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In This Together. by LucyTonks
Chapter 1 : The Flashback.
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I stood in my bedroom, shaking. Staring down at it.

The pregnancy test.

It lay in my lap, glaring at me. It was a muggle test, and the results showed the one thing I dreaded in my whole life.

Being pregnant.

Not just being pregnant, oh no. Pregnant by Malfoy. Who I hated. And is my best friend slash cousin Rose's boyfriend.

This can't be happening. Not to me. I'm too young. I'm in fifth year, for Merlins sake!

It's all my stupid brothers fault. Him and his stupid 'graduation' party.


I stood there, dancing by myself. Everyone around me was a couple. Rose and Malfoy. James and some random chick. Al and Tabs. Hugo and Tyler. Vic and Teddy. The list went on.

"Hey, kiddo. Want a dance?" Malfoy had walked over to me.

"I'm not a kid, Malfoy," I scowled.

"Whatever, Potter. You want a dance or not?" he drawled. Merlin, his voice was hot.

"Fine, one dance." I stood up and took his hand. 

We danced to what must have been eight or nine songs, I couldn't really remember. Malfoy and I were one of the twenty or so people left. He took my hand and led me towards the bar.

"Four firewhiskeys please," he said. I gasped. "Come on, Potter, surely you're not scared?" he sneered.

"Of course not, Malfoy. Why would I be?" I snarled. He paid the barman and we sat down.

"Well go on then, two firewhiskeys each. Drink up, or my father wont be pleased that you've wasted his money."

"Your father's a billionare. Why would he care about money loss that small?"

"Just drink it, we'll have a contest. First to down both wins. Three galleons." 

I smirked at him and gulped them down. Merlin, it hurt. My throat was burning and my eyes felt like they were going to fall out their sockets. But it felt...good. I'd never had alcohol before. 

"Done!" I gasped. He was only halfway through his second. "Cough up, Malfoy." 

"I think not, Potter."


"I have a new deal. You can have a kiss, I know you want one," he slurred.

"Rose...what about Rose?" 

"What about her, Potter? She's asleep in bed, no one need know." 

I considered this for a second, scanning the room. James and Al weren't here anymore, thank Merlin. I was free, in a way, to do as I wanted. With them around I couldn't even talk to a boy. I shrugged my shoulders, smirking.

"Okay, Malfoy. You can have a kiss." 

I leaned forward, and kissed him lightly on the lips. It was clear to any onlookers we both wanted something more. He forced my mouth open with his tongue and put his arms round my back. I grinned as I ran my hands through his hair, stradling him. 

"Oh, Potter," he whispered longingly. 

"Malfoy," I replied. Both our voices were slurred. 

"Come with me," he breathed. "James, Albus, Rose, they're all gone. It's just us." 

I nodded slowly, standing up. He followed suit and we headed towards the stairs, arm in arm. Malfoy fell up some of them, causing us to shriek with laughter loudly. We went into my bedroom, and kissed again, moaning. Then-

That's all I can remember from that night, a month ago. I know we slept together, we woke up wrapped around eachother, naked. But I can't remember it.

Classy, Lily Luna Potter, I tell myself. Losing your virginity in a room somewhere with your enemy, and not even remembering it. 

Well, this'll be one to tell the grandkids. I smirked to myself.

"Lily, honey? I'm coming in," I heard my mum shout. Quickly I stuffed the stick of Eternal Damnation into my Hogwarts Trunk and wiped my eyes as she came through the door.

"Hey, mum." 

"What do you want for tea? It's just us tonight," she said, wiping her eyes. She had obviously been crying to.

"I don't mind, mum. Why's it just us?" I asked.

"Well, James has had an accident at training - he's in St Mungos now. Dad's with him. Al has gone to Uncle Bill's. I've just got back from dropping him off - I was going to ask if you wanted to stay, but if you want to go to Uncle Rons-"

"No! Er, sorry, I want to stay with you," I said, redening. Rose would be there. With Malfoy.

"Okay," she laughed. "You know you can talk to me about anything, right?" 

"Yes, mum," I smirked. "You say that every hour of the day," I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Well - yes - but I worry! Unfortuanately I seem to have got that from your gran now I'm a bit older," she grinned. "Okay, chick, how about we have fish and chips for tea?" 

"Yeah, sure," I smiled. She pretended to clip my ear as she walked out the room.

I couldn't tell her. It would kill her. I mean, look at what's happened. James is in hospital. I couldn't lower her family esteem more than that.

I'll run away. I'll go and live with cousin Rachel in Little Whinging.

Hang on...


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In This Together.: The Flashback.


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