take a long time to teach you with just me whispering in your ear, but I am willing to persevere.” Deniz replied, lightly kissing him on the lips.

“Come on you two …” Fred said, leading Nehir towards the door to the Burrow “… we’ve work to do.”

They spent the morning walking the perimeter of the Burrow in pairs, Fred and George explaining to Nehir and Deniz how the wards worked and what difference it made with Fred and George as their magical battery, rather than any one other Weasley.

“Well for example … that new stunning line we put up; if Charlie or Bill we fuelling that, it might be able to stun two or three uninvited guest a minute. With me and George, we should get seven or eight stuns a minute.

“Can we help support the wards?” Nehir asked.

“I don’t know Nehir … I don’t know what you can do with your magic or how you do it. Can you cast a stunner at George?” Fred asked.

“How do I cast a stunner, Fred?” Nehir asked.

“Well like this … ready George ...” George threw up a shield “Stupefy” Fred cast, a jet of red light fired from his wand to impact on George’s shield.

“Your turn.” Fred said to Nehir.

“Stupefy” Nehir cast, holding out her hand to George, but nothing happened.

“Is there any spells like that that you already know?” Fred asked.

“No Fred, the Su-Sihirbaz work their magic on objects or concepts, we do not know how to throw magic around as your wizards and witches do.”

“George …” Deniz said vaguely, still thinking her way through an idea “… can I try to help you hold up your shield?” Deniz said, taking his right-hand in her left and concentrating.

With a loud clang, like a bell struck with a hammer, George’s shield went from strong opaque, to steel hard and mirror surfaced.

“Woah!” George said, as Deniz’s power surged through him “That’s incredible!”

“It is as I thought … your power is multiplied by mine … If all four of us combined our power, we do not get yours added to mine and Nehir’s and Fred’s, we get your multiplied by mine, multiplied by Nehir’s, multiplied by Fred’s. This helps yes?” Deniz asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Helps? … I don’t think anyone could break through a shield held by us four.” Fred said laughing.

“Harry could, he has far more power than this, if he chooses to use it and he has Ginny, to multiply that power twofold.” Nehir said, smiling.

“You really believe in those two, don’t you?” Fred asked the woman by his side.

“They are special; they love each other so completely, without any reservation.” She shrugged “They take their power from this, as much as anything else.”

“Perhaps our power might get stronger too?” He asked, looking into her face to gauge her reaction to his words.

“As my colours grow Fred, so will our power.” She said, looking at the colours that had begun to grow up her left arm. “To be as Harry and Ginny are, my colours would need to reach all the way to my heart.”

“Our work here is done; let’s go tell Mum and Dad that the wards are strengthened far beyond anything we could have imagined.” George said to Fred, as they turned to leave. The couples walked together to the Burrow gates and apparated to Hogsmead and a romantic stroll, back to Hogwarts.


As the snakes head descended, Harry blended time, a fraction of a second too late. The ivory white fang pierced his broken shoulder as he tried to get out of the way. Pinned to the dais Harry barely held onto blended time. The pain threatened to take him into unconsciousness. Steadying himself, Harry severed the fang with his wand. Crawling out from under its looming visage, he had the presence of mind to sever the golden fang and put it in his pocket. After that, his world became a continual fight between getting to Ginny, keeping himself in blended time and the pain. Each crawling step took an eternity. He stopped crawling and looked up to see how much further away Ginny was. He’d crawled past her, kneeling up he let go of blended time and hit the snake from behind, with the full strength of his power, before falling to the floor.


 “Ginny! …” a weak, panicked voice sounded from behind her, “… please be alright … please. Ginny!”

Turning so quick she almost fell over, Ginny lit her wand and held it aloft. There, crawling along the fungus covered floor, was Harry.

“Harry!” Ginny screamed, as she ran to his side “Harry … oh! Harry your hurt, what has he done to you? What have I done to you?”

Harry’s broken arm was twisted at an improbable angle; his shoulder contained the fang of the snake, still protruding. Checking him further, Ginny could see his legs were burned up to the knees. “Harry … love, we have to get you out of here.” Ginny said, rubbing his face with her hand.

