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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 9 : Why Me?
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Thanks again to AtomicPanda@TDA for the amazing CI :)

I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and listening hard for any sounds coming from the ‘common room’.

I had managed to avoid James all weekend- ever since our kiss- but now it was Monday and I would have no choice, I would have to talk to him at some point. But not too soon if I can help it, I thought wearily, pulling myself out of the bed.

I got ready slowly and quietly, making sure my hair sat perfectly and that everything in my bag was neat and tidy.

Once again I listened carefully and when I was sure that James was definitely gone, I picked up my bag and stepped out into the common room.

The evidence that James had already been here was pretty obvious. His books littered the space in front of the fireplace and his quiddich robes were hanging off of the back of the sofa.

I rolled my eyes and left the room. I thought back to Friday night- how James had followed me back to the Head Dorm and sat outside my door waiting for me to come out. When it became obvious I was intending never to leave my room again however, he just said that he was really sorry and left.


I had been careful not to leave my room when he was there since.

I had told April and Paige what had happened on Saturday morning. April simply looked smug and muttered “I knew you liked him” under her breath, while Paige consoled me and said it was just an unfortunate mistake that I had looked into James Potter’s eyes. “You know what he’s like,” she said quietly as we sat by the lake doing our Transfiguration homework, “give him the slightest opportunity and he’ll kiss anything that moves!”

I wanted to explain that it hadn’t been like that- that for a second I had genuinely thought he liked me and that for that second I had liked him.

Then I shook my head- what the hell was happening to me! I didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t ever like James Sirius Potter!

I walked slowly towards charms. James still filled my mind and I had to stop myself from practically running down the corridor just to be near him. It was the strangest thing, wanting someone so badly but knowing that you couldn’t have them.

I ran into the classroom and threw down my books on my desk between Ryan and Paige.

Ryan gave Paige a look with clearly said “Has she finally gone insane?” before turning away from me to talk to the three boys behind him, which unfortunately for me happened to be Fred, Liam and James.

“Hey, Jen!” Liam smiled at me, “I didn’t see you much this weekend, were you okay?” He sounded genuinely disappointed and looked like he wanted to say more, but I saw Paige throw a kick at him under the desk and he dropped it.

I looked around the room and spotted April sitting with a bunch of Ravenclaw girls who we all got on fairly well with. Before I could try and catch her attention however, Flitwick walked into the room.

“Good Morning!” He smiled and dropped his papers on the desk. “This term we will be working on a small project in pairs.” My eyes instantly turned to Paige who nodded slightly before Flitwick continued. “This project, I believe will be carried over into your other classes. Each pair will be given a spell to work on and will work on it in all of their main subjects. For example, you will find its history in History of Magic and you will learn how to use it defensively in Defence against the Dark Arts. At the end of the project you will present your findings to the class in whichever way you find suitable and will be graded accordingly…”

Behind me I heard James and Fred muttering about what spells might be used. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Flitwick just in time to here…

“So lets get on with it. All of the pairs are boy girl and have been decided already. So if when your name is called out, could you please find your partner and wait to be given your spell.”

I looked at Paige and dread filled me. This could not be happening. I could almost sense who I was going to be partnered with and I barely listened as Flitwick moved down the list of names.

“Ruby Green and Liam Cameron,

Esme Duffy and Scott Black

Paige White and Ryan Roberts

April Rivers and Fred Wealey

Jenny Phoenix and James Potter…”

I wanted to scream as I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder and a horribly familiar voice say “Howdy, partner!”.

Why? Why me? Why would anyone with common sense put me and James Potter as partners?! I glanced around the class and saw a few girls casting me jealous looks, but I couldn’t help wishing I was any one of them.

James pulled out the chair next to me and threw down his bag. In the wind coming threw the open window his black hair blew gently around his face and in the sunlight his eyes looked like pools of gold. I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have his lips on mine again or his arms around me.

Before I could say anything incriminating, however, Flitwick came over and gave us our spell. “Okay, Miss Phoenix, Mr Potter, your spell is the Patronas Charm.” Me and James glanced at each other and Flitwick noticed. “I know we worked on this charm last year but I do not want to start on a new spell. For everyone this is like revision. However, for yourselves, this spell will may come in handy. As you are one of the more advanced pairs here, I have given you this spell as I feel that you have the capability to go further into its roots and find its connections. I’ll leave you to work on it.”

He turned to leave, but a question rose in me. “Sir, isn’t the Patronus Charm a defensive against the dark arts spell?”

“Yes, Miss Phoenix, I believe it is.”

I gave him a questioning look, but he ignored it and walked off towards Fred and April who seemed to be having a whispered argument.

“So…” I said turning to James. “This should be interesting…”.


A/N- Hi, so this isChapter 9, I hoped you liked it! I've got quite a lot planned from here! So let me know what you think, Please review! x

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