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Never Saw It Coming by Mrs Lewis
Chapter 2 : Tears Laughter and Home.
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“MATTIE!!” Wailed Maggie at the top of her lungs throwing her arms around my neck. I feel another set of arms around my waist I relax into Maggie and Troy.

I put Maggie back on to the ground and face them both.  

“Mattie!!” This time it’s Adie who flings herself at me whilst my father is watching from the door shaking with laughter at us all but his laughter isn’t all that happy it’s sad.

I poke my tongue out at him. Hey I never said I was mature for an almost seventeen year old!

“I can’t believe your moving to dreary old England! And going to Hogwarts!! I am so jealous!” Adie whinges at me. “Not the England part of course, I mean you get to see the Weasley’s and Potter’s! The actual Weasley’s and Potter’s!” I roll my eyes at this, when I first told them my last name and where I was from, and who my ‘family’ was Adie couldn’t believe one of her friends was practically family with the Wotter’s.

“Okay Mattie nearly time to go to the Potter’s.” Say’s dad with a small smile at all four of us and a roll of the eyes at Adie.

“Yep okay dad, give me a minute.” I turn around to face my three friends again. Tearing up I manage to choke out. “Bye you guys! Don’t forget me!! Promise to owl me as much as possible! I will miss you all. I love you all!” I fling my arms around all three of them the girls and I are crying and Troy is grimacing trying not to cry.

“Mattie, darling how could we ever forget you?” He mumbles into my hair. “It’s more like ‘don’t forget us’ you crazy sheila.” I close my eyes at the sound of his voice. Troy was the one who helped me after mum left, the girls did to but Troy knew what I was going  through they didn’t. He was my brother.

“Mattie?” My dad calls softly down the hall.

“Coming.” I whisper. “I love you all. You’re my family.” I follow my father to the portkey, they all trail behind me not saying anything as I give Adie a quick squeeze and give Maggie and kiss and Troy and big bear hug again. They all say good bye to dad and wish him luck for his mission.

“Mattie it’s time.” My dad says pointing at the glowing portkey. “I put my forefinger on it and look at my friends on last time before I feel the familiar jerk.

 After a couple of minutes I hit the ground with a thud my travel bag falling on top of me. Luckily Dad had sent my shit before we left!

“Hello and welcome to the Ministry of Magic we hope you enjoy your stay.” Beams a fake perky blonde witch from behind her desk, stupid slut I think to myself.

 I get up and follow my dad out to the Atrium and up to the Auror office.

Dad let me just keep to my thoughts until we got off of the elevator, he pulls me aside and gives me hug and said. “Mattie, I know it’s not really a good time but we have a press conference in twenty with Harry and Ron Weasley. You remember him? “He asks before turning around pulling me down the hall.

“Yeah dad he is Uncle Ron I saw him in January remember?” I roll my eyes at him and smirk. He looks down at me and grins.

“Okay just checking.” He chuckled lightly before opening a huge mahogany door. The room is filled with people and cameras, dad puts his hand in mine and takes me to Harry, Ron and one person I didn’t expect to see until next week!

“Rosie!!” I scream wrenching my hand out of dad’s and run to my best friend/sister. She looks up at the sound of her name, she spots me and her small smile turns into a grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat. She starts to run at me to. We collide in a fit of uncontrollable laughter and tears.

“Oh My MERLIN!! You’re here, you’re actually here!! I couldn’t believe it when Uncle Harry told me what was going on!!” She says jumping up and down taking me with her.

I am still laughing when I say. “Oh- God Red, it’s good to see you!! I thought you were still at school though. Don’t you have another week left?” She raises her eyebrows at her old nickname but answers me anyway. God I missed her!

“Haha oh yeah, Neville said I could come to the conference and see you then come back.” She says grinning. “Ahem?” I turn around and see Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron and Dad looking at us with stern expressions, but they had the corners of their mouths turned up and had laughter dancing in their eyes.

“Oh yeah. Hey Uncle Harry, Hey Uncle Ron.” I say grinning at them holding Rosie’s hand and pulling them into hugs. Rosie drops my hand and goes to my dad and gives him a hug and I hear her say “Welcome home Uncle Seamus.”

