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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 11 : Control and Chaos
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Draco walked the final distance towards the castle, his mind on Hermione and how he would finally be able to see her soon. The train was to arrive in a few hours and when it did, he fully planned on meeting her on the front steps of the school and he did not care who was around to witness it. He loved her and he would curse anyone who said anything negitive about her our their relationship. As he made his way down to the dungeons and his dorm, he smiled softly at the thought of holding her and not having to hide his feeling for her anymore.

After he had his trunk unpacked and all of his belonging put away in the right places, he flopped back on his be to daydream a little about his enterlude with Hermione at her parents house when he suddenly had the wind knocked out of him by his girlfriend suddenly appearing on his chest, kicking and screaming. Draco did the first thing he could think of and in one swift move, had Hermione pinned underneath him, avoiding her kicking legs and frantic movements.

Hermione was in a complete panic. She could feel someone holding her down and she couldn't escape. The arms around her were like steel and her cries ripped though the air as she waited for the the next punch to land on her. Slowly she heard his voice from a distance and she instantly shut up.

"Hermione!! Love!! It's okay. You are safe. Babe, you are safe!" Draco said, repeating himself over and over again as she finally calmed down in his arms. He gentle kissed her forehead and pulled back a little to look at her face. She was covered in soot and the begining of a bruise forming on her cheek. "My love, what happened?"

"They came! They came to the train and took me!! They were killing people!!! Oh Gods Draco!!! I tried to help, but they took me. Next thing I remeber was waking up to being punched in the face and then I remebered what you said about the bracelet so I screamed for you to save me and then I was here." Hermione sobbed into his chest.

"They attacked the train?!? We have to tell someone!" Draco answered, pulling Hermione up with him and holding her hand, dragged her through the slytherin common room and up the stairs that would take them to the headmaster's office. After their sprint there, they both stopped to catch their breath and tried to get past the gargoyle guarding the stairs to Dumbledore's office.

"We have to talk to the headmaster! It's urgent!!" Hermione finally screamed at the gargoyle, but he refused to budge. As they pleaded with the statue, Professor McGonagall walked up to them.

"Mister Malfoy, Miss Granger, what are you doing? Miss Granger, why are you here? Aren't you suppose to be on the train?" Minerva McGonagall said, clearly confused by the actions of two of her top students.

"Professor! The train was attacked by Death Eaters!! We have to help them!" Hermione exclaimed, her voice full of fear for everyone still on the train.

"What! Of course! Peppermint drops." McGonagall replied and the gargoyle leapt aside to allow them passage up to the headmaster's office at the sound of the password.

After they got to the top of the stairs, Hermione explain what had happened and how she escaped. Dumbledore listened quietly, his eyes losing their twinkle and hardening as Hermione's story came to a conclusion. He quickly sent off a few patronuses and quickly left the room with McGonagall after telling the two of them to stay there and that he would be back soon.




Harry, Ron and Ginny were all sitting around the table waiting for Molly to show up and tell them what was happening. They sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts with their hands wrapped around cups of tea that had gone cold during their vigil. All three of their heads snapped up at the sound of the floo activating and jumped to their feet and Molly entered the room, brushing soot off of her shoulders.

"Mum! What's going on? Where were you? Why couldn't we take the train? What's going on?" Ginny asked, shooting off the questions so fast that Molly couldn't answer them.

"There was a threat on the train and I couldn't take the change with you three. I recieved a letter and heading directly to the ministry to warn them. I hope I wasn't to late." Molly replied hoarsely as she sank into one of the chair at the table. "They dispacted the MLE and the Aurors, I hope I did enough. I'm so glad you three listened and stayed here. We have arranged a portkey for you to get to the castle. It'll be leaving here in a few minutes, so I want you all to go get your trunks and meet me back here in five minutes. The three of them left the room to gather their belongings and soon returned to wait for their portkey.

"Mum, what about Hermione?" Ron whispered, afraid of the answer he was going to receive.

"Oh dear! I forgot to warn her! She should be okay though, she's a smart witch and I doubt they were even able to carry out their plans. I think I got the letter in time to stop it." Molly replied with tears in her eyes.

Just as they were saying goodbye and their portkey was starting to glow, Harry caught sight of a patronus entering the room seconds before he felt like he was hooked around the middle and magically transported to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As they landed, all three lost their balance and fell to the ground. Ron jumped up first, dusting himself off before he spoke.

"Did you two see that? Dumbeldore's patronus...something has happened!" With that exclaimation, Ron grabbed his trunk and took off towards the school, leaving Harry to help Ginny with her stuff as they followed quickly behind him, discussing what they learned and speculating on what the patronus was about. They left their belongings in the main hall and entered the Great Hall, it's ceiling reflecting the blue skies and fluffy clouds from outside on it's magical surface. They both sat down at the gryffindor table and waited for others to join them, not knowing how long the wait would be.



