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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 15 : The One Where Pippa Is A Little Kangaroo
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter.

Authors Note: Hi! I’m sorry about the wait for this chapter. College sucks and sucks up too much of my time. It also kills my muse too.  This chapter is the build up to the next one. It would have been too long otherwise.

Feel free to tell me what you think about anything. The characters, who is your fav? Least? Any predictions for Pippa and co? Him may have shaken Pippa to the core for the last couple of chapters, but she’s back to her cunning little ways.

I must thank you all for the dobby. It means a lot to me! I was completely taken by surprise when I won and I cannot thank you enough. It just amazes me that you would like it enough to vote for it.

Please remember to keep any reviews 12+ please otherwise they’ll get deleted. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

This chaptered has not been beta'ed so please excuse the mistakes. 

Chapter Fifteen-
The One Where Pippa Is A Little Kangaroo

Amazing chapter images by Marzipan@TDA

“Shush, my little kangaroo.” - Albus Potter

“Pippa, you look adorable.” Cassie cooed as she patted my hair patronizingly as I snarled at her angrily. “You’re such a cuddly teddy bear.” She pinched my cheeks as I frowned at her.

“I am not a bloody teddy bear.” I huffed as I crossed my arms against my chest. “I’m a snake.” Cassie rolled her eyes. “I’m a big scary one who is angry and eats people like you for breakfast in one big gulp.”  I told her in my most angry voice. Cassie just smiled at me. I couldn't scare her even if I wanted to. 

“You are so adorable.” She pinched my cheeks again. I was seriously this close to hitting her. I looked ridiculous. Next to the definition of idiot is a picture of me. I was currently dressed in a kangaroo all in one sleep suit. It even had a baby kangaroo in the front.  I had tried to rip it out but Cassie had scolded me for hurting the baby kangaroo because it was my ‘baby’ and I was being a bad mother. The feet were too big on this damn sleep suit and I kept on falling over. I already had a cut on my forehead from hitting my head on the floor which I refused to let Cassie fix because I wasn’t a complete idiot, despite looking like one. Plus, I was boiling alive. Cassie seemed to be rocking her cow all in one sleep suit. It seemed to match her perfectly, I think it helped that she had been walking around the dormitory mooing and crawling on the floor pretending to eat grass.

“I am so excited.” Cassie sighed happily. “I feel like an actual girl.” She fluffed up her hair and pouted. “Lily’s sleepover is going to be the best.” Yes, Lily Potter was hosting a damn sleepover that I was being forced to go due to the deal with the enemy. Her sleepovers have gained a pathetic legendary status. I had received an invite a dozen times before but I had refused to go. I hated most of the girls in the school, why would I want to spend extra time with them? I reckoned Lily’s friends would be giggly and girly which was going to drive me insane. I had only seen them around and I didn't like the look of them. Plus, I was dressed as a bloody kangaroo. The sleepover theme was animals. Lily had ordered the outfits and Cassie had collected mine because I was too busy doing nothing.

“I don’t want to go.” I looked around, trying to find something that gave me an idea for an excuse. I had pretended to be ill in bed. It didn’t work because Cassie just pushed me out of the bed and poked me until I was irritated so I snapped that I wasn’t ill and I was going to kick her ass. I had also tried playing dead but I can only hold my breath for ten seconds until my lungs feel like they’re going to explode. I was running out of options and I  just may have to go. This is a disaster. I picked up one my school books. “Look, Cassie!” I pointed to my book. “I have homework to do! There are a billion of essays I have to write! I have spells to practise! I don’t have time to go to the sleepovers.”  I hugged the book. “I guess I can’t go then…” I pulled my sad face. “I’m so disappointed.”

Cassie snorted. “You’ve never cared about school work so don’t pretend you do now.” She snatched the book out of my hand and chucked it across the room. My book smashed against the wall like my dream of not going to this sleepover. She pinched my cheeks again. “I can see the fake in your eyes.”

I frowned at her. “I hate you.” I told her but Cassie only laughed.

“Sure you do.”

“I do!”

“Whatever.” Cassie looked at her watch. “It’s time to go.”  She smirked at me before grabbing my hand. She knew me too well. She knew I was going to try and run before even I did.

