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White Lie by ariellem
Chapter 14 : It's Six am In The Morning
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 I woke up to the sound of something knocking on the front door, I rolled over onto my other side figuring it was just one of Jason’s many plots to kill me.

Just as my eyes were shutting again, Piper walked into the room barking some of her loud obnoxious barks.

The knocking sound still continued.

Piper, noticing that I wasn’t moving jumped onto my bed and began nudging me with her paws. Let me tell you it is rather uncomfortable to have your dog’s paw in your face, and your ears being barked off.

The light then turned on and I sat up to see Jason wrapped in his comforter and standing by my door.

“Someone’s at the door,” he mumbled. “Tell them to go away, I’m a growing boy and I need my sleep.”

Piper noting that I was now up left the room. I rolled off the bed, and checked my alarm clock. Six am, who is the idiot that would wake me up at this time in the morning? Don’t they know I cannot function at this time?

Then I remembered who the person might have been.  I also remembered who the idiot was that told him he could come over.

Kill me with a wooden spoon.

I quickly ran across the living room and into Athena’s bedroom. “Athena!” I hissed, trying to shake her awake. “Athena!”

“What time is it?” Alexander moaned from the other side of her bed, I was disgusted. Ignoring him I continued shaking Athena.

“Wha?” Athena asked, trying to swat my arm away.

“It’s six am, I need you up!” I hissed, Wood knocked again, and Piper went on another barking riot.


“Yes, that’s Wood,” I said. “I need to get dressed and you need to go out there before Piper wakes up half the building!”

Piper obviously thought that I didn’t notice the knocking and came into Athena’s room to bark some more. Like I wasn’t already going deaf.

“Ok,” I said, turning to my dog. “We know!”

Piper stopped in mid bark and left the room, her mission accomplished.

“Fine,” said Athena. “But if he comes over her at this time in the morning again, I will castrate him.”

Alexander winced from where he was laying down.

“Fine,” I said. “Castrate later, now I need you to just have a polite conversation with him.”

“There’s no way I can be polite to a person who woke me up at this time in the morning,” Athena snarled, she stood up, wrapped herself from head to toe in her blanket and walked away.

I was about to tell Alexander that there were sheets in the hall cupboard if he wanted to use them, but he was already asleep. Typical boys.

As Athena opened the door for Oliver, I quickly ran from her room to mine, praying that he didn’t see me in my Scottie pajamas pants, and my Call Me Sexy shirt. I really need to get some kind of sexy pajamas for this sort of occasion.  Not that they happen that often.  But when they do, I’d like to not embarrass myself.

Jason was asleep in my bed, still wrapped in his comforter, Piper was lying on top of him and Einstein was curled up by his next. I was going to have to vacuum that bed before I ever slept it in again.

I pulled on a pair of jeans and grabbed my Cannons shirt, Piper looked up to see what was the all the commotion was about.

My hair, normally I wash it every morning, but today I had no time. I tried to wet the hairbrush and then charm my hair into straightening from the bush that it normally is, with only a little luck.

“Piper,” I whispered. Piper glanced up at me, bleary eyed. “I need a rubber band!”

Piper lazily got off of Jason and walked out the door, returning five minutes later with one of Athena’s rubber bands.

“Good girl,” I patted her muzzle as I grabbed the band from her, and twisted my hair into a braid, dog drool be damned. Piper then went back to sleeping on my bed, and on top of my brother.

I prayed that my lack of sleep wouldn’t show on my face as I went back into the living room.

“Now, Pen is really nice yes,” I heard Athena say to Oliver. “But if you come here again, at this time in the morning…well, your quidditch set has been warned.”

“Hi,” I said loudly, hoping that he hadn’t heard Athena’s last sentence, I was pretty sure Oliver had though, he looked horrified.

“Alright then,” said Oliver, standing up quickly, he turned to me. “Hello Pen, ready to go?”

“Yeah,” I said. “How did you get into the apartment building?”

“One of those nice drunk university boys let me in,” Oliver explained, he kept glancing warily at Athena, who in turn would just smile innocently.  


The pitch was smaller than the one used for the world cup, but it basically looked the same. I was ready to go inside and get a seat; I was actually so excited that I basically ran up the hill to the pitch

“Hurry it up Wood!” I called down.

“Have you ever been to a Quidditch game before?” he asked when he finally reached the top.

“Not a professional one,” I answered, surveying the field before me.

“That’s a crime,” I heard Oliver mutter.

“Why isn’t anyone here?” I asked following after him.

“Because we’re early, which means we’ll be first in line, which means we’ll get the best seats,” Oliver answered, he sat down on the grassy area beside the entrance of the pitch.

“Just out of curiosity,” I said, sitting beside him. “How early are we?”

Oliver checked his watch. “Well the game starts at five, so—”

“Five minutes from now?” I asked, he couldn’t have meant five at night, he couldn’t have.

Oliver gave me a look. “If it started five minutes from now I would have slept here, no, I mean five o’clock.”

I have underestimated this man and his loyalty to quidditch.

“So that’s,” I counted on my fingers. “Eleven hours away from now!”

“Well, ten hours and thirty minutes actually,” said Oliver, he shook his head in disgust. “We’re late.”

“We’re the first ones here,” I said, I gave him an are-you-crazy look.

“Nope, the janitor’s already here,” said Oliver pointing over my shoulder, I turned around and saw a house-elf pushing a wagon full of cleaning supplies. Oliver shook his head in disgust and lay down on the grass.

“Oh wow, the janitor is here before us, how embarrassing,” I said sarcastically.

“Thank you for understanding,” said Oliver, obviously not getting my sarcastic tone.

I really wanted a book. I should have brought my homework with me, and breakfast. I could really go for a bagel.