“Ginny … can’t … can’t apparate.” Harry slurred, his eyes drooping closed.

“Stay with me Harry, please stay with me.” Ginny cried, lifting his shattered glasses from his face and repairing them with her wand.

As if doused with icy water, Harry seemed to come alive, “He wouldn’t leave her again, he’d promised.” holding his good hand over his broken arm, he cast “Ferula” splinting and strapping his arm to his torso. His face lost all colour, as he fought not to pass out. “Ginny … can you help me stand?” he asked, in a sigh.

“Harry! Are you sure? Your legs are badly burned …” Ginny said.

“I know Gin … but we have to get out of here, before I …” Harry stopped, trying to catch his breath.

“OK Harry …” she cringed at the thought of the pain this was going to cause him, “on three … One, two three!”

The cry that came from his lips was heart wrenching, the pain in it, brought tears to Ginny’s eyes, “Oh! Harry.” she cried, as she put his good arm about her shoulders to support as much of his weight as she could. It was many minutes before he could speak.

“Ginny … I need you to apparate us both out of here.” He gasped, through ragged breaths.

“But Harry, I’ve never side-along apparated anyone … and the wards … we can’t.”

“Don’t worry about the wards … when I touch your arm, apparate us to Grimmauld Place … you can do it Gin … just concentrate. Harry groaned, as he began to marshal the last of his resources. “Ready Gin, on three … One, two, three …” Harry pierced the wards, as Madeye had shown him, just as his hand touched Ginny’s arm.

Ginny spun on the spot and concentrating on Grimmauld Place, they apparated away, leaving behind half an enormous snake fang and a lock of jet black hair.

Once they appeared on the step of number twelve Grimmauld Place, Harry promptly collapsed to the ground, taking Ginny with him. The compression of the apparition had proved too much for his battered body and he had passed out. Ginny banged on the door from her prone position on the pavement, where she held Harry as best she could, hoping that someone would open the door and help them.

“Please, someone help me.” She screamed. The door opened and Ron stuck his head out.

“Bloody hell, what happened to you two?” Ron asked, as he jumped to Harry’s side “Merlin he’s a mess … Hermione!” He called in through the open door of number twelve.

“What is it Ron … Oh! Merlin … Harry, Ginny what …” Hermione said, as she helped Ron untangle Ginny and Harry

“Hermione can you hover Harry into the house. Ginny … come on Ginny, we need to get Harry to Madame Pomfrey quickly.” Ron said, guiding Ginny into Grimmauld Place. “Kreacher!” Hermione called.

“Yes Miss … Sir? … Miss Hermione, what has happened to Sir?” Kreacher said.

“Kreacher I need you to go get Madame Pomfrey and let my Mum and Dad know that Harry and Ginny are injured.” Ron said.

“At once.” Kreacher disappeared with a pop.

Ginny held onto Harry’s good hand, as she was led to the settee. “Ginny, tell us what happened?” Hermione asked her friend “Who did this to Harry?”

“Makaya … he said to call him Makaya. He had the cup, we had to fight him …” she sobbed, “I thought I’d killed Harry.”

Kreacher popped into existence, moments later, in a surge of green flames, Madame Pomfrey stepped out of the fire place. “Oh my! Not again, Mr. Potter … Ms. Weasley, Ms. Granger, what’s happened here?” the matron said, as she started examining Harry, “These wounds aren’t from a normal snake, this is a magical wound … where did you come across a snake this size?” Madame Pomfrey said, examining the half fang buried deep in Harry’s shoulder. "This is Dark magic," Madam Pomfrey cried, pulling away from Harry, her eyes wild. "He’s covered in Dark magic."

"You can heal him, can’t you?" Ginny asked, panicked. She could hear the tremble in her own voice, but couldn’t hide it. All she could see in her mind, was Professor Dumbledore’s blackened hand and Harry, unable to walk.

The fire erupted green and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley stepped through, followed by Remus and Tonks and Professor McGonagall, Charlie, Bill and Fleur.

“Poppy we’ve decided to move the Order HQ back here as it appears to be safe … and very nicely redecorated.” Professor McGonagall trailed off, as she looked around the room.

