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Hidden In Her Shadow by AshleyElizabethxXx
Chapter 2 : Invisible
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*Picture by RoxiMalfoy on TDA:)*





                “No, no I didn’t mean to write that.” I muttered as I scribbled out the note I had written. I was sitting in the hot, stuffy, attic that the teacher’s claimed was a classroom. I personality think Devastations was a last minute add in on the classes we could choose and they needed a classroom.






                “Well if you paid attention to what you were writing you wouldn’t have messed up.” I stated to myself as I rewrote the note. I heard a deep sigh before turning around to see Meghan. She glared at me. She looked around to make sure no one was watching before she leaned closer to me.



               “For Merlin’s sake! Stop talking to yourself.” She hissed at me. I rolled my eyes and continued to focus on the crystal ball in front of me. My own twin sister has to make sure the coast is clear before she can talk to me. Pathetic. Over half of Hogwarts doesn’t even know Meghan has a sister.



                As I climbed down the latter and began to journey down to the great hall for lunch I was joined by my sister and her best friend, Dominique. Meghan opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off.



                “If you’ve come to tell me how embraced you are, I am greatly sorry.” She exchanged a glance at Dominique. “Forgive me my loving twin sister!” I said while grabbing her hand and kneeling down in front of her. “Tis not my fault I speak aloud to my inner mind!” People were beginning to stare.
                I smirked as Meghan ripped her hand away, wide eyed. “Shut your trap before someone hears you!”



                “Oh yeah cause our blood relation is so not obvious.” I said getting to my feet. She growled at me before hurrying away. I laughed and kept walking.






                When I walked through the Great Hall doors I spotted Kasey sitting alone, nothing new. I skipped up to her and plopped down. She mumbled a hello and continued to stare at her empty plate. I look from her face to her plate. Something was wrong, but I knew how to make her laugh. 
                I grabbed the biggest spoon within reach and filled it with mashed potatoes. Her eyes flicker to what I was doing. I then piled every random food onto the mashed potato filled spoon. I lastly hit the spoon against her goblet screaming, “CHEERS!!!” and shoving it into my mouth.
                The food mixture didn’t mix well and there was too much in my mouth. I gagged and swallowed the food. As I continued my gagging I could hear Kasey giggling. I look at her and made a horrified face.



                “Oi! That had to be the worst water I’ve ever tasted!” She took one last look at me before toppling over laughing. I picked up the spoon and waved it at her. “Want the spoon?” She managed to choke out a no in the midst of her laugh attack. I smile in triumph then took a sip from my goblet. And that’s how you make Kasey laugh.







                When we were both done eating we walk out to the front steps and sat down. It was cloudy, but the sun was trying it’s hardest to break through the clouds. Neither of us spoke, we were both in our own little world. It’s was a peaceful quietness, that is until a group of people came out. I looked at them and recognized them instantly. They were in 6th year also, the kids Meghan’s always with.

As if on cue Meghan walked out with her boyfriend on her arm. The people Meghan hung out with consisted of practically the same family. You have James, Fred, Scorpius, Rose, Dominique, and Roxanne.  Oh and I almost forgot, Albus Potter. Who’s my sister’s current boyfriend. She tends to switch boyfriends quiet often. Don’t get me wrong, there all really nice. Meghan… She’s sort of nice. I think it’s all an act. The main reason she’s mean to me is because everything about her revolves around her rep.



None of them though would acknowledge me. It’s as if Kasey and I weren’t even there. They just ran passed us. The guys jumping on each other, the girls giggling along. I sighed and motioned my head towards the door. Kasey nodded and we got up.

“It’s my newest trick. The invisible girl.” Kasey let out a sigh in agreement.


       Stupid shadows.

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Hidden In Her Shadow: Invisible


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