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Julietta: Lost and Found by Zyii
Chapter 6 : Pureblood Society
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 Pureblood Society

Mild Language 

Gossip rolled off the walls of Hogwarts, after recent events no one could accuse the school of being silent. You could immediately spot the Zabini twins along with the allusive Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy. The hidden house had presented them with Hogwarts robes once all four were present. The robes the standard black trimmed with lilac and carrying the Athena Coat of Arms: a golden book with a lilac lightning bolt. It wasn’t certain what the Coat of Arms stood for but it didn’t seem incredibly important.

Granted these four students now commanded a lot of respect. The attacks Julietta had been suffering from had long since diminished. Julietta wasn’t sure if she felt found now butt she certainly felt accepted. She wasn’t sleeping so well, he nights were plagued with twisted dreams, ones that made no sense and woke her in the night. However when the morning came, she never remembered them. Blaise was suffering similarly, though he always remembered his dreams and they always showed him saving his sister. Blaise had notified Professor Snape of this matter, who in turn had informed Dumbledore and Blaise’s family. They were all worried, both Lucius and Dumbledore had thrown themselves into research and what this might mean.

“Slut!” the word radiated around Julietta, stopping her in her tracks, “look, here comes the whore!”

Stop, turn, find source of insult. Ah Ronald Weasley, that sodding git, ‘what do you want Ronald?” Julietta spat out.

‘Urgh, did you see that thing tried to talk to me. Bet you’ve had sex with everyone now and you called me tainted blood! You’re disgusting, you have nothing to offer!” he spat out viciously. Julietta felt her heart bash against her chest. How could be like this? He opened his mouth to continue his assault but never got that far. Instead his open mouth was met with a clenched fist, smacked with force in his face.

“Stay away from my sister! You disgusting excuse of a man!” bellowed Blaise. Draco stood behind him rage boiling in his eyes. They both knew the outburst from Ron wouldn’t be his last, he’d grown into a nasty piece of work since the war.

Draco led Julietta away from the scene, his hand comfortably placed on the small of her back, “can you believe I was ever friends with him?!” she said laughing nervously.

“War does terrible things to people. At least you had a good 6 years of friendship first” Draco tried to soothe her with his words.

She stopped him with a hand in the deserted hallway, “Not really, I think to an extent he’s always been like this. He would always cut me down and demand things from me without giving anything in return. Do you know what he said to me on the train?” Draco shook his head, “He said he forbidded me from being Head Girl and sharing a dorm with you. He told me I had to turn the position down” Draco looked gobsmacked.

“The war changed you as well Draco. You care more now. You aren’t so quick to judge or ridicule. You still have a temper though” she smiled, and they continued walking.

Draco’s reply was so quiet she almost didn’t hear it, “I’ve always been those things. I was never allowed to show them before. The need to secrecy and all” he looked at her calculating her reaction but she said nothing, “You don’t have to answer this if you’d rather not, but what did Weasley say when you found him shagging?”

Julietta looked at him curiously, “He said he’d gotten bored waiting for me, so found someone who would give him what he wanted. Stupid really, I wasted so much time trying to get him to be a man. He always thought I was a timid little innocent and he refused to touch me, he was wrong”

Draco cocked an eyebrow, “You aren’t a virgin?”

She smirked mischievously at him, “Nope” she giggled. Draco couldn’t look more shocked if he tried.

“Drakie?” oh god Draco growled, shadowing Julietta for protection. “Drakie I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You never pay me any attention anymore, you’re always with her” she pointed a finger in Julietta’s direction.

“Oh go away you annoying little brat”

“But Drakie you’re mine, remember, we’re getting married!”

Draco shuddered, “We aren’t getting married. I’m betrothed you idiot girl and it’s not to you, so get the thought of marriage out of your thick head” he bellowed.

“This is her talking. You’ve put words in my Drakie’s head. You’ll pay Mudblood” she screeched and stormed off.

