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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 12 : Chapter Eleven:- Win Or Die Trying
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While this was all going on the clone, who had sensed something before Chris had attacked him, had managed to reactivate the force field spell and this had protected him from most of the impact when he’d hit the rock wall. He had quickly regained his breath and strength and was now aiming the green bolts from his eyes at Chris and screaming ‘you traitor, you’ll die for this.’
‘You can try’ replied Chris in a calm casual voice ‘but thanks all the same, I don’t think I’m ready to die today.’ Chris easily deflected the bolts away from his person with a simple motioning sweep from his hand. At that moment, no doubt alerted by all the commotion that was going on, the clone’s followers came rushing into the inner cave aiming and firing their wands towards Chris, blasting chunks out of the rock wall where the red and green bolts hit. But before any of them could do any real damage to Chris there was a sudden shout of Patrificus Totalise and Stupify and several of them slumped to the ground, unconscious.
The rest of the clone’s followers turned and were confronted by Liz and the other members of the team. The others had by now fully recovered and were joining in the fight and trying to stun the clone’s followers. Computer consoles exploded around them as wand fire from both sides hit them.
After stunning more of the followers, it seemed as if they were starting to get the upper hand, that is until about ten muggles came rushing into the inner cave. The clone had obviously been busy recruiting other followers and they all began taking up firing positions behind jutting out pieces of rock and any other cover that could be found. They started to return fire with the weapons that they had and the clone shouted out instructions to them, ‘kill them all, and let no one escape.’
Liz and her team immediately took cover behind anything they could find, and also returned fire. They had managed to stun some more of the clone’s followers, but the weapons that fired back kept them pretty much pinned down. While this was happening the rest of them started to fire shots towards where Chris was battling with the clone. But the clone shouted out with a mean snarl in his voice,
‘No, this traitor is mine. Nobody touches him but me.’ And with that the clone renewed his attack with such fury that it took Chris totally by surprise. He barely had time to defend himself before the first volley hit, and he hardly had enough time to recover before the clone had launched yet another, and another, attack upon him. Because of this renewed fury, Chris soon started to weaken, he couldn’t keep fending off the clone’s attacks for much longer. More and more of the bolts were getting through and he was ailing fast.
The clone’s anger seemed to make him more and more powerful. Each assault from the clone felt like it was the worst one yet. Chris didn’t know how much longer he would be able to hold out against the ferocious onslaught because he was beginning to weaken more and more with each attack that was thrown at him.
Liz had seen what was happening to Chris and said to the others,
‘We have to help Chris, but there’s not much we can do until we sort out these people,’ nodding her head in the direction of the clone’s adult followers, ‘their shots are starting to become more and more accurate.’
Liz knelt down behind the lump of rock, taking cover, and thought about things for a few moments, and then she said,
‘right, here’s the plan. We’ll try a three pronged attack, all coming in from different directions. Peter, you go down the left-hand side and Andrew you go to the right side keeping to whatever cover you can find and move forward. Angie, you and me, we’ll do the same down the middle, and try not to be seen. If we can set things up without anyone noticing we’ll have the element of surprise.’ And then saying to both Andrew and Peter. ‘Until you both get into your firing positions, Angie and myself will try and divert as much of their weapon fire as we can as we move forward. Once you’re both in position we can let them have it from three sides.’
‘Right’ said everyone, and they moved off to get ready.
At a signal from Liz and under covering fire from both Liz and Angie the two boys set off down opposite sides, keeping low so they weren’t spotted. Things were going well, and both teams were almost in position when, unfortunately, Peter was spotted and some of the clone’s followers opened fire on him. Because of this Andrew broke his cover and started to fire his stunning spells towards the clone’s followers and they of course fired back. Luckily he’d managed to get to ample cover, so he was safe for the time being.
Liz and Angie opened fire again to try and divert some of the pressure off of Andrew and Peter and it partially worked, because some of the followers eased up and fired back at Liz. But several of them kept up the pressure on the other two forcing them to keep their heads down.
But they had stopped moving forward at the first sign of trouble. They were looking back towards Liz who with hand movements was indicating that they should continue creeping forward, which they did.
After another minute had passed by Liz saw that Peter and Andrew had managed to work their way around and were in position ready for the command to open fire on the rest of clone’s followers. They were again looking over towards Liz and waiting for the nod. She gave them the order and Peter and Andrew partially stood up and fired their wands towards the clone’s followers. They managed to stun four people.
The attack had taken the clone’s followers totally by surprise, so much so that all of them had stood up which allowed the rest of the team to stun them as well. That now left Liz and the others with a clear run to destroy the orb. ‘Right you lot’ said Liz, ‘all of you aim your wands at the orb and fire’. This they did uttering incantations, but nothing seemed to happen at first, then the light of the orb started to flicker, and the green light just went out. The orb let out a whine as the power totally shut down, turning the orb off.