“Professor, I need to get this boy into a bed as soon as possible. He’s gone toe to toe with something dark, he’s shattered his left shoulder and arm, cracked ribs, and his legs are  … it looks like he’s been standing in a vat of vitriolic acid. I’ll need assistance finding an antidote for whatever poison is coursing through his veins.

“Can you heal him Poppy?” Professor McGonagall asked the worried matron

"I don’t know. It’s going to take me some time to see how bad the damage is." Madam Pomfrey said, obviously shaken.

Professor McGonagall nodded, asking Charlie to fetch Professor Slughorn. Poppy handed her a calming draught, nodding in Ginny direction. “Here Arthur, get her to drink this.” Professor McGonagall said, handing it to Mr. Weasley.

Ginny drank the potion whilst listening to her Mum, “Ginny! Ginny what happened to you two?” Mrs. Weasley asked her daughter, whilst pulling her into a tight embrace.

“Oh Mum! I don’t know; we went to Gringotts to see Harry’s Vault … I touched something that I shouldn’t have and we were transported to a dirty stinking cavern somewhere. It was a trap, laid by Voldemort.” Ginny cried.

Molly and Arthur gasped, “Who did this to Harry, Princess? Was it V-V-Voldemort?” Arthur asked.

“No Dad, it was someone calling himself Makaya. He taunted Harry, about wanting power and … and sex, with … with someone he called Mami Wata, then he turned into a huge snake and he and Harry started screaming at each other in parseltongue.”

“Did you say Mami Wata?” Professor McGonagall asked.

“Ye...yes Professor, that’s what he called her.” Ginny answered.

“Who did child?” the Professor asked.

“Makaya.” Ginny said.

“Simbi Makaya? You spoke to Simbi Makaya in his animal form?” Professor McGonagall gasped, her voice becoming shrill.

“Harry did, b...but first he was a tall black man … with a staff, with a human skull on top.”

“Merlin how did you survive; you both went up against a sorcerer … Simbi Makaya, is one of the Loa, a dark sorcerer, bound to Mami Wata and the Drowned Road; what Muggles called Calypso and Davy Jones Locker.” Professor McGonagall explained. “He used to be a lieutenant to Damballa, the Father of all the Loa!”

“I don’t know Professor … he was about to bite or swallow Harry, when I threw everything I had at him … all my emotions and he … disintegrated. I thought I’d killed Harry too … he was in so much pain … I couldn’t …” Ginny started to cry in earnest, sobs racked the poor girls body, as her Mother tried to comfort her. Slowly the calming draft took effect and Ginny’s sobs lessened, eventually she fell into a fitful sleep seated between her Father and Mother, next to the transfigured bed in the parlour of Grimmauld Place, as Madame Pomfrey and Professor Slughorn worked on an unconscious Harry Potter.


When Harry opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that his legs felt really heavy. The second thing he noticed was, how bright the room was, due to the sunlight streaming through the open windows. 

“Where am I? What time is it? And how long have I been asleep?” he thought, as prior events flashed through his mind. Fumbling with his right-hand he managed to find his glasses, bring his left arm up to put them on, caused a yelp of pain to escape his lips. “Merlin that hurt.” he thought, what the hell have I done to myself. Using his right arm, he managed to lever himself up slightly in the bed and get a better look at his surroundings. Then it hit him! The Horcrux!

Feeling his left arm for his wand … “damn nothing there” … someone must have taken his sheath off or he’d lost in that cavern, “Merlin I hope not, I really like that wand.” he thought. Wandlessly, he removed the bed clothes from his feet and legs and looked to see why they were so heavy. From toe to knee, his legs were wrapped in, Merlin knew what; it looked like grey leather and his lower legs were now at least twice the size they should be. Swivelling himself round, he managed to get himself seated on the edge of the bed and only had to sit still for a minute or two to catch his breath and clear the stars from before his eyes. As he was preparing to take the pain of standing on his swollen encased legs, the door opened and Ginny snuck in closing the door silently behind, her not noticing Harry sitting up in the bed until she turned to tiptoe across the room to his bed.