“You’re betrothed?” asked Julietta.

Draco blushed and nodded.

“Who is she” Julietta pressed.

Draco shifted nervously, “She doesn’t know yet but I care for her very much” he muttered.

“Am I betrothed” she asked.

Much to Draco chagrin, he swallowed nervously, “You should ask your parents that” he said.

They’d made it back to the Athena common room now. A bouncing Blaise was what greeted them, Ginny laughing hysterically.

“Oh good. Now you’re here, maybe he’ll stop now” she giggled.

“Portkey, portkey, portkey!” Blaise chanted, “We’re going to Zabini Manor by Portkey, in oh 10 minutes’ Julietta simply looked stunned.

“Mother’s condemned you. She’d holding a party to introduce you to Pureblood society. Mother only invited Ginny, Fred and George from the Weasley clan. She wouldn’t invite more said it was something to do with your brother Ginny” both Ginny and Draco growled.

“The parties on Saturday, see you then Ginny. Portkey, Portkey!” They all grabbed on to the Portkey and were gone with a pop.

They arrived in a tangle of limbs, “Blaise if you don’t get off me right now I’m going to hex you” muttered a grumpy Julietta.

A deep sounding laugh reverberated around her, “That remark is so much like your, Mother’s attitude” marked her ‘Father’.

The groupe quickly untangled themselves from the floor. Andrew’s eyes flickered across their Athena roobes in a worried fashion. “Blaise, Julietta, you Mother’s waiting for you” he indicated a door to their right and notioned them through, leaving Draco and himself in the foyer.

“Darlings, I’m so glad you came. Julietta you look beautiful. I heard of your transition to the house of Athena. You both know your Father and I are so proud!” she smiled radiantly and continued forth with words and questions for each.

Julietta tried to stay focused and answer her Mother’s questions but soon she felt her eyes glaze over and her vision of the room changed into something more. She was very you, no older than maybe 1 years old. The floor was littered with toys and she giggled as she pushed a train around. Two large shoes appeared, “Daddy” she squealed as he picked her you and flew her around the room, tickling her and making her giggle. She nestled herself into him as he hugged her. He put her back on the floor much to her disappointment, she cried up at him, “Daddy no!” she wailed by Daddy had already walked away and everything faded.

“Daddy!” Julietta screamed as the vision left her, tears streaming from her face. Andrew was at her side in a second, she buried her face in his chest, clutching on in dear life, crying profusely and muttering, ‘Daddy’ over and over. Andrew glanced at Blaise and his wife but they looked as confused as he. It was a long time before they were able to get Julietta to discontinue clutching her Father so tightly.

“Cara, tell us what happened. Tell Daddy what made you cry”

“I-I don’t know, I had a vision. You came into my room and picked me up. You tickled me and cuddled me. Then you put me down and walked away, I didn’t want you to go” she sniffed.

Her Mother looked pale as a ghost, “That happened three days before you disappeared” she whispered, “Take her to lie down” her Mother said.

“No!” Julietta wailed.

“I’ll take her” said Draco, picking her up and carrying her bridal style to her room.

“Draco” she whispered, “I’m betrothed to you aren’t I?” he paled, “I know I am. I want to be” she trailed off into sleep leaving Draco pale and confused. He gracefully tucked her into bed – her room had not changed since she’d disappeared save for the bed – and returned downstairs.

He was met by the three pales faces of the Zabini’s each reveling in her outbursted vision. Each lost in thought, they didn’t hear him come in. “Ahem” he announced his presence, it was only polite. Once acknowledged he stated, “she knows by the way that we’re betrothed. I don’t know how she found out or worked it out but she knows” Andrew nodded somberly and turned to his wife who understood. With he in the knowledge they’d have to announce it at the party tomorrow. They were both aware of the trouble Parkinson was causing, this would stop her at least.