Now that the orb was no longer emitting energy Liz and the team suddenly found that their powers had been returned to them. They then turned their attention back to Chris and the clone. They managed to convey, through telepathy to Chris, that the machine was now destroyed.
The clone also suddenly realized that the orb was no more and turned his anger onto Liz and the others. The team found that they had to suddenly dive for cover to once more avoid the green beams of light that were coming from the clone’s eyes. He was now fighting a battle on two sides and the only thing that was preventing his total defeat was the fact that he still had his protective forcefield operating.
They all started to fire their stunners towards the clone although of course it didn’t do much good, just like the last time. But Liz and the others had to try and distract the clone somehow and they had no better ideas at this time.
This idea appeared to be working because the clone seemed to get weary of the stunners and, thinking no doubt that Chris was done for, stopped messing about with him and set his powers against Liz and the others.
The clone subjected them to such a bombardment that they were unable to lift their heads up; he was using his kinetic powers to rip computer terminals and other pieces of mechanical equipment out of the floor and send them flying towards Liz and her team. The clone was laughing insanely. He was allowing the objects to hover over his targets. Suddenly one of the objects fell and hit Andrew, who had been looking up at the time, in the chest and sent him flying. Another hit Angie on the head knocking her out. Yet another dropped on top of Liz, trapping her underneath it.
Despite being exhausted from his battle with the clone, Chris seeing all this happening to his friends, heaved himself up with some difficulty. The clone was oblivious at first to what Chris was doing and kept bombarding the others with any large objects that he could use.
After a few moments the clone became aware of Chris trying to stand up. With a sneering cackle of a laugh he said, ‘Well, well you’re just in time to see the end of your friends. And once I’ve dealt with them, I’ll deal with you once and for all.’
Chris could see the clone heaving and puffing and panting. There was a red light starting to glow around his body and it was becoming brighter and brighter. It was then that Chris realized the clone was building up his energy so that he could release one gigantic magical bolt of power at Liz and the others, which would kill them all outright.
Chris had to do something quick before the clone could unleash whatever he was building up to. But what could he do? He couldn’t think straight; he was still in so much pain from the battle that he’d just fought.
Chris struggled to stand up fully but at the last second just as the clone was about to release the power bolt, Chris let out one almighty shout at the top of his voice ‘STOP’.
It was a good few moments before Chris realized that something had happened. The clone was not moving at all, he was standing perfectly still. Chris limped over and took a closer look and found him to be frozen solid, like a block of ice. Chris looked around him and noticed that it was only the clone that was frozen, everyone else was moving freely. The clone looked like a statue, just standing motionless in a running type of pose, as if he’d been ready to pounce on Chris. The rest of the team although still mobile were very wary at first, as if they couldn’t believe it was finally all over.
Chris looked towards where Liz, Angie and Andrew had fallen. He went across to Angie and using his powers healed her wounds, and then used his Kinetic abilities to lift the object of Liz. Once Angie and Liz had been dealt with Chris went over to Andrew and healed his wounded shoulder.
With everything now sorted Liz took her communicator from her bag and called Doctor Williamson. ‘Team one to time control’.
‘Time control here team one’ came back the reply. ‘Pass your message.’
‘Could you put me through to the Doctor please, time control?’
‘Doctor Williamson here, team one’
‘We finally managed it Doctor, though when I say we, I actually mean Chris, he defeated the clone for us.’
‘Chris?’ replied the Doctor in a surprised sounding voice ‘What do you mean, Chris? Never mind, you can tell me when you return for your debriefing. In the meantime I’ll send the original Albus to your location. Once he’s off loaded from the stasis canister, load the clone up into the same canister and bring him back with you when you return to the future. While you’re making your preparations the clean up crews will be on their way to dispose of any technology that shouldn’t be in that time frame. So, I’ll see you all soon. Doctor Williamson out.’
Minutes later a canister appeared in front of them. It was the stasis canister that the original Albus was in. It was still active and it had a portable power source. The team pressed a couple of buttons and a humming noise could be heard. The figure in the canister started to look less grey looking and began to turn a healthier pink colour. Once the process of the awakening had finished, the team opened the canister and the original Albus was lifted out and laid on the floor. Then Liz and the others managed to pick up the clone, they manhandled him into the now empty canister and sealed it. Once it was activated the clone was in a state of permanent hibernation. After dealing with any minor details, they pressed a button on the side of the canister and it disappeared. Once the canister had vanished the clean up crews, whose job was to wipe away any trace of advanced technology so that everything was as it should be, appeared and took over, allowing Liz and the others to be free to return home. The team pressed the recall devices in their arms and they also disappeared.


That’s the last chapter. But there will be an Epilogue to try and explain one or two things. So now would be the best time to ask any questions you have. If you liked (or disliked) what you’ve read so far please let me know in the review box below. Thank you.

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