My dad laughs at Rosie and grins at Harry and Ron before turning to me.

“Okay Mattie, this will take a while, so why don’t you and Rosie go to the Leaky Cauldron get lunch. My treat?” He asks me. I look at Rosie who is still trying to muffle her laughter and nods her head and raises her eyebrow at my name.

“Okay. We will meet you at Harry and Ginny’s?” I ask ignoring her. Harry shakes his head and simply says. “We will see you at home.” He emphasises ‘home’ and gives me another hug. Rosie and I say good bye and leave.

As we walk out the door dad and I had just entered through Rosie starts to run and screams at the top of her lungs “OI MATTIE!! WAIT TIL DOM AL, JAMESIE AND FREDDIE HEAR YOUR NAME!” She stops and turns around to grin at me. He big chocolate eyes are drowning in mischief. “Oh yeah we are going straight home. Ginny will kill me if I don’t take you there first.” She adds as an afterthought. Taking my hand and dragging me out of the hallway.

“Oh Rosie. I missed you.” Is all I say as I link my arm with hers and we walk into the Atrium.


 “GINNY!!” I all but scream and fling my arms around her tiny waist. Pretty good for a woman with three kids if you ask me.

“Oh my god!! Tillie!! Look at you! You look like Seamus.” She laughs pulling out of my hug and cups my face with her hands. She pulls away a bit at as I wince at my name that the Wotter’s still call me. I started hating Tillie after Aimeelee left I never told the Wotter’s though, they have been calling me Tilly for ten years now, ever since Aimeelee let that little name slip, it used to be Mattie but then before we left Aimeelee put a stop to that saying ‘No daughter of mine will be called by a boy’s name!’ Stupid bitch.

“Oh honey, are you okay?” She asks with nothing but concern shining in her hazel eyes with her red hair flying everywhere. Rose snorts as she deduces why I winced at my name.

“Yeah, I am fine Ginny, it’s just I don’t really like being called Tillie anymore, I go by Mattie again.” I smile weakly

She looks confused, I don’t blame her, and asks.

“Since when?”

I look guiltily into her eyes and mumble. “Since she left.”  Ginny says nothing but her eyes darken and her lips form a thin line and just pulls me into a hug. It seems after she has finished inspecting me for now, she finally notices Rose sitting on the bench next to her.

“Why on earth are you here?” Narrowing her eyes at her niece.

“Aunt Ginny! Don’t you want to see your favourite niece?”  She mocks upset clutching her heart. Rosie was always a dramatic.

“Of course I do Rosie. It’s just you don’t finish until next week sweetie.” Rosie grins at her Aunt and says one word. “Neville.”

“Hmm.” Ginny muses with a small grin playing on her face before turning around to survey me again. “You are too thin Mattie!” She exclaims. Ahh good to be home.



“Oh Daddy be careful okay?” I warn my dad before he leaves the Potter’s for his mission and me for Kings Cross for my first day at Hogwarts. We are standing just by the Potter’s mock Quidditch Pitch so dad could apparate.

“I will Mattie. I promise.” He kisses me on the check before apparating with a loud POP. I walk back to the house thinking about today and how I would fit in. Not that I needed to make new friends I had my five best friends here already and Lily, Hugo and Louis, I just didn’t want the whispers that would undoubtedly   follow me and my unexpected arrival. I was only worried because I am Australian, I am already in close with the Wotter’s and I am a Finnigan. Daughter of Seamus Finnigan, world renowned Auror.

 I was also thinking about how my sorting had went yesterday when Neville came over, obviously James Freddie and Al, decided to tell everyone to come over knowing Neville would be coming just so they could take the mickie out of me. Wankers.

I keep playing what happened yesterday over and over in my head.

I heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!” I yell to no one in particular. When I am walking it doesn’t come to me that it will probably be Neville who is supposed to come today at some stage. I open the door and there is standing Uncle Neville with his daughter Alice and son Frank, both of whom are younger than me and Rosie, they are the year under Lils and Hugh (fourth years).

“Hey guys!” I say brightly inviting them in giving Uncle Neville and the twins a hug and taking them to the kitchen.

