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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George stood around the Shrieking Shack awaiting the arrival of other students who would start showing up in around ten minutes. Ginny had dragged Hermione into a corner because she’d just had a panic attack when Harry had spoke to her. She had however replied, it was a quiet and shy response but it was a response at least. She had learnt to talk to him instead of just staring in silence but it didn’t mean she wasn’t insanely nervous when she did speak to him.

“Ginny I don’t know why you’re so panicked, I mean seriously what did he say?” Hermione asked the youngest Weasley. 

“But ‘Mione he asked me if I was sure I wanted to be here! That could mean he doesn’t want me here!” Ginny exclaimed.

“No, it just meant he was worried about you and didn’t want you getting involved in something so dangerous!” Hermione reassured her.

“Okay, I guess that’s possible too!” Ginny said beginning to calm down.

Just then Ron and Harry called Hermione over to them so she excused herself from Ginny who soon joined the twins and went over to the boys.

“Yeah, what’s going on?” she asked them.

“Hermione, Harry wants to back out of the meeting now that we’re only minutes away from it!” Ron told her angrily.

“What? Harry, we’re so close now we can’t just back out! We’re in danger, all the students are in danger and Harry you can help them, teach them to protect themselves! Without your help they’re defenceless!” Hermione said to him desperately.

“But Hermione what makes you believe I can do anything for them?” he questioned and without waiting for her answer continued, “Everybody thinks I’m the boy who lived but do you know what? That wasn’t me it was my mother’s love and sacrifice that kept me alive! All I do is bring misery and bad luck!”

 “Harry, that isn’t true!” Hermione told him, Fred, George and Ginny joined them.

“Yes it is Hermione! My parents died for me, last year Cedric died because of me, Ginny could have died that day in the Chamber of Secrets because Voldemort was trying to kill me! Hermione, you and Ron do you know how many times you’ve put your lives at risk because of my link to all these insane, dangerous missions? How many more people are going to die for me? Teaching these students to fight for themselves means they have a link to me which gives Voldemort more reason to go after them!” he yelled at her.

 When he continued his voice was soft and filled with regret, “Do you really want me to endanger anybody else’s life? I don’t want to be the reason anyone gets hurt! I can’t take it anymore! I’m out, I can’t do this.”

He started walking away but Hermione grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

“Harry, you can’t honestly believe all these horrible things that happen are your fault! Harry nobody blames you for anything! Plus Harry by what you just said you already know we’re in danger anyway with Voldemort and his Death Eaters getting stronger but if there is the slightest chance you can help isn’t that what you want to do?” she asked him.

“Hermione, how can you ask me that? We’re meant to be best friends so if you really don’t know that I want to help, then you don’t know me,” he told her.

She looked at him with hurt eyes, “Harry I know you want to help, I’m just wondering why you won’t. We all know the danger we’re in and that we’re putting ourselves in danger but what’s coming it’s bigger than you it’s everyone, it’s everything!”

“You make it sound so easy, so simple but it isn’t!” Harry shouted, “I see what’s happening and I’m sitting here watching the Wizarding World slowly falling apart, I want to help but I know I could also make it worse!”

“Harry! Would you shut up? You may go on to save the World but you sure as hell won’t do it alone! Let us help and in return you can help us! You’re over thinking everything, everyone has faith in you, we believe in you but even the chosen one isn’t perfect! What do you expect? It isn’t going to be easy but there’s no need to complicate things even more!” Fred yelled at him.

“Exactly, I mean come on we want to learn and that hag Umbridge isn’t teaching us anything! When the time comes and we need protection or we need to fight are we going to be defenceless and pathetic or are we going to fight, are we going to win?” George asked him.

Harry looked from Hermione and Ron to Fred and George then to Ginny and gave a slow nod, “I’ll do it,” he sighed, “If you believe in me this much then this is the least I can do!”

“Thank you so much Harry,” Hermione said as she hugged him.

“It’s going to be fine, mate,” Fred and George reassured him in unison.  

“Wait hold on, who’s going to believe we need protection? Everyone thinks I’m a nutter!” Harry pointed out dragging them back to square one.

“I believe you, Harry,” said Neville as he entered.

“Me too,” said Luna following after him.

“So do we,” the Patil twins agreed walking in.

“Well, okay then,” Harry said with an uncertain smile.

“Finally!” Ron exclaimed.

“’Bout time you came around mate!” said George.

“I know! But hey, if all goes well we have a teacher we can intimidate with our height. Then again we already have Flitwick,” added Fred causing some laughter.

They waited a little longer for everyone else to arrive. They weren’t sure of how many people to expect but the amount that did was definitely a lot more than they would have.

“Hey Freddie!” chimed Angelina as she walked in with Alicia and Katie.

“Angie, how many times have I told you not to call me that?” Fred moaned at his girlfriend.

“I don’t know, I ignore you when you do!” Angelina smiled at him.

“Aww, Angie and Freddie how cute!” George said mockingly.

“Shut it George, unless you want me to tell everyone that you fancy...” Fred started.

“You wouldn’t dare!” George said.

“Course I wouldn’t, you are my twin after all!” Fred grinned.

Just then Cho walked in with a few other Ravenclaws.

“Hi, Harry,” she said in her gentle voice.

Harry who’d been talking with Hermione, Ron and Ginny looked at her then spoke, “Hi, Cho,” he said awkwardly.

“Harry, after the meeting I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go for a walk?” she asked.

Ginny glared at her waiting for Harry’s response when Hermione nudged her telling her to quit it.

“Cho, that sounds really nice but I’m a bit busy, maybe another time,” Harry said softly.
“Yeah, sure that’s fine,” Cho nodded and walked away.

A little while after they decided it was time to start the meeting Harry, Hermione and Ron stood at the front.