“Harry!” she screamed, in a whisper “What are you doing sitting up? Lie down, please Harry … you’re not well enough to be sitting up.” All of this, whispered in between kisses to his lips, eyes, face and neck and anywhere else Ginny could reach with his pyjamas on.

“Ginny, where are we?” Harry managed to get out, in a scratchy voice.

“We’re at Grimmauld Place, Harry.” Ginny answered, as she lowered him gently back into the bed and fixed his pillow, so he could sit up and talk to her.

“Gin, do you know where my jeans are?” Harry asked, unable to mask the urgency from his voice.

“It’s OK Harry, I’ve got your wand and the fang.” Ginny said, reassuring him.

“Did anyone see it, Ginny? Nobody can know.” Harry whispered.

“I don’t think anyone saw it Harry, I took it from your pocket when we apparated outside. It was sticking in my leg, rather uncomfortably actually, when you kinda landed on me. It’s in your trunk. Why did you want something like that, Harry?” Ginny whispered, as she climbed onto the bed beside Harry and snuggled into him.

“It’s the horcrux Gin, its Helga Hufflepuffs cup.” Harry sighed, in relief.

“What?” Ginny exclaimed, all attempts at being quiet, forgotten, “Harry, I touched that filthy thing … his …”

“Ginny relax … he has no power over you … I will not let him touch you ever again.” Harry said, pulling her closer to him with his one good arm and kissing her tenderly.

The door to the bedroom opened rather quickly and Mrs. Weasley stood there with a scowl on her face. “Ginevra Molly Weasley, I told you not to be in here, he’ll wake when …” she stopped mid-lecture “… Oh! Harry, you are awake.” She said, smiling sweetly before turning back to accuse her daughter “Ginny, did you wake Harry?”

“No Mum, he was awake and trying to get out of bed when I checked on him.” Ginny said, innocently getting up and sitting in the bedside chair.

“Checked on him, Ginny Weasley, this is the fourth time I’ve found you in Harry’s room today!” Mrs. Weasley shook her head in resignation, “Now, are you two getting up today or should I have lunch brought here?”

“Ooh! Lunch here please.” Ginny said, hopping back onto the bed beside Harry and snuggling into him.

“This time only Miss and you make sure Harry eats and takes his potions. I’ll send Poppy up after lunch to check on your legs dear.” Mrs. Weasley said to Harry, as she left the room.

Running her hand along his jaw, Ginny looked deep into Harry’s eyes and saw the pain and worry etched there. What was it he’d said to her Father not knowing she was there “All my life I’ve been surrounded with death, misery, hate … how can I know what’s right, good … beautiful. I thought everyone grew up like me …” yet here he was comforting her worries over touching Voldemorts horcrux. Not thinking about himself or his injuries; disregarding both in search for this Horcrux, that he went to extreme lengths to acquire. Thinking out loud, as she gazed into the depths of his pale green eyes, she said, “This is why you left me … isn’t it … this is the task Dumbledore gave you? Finding each little piece of Voldemort and destroying them.”

“Yeah Gin it is; and it’s going to be very dangerous, locating and destroying all Tom’s horcruxes, but until I do, I can’t defeat him.” Harry said. “I tried to keep you free of all this, Ginny. But I couldn’t do it … he wants you involved, to give him even more opportunity to hurt me. What he doesn’t know, is that with you by my side, he’s made me ten times stronger. Will you help me with this, Gin?”

“Yes Harry … We’ll beat Voldemort together … somehow.” She said, wrapping him in her arms and kissing him passionately. Injured as he was, he was mostly at her mercy, her hands drew gasps and groans from him, as she carefully explored the flesh under his shirt. In retaliation, Harry’s good hand slid up under Ginny’s Pyjama top and caressed the flesh of her back and left hand side. As Harry slid his hand further up her back, he realised she had nothing on underneath her pyjama top. Harry’s mind went into over drive, as the thoughts of exploring further beneath Ginny’s pyjama top took over; her groans and sighs of pleasure were fuel to his fire. The noise of a rattling tray ascending the staircase, snapped Harry out of his world of pleasure, like a bucket of cold water.