Ron was frantic with worry. He could not believe his own mother had forgotten to tell the girl he was in love with that she might be in danger. He silently cursed at himself for listening to his father about not contacting anyone about his warning. He knew in his heart something was wrong, he just did not know what. He slowed down, realizing he was still dragging his trunk and that he was almost to the gryffindor common room. He stood in front of the fat lady and drew at a blank on what to do. He didn't know the password so he could not get inside to drop off his stuff. He desided to leave it there and head to the headmaster's office. He didn't normally go to Dumbledore, but he was at a loss of what to do, so he turned his steps towards the third floor and the gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore's office.

When he got there, he pounded on the locked door hoping someone would answer and he was not disappointed. Slowly the statue moved out of the way, reviling the stairs and the last person he expected to be there. He looked into the familar brown eyes and at the bushy hair that belonged to one Hermione Granger. Without thinking, he pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers, not noticing her lack of responce until he felt himself being hit by a curse that blasted him off of his feet and back into the hallway in front of the office. He looked up at the familar smirk of Malfloy and at the tip of the wand that was being held on him and felt his blood start to boil. Ron jumped to his feet and pulled out his wand too, aiming it at the slytherin's face, sparks shooting out of the tip as he fought to gain control over his emotions.

"What the bloodly hell was that for Malfoy! I can kiss my girl if I want to!" Ron yelled at Draco, his face turning as red as his hair in his rage.

"Not when it's my girl! She dumped you! Hermione's mine now, keep your blood traitor hands off of her!" Draco seethed, his anger getting to him as his wand started to spit out sparks too.

"Merlin! You two both do not get it! You do not get to fight over me!" Hermione said as she stepped between the two boys and grabbed their wands out of their hands and placing them in her pocket. "We have more important things to deal with that you two having a pissing contest to win me! I am not a bloody prize! When you two can settle this shit like men, them come find me, I'll be in the Great Hall" Hermione screamed before she turned and stiffly walked away. 

"Hermione, we have to stay here, you heard Dumble..." Draco said at  her retreating back, his voice dying out as she kept walking away from him. His shoulders slumped and all the anger drained out of his face. "Fine, you win this round weasel. I'm not going to leave my girlfriend alone because of you. She's had a really rough day." Draco said in barely a whisper towards Ron as he turned and started after Hermione. Ron shrugged off Draco's words and headed towards the Great Hall also, hoping there would be somethng to eat there.



The situation on the Hogwarts Express was grim. When Dumbledore and a few of the other professors from the school had arrived, chaos was king. Students were crying and holding their dead and injured friends and smoke permeated the air, making breathing difficult. The professors got busy helping the students get organised and putting out the fires on the train. As they got things under control, memebrs of the MLE and the Order of the Phoenix started to arrive to help. Most of the sudents fourth year and below were safe, scared but safe. Unfortunately that could be said for the student in their fifth year and above. All the muggle borns in those years had been murdered and the half bloods and blood traitors had been tortured within moments of insanity, some still could not be revived. Only the pure blooded students from fifth year and up had been spared, most of them from the slytherin house. The death toll was holding steady at 27 as they cleared the final conpartments of the train. In the last compartment they came to, Molly heard a faint meowing and looked everywhere to see where it was coming from. She did a few spells and Crookshanks basket came visible. All the color from her face drained out and left her looking grey and sickly. Holding onto Hermione's cat, she collasped into a heap on the floor and sobbed. She sobbed for the death of the girl she loved, for the heartbreak her son would have to face and for the oversite in herself that made her forget to protect one of the children she concidered her own. She was still sobbing when Arthur found her, poor Crookshanks soaking wet. He pulled his wife into his arms and they both sat there staring at the belonging of the girl they always thought would marry their son, grieving over her death. They slowly pulled themselves together as they gathered Hermione's things that had been scattered around, Making sure that they did not miss anything and disapparated with them moments before McGonagall enter the same compartment to collect Hermione's things for her to take back to the castle.




Voldemort sat on his throne like chair looking over all of his Death Eaters. The newest information about Hermione Granger had just come in from his newest recuit and he couldn't be happier. Even knowing somehow she had escaped him again, but that wasn't a worry. Soon she would be under his power again, he could be very persaysive when he wanted to be. And he had just the right thing to finally get her to join him. He fiddled with is wand, pointing it first at the figure floating in front of him and then at the other figure slightly behind the first. With the twitch of his wand, the woman fell to the ground screaming, he long bushy hair hiding her face and the suspended man yelled her name. Yes, he thought, this will be fun, as he started the torture of Jane Granger also know in the wizarding world as Amanda Rosier. He smiled as he lifted the curse and walked over to the small robed figure bowing in front of him.

"I'm very pleased Jessica, and Lord Volemort always rewards the ones that please me..."







A/N: This chapter seems to be getting a little long and drawn out, so I'm going to stop it here. The next chapter will be the reactions of the wizarding community about the attack on the train. So sorry if it seems a little off...I'm still struggling with a bit of writer's block tring to get this story where I want it to be. Until next time, Happy Reading! ~Jess

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