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Once Upon a Time by Gembob
Chapter 1 : One
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Hello again my dears, this is a new story for you all to read, and (hopefully) enjoy. There will be some OOC behaviour and it also completely disregards the epilogue.

I've done things a little differently this time, as in, this story isn't complete yet, so updates will probably be further apart than on my other stories.

AN - Everything, besides the plot I've created here, belongs to JKR, and sadly...not me.

"What are you doing?" I had my ear pressed against a broom cupboard door, trying desperately to hear something. Malfoy and I were out on our bi-weekly scheduled patrol as head boy and girl. "Granger?" He hissed in my ear, making a shiver run down my spine at the same time as I wondered how he'd gotten quite so close to me. "I said, what are…"

I cut him off as I spun around, slamming my hand down over his mouth, his eyes widening with shock, and knowing him, disgust as well. "Sssh," I whispered, holding a finger up to my puckered lips. "I think there are a couple of students in here getting a little touchy, feely if you catch my drift."

Malfoy grabbed my wrist, removing my hand from his mouth. "Sex…is that what you mean Granger, they're fucking, and you wanted to listen in?" He was smirking at me, clearly trying to embarrass me with his brazen language.

"Yes, fine, they're having sex" I looked up, forcing my eyes to remain rooted to his mocking ones, praying that my usual traitorous blush wouldn't make an appearance and show just how embarrassed I really was, not just from his words, but from being this close to him as well.

He stared back at me; his eyebrows rose at my seemingly daring look and crossed arms. "Very well then, after you Granger."

"Fine." I huffed, grabbing the large bronze handle and yanking the heavy door open. I shuffled into the narrow entryway, Malfoy following close on my heel. Something seemed odd about the interior, like it was overly large, the dim light making it incredibly difficult to actually see anything.

The door clicked shut almost silently behind us. "Why did you shut the door?" I asked, casting a non-verbal Lumos spell.

"I didn't, it just shut behind me. So anyway, where are this amorous couple you spoke of?"

I was a little curious about that as well, I had been so sure that I'd heard moans and groans, but the cupboard on closer inspection was completely empty, there weren't even any shelves, it was just a bare empty room. "I…I don't know…" I was cut off by an intense bright white light flashing into the room, completely obscuring my vision.

Once my eyes readjusted slightly, I could see hundreds of spots of lights, flashing on and off around the walls in the tiny space. "Malfoy…?" My voice shook with uncertainty as I shuffled backwards carefully, trying to find him; hoping he hadn't deserted me. I had no idea what was going on. My hand eventually brushed against his, relief filling me as I realised I wasn't alone, I didn't even care that it was Malfoy. "What…"

"I have no idea Granger, but I suggest we get out of here, now." His voice wasn't its normal confident drawl either as he willingly took my hand, pulling us back to the door.

We made it two steps before the situation worsened. The lights began to swirl, spinning around the walls so fast it made me dizzy; it kind of reminded me of sci-fi films where a space ship is put into warp speed, and then they began to dance closer, edging forward until my eyes were forced to close from the intensity.

My heart was beating its way up into my mouth as the panic began to suffocate me. Malfoy's grip on my hand became firmer as he pulled me closer to his body, and just as my memory faded to nothing, it felt like we were being dragged forward, into the light.

I blinked a couple of times, my head seriously still felt like it was spinning. Forcing my sticky eyes to remain open, I was met with darkness, that absolute, all-encompassing kind of darkness, it was disorienting and I couldn't tell which way was up and which was down; that's when I felt movement beneath my head.

"Malfoy, is that you, are you still here?" I was yet again blinded by a bright light, and I found myself fearful that I was about to experience those horrid sensations again. Thankfully, this time, my eyes adjusted quickly to the singular speck of light…from his wand.

"Yes, I'm still here. Now would you kindly get the hell off of me?" He shoved my shoulder with his spare hand, and I could now see that my head was resting against his thigh. This time, I couldn't help myself from blushing as I removed myself from his personal space as quickly as I could. I scrambled away in the darkness, my back quickly hitting a wall. Malfoy sat up, lifting his wand arm and casting more light around the room.

We both stood up, facing each other. "We're still in the broom cupboard." I whispered. "But I was so sure…"

"You felt it too didn't you, like we were moving forward?" I nodded my head; he looked exactly how I felt; unsettled, but relieved.

"At least we can get out of here now then." I mumbled. He turned, grasping the handle and pushed the door open. I couldn't see much past Malfoy's tall figure, but the shocked gasp that fell from his lips was not a good sign.

Silently, he stood aside, pushing me closer to the doorway with a hand on my back. "Where the fuck are we?" We stood side by side, looking outwards onto a densely packed forest; very little light was filtering down through the thick canopy, what light there was highlighting a narrow, muddy footpath that wound off through the trees into the distance.

"For…forbidden forest?" I stammered.

He shook his head. "It's the wrong sort of trees."

I inhaled deeply, trying to calm my nerves, the heady scent of pine and rotting leaves nearly knocking me out instead. "Come on, we can't really stay in here all day." He walked past me, out into the woods. When nothing happened to him immediately, I released a ragged breath. "Merlin Granger, it's time to come out of the fucking closet already." He chuckled quietly at his own joke.

