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I'll Like You For Always. by michaelasaurus
Chapter 3 : Keep on Singin' My Song
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The wedding was small, attended only by their closest friends, Sirius, Peter, and Remus. Lily had tried to invite her sister Petunia, only to be snubbed and called a freak. She tried not to let it bother her, but it hurt, knowing that her sister wouldn’t be here at her wedding. Elizabeth sat happily in her godfather Remus’ arms gurgling and smiling as he talked to her.


It was January 27, Two months since she had gotten pregnant, and only 4 months since she had had Elizabeth. Christmas had passed quite nicely, James had asked her to marry him just a few days before Christmas and her holiday season had simply been magical. It was her favorite Christmas yet and she couldn’t wait until she could have that again, with her new family. James and Sirius pranced around singing silly Christmas songs with changed lyrics, Peter always making more food and adding to the decorations, while Lily and Remus played a lot of wizard’s chess. The whole season just felt nice, and now that she was married to James, she hoped the rest of her year would be as fun filled.

The next couple months passed without much excitement, Lily was in her second trimester and getting bigger all the time. Sometimes James would just sit and stare at her for long periods of time, wondering how  he could be so lucky.


Then one evening near the beginning of April, Albus Dumbledore stopped by their home in Godric’s Hollow. He told them that they were in danger, and he wanted to put them under the fidelus charm. They agreed instantly, they had to protect Elizabeth and their unborn child. Dumbledore cast the charm, ensuring that no one would be able to find them, unless they already knew where they were.

“Who will be your secret-keeper?” Dumbledore inquired. “Young mister Black?”

“No.” Lily said, “He’s the obvious choice. If Voldemort has spies then he’ll know that.”

“She’s right” James nodded. “I think we should use Peter.”

Lily consented and Dumbledore smiled.

“You have such good friends, you should consider yourselves lucky.”

“Oh believe me Albus, we do.” Said Lily, smiling as her husband pulled her closer.

“Oh, and Mr. Potter, I would very much like to examine that cloak of yours, would that be alright?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll go get it for you.” James headed off upstairs.

“Now Miss Evans, or rather, Mrs. Potter,” He corrected, “I would like to know what your plans are for your children. Will Elizabeth know who her true father is? Or will she be raised as a Potter?”

Lily placed her hand over her eyes and sighed.

“I’m not sure Albus, I don’t want her to be ashamed of her father, because he was once a good man, but I don’t want her to feel any less loved than this one.” She said gesturing at her growing tummy. “I suppose I will tell her, when she’s old enough to understand. James loves her though, as much as he would love his own flesh and blood, and that’s enough. He may not be her biological father, but he is her dad.”

James smiled from the staircase, it meant a lot to him to hear Lily say those words. He never thought of Elizabeth as anything but his own daughter, and he did love her.

“As always Lily, you are a very bright woman.” Albus conceded, “Thanks you for the cloak Mr. Potter, and good luck to you all.”

The old man seemed to glide away; Lily and James went back inside to tell Peter about the charm.


Since they were now essentially homebodies, Lily and James spent much of the next few months redecorating their house. They turned an old spare bedroom into a beautiful nursery with two cribs. Lily’s favorite part was the ceiling, which they had enchanted to look like the night sky. She had gotten the idea from the great hall in Hogwarts; however, this sky was always clear and tranquil. Elizabeth was growing fast as well, she could sit up on her own and was an extremely happy child. James almost never put her down, and Sirius and Remus doted on her. I wonder if they’ll ever have kids of their own. Lily thought to herself. They had never told her that they were together, but she had always known, even before they knew themselves. She also had a sneaking suspicion that James knew as well, but if Sirius and Remus weren’t ready to tell them, they wouldn’t force them to.

One night after Elizabeth had been bathed and put to bed, and Sirius and James were lying passed out on the sofa; Lily decided to speak with Remus.

“I’m really worried about Peter Remus, he hasn’t been around lately.”

“I’m sure he’s just busy Lily, these are scary times.”

“Yes, I know, he’s probably doing a lot of work with the Order.”

“Don’t worry Lils, he’ll be fine, we all will be.” Remus said assuredly.

“Will you be fine Remus?” Lily asked seriously, “I don’t want you to be alone.”

“I’m not alone Lily, I have wonderful people in my life. I have you and James, and Peter, and I have Sirius. I love him Lily, we’re together, and we have been for a long time. I’m not alone, I won’t ever be alone.” He said with a smile.

“I know.” Lily grinned.

“You know?” Remus blinked, “But we haven’t told anyone.”

“Remus, I think I knew before you knew.” She admitted honestly.

“Did you tell James?”

“No, but I think he’s figured it out himself. We spend so much time with you guys, we know you.”

“And you don’t— you don’t think it’s weird that I’m in love with another man?” Remus said quietly.

“Remus! Of course not! Love is something that can happen between anyone, and it’s beautiful. Don’t let anyone make you feel different.” She assured him.

“Thanks Lily, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She hugged him, she truly loved her friends. 

“So, Remus, now to the important stuff. When are you going to have kids?” she demanded.

“What? I-I don’t know, I mean we’ve talked about it and—“ Lily cut him off,

“I’m just teasing you Moony, though you better get on that quick, my kids need some playmates! James would probably be jumping for joy if you and Padfoot were to have kids.” She joked. Remus nodded, James had become crazy about being a father, and it was like nothing he’d seen before, as if he was born to do it.


Another month went by and suddenly it was July. Lily was huge.

“I was not nearly this huge when I was pregnant with Elizabeth!” she groaned.

“Yeah, but Lily, Elizabeth was a tiny little baby. This is a Potter boy. We Potter boys are quite manly. Even before we’re born.” James said proudly.

“Oh yes Sweetheart, you are ever so manly. Very macho.” Lily agreed.

James was getting increasingly worried as July wore on, Lily looked like she could go into labour at anytime, they had a healer come in from St. Mungos, since they were not supposed to leave the area protected by the fidelus charm, and on July 31 they had their son.

“See, I told you it would be a boy!” James teased, kissing his wife. “I love you so much Lily.”

“I love you too James, I love our family.” Looking down at her 10-month-old daughter and her just barely born son she felt so happy.

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I'll Like You For Always.: Keep on Singin' My Song


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