Stupid cow.

“You better have washed your hands.” I muttered and Cassie just laughed me. “I mean it Cassie.”

“Chill your royal highness, I always wash my hands, I’m not a tramp you know.”  She smirked and I laughed. This was coming from the girl who spilt her cereal down her top this morning. The top that also had a toothpaste stain. Then she refused to change all day because she wore her messiness with pride. If that isn’t a tramp, I didn’t know what is.  “In fact I probably wash them too much.”

I just beamed with pride as we strolled towards the common room. The common room was full of people but one of them stood out for me; Albus. He was staring at me and I squeezed Cassie’s hand to tell her to start running or something but she just looked at me oddly.  Albus was danger. The boy was a good for nothing but I was still wondering why those eyes were stuck on me.  Curiosity is a bitch. It would do me no good. Albus began strolling over and I was stuck.


“Nott.” He smirked as Cassie looked at me confused. Someone was seeking me out other than Scorpius, even I had to admit this was highly unusual. Also, this was Albus Potter, the boy who had it made and hated it. I was just the girl who refused to conform and treat him like a king.  I had more pride than that. “Can I have a word?” He was such a smarmy twat as he looked me up and down. Cassie eyed me suspiciously and I knew she would ask me about it later. I hadn’t told her about the times we had clashed in the common room in the dead of night. I didn’t think she needed to know because there wasn’t anything really to tell but she was looking at me with an expression that told me I was going to get questioned about it later. Albus had never been one of Cassie’s conquests. Cassie had never tried to add him to her list but I knew he peaked her curiosity. The middle Potter child interested everyone around him because he was puzzle yet to be understood.

“I suppose Potter.” I shrugged like I wasn’t bothered. I turned to Cassie who had her arms folded against her chest. “I’ll catch you up okay?”

Cassie sighed. “Okay.” She pointed to me. “But if you don’t turn up, I will never forgive you.”  I shrugged, even if I didn’t turn up, I knew she would forgive me eventually but I pretended to take her words on board. “I’ll wait for you outside the Hufflepuff common room.” She gave me one more look before she strolled out of the common room angrily but it didn’t really work when she was dressed as a cow. She was a cow with swagger but she was still dressed a cow. That makes anyone instantly uncool. Then again, I couldn’t really talk because I was dressed as a kangaroo but I wasn’t enjoying being a kangaroo, Cassie was loving her time as cow.

“What do you want?” I asked snottily because I am snotty person and Albus didn’t deserve any kind of respect or niceness off me. Not that I really have a nice side. It wasn’t in my genes and I was thankful for that.  “Because I have this sleepover that I must attend.” I rolled my eyes. “Also, I don‘t really like you at all.”

“That’s a nice story.” Albus just blinked at me.  “It’s a pity I don’t really care.” I glared at him. It only been a couple of seconds in his company and I was already pissed off. I was going to be lovely to be around later. “You do know what the plan is tonight?”

“Yeah. Swiftly kill Lily and leave no evidence.” I joked as I rubbed my palms together before sighing.  “I’m not stupid Potter.”

"I beg to differ, you are kind of stupid.” He smirked.

“Do you want me to split them up or not? Because I’m starting to think this isn’t even worth the hassle.”

 “If you want to know-”  Albus began.

 “-Blah, blah, blah.”  I interrupted him. “I’m starting to wonder whether I want to know because-” He stepped closer pressed a finger to my lips which shushed me instantly and turned me into stone. Albus knew how to put me on edge. The power had swapped between us. I thought I had the power because I was doing him a favour. He was the one who wanted Lily to break up with Emmett, not the other way around but Albus was too clever. He had taken the power without me even realizing. I needed it back and quickly, I thought as I stared at the floor. The only problem I didn’t know how to get it back. This game was my most complicated one yet, but it was also the most interesting one. There was only one outcome though, I had to win, losing was not an option. Not now, not ever.

“Shush, my little kangaroo.” He whispered as he looked down at me with that hellish smirk of his. Sometimes I hated being so small. People were always physically looking down on me. I was a person to be looked up too. He cupped my chin so I was forced to stare into those soulless eyes and forced me to look at him for what seem like decades but it was only seconds. “I know you’d never quit.” I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with anger. I wanted to scream and kick him but most of all, I just wanted to escape. I felt like a deer in a headlights. Albus Potter was winning and I couldn’t stand it.

