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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten:-Trouble And Pain
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About ten metres from the cave entrance, four figures appear out of nowhere. They all drew out their stun guns and slowly advanced towards the entrance whereupon they had to stop just short of the cave. They had found there were two adults at the entrance and they were armed with some sort of weapons that were not, from this time period. Liz and Andrew aimed their wands and fired them at the two adults, muttering stupefy. The adults crumpled to the ground.

Once they had been dealt with Liz and the others entered the main cave. They slowly inched their way forward all the while listening and watching out for each other as they went. After what had happened before, with the failed capture attempts, they were taking no chances. They were being extremely cautious.

Because of the slow progress moving forward, it took them nearly twice as long to get to the inner cave as it did before. They were almost there when they had to stop and hide. They had come across two more guards at the inner cave entrance. They used their wands to stun these two guards as well and once they had been dealt with, they slowly moved up to the inner cave entrance.

At this point Liz signaled the others to stay where they were while she went forward to see what the lay of the land was like. Once she had reached the entrance, she carefully looked around the corner. She saw no one, there wasn’t a soul about. Liz signalled to the others to come forward.

As soon as they had joined her she filled them in, in quiet whispers, about what she’d seen? When she’d finished, Peter said,

‘This is our chance; we can take them by surprise and rush them. They’ll never know what hit them’.

‘Don’t be stupid’ replied Liz ‘We follow the original plan, and nothing else. Got it’. ‘Okay, Okay’ came back the reply in an exasperated voice. ‘Good, now Angie, you go over to the left hand side of the entrance and get ready to move on my say so. Peter, you go to the right, and be ready to move’. With that Angie, keeping low went over to the other side of the cave entrance and everybody poised themselves, ready for the attack as soon as the word was given.

Once everyone was ready Liz gave the go order. ‘Right everyone. Go, Go, Go’, said Liz. Everyone rushed forward with their wands drawn to their designated places within the inner cave area. Everyone had entered the cave but there was still no sign or sound of anyone challenging them.

‘I don’t like this’ thought Liz ‘this is too easy.’

She tried to convey her fears to the others by using her telepathy but was once again unable to get through to any of them; the same interference as before seemed to be blocking their thoughts and possibly their other powers again, just like the last time. Liz tried concentrating on where the others were situated so that she could teleport over to where they were, but soon found out that she was unable to teleport either. Liz looked around her and saw that people were too far apart to shout to them, and even if she did shout she might alert anyone whom just might be listening in, to their presence.

Whilst she was surveying the scene Liz also noticed something else, there was no sign of the machine they had seen before. She looked all around the inner cave area, but could see no sign of it anywhere.

‘Where was it?’ she muttered.

Looking around again she happened to notice the beginnings of a set of steps that were almost hidden from sight behind a wall which seemed to lead up to a large set of metal doors of some sort.

Liz somehow managed to attract the others attention and indicated with her hands where the steps were. They nodded with approval as they also seemed to have realized that their telepathy wasn’t working.

All of them made their way slowly over to where the steps began. Keeping low so that they didn’t attract too much unwanted attention, they dodged from box to box stopping every few feet to listen for any sound that would indicate that they had been heard or seen. But they never heard any sounds or movement, all remained in a state of deadly perpetual silence. The stillness and quietness was beginning to make some of the team uneasy.

By the time they’d reached the steps, they still hadn’t been challenged. Liz told the others about her fears and suspicions that it was all too easy. The others were of a similar opinion.

Andrew even said ‘that he felt like he was being watched, it sort of feels like we’re being herded somewhere.’

‘The only thing we can do is be careful and try and be watchful wherever we go’ replied Liz.

So they made their way slowly and cautiously up, one step at a time. Once at the top they received their first surprise, a green beam of light suddenly hit the wall to the left of the door taking out a large chunk of the stone. Some of the team members let out screams, more to do with shock and surprise rather than being hit by the light beam or any of the debris that came away from the wall.

It had taken them totally by surprise. Then another beam hit the steps behind them causing the steps to be blown away. After that happened, they only had one way to go. So, with no other option available to them, they went forward, opened the door, and went through. They were plunged into pitch-blackness. The door quickly closed behind them with a loud clanging noise and then overhead lights came on.

Once the room had been illuminated the team found that they were in some kind of plastic enclosure, and the door to the enclosure locked shut and they were prisoners. Peter and Andrew flung their shoulders and kicked their feet against the plastic wall in an attempt to break it, they even tried using their wands, but this was to no avail, as the wands appeared to have stopped working, the wall held firmly in place. It didn’t even show any signs of the attempts to break it on its surface.

Whilst the boys were doing all this, Liz glanced around the room. She saw that it contained a lot of terminals and monitors that were certainly not from the era they were currently in. The equipment was most certainly from the future. But who could be providing it for this purpose? It would take a lot of money to set up an operation on a grand scale like this.

Then a voice called out, ‘you’ll never breach the plastic. It’s unbreakable, so you may as well save your energy and be more worried about what’s going to happen to you.’