“Ginny … your Mum’s coming.” he managed to squeeze in between Ginny’s kisses.

“Ooow!” Ginny said “Why can’t we be alone?” she kissed him once more, before fixing his shirt and snuggling up close to him.

“I could get used to this alarm clock.” Harry said, allowing his hand to caress her bottom.

“Oh really Mr. Potter, I might have to wake you very early in the morning, as you don’t seem to want to get out of bed with this alarm clock.” she said, raising her eyebrows in mock indignation.

“I’d much rather stay in bed with this alarm clock, all day long.” He grinned, amazed at his own cheekiness.

“And how would you keep your job, if you spent all day in bed?” Ginny asked, grinning.

“Job? What Job? Haven’t you heard … I’m loaded?” Harry laughed and Ginny joined in, as Mrs. Weasley walked backwards into the room, carrying lunch for the young couple.

“Oh it does my old heart good, to hear laughter like that in this house.” She said, smiling fondly at the young love birds. Memories of her and Arthur, stealing time together and the strength of the flame of young love, flitted through her mind. But Arthur didn’t have to worry about being killed by the most evil wizard alive, or fulfilling two prophesies; how did this young man do it. And now her daughter was involved too and the prophecy said, “Consumed with love it meets its end“. They were definitely consumed with love.

“How are you feeling, Harry dear?” she asked, placing the tray on Ginny’s lap and sitting down in the bedside chair.

“I’m OK Mrs. Weasley … my shoulder hurts a bit, but other than that, I’m fine I guess. These boots will take a bit of getting used to!” Harry said, with a rueful smile. “This looks great, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry continued, looking at the over burdened tray “Did you make all this yourself?”

“Of course, Harry!” Mrs. Weasley smiled at her adopted son.

“Mrs. Weasley you’re more than welcome to ask the house elves to help … I mean … I love your cooking; for years it was the only thing that made spending summers at the Dursleys bearable, knowing that I’d get to spend some of the Summer at the Burrow. But you don’t have to go to all this trouble anymore …” Harry stumbled over trying to explain, that he was rich and wanted to share with his family.

“Kreacher has enough to do, looking after this place, I’m sure I can manage to look after you lot.” Mrs. Weasley said, patting Harry’s hand.

“Mrs. Weasley, would you let me get a house elf to help you while we’re here?”

“Harry, Ginny told me about Drojo, but it’s not necessary Harry.”

“Please, Mrs. Weasley, I’d like to do it … as a thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown me over the years and because I think I’ll need your help too.” Harry said, igniting Mrs. Weasleys curiosity.

“What do you need help with Harry?” Mrs. Weasley asked, concerned.

“Organising Bill and Fleur’s wedding.” Harry said, around a mouth full of sliced melon and smoked ham, that Ginny had fed him.

“Harry you can’t be thinking about organising anything right now. You need to concentrate on getting better.” Mrs. Weasley said, astounded at this young man’s selflessness.

“Mrs. Weasley, I’ve already asked the house elves to start getting everything ready and I’d like you to oversee the whole thing, as I can’t really get around too easily.” Harry said, indicating his feet.

“But Harry, where are we going to stage it; the twins have secured the Burrow, but I don’t think the Delacour’s will be too eager to return, all things considered.”

“Mrs. Weasley, before me and Ginny went to Gringotts, we spent the day being given a guided tour of the Potter Mansion …” Harry said, embarrassed “… we only saw about half of it. If you’ll help, I’d like to stage the whole thing there … I spoiled their wedding … I’d like to make it up to them … to all of you …”

“It’s really beautiful Mum … it has enough bedrooms to take everyone, family, guests and friends. The security is second to none, there’s even a platoon of security trolls permanently on guard. There’s a perfect little chapel and a ballroom the size of the great hall in Hogwarts.” Ginny explained.

“Harry, you didn’t spoil Bill’s wedding, ‘He Who Must not be Named’ did … you saved my entire family … again. I can’t let you go to the effort and expense …” Mrs. Weasley explained.