“Alright, so we’re here because we need to learn and Umbridge isn’t teaching us what we need to know. We need to be able to defend ourselves against the Dark Arts that’s where Harry comes in, he knows this stuff he can protect us!” Hermione said.

Someone raised their hand and Hermione acknowledged them with a nod.  

“Why do we need to protect ourselves?” asked one student.

“Because You Know Who’s back you idiot” yelled Ron.

“So he and Dumbledore say but where's the proof? Why should we believe it?"              

“Well if you don’t believe it then why are you here?” asked Ron.

“Thought I might hear what you had to say,” he told him.

“Then listen, Voldemort’s back okay? Do you understand? I’m not lying and I don’t give a damn if anyone thinks I am! I fought him, he killed Cedric and despite what you’ve been told it wasn’t just a tragic accident! I’m here because you need help to defend yourselves before this war starts and everyone’s put in danger!” Harry told them not stopping to explain anything.

“War? Who said there was going to be a War?” asked Nigel.

“I did and you can’t tell me you can’t see it happening. Have you seen how dark and grey it is? Have you heard about these mysterious disappearances? It’s not just a freak coincidence this is how it happened the last time, I know I’ve been told about it!” Harry explained.

He was about to continue when someone from the crowd started shouting.

“Dennis? What are you doing here? You know you shouldn’t be here!  You’re too young, do you want me to tell Mum? That’s it you’re leaving with me now!” exclaimed Collin shaking his head at his brother. Dennis was only in his second year and Collin was fourth year.

“Hey, no fair! Please Collin I want to help, plus you can’t tell Mum she’ll kill me if she finds out!” Dennis begged.

“Dennis you’re only twelve!” Collin told him.

“Sorry to but in Collin but if he really wants to join I think it’s fine as long as he’s careful. I mean I know you’re worried but with an older brother like you I think he’ll be very much protected,” Harry said.

“Yeah, sure if you think so, whatever you say Harry!” Collin nodded enthusiastically, he never got over his Harry obsession.

The rest of the meeting went on eventually everyone signed up to join and then they all sat round to discuss the final points.

“Alright we need a name for our- I don’t know group, association, club?” Harry said unsure of what to call them.  

They went through a few ideas before Ginny came up with the perfect one.

"I think we should be called Dumbledore's army!" she said.

"I like that, Dumbledore's Army, The DA!" Harry said thinking over the name out loud.

“So is it agreed? Are we ready to be Dumbledore’s Army?” he asked them he received nodding heads and a chorus of ‘yeah’.

With that their fate was sealed. They were Dumbledore’s Army and they were ready for everything that would be thrown at them. Everyone slowly left until it was just Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Luna and Neville.

“Harry are you mental, Cho asked you out and you turned her down?” Fred asked him.

“Yeah, well she’s just like everyone else isn’t she? Last year Cedric was the buzz of the school and I was unknown but this year I matter again? I don’t think so, I’m not interested,” Harry told him truthfully.

“We understand, mate,” George said, “And don’t worry some people are like that but we were behind you the entire time!”

“Yeah I’m sure you were especially when you were taking bets on wherever the dragon would kill me or not or if I’d die in the Black Lake!” Harry said sarcastically.

“Oh that was just getting some money for our joke shop plus we always hoped you’d be alright and that you’d win!” Fred explained.

“Joke shop?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah we’re planning on opening it up in Diagon Alley over the summer!” George said his bright eyes lighting up even more. 

“Really? That’s great!” Hermione said with a smile.

“Yeah all we need is a little help with the paper work...” Fred trailed off looking at Hermione with a questioning glance.

“Is that so?” Hermione asked ignoring the message he was trying to send.

“Yeah it’s just so lucky we have a great friend who is amazing with stuff like that,” George said hinting more at the point.

“Fine I’ll help, I was planning on staying at Grimmauld Place over Christmas anyway!”

“Thanks ‘Mione you’re the best!” George grinned putting an arm round her shoulder.

“I don’t know what we’d do without you?” Fred added putting his arm round her other shoulder.

Hermione smiled to herself, there was a time when she thought George was just a trouble maker and didn’t care about anything but it seemed he and Fred had their future pretty much mapped out. She loved the way his eyes lit up when talking about it.
The eight of them went to the Three Broomsticks where the discussed more about the D.A and about the first meeting. Suddenly things didn’t seem so bad and finally things looked like they were getting better. 

So I know what you’re thinking it was rubbish, nothing exciting happened and why the hell did she bother to write such a boring chapter and I apologise. I know it could have been a lot better but I really tried to make it a little interesting. However the story picks up from here and the next few chapters will be more exciting. Also I’m overwhelmed by the amazing reviews I have received and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reviewed. However there are a few reviewers I think deserve to be mentioned. First on the list is hausofluucy Lucy has been so helpful and encouraging and I cannot thank her enough for all her reviews and kindness. I’d like to advise anyone who hasn’t to read her story ‘Gryffindor Forever.’ She really is the best and so is her story she's amazing.Then there’s KatnissMalfoy who is also fantastic and her story ‘Crazy,Stupid Love is too.’I’d also like to thank Isabella because she is so sweet and actually said I was her inspiration which still makes me smile now!Then there’s Gred Forge Nargles who is also lovely and extremely talented. Also one of the most important is Moonyxluna because they’re just brilliant and crazy talented and so is their story ‘The Best Medicine’.And just a quick mention for KathyMcGovern, Jenna1684 (Who by the way has an awesome name), Mushymush, Lucieisalion  &  paigealyssamalfoy32.                 
Now please tell me what you thought did you love it? Did you hate it? Do you have suggestions? Please just leave a quick review because they make me happy and then the box on the bottom of the screen has a purpose!                  
Jenna :)

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