Where Ginny and Hermione would be and probably the boys too but before we made it to the kitchen the fire place erupted into green flames and every single Weasley I knew stumbled out and Teddy Lupins young daughter, Jemima, came sprinting at me yelling “MATTIE” at the top of her lungs. I open my arms to catch her.

I am so glad that the Wotter’s took it in their stride to call me Mattie again. It feels nice. I thought to myself.

Ginny and Hermione have come out of the kitchen at this point to see what the noise is about. Ginny looks surprised to see everyone then the surprise turns into anger then amusement. Hermione just starts laughing at everyone.

“James! Albus! Hugo! Freddie! Rosie! Dommie! Lily! Get your arses down here now!” She yells at my best friends who march down the stairs together with looks of pure ‘innocence’ on.

“Well? What is this?” She asks them.

“Well” Started James picking up his godson Remus, Teddy and Victoire’s eldest child. “We knew Mattie was getting sorted so we decided to invite everyone. Dad Uncle Ron and Uncle Seamus will be here in 3,2,and 1.” AS soon as James said one the fireplace lit up again this time Dad, Harry and Ron came out. Taking in the people in the room with looks of amusement on their faces as well. God my family bugs me.

“Okay, fine whatever.” Says Ginny. She turns to me and Neville who has a bemused expression and is trying not laugh at everyone.

“Are we ready to sort then?” She asks us. I swallow hard and nod, all of a sudden I am nervous, I put down Jemima and she runs to Teddy.

Neville guides me to the kitchen and pulls out a stool for me. I sit down and notice everyone followed.

From the kitchen door it goes, Harry, Ron, Bill, Charlie, Percy, George and Teddy, behind the kitchen island stand Ginny, Hermione, Fleur, Audrey, Angelina, Roxie and Victoire at the kitchen table is Alice, Frank, Lils, Hugo, Molly II, Lucy, Freddie, Rosie, Dommie, Louis, Al, James, Remus (on James’ lap), Grandad Weasley, Jemima (Grandad Weasley’s lap), Nana Weasley and Dad is standing next to me wishing me luck before standing with the blokes.

“Okay, let’s do this.” I say squaring my shoulders and sitting up straight.

Neville puts the sorting hat on my head and at first there is nothing then. “Ah another Finnigan, though you’re a bit different from your father. You are gentle and kind. Not Slytherin worthy at all. Not quick minded enough for Ravenclaw. I think you just insulted me a little I say to the hat. You would do well in Huffelpuff though, he just continues ignoring me! Yes I have decided- HU- “ It stops saying something before it even started and think to me. “ Wait hmm that’s interesting. What is? I think to it. “Nothing you’re just trying to hide something.”

“No I am not.” I say out loud. Oops everyone is looking at me confused.

The hat chuckles and says to me “You may seem like a hufflepuff and feel like you’re not worthy of things or the house you belong in but you are and you’re really a GRYFFINDOR!”

It screams out loud for the rest for the kitchen to hear. I think I went deaf by all the clapping and yelling. James is yelling the loudest and is grinning and winking at me.

I smile at that memory. I was so happy to be put in Gryffindor I had grown up listening to dad’s stories. I find it weird that no one asked why I said “No I am not” to the hat, but meh what are you gonna do?

I was going to Hogwarts. Nothing could ruin my day.

 I smile to myself and notice that two of the guys were running around the pitch shirtless. It was Freddie and James. I stopped in my tracks it was a sight to behold that’s for sure. I stop in the middle of the pathway to look at them work out.


 “OI! MATTIE!?” I jump at the sound of my name, pulling me from my internal fight. I turn around to see a very angelic looking Dommie, thank god. I thought it might have been Lils, god that would have been bad.

She really is beautiful. I think to myself she has this long beautiful pale strawberry blonde hair. She has her mum’s icy blue coloured eyes framed by these long eyelashes. She has the perfectly sized lips that are always red and these crazy long toned legs! It’s no wonder the boys have trouble when trying to protect her. Stupid boys they should give up on that particular feat.

“Mattie? Were you listening to me?” She asks her eyes narrowing.