Julietta’s dress for the night had already been purchased, which was good concidering that Julietta slept from her vision straight through to Saturday lunchtime. Her Mother woke her gently, running her hands through her silky hair, “Morning sleepy head. You had us worried last night”

“I’m sorry”

“Hush now, it doesn’t matter. Could you tell me how perhaps that you found out you were betrothed to Draco Malfoy?”

“I guessed. I asked him who he was betrothed to and he said she didn’t know but he cared for her all the same. The whole time he was talking, he couldn’t look me in the eye and he was blushing”

“Are you ok with being betrothed to him? I know you haven’t shared a great past” she sympathized with her daughter.

“No, you’re right we haven’t. But everyone should be given the chance to change, I’m willing to give him that”

“I’m very proud of you. I’m so happy I can now share things with you. From what Blaise has told me, you stick close to him, Draco and Ginny” Julietta nodded, “People will come round don’t worry. You’re so beautiful darling you will look stunning tonight. Lunch is downstairs if you want some” she turned to leave.

‘Thank you….Mum”

The evening approached quickly, Julietta spent time learning about her family and found herself feeling loved and accepted. She even made time to play with little Toby, which according to Blaise made Toby’s day.

She smoothed over her dress nervously. It was a stunning dress, her Mother was right it did suit her. It was a dark purple one shoulder dress, that came in at the waist and flowed straight down to the floor. It had a slit in the side up to her thigh. The dress was matched with silver high heels and assesories. A knock on the door signaled Blaise’s arrival, “Come in”

His sister looked beautiful, tonight was an occation for many things. Julietta’s enterance into Pureblood society, the announcement of Julietta and Draco’s engagement and a belated birthday party for both Blaise and Julietta. Blaise was wary of Julietta’s dress, it was stunning but she could draw unwanted attention from it. With both Blaise and Draco, hopefully they could keep her safe. The visions he had about protecting her were getting more and more frequent and he was afraid for her safety.

They stood patiently behind the closed doors waiting for them to open, “May I present Miss Julietta Zabini and her brother Master Blaise Zabini” the doors opened and they walked in. Blaise led her down the stairs towards Draco, placing her hand on his and walking away, “May I announce the engagement of Draco Malfoy and Julietta Zabini” the booming voice of her Father called and everyone cheered.

The next few hours were tiresome, Julietta was introduced to more people than she remembered and danced with even more. Though she only felt comfortable when in the company of Blaise, Ginny, Draco or her parents. She could see the lustful glare of some of the men and she didn’t like it. Draco’s growl confirmed he didn’t like it either.

There were two tables in the far corner towering high with birthday presents for the twins. Julietta’s pile was higher than Blaise’s for everyone had included a ‘welcome’ present. Not to mention the 18 presents Severus had for her.

The party seemed to be going well but not for long. Parkinson was on the prowl, with only one man in her sights. Julietta was standing close to Ginny and Blaise when it happened.

“Drakie, it’s simply dreadful you’re engaged to that thing. Didn’t you say you were already mine. Drakie you can’t marry her, she’s nothing!”

“Sod off Parkinson and don’t you dare insult my fiancé!” he growled.

“You” she stormed towards Julietta, “You did this. You took my Drakie away how could you. I bet you aren’t even really Julietta, you probably tricked everyone. They’re all wrapped around your whorish finger!” she screamed.

“Miss Parkinson” Andrew’s voice cut across the room, “Kindly remove yourself from my house. You have behaved inappropriately and insulted my family, now you will leave”

Lucius Malfoy’s voice joined her fathers, “Miss Parkinson, you will cease contaminating the Malfoy name. You are not engaged to Draco nor have you ever been. You have no claim to my son, he is bound to Julietta and he him. Now as Mr. Zabini said, leave!”

Parkinson left the Manor, leaving in her wake a most appalled audience.

It means the world to me that you are all enjoying my story :D Writing this is such a relief from my dissertation, and far more fun! :)

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