Liz and the others recognized the voice and looked over towards where it had come from. They saw Chris standing on a rocky ledge, looking down at them with a triumphant smirk on his face.

Liz spoke in a quiet and calm voice, ‘Chris, don’t you remember what you were and what you believed in before you were forced to become a traitor and were turned against us. Remember Chris, I know that the clone hasn’t driven that totally from you. You still care about people, deep down in your sub-conscious mind, and in your heart, you still care deeply about people. You don’t want to really do what you’re currently doing.’

‘Shut up’, snarled Chris, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about. All I remember is the hardship that I endured while I was sleeping rough on the streets of Edinburgh, and the looks of hatred and fear that I received from people when I tried to help them with the abilities I possess. They never understood I was treated like a leper. Albus has shown me a world that is free from pain and suffering. A world that is free from hunger and disease, a Utopia. A place where people with our abilities will be welcomed and not feared. And I’m going to help bring that about.’

Liz replied pleadingly, ‘What you’re talking about is the clone’s way of thinking, Chris; he only wants to create that kind of world for himself to rule over. It’s not for others, it’s not for the ordinary person like you and I. It’s not your way of thinking. Remember what we’ve all been through over the past couple of days. Remember what we believe in and just remember that we stand for freedom and not slavery.’

‘That’s enough of that,’ said another voice with an evil tone, ‘are you people trying to disrupt the harmony that I have here. These boys are the perfect people to help achieve what I have set out to do and if you attempt to interfere with the plans that I have put in place, you will suffer ten times the feeling of this pain.’

The clone then pressed a button on the front of the console that he was standing beside. Liz and the others screamed in pain as electricity shot through the floor of the see through box they were in, making them jump from foot to foot. After a couple of seconds, he let go of the button.

‘As you can see I hold the power over life and death. What you have just felt are only a few hundred volts of electricity coursing through your bodies. I can turn up the juice gradually and really make you suffer before you burn alive. I could kill you all with one touch off a button if I so wish and puff; you’re dead, just like that. But I give you one chance, and one chance only. Join with me and be part of the New World Order that I’ll be building, but first, before you decide, let me show you what the new future is.’

He pressed another button and the centre of the floor began to open up. Through the floor the orb rose up until it was standing about four metres off the ground. ‘With this orb I can instigate a new order of peace world-wide,’ said the clone.

He then pressed another button on the console and the orb started to pulsate in a light shade of green, a picture then started to show up in the space between the orb and the cave ceiling. The picture that appeared did indeed show a Utopian society, but there seemed to be something missing from it, there were no poor people, no beggars on any of the streets.

‘Where are all the poor people? What have you done with them?’ shouted Liz

‘Let’s just say that they’ll be sent for re-education’ replied the clone. ‘Think about it, no more wars or poverty. World wide peace. What about it? Why not join with me and help usher in a new era of peace.’

‘No chance’ came back the answer from Liz and the others.

‘We want no part in your so-called future for this world. You only want to change things for yourself, not other people. We don’t want to be part of your plans to mass murder part of the population and brainwash the rest. We’d rather be dead than help you.’

‘Well that can easily be arranged,’ said the clone, ‘but after everything you’ve just said I’m afraid it will have to be a slow and very painful death.’

He pressed yet another button on the console, and this time the air was slowly sucked out of the plastic cubicle leaving our heroes gradually gasping for air. With a sneer he also pressed a previous button as well and the pain that shot through them was so excruciating that Liz and the others screamed and were thinking they would surely die this time around. As they screamed more and more and gasping for breath, the remainder of the air was being used up quicker than ever.

While all this was going on Chris had been watching the others suffering and his face was starting to grimace with each jolt of electricity that the clone was sending into his friends and he was slowly beginning to remember one or two things. The good times and laughs that he’d had so far with the rest of the guys. Images, that had been suppressed and forgotten about, started coming and going into his mind. How the team had readily made him feel he belonged in their midst. How he’d been made welcome at T.E.C.H. Headquarters and nobody had minded about where he had come from, and how he’d had to scavenge in dustbins for food. Chris looked down at Liz and the others and saw they were on the verge of dying. He had to clear his head quickly so he shook it from side to side. An inner conflict was going on inside his mind, like a battle between good and evil. Chris’s face became twisted and contorted as if he was in silent pain. Then, all of a sudden he straightened up and a look of peace and tranquillity suddenly came across his face.

Chris realized what he had to do; he moved closer to the clone and approached him until he was quite close. Chris began shouting ‘NO’ and throwing up his hand, palm upwards towards the clone and throwing him forwards with such force that he was sent flying from one end off the cave to the other in one go. The clone lay there for a few seconds, badly winded after hitting the far wall so hard. Then Chris used the same force from his hand and pointed it towards the Perspex looking prison. With what sounded like a sonic boom, the prison that the others were in shattered completely, releasing them all.

Liz and the others fell forward onto the cave floor and lay there puffing and panting trying to regain their breath, sucking in large lungfuls of air.


That’s the next chapter. The chapter after this will be the last chapter and then there will be an Epilogue. Please leave all your comments in a review, all constructive comments welcome.

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