“And why is that?” I snarled angrily as I stared him down. He only looked amused at my sudden anger. He thought he knew me, he thought he understood me and he underestimated me. He knew nothing. I would have to show him that he was wrong.

He leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Because I‘d be the winner and you wouldn‘t be able to live with that. The fact that I had beaten you in one of your pathetic games.” My fists were clenched my sides. “Go on Pippa, try to destroy me.” I was going to kill him. “Anything you can do, I can do better. You’ll learn that soon enough.” He let me go and I almost crumbled but stubborn will made me stand up and look like I hadn’t been shaken. I stared at him defiantly. “Now go my little kangaroo and split them fucking up.” He was now tossing me to side like nothing. He used and never gave anything back. He discarded everything once it had passed its use.

“You’re a bastard. You know that right?” I snapped, the anger was so strong it was making my whole head feel fuzzy. All I could see was a blind rage. I needed to destroy, I needed to hurt and I needed to break Potter so badly that he couldn’t put himself back together again.

He smiled sweetly at me.  He was a monster. It’s always the people who look like angels. Otherwise you‘d never go near them because they‘re poison but you can‘t see that because the eye is pleased with what it can see. It can‘t see the soul that is withered and dead. “Technically, my parents were married when they had me, so I’m kind of not.”  The monster shrugged. I would have to grow and transform. If he could be a monster, then so could I.

I stepped closer to him, trying to shake him like he had shaken me. He was interested and waiting calmly to see my next move. I ran my fingers down the side of his face. I wanted to intimidate him like he had done to me. I didn’t want to be the predictable player, I never wanted him to know what was my next move was going to be. “It’s all just a façade really isn‘t it? You’re going to crumble eventually. One day you’ll be sad and alone and you’re only have yourself to blame because you're horrible. Everyone’s going to give up on you eventually because that’s what happens to people like you.”  Albus just blinked before sighing.

“You and me are in the same boat aren’t we? Everyone’s going to leave us and deep down, we both expect that. We are two of a kind.”  He hummed softly as I dropped my hand. We accused each other of things we were both guilty of but I hated it. I wanted to be nothing like him. “Now go.” He ordered. “You’re going to be late for my sisters sleepover and she hates lateness.” I stood there still like a statue. For some reason, I was unable to move because I couldn’t understand what the hell had just happened. My life had been turned into something I barely recognized and I blamed him. I blamed him for everything.

I finally turned to leave. “I really fucking hate you so much.”  I said with my back turned to him. My legs started moving on their own accord. 

 Albus laughed. “I fucking hate you right back, my little kangaroo.”

I turned around for one last time. “I’m glad.” I smiled at him which seemed to confuse him. He was expecting another display of the angry feelings I couldn’t seem to control so I gave him nothing.  “Good bye Potter.” I left the room and never looked back, because if I did, I would start another argument and I didn’t have the energy for that. I was too busy, I had to conserve energy for getting information from Lily and filling her head with doubts about Emmett. It was easy to make someone doubt everything they ever knew about a person.

I strolled towards the Hufflepuff common room which was apparently near the kitchens.  I eventually found Cassie leaning up against an open barrel. “What took you so long?” She eyed me suspiciously.

"It’s not like that.” I told her immediately.  “He wants me to do him a favour.” Cassie raised her eyebrow. “He wants me to split Lily and Emmett up.” I confessed. 

Cassie thought about the information I had just supplied her with for a couple of moments. “I don’t think I even want to know.” She shrugged. “Let’s go, I’ve been waiting for you for bloody ages.”

“We had an argument-” I began.

“I’ve already said I don’t want to know.” She interrupted me. “It’s lucky I used a Hufflepuff to let me in here. Apparently if you get it wrong, it douses you in vinegar. Hufflepuffs aren't that nice really. Who knew?” She laughed. We entered the common room which was homely with that sunny kind of feeling. The room was warm and it welcomed you into its humble abode. 

I hated it instantly.

Even the plants were bloody dancing and singing. I wanted to stamp on them all and kill them. 

