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there story by queit
Chapter 4 : Midday
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A/N: sorry for the long wait but the chapter is more of a filler in, also the chapters will be coming in a lot more quicker

Midday, Evangeline:


I run and run till my feet hurt. Leaving everything behind with that last look. The warm salty tear sliding down. People stare and some even try to stop me on the way back but I can’t, because if I do I might think a little longer. The numbing coldness blanks everything out. Every things wrong nothings right. I want Hugo I want him more than anything, hell I want a normal life but I can’t have that. Nothings ever normal.


Slowing down as I exit Hogsmeade and take the path to Hogwarts and a stitch in my side. My breath is coming heavier from all the running and cold feel like thorns, cold icy thorns.


The numbness is good is helps with the anger and frustration.


They know Hugo and Lily the only ones who do but yet they seem to never understand that if one day just on accident my feelings get to out of control I might hurt someone that’s around me and I could never live that down.


Finally reaching Hogwarts, I stop for just a second to look at it, it and all it regalness. The snow looking like icing on the stone grey castle.


I feel at home.




“wake up, wake up, WAKE UP,” I hear Lily’s voice ringing threw the room and the other 2 girls also scowling at her.


“lily,” I say looking at the clock, “it bloody 6 in the morning and we’re not leaving till 8 why the hell did you wake us up!” I say my voice rising with every word


“Lily go back to sleep,” Jasmine the other girl says.

“ I can’t silly anyways I want everyone to start getting ready when I finish with the bathroom especially Eva,” I feel a shudder go threw me what the hell does that crazy ginger up too.


“I guess we have another hour,” Lindsey the fourth girl says and we all laugh.


Quietly getting up just like the rest are because we know it takes at least an hour to get ready to leave. Our room is beyond messy.


Boy’s Dormotories, 7 a.m, Hugo:


“HURRY YOUR BLOODY ARSES UP!” I yell at the the bathroom door.


Okay so I have everything packed, but I really need to get down to breakfast before Eva does to put operation get-eva-to-accept-herself-and-go-out-with-me-so-we-can-live-happily-ever-after…plan. Its along name but I’m working on it.


“Bloody hell Hugo you’ll shatter my eardrums one day,” Lorcan comes out of the bathroom saying fully dressed.  


“We need to get down there with Eva,”

“Why?” lysander asks coming out of the bathroom

“So I can put my plan into action,” I say checking my trunk for the tenth time this morning.

“What's the plan?” Patrick says coming out of the bathroom, finally we can go down.


We all start to walk out of the room.


“It’s a work in progress, so anyways how about them cannons,” I say quickly, trying to change the subject.


Walking down the stairs towards the Great Hall talking about Quidditch and silently praying that my owl reached the store in time we run into headless nick


“Hello nick,” I say happily

“Ah Hugo how are you,” he says with a wide smile

“Great you?” I ask

“Good but  suggest you don’t go down that way, Peeves is throwing balloons filled with painted on students.”

“Thanks Nick,” we say in a chorus


Ducking threw a tapestry and deciding to take the long way.


Besides I can’t get dirty, if I want the plan to work.


Great Hall, Evangeline:


“Hello ladies,” I hear while feeling someone slid in besides me. It’s Patrick.

“Hey,” me and Lily say.

“So Eva you coming and spending another weasley chirstmas with us,” Hugo asks putting pancakes in his plate.

“Umm…,” I was saved by owls.


I look up and see a familiar balck and white owl come down in front of me. A beautiful bird with amber eyes drops a small letter. Probably from my mother.


But before I can go to open it a second bird drops a small parcel in front of me and not even waiting for a snack leaves.


“That I was strange.” I say picking up the letter first.


Definetly from my mother. I could tell from the perfect writing of my name on the front. Opening it read


Dear Evangeline,


Your father and I are sorry to inform you but we shall not be spending Chirstmas with you and your brother this year. We are deeply sorry for not being able to see you but hope you can make your usual plans. Please send us a letter with where your brother and you will be staying this year so we can send your presents their. Again we are greatly sorry, and hope that you have a merry Christmas.

-Astoria Malfoy


“I guess I’m at Lily’s this Chirstmas,” I sigh folding the letter and tucking in my bag.

“Their not coming this year,” lysander asks a little softer than he usally says things.

“Yeh but at least I get to pull pranks with the weasleys over here,” I say with smile.


None of them say anything but stare behind me.


“What?” I ask a little annoyed.


Hugo points behind me.


Looking back I see Scorpius, “hey Scrope  what do you need .”

He smiles softly and says, “can I talk to you?”

He probably got a letter as well.

“How about on the train,” I say smiling back.



He says the walks back to his friends who were eagerly discussing something.


I turn back to my friends who have started talking about something else. My eyes catch Hugo’s and I quickly avert them. They were twinkling, he’s up to something.


I reach for the parcel and look at the writing it hasn’t been written but stamped that’s strange. Open it intantly I get engulfed in sunflower. The pile is so big it covers Patrick on my left and Lily on my right.


“EKKKK theirs a letter as well Eva,” Lily sequels this and the entire Great hall is staring at us.

Looking at it, it reads in swirly handwriting


Dear Eva

You are beautiful and pretty

A girl who has long hair

Please go out with me

Before I send you another package

                     Love Hugo



5 years ago:


Staring at my new friends, I can’t help but love how they’re not so stuck up. Every person my parents have forced me to be friends with were just stuck up kids who only talked about themselves.


“so what house do you think you’ll be in,” Hugo asks.


Before I can answer the door slides open. If it’s Scorpius I’m going to punch him in the face. But it wasn’t instead a boy with a dreamy expression and soft features with dirty blonde hair he poked his head in.


“we’ve been looking everywhere for you two,” turning away he screams out into the corridor “Oi, Lysander I found them!”


Coming into the compartment he sits besides me then takes something of a double take.


“And who are you,” he says raising an eyebrow and looking me up and down.


Before I can, and it seems I’m always being interrupted today, another boy who looks exactly like him runs in shutting the door quickly. Outside the window a brown gaseous smoke is covering the window.


“I set the dungbombs off on those rude sixth years,” he says plopping down in front of me besides Lily.


“hey Lily, Hugo, and who might you be.”



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