Thinking about food made my stomach growl, I tried to look as if I didn’t know where the sound came from.

“Probably some kind of squirrel,” I heard Oliver mutter to himself. I looked at the sky and tried to control my blushing.

“So, what do you normally do during these long waits?” I asked, shifting my body around so I could face him.

“It’s not really a long wait,” said Oliver, his hands were behind his head and since he was wearing a short sleeve top I got a good look at his forearms. “But normally I bring my quidditch notes, just to look over stuff.”

“Uh, huh,” were the only words I could manage due to his forearms,  if good looking forearms were drugs then I was a willing junkie.

Oh god, that sounded so dirty.

“That sounds like fun,” I choked out. 

“What about you? What do you do while…waiting?”

I blinked a couple of times to register the question, and then coughed. “Well, um, I, write…stuff.”

Apparently I am the queen of suave.

“What kind of stuff?” Oliver asked patiently.

“Just um—” if he’s really interested I’m a snidget. “Fiction mostly, then there’s my homework.”

“Do you write a lot?”

“Quite a bit, yeah.”

Here’s the thing, a hot guy, who was clearly out of my league was talking to me about something I enjoyed and that he didn’t even like.

That’s really quite sweet.

“What about you? What do you put in your quidditch notebook?”

“Not much,” Oliver shook his head. “What are you writing?”

I gave him an out and he didn’t take it, I swear I’m in a romance novel.

“Right now? I’ve got a paper on screenwriting due next week, I’m almost done with it though,” I answered, crossing my legs.

“Overachiever,” coughed Oliver, I playfully hit him on the shoulder, part of it was because of his comment, mostly though I just wanted to feel his muscles.

They totally lived up to my expectations.

Touching wonderful shoulder muscles is like eating a cookie, I can’t just have one. Normally whenever I buy cookies I end up eating the entire container because if I don’t then either Athena or Alexander or Piper and Einstein will eat it.

But unfortunately I cannot touch Oliver’s shoulder muscles randomly. That desecrates what is known as ‘normal behavior.’

“You are,” Oliver protested. “By the way I brought you something.”

“Really? Is it breakfast?”

Oliver laughed before I realized what I said; when I did realize what I had said I was humiliated.

“Not breakfast, but they’ll set up food stands a couple hours before the game so you’ll be fine.”

I wonder if he’ll still be saying that when I die of starvation. I’ve never gone a day without breakfast before, this is torture.

“Cool then,” I said, trying to not let my obvious hunger show. “What did you get me?”

Oliver then took a small graphic novel out from his back pocket, his shirt lifted up just a bit when he did this and I got to see some glorious abs.

This has to be a dream. Graphic novel and abs? This is too much.

“This has issues one through three of Martin Miggs in it,” he said, handing me the novel. “Just so you can see what you’re missing.”

I swooned, and I could tell I was grinning this big sappy grin. But that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

“Thanks,” I said, still grinning.

Now I was unsure of the proper dating ritual for when someone gives you a book, do you start reading it? Or would that be considered rude. Do you place it beside you, or would that be considered as if you were snubbing the present?

So many different social rituals, it is clear to me now that I need to get out more.

“Looks really good,” I said, flipping through the pages, it did look really good and I really wanted to read it.

“Yeah, just thought it’d be something you could read when you were bored at the uni or whatever,” said Oliver.

I carefully placed the graphic novel beside me.

I was starting to get tired, I don’t normally get up before eight, so my body felt that it was still owed another two hours of sleep. I lied down on the grass, which felt wet from the sprinklers.

Very comfortable.

“So,” said Oliver, I turned my head to look at him.

We were close.

Very close.

Close enough for it to deemed sexual harassment according to my father.

Oliver smirked, I smirked too. Or at least, I’m pretty sure I smirked. It didn’t really matter because I screwed things up anyway.

“Did you know that a sign of liver is breath that will literally smell like grave?” I said, I wonder if my brain has an automatic screw things up button.

“That’s quite interesting,” said Oliver, he leaned forward and kissed me, very softly, on the lips.

This kiss was what set off some kind of alarm though my system, and this alarm, besides turning my face red, also made me kiss back.


Except for our last date I haven’t gotten any action in months so don’t judge me.

His hand began circling its way around my waist, finding just a bit of skin between my shirt and jeans. My hands went to his shoulders and felt their way around there.

Using the hand that he had around my waist, Oliver pulled me closer and began kissing my neck.

We moved closer together, and I could feel his abs against my chest. Our mouths moved perfectly together, or at least I thought so.

According to my senses we were like puzzle pieces.

I’m sure my shirt probably went a little higher than an inch, and my hands found themselves in his hair, which was quite soft.

I was starting to see what the next ten hours were going to be like, and it didn’t look like it was going to be enough. I was completely in love with this man and his snogging skills.

Of course I didn’t factor in what the next ten hours were going to be like if there were Weasleys.

“Ew!” I heard a girl say. “People are snogging!”

I was all for ignoring that voice, but then someone else spoke up.

“Ugh that’s so gross!”

Oliver and I separated, and I made the mistake of looking to see who had been talking. Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and several other red heads were there as well.

“That’s nice Clearwater,” said Percy stopping to give me a look. “Snog in front of my mum some more why don’t you?”

I fell back on the grass and glared at the sky.


Author’s Note: Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not updating sooner, but I’ve just finished my first novel! It’s called Maturity and Maternity, and it’s a Percy/Audrey. I wrote it during NaNoWriMo, it’s a contest where you have to 50,000 words in one month! I finished four days early!

I hope you like this chapter, and PLEASE review (I’m on my knees here). Look for Maturity and Maternity I’ll be putting in up soon!


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