“Oh, erm. Maybe?” I say sheepishly grinning at her.

“What were you thinking about?” She asks sitting on the grass at my feet.

“Well” I start plonking myself down next to her, my eyes wandering over to where Freddie and James were five minutes ago.  Now they were walking over here. God Damn it!

“Well, I was thinking about my insanely gorgeous best friend, who doesn’t even see how gorgeous she is or how many guys must try to get with her but her pig headed cousins and little brother won’t let them within five feet of her and how she doesn’t see the affect she has on people.” I sum up pretty quickly winking at her.

“One I am not gorgeous I know this, so do you. Two the boys don’t have to stop others trying to get with me because they don’t.” I roll my eyes at her statement and matter-of-fact tone. “Three you’re the one who doesn’t see the affect you have on people Lia.” She smiles at her and Rosie’s old name for me so do I. She really is quite oblivious sometimes.

“If you let James or Freddie or Al hear you call me that and it sticks I WILL kill you! Best friend or not!” I add menacingly glaring at her, it doesn’t seem to work though she just giggles. Stupid old broad.

“Hear Dommie call you what Matts?” I hear a familiar husky voice ask. I look up and see a shirtless James and Freddie grinning down at us with this weird look in their  eye’s, hang on I know that look!

“Nothing?” I squeak out. Their grins just broaden. Suddenly I don’t feel the ground anymore I feel chest and lots of it! I look up and open my eyes and are meet with James intense hazel ones probing my blue.

“Now if you tell us what Dommie just called you I might put you down and not in the pond.” He laughs.

“James Sirius Potter. You put me down right now or carry me to my room!” I growl at him crossing my arms and glare at him.

“Silly Matts.” He says in mock disappointment, shaking his head at me with a smug smile plastered on his face.

“You should know better than to call me Matts, Potter.” I glare at him.

“Well okay Matts, but since you’re not telling me what Dommie calls you than you’re going into mum’s pond with her fish.” He says to me still smiling that stupid smug smile of his! The nerve of this Potter boy!

“Okay, okay. Fine!” I grumble to him. He starts to smirk before-

“NO! She is NOT going to tell you because it is OUR secret!! I bet you and Freddie have secrets that you would NEVER tell ANYONE else! Am I right!?!” Yells a slightly demented looking Dommie, ah there is her vela/Weasley anger I know and love. You know when I called her gorgeous? Yeah not so much right now.

“Okay, okay Dommie. Just calm down. See there you happy she is on the ground.” Say James putting me on the ground and retreating a bit with his hands up in surrender. Good move.

He and Freddie than decide to sprint back to the house. Dommie turns to me and grins. FAKER!!

“FAKER!!” I yell at her pissing myself laughing. “I CAN NOT believe that you just USED your VEELA/WEASLEY temper to get those boys to RUN AWAY, fearing for their health!”

Dommie just rolls her eyes at me and winks “C’mon we gotta get ready to go.”

“Fine.” I grumble I really don’t want to leave.


I look into the mirror one last time before we leave for Kings Cross, when I look in the mirror I am normally happy with how I look but today, not so much. I mean I never compare myself to others but today I can’t help but do that, my best friends are crazy gorgeous and here I am just normal, pale, Australian Mattie Finnegan.

I mean I grew up down South, in Australia, in QLD, one of the hottest states in Aus! Yet I am as pale as Rosie. I have red hair like Rosie too, the exact same shade and it goes all the way to my lower back and my fringe always sits perfectly! Magic, what would I do without you?

My face is framed by these captivating striking blue eyes with these long black lashes and thin lips but not thin enough to be Aimeelee’s. THANK MERLIN!! I look like Aimeelee more than Dad though, the red hair I have no fucking clue where that came from my parents both had sandy blond hair. Must be dad’s Irish blood or something .

As I look in the mirror today though all I can see is a pale faced nobody. And not what apparently everyone else can see which is my beauty.

“This is as good as it’s going to get.” I whisper to myself. I jump when I hear Al calling me to hurry up.

Hogwarts meet your newest toy. 


Chapter 2, just edited and touched up a little :) enjoy! 



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