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The Marauders' Guide to Hogwarts, Time, and Dogs by HermioneNerd203
Chapter 1 : Chater One: Who are the Marauders?
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A/N Well here goes nothing!

Disclaimer: I own nothing other than my plot and characters (still to come in a few chapters). All characters and places from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, go to the most amazing and talented Joanne Rowling (my hero). Thank you Jo! She has changed my life and I can barely ever remember a time without my best friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Edit: Thank you Kraut for editing!!! You're my hero and I'm so greatful for you.

I hurried down the corridor, on the way to History of Magic. I'm NEVER late.... That is until today.

I'd been having the worst luck all first week long, my school bag had burst open in the middle of the corridor, I had an awful row and broke up with my boyfriend Ron, and worst of all I got an eighty-nine on my Charms pop quiz! An eighty-nine!I feel so different now... the Battle of Hogwarts changed me from that bossy, nerdy, bookworm to someone that I'm not even sure I know.

At least Harry still talks to me, one of the only ones who will in the whole class. No one cares about Nerdy Bookworm Hermione Granger.

I got into the classroom just as Professor Binns called out in his dull voice, "Granger, Hermione?"

I hurried to my seat calling out, "Present!" and heard the snickering from the Slytherins as I pulled out my books.

The lesson dully moved on as I studiously wrote notes on whatever boring subject Binns was teaching today. I really didn't care anymore.

After the class was halfway through, I felt a soft poke on my upper arm as a note was carefully passed onto my desk. Looking up at Professor Binns, knowing he wouldn't notice, I slid the small note into my lap and quickly read it.

'Hermione are you all right? Something's changed about you. Is it abouy Ron, that stupid git? I'm worried about you Mione. You're not acting normal.


It had been such a hard past few months that I totally lost it. I quickly rose my hand to a very surprised Professor Binns. "May I use the loo, Professor?"

"Of course, Miss -?"

"Granger, sir." I squeaked, running out the door and down the hall....


I went to the only place in all of Hogwarts that made me happy after storming out of the History of Magic classroom - The Library.

Looking through a section of books I had never noticed before, I found a interesting looking book called "Marauders guide to Hogwarts, Time, and Dogs" by The Marauders.

Quickly grabbing, it as it seemed to be a good looking book, I plopped down on my favorite couch - the big fluffy blue one with about a million pillows. Curling up in it, I cracked open the book to the first chapter. I was quite puzzled because it was completely handwritten and by what it seemed, four or five different people, cutting each other off all the time as though it was just a normal conversation.

Chapter One: Who are The Marauders?

The first hand began,"Hello people of Hogwarts! So you want to know who the Marauders are? Well, we are about the COOLEST group around in Hogwarts! We make the best pranks like when -"

"We turned Mrs. Norris purple with Pink spots -"

"Padfoot! I'm trying to tell this story, not you!"

This Padfoot person replied,"Oh well, sooorrry I invaded into your perfect little story! I just want to make it totally awesome!"

"Back to topic, Padfoot! Where were we.... Oh yes, who we are. I'm Prongs, the leader of the group-"

"And the one OBSESSED with Li-"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

A new scrawl began, "Prongs! Padfoot! Is all this book going to be about, the two of you fighting again?"

"No, Moony....."

"And I'm Padfoot! The handsomest guy in school (or at least all the ladies tell me that). I'm a bit of a ladies man, and oh I hate fleas! My favorite candy is-"

"Yes, yes, we get the point, Padfoot! Moony?"

"I'm Moony. The one who keeps the others in line. I'd better get back to my potions essay. You both should be working on it too.."

"But Mooooooony it's not due for two weeks!"

"Oi! Padfoot! Now I can't find wormtail so I'll just say he's a rat."

"Ha!! True Prongs! I can't never find him anymore... Maybe we need a Hufflepuff to find him! It's the only good thing they can d -"

A new loopy hand cut in,"Potter! Black! What the bloody hell are you blithering toe rags up to?"

"Lily! Why are you writing in our book?"

Below I saw a drawing, that I believed this Padfoot guy, had drawn of a tall boy with messy black hair and round glasses, kissing a girl with flaming red locks and a head girl badge on her robes.

'It must be Prongs and Lily? Where does that sound so familiar from?' I thought, as I went back to our common room. Wondering who these Marauders really are, and where I knew them from.....

A/N Thanks sooo much for reading!!!! Please please please tell me what you think by leaving a short review! Because this is my first I'd really like some feedback... Keep R&R and enjoy the next chapters!


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