The Hufflepuff’s in the common gave us odd looks, I glared at them while Cassie didn’t even notice.

“Lily said it’s that door.” She pointed to a circular door. We pushed open the door and quickly found the fourth year girls dormitory. We both hummed outside the door for a little while. “I hope there isn’t too many giggly girls. I hate girls that giggle.” Cassie flared her nostrils. “And I hope there isn’t any girls whose boyfriends I’ve stolen, that would be kind of awkward.” She laughed a little evilly and I just shrugged. I accepted Cassie for who she is; boyfriend stealer and all. I mean, she never touched my boyfriend so at least I knew she valued me more than her ‘I can get anyone I want’ reputation. And she accepted me for being an obsessive person who liked everything in order and clean. I mean, she doesn’t even get mad when I reorganize her stuff and she can’t find anything. That's friendship for you. 

“I’m dressed as a Kangaroo, I don’t think life could get any more worse really.” Cassie just sniggered. “Let’s go.” I pushed open the door to find four girls giggling with face masks on and the room smelled highly of strawberry. It made me feel sick.

“Pippa!” Lily yelled happily. “Cassie!” She hugged me and I just stood there until she let go. I needed a shower because Lily is full of dirty germs. I made Cassie wash her hands at least twelve times a day so she can be around me. Lily then ruffled my hair. I had to stop myself from glaring at her. I am not a child and I am bloody older than her. I should be ruffling her hair! Not that I wanted to touch it anyway. Lily then went to hug Cassie who even hugged her back. I was quite surprised. Cassie wasn’t the hugging kind of person. She was stomp on your foot kind of person. At least she was to girls anyway.  

I looked around to see who else was here. There were Lily’s scabby minions who I had no idea what their names are. The tall one was dressed in a frog onesie, she had flowing black hair with a pink streak on each sides, so I decided to christen her Streaky. The normal sized one was wearing a sheep onesie. She had blonde hair so I decided to call her Blondie.  I am so original with nicknames. I thought it was fitting that one was dressed as a sheep considering that’s all they were; Lily’s little sheep. These two girls followed her everywhere.  Even to the toilet which I found odd. There was Roxanne Weasley scowling in the corner sipping on her apple juice with a green face mask plastered on her face. Roxy looked as happy as me about being here.  She yawned before glaring at Streaky, I sensed she didn’t like her, then again, I don’t think Roxy liked anyone. Then Streaky giggled, a high pitch, almost broke my ear drum giggle and I found myself joining Roxy in glaring at her. That is until Rose Weasley came along of course.

Rose was sipping on her strawberry juice carton. It was clear that at Lily’s sleepovers, everyone partied hardcore. Her hair was in a tight ponytail on top of her head and she was dressed as a crocodile. Rose had obviously decided to come as herself then.

“Hello Nott.” She sneered and I just rolled my eyes.

“Hullo Rosie.” I said cheerily because I knew it would annoy her. “How are you on this fine evening?” I could do fake better than I could do real.

Rose just glared at me for a couple of moments before storming over to Roxy, who just glared at her and moved a little bit away from her.  

And so, the sleepover had begun and I could only wonder what tonight would bring.

I could only smirk. 

The next time on The Human Factor

Cassie just smiled because she had heard it all before. Nothing could be said about her lifestyle that bothered her. “Jealously doesn’t suit you sweetheart.” Cassie wasn’t fazed. She had taken girls like Rose down in her sleep. Cassie just didn’t give a crap of what anyone thought of her. It was one of the things I liked about her. I couldn't have a sidekick that crumpled every time someone yelled bitch or slag.

“I couldn’t be jealous of a hoe.” Rose replied snottily. I don’t think she’s forgiven Cassie for kissing her first boyfriend back in fourth year. To be fair, Cassie only did it ‘to shut him up cause he wouldn’t stop talking and she had a headache’ but Rose didn’t see it like that. It didn’t help that the poor boy got a crush on Cassie after that and dumped Rose for Cassie. The boy then began following Cassie everywhere, he’d give her flowers everyday and shouted poems at her in the corridor. It took weeks before it started to annoy Cassie that she had to desperately get rid of him, in the end, she told a professor and the kid now has to keep away from Cassie or get into trouble. Needless to say, he keeps his distance now.

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