"Shut it Malfoy." I glared at him as I stomped out of the door into the cool, damp air. The open doorway to the broom cupboard instantly vanished, leaving nothing behind as evidence that it'd ever existed.

I stood still, somewhat bewildered, racking my brain for any ideas to what had just occurred. "What do we do now then?" I mumbled, really only to myself as I thought of methodical and analytical survival plans.

"I guess we follow the path, it's got to lead us to something eventually." Malfoy started off down the path, wand held aloft as he trudged through the damp amber leaves. "You better hurry up though, because I'm not waiting around for you." Sighing, I too lit my wand, and traipsed off after the tall, blond haired boy.

Twenty minutes into out trek down the path, an idea popped into my head, it was so simple, that I couldn't help berate myself for a moment, for being so stupid. "Hey…" He turned around, continuing to walk backwards. "We haven't even tried Apparating out of here."

"Speak for yourself."

"What? You've already tried to Apparate, and didn't even think to tell me? What if it had worked?"

"But it didn't, so don't worry your bushy little head about it."

"You would have deserted me, even with you being head boy, and me being head girl?" I asked incredulously, he really was a git.

"It's not like we're best mates or anything Granger." He looked at me, sighing. "You would have thought of it eventually, you're a bright girl, or, what is it they call you…" He raised an eyebrow, knowing perfectly well the nickname I'd been given…the one he enjoyed endlessly teasing me about. "…the brightest witch of our age."

We'd come to a standstill now and were properly facing each other as he taunted me. "Well, Ferret, if you don't want a repeat of what happened in third year, I would suggest that you move that bony arse of yours."

"Bony?" He scoffed. "Hardly, I'll have you know that there are many who would love to have the same view as you right now." Smirking, he spun back around and sauntered off down the pathway again.

Night was drawing in by the time we realised that we weren't going to find anything tonight, it was even darker now beneath the trees, and to be honest, my arm was killing me from holding my wand up for so long.

A chill was beginning to settle itself into my bones, causing my teeth to chatter as I struggled to keep warm. My legs were tired and I called for us to stop for the night, needing to sit down. Malfoy readily agreed, throwing himself down onto the ground next to me and we both leaned against a fallen branch. The trees around us had opened up into a wide grassy area, allowing us to see a bit of the sky for the first time since we'd been sent here. It was a clear night, and I could already see my breath as it curled from my mouth into the air around me.

"Are you cold?" Malfoy nudged me with his cloak covered elbow.

"N…n….no! Of co….course I'm blo…oody not."

He looked at me carefully from the corner of his eye. "I'll go and find some firewood." He mumbled quietly, obviously not wanting to seem too nice or helpful. After he had gone, I couldn't help but sit there and mentally slap myself for not bringing a cloak on patrols tonight, even the corridors of Hogwarts got bloody cold.

Ten minutes later, he returned with an ample pile of twigs and branches, proceeding to set it alight with a well-aimed Incendio. I revelled in the heat, unconsciously leaning closer to the fire…and Malfoy, who sat beside me. We sat there in silence, just listening to the crackling flames and night owls.

Staring into the woods, I began to think. This was such an unusual and bizarre situation; why the hell would a broom cupboard transport unsuspecting students to an unknown location, and lure them in there in the first place. It was also rather typical that it had chosen me and Malfoy of all people. We don't hate each other any more, we share a common room, and I find him to be a rather amiable and civil person now a days, but that's not to say that we no longer argue, because believe me, we still do, just not to the point of firing hexes at each other.

Malfoy shifted next to me, out of the corner of my eye I saw him lie down, pulling his cloak around to cover his body. "Granger, I can hear you thinking away over there, so just lie the fuck down and go to sleep will you?"

"I can't…actually, I should probably go and cast some protective charms, we should have done it…" I went to stand up, but a hand held onto to my wrist.

"Don't worry; I've already done it, when I went to get firewood. Nothing is going to get within fifty feet without us knowing."

I was a little shocked at his thoroughness. "Oh…"

"Is that all I get, an 'oh'?"

"Sorry. Uhm, thanks, I guess, that was very good of you."

He huffed, smirking slightly at me. "I didn't do it just for you Granger…" I blushed again. "…but you're welcome."

I hesitantly lay down beside him, leaving enough of a gap so that we wouldn't be uncomfortable or embarrassed. The ground was, it seemed, even colder than the air. I cast a warming spell, but it didn't seem to do the trick, because moments later I was shivering again.

There was a breathy sigh from behind me and some mumbled words that sounded suspiciously like 'fucking women', before an arm snaked over my waist, settling on my stomach and pulled me back into a solid body. "What the bloody hell do you think you're playing at Malfoy?" I protested loudly, trying to fight my way out of his arms. He just held me tighter.

He threw his cloak over both of us as he yet again pulled me closer, into the warmth of his body, and refused to let go. "Shut up and go to sleep." He growled.

"But…why are you doing this?" I'd given up fighting his arms the moment I realised that my shivering had ceased

"Because I've had enough of your bloody teeth chattering, that's why. You know me; I need at least six hours of beauty sleep after all." I could actually hear that he was smirking as his breath ghosted across the top of my head.

I couldn't help but smile. "Of course you do Malfoy."

So...what did you think. Let me know guys :-)


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