“Mrs. Weasley, Professor Dumbledore once told me  ‘when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory’ I forgot that when I left Ginny at Professor Dumbledore’s own funeral … I did what was easy and because of that I nearly lost her … nearly lost all of you.” Ginny hugged him tight, as a tear fell from his eye, “… and Bill and Fleur’s wedding was ruined … please Mrs. Weasley, the money means nothing, the venue is there waiting to be used, it’s all useless, meaningless things, unless I can share it … and … well … I owe Ginny a dance.” Harry said, smiling at Ginny, as she popped another morsel of food into his mouth.

Mrs. Weasley wiped a tear from her own eye, as she looked at Harry, “Thank you Harry, I think your right, it’s a wonderful idea and I think Bill and Fleur will love it too.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Weasley” Harry said, smiling “Kreacher, Comus, Calista”

“Yes Sir, what can Kreacher do for you and Milady.” Kreacher said, bowing to Harry and Ginny.

“Master, Mistress?” Comus and Calista bowed, a moment later.

“Can you arrange for a house elf to be at Mrs. Weasley’s immediate and permanent disposal? She will also be overseeing the details for Bill and Fleur’s wedding at the mansion, but is not to do any of the work. Kreacher, please make sure that Mrs. Weasley has enough money to buy the finest of everything. Calista, can you make sure that Mrs. Weasley, can get access to the Mansion, whenever she wishes. Comus, please make arrangements to increase security at the mansion for the wedding, whatever you think best. Thank you all.” Harry said.

With a yes sir and yes master, they disappeared and Harry turned his attention back to Mrs. Weasley, “Would you mind talking to Bill and Fleur about a date, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry asked.

“Of course Harry, I’ll floo them now and have a chat.” She smiled, “Don’t forget to take your potions, Harry.” she said, walking out the door and nearly running into Madame Pomfrey.

“Well Mr. Potter, I’m glad to see you're back with us again and hungry too, that’s a good sign. I really thought you’d be out for more than eight days, but you do seem to show a remarkable ability to heal quickly.”

“Eight days! Ginny you never said …” Harry gasped.

“Harry you were really hurt … and the poison slowed the healing right down.” Ginny said, urgently trying to calm Harry’s agitation.

“If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of Professor Slughorn, I don’t know what we’d have done. Now, let’s have a look at your legs. How do they feel? Any pain?” Madame Pomfrey asked.

“No pain, Madame Pomfrey, they’re just really heavy.” Harry said.

“Well Mr. Potter, that will more than likely change very quickly. The drake skin bandages are stopping you from feeling any pain, but I’ll have to take them off to check the progress of Professor Slughorn’s potion.” She said, apologetically, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Madame Pomfrey, I know I’m in good hands.” Harry said

Putting the tray aside, Ginny sat behind Harry, holding his hand and trying to stop herself from wincing, when Madame Pomfrey began to undo the drake skin bandages.

Harry closed his eyes, as he rested his head in Ginny’s lap, letting his mind focus on the feel of her and the comforting sensation of her fingers running through his hair. A grin spread across his face, with the pure pleasure of having someone touch him so lovingly.

“Harry! … Harry …” Ginny called him.

“Hmmm …” he answered, from a million miles away.

“Harry … are you OK …?” the concern in Ginny’s voice, caused Harry to surface.

“Hey Gin, yeah I’m fine …” looking down at his feet he saw Madame Pomfrey, “You can start whenever you’re ready, Madame Pomfrey.” he said.

“Start, Mr. Potter? I’ve already finished, did you pass out?” she said.

“No I was just …” he couldn’t really tell her, that he was enjoying Ginny’s ministrations so much, that he hadn’t noticed the pain, so he stopped and left it there.

“How are my legs doing?” He asked, instead.

“Not as well as I’d hoped.” Madame Pomfrey said, with a worried frown. “The poison seems to have soaked into every cell of your legs and it’s still trying to spread. Professor Slughorn’s potion is stopping it from getting any worse. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any better.” The Matron confirmed. “You certainly know how to test my healing abilities. But … you haven’t beaten me yet Mr. Potter.” She said, as she left the young couple alone, to go in search of Professor Slughorn.

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