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Princess Particular by Not Ashamed
Chapter 1 : Falling for Hanna
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Frederick Arthur Weasley, son of George and Angelina Weasley, cocky Quidditch player, lighthearted friend, and never-penitent troublemaker, waved goodbye to his father and mother as he boarded the train. The beginning of his first year at Hogwarts ahead of him, Fred's eyes shone with excitement.

He wanted to make friends immediately, but had no idea where to start. He had plenty of cousins, certainly, but he wanted to make friends whom he could correspond with over summer breaks and things like that. He saw his cousins nearly every day.

And so, one can imagine the shock on her face when Hanna Shiloh Malfoy was practically pounced on by an eager-looking Fred.

"Hey! Fred Weasley, and you are?"

"None of your business," Hanna replied, recomposing herself quickly and giving him a defiant glare, "Just what do you think you're doing, pouncing on a poor, innocent girl for no apparent reason? I had thought boys had better manners these days."

"Er..." Fred replied, looking totally taken aback, "I'm sorry?"

He certainly did not look sorry, but Hanna smiled as if he had just fallen to his knees, begging her to accept his sincerest apologies, "Thank you, and all is forgiven, I should say. Fred, is it?"

She offered her hand to him, and Fred just stared at it, as if the concept of shaking hands upon meeting someone had never been explained. But after an awkward pause, he took the offered hand and said, "Yeah, and you are?"

"Hanna Shiloh Malfoy," Hanna replied, tossing her silky brown curls behind her shoulder.

"Malfoy...?" He was sure his parents had mentioned the name...or perhaps his Uncle Harry or Uncle Ron had...ah, yes, "Your dad married my uncle's ex-girlfriend! Well, she was only his girlfriend for about a day, but..."

Hanna's eyes lit up and she began to tell him about her family, pride evident in her face as she told of her father's pureblooded heritage and her mother's all Muggle heritage. Fred had never met someone who found family trees so interesting, and he nearly dozed off during most of it.

That was the day Fred and Hanna became acquaintances.

It was late in third year one day, and Hanna was crying her eyes out in the abandoned girls' bathroom over what some girls had called her mother: mudblood.

No one else was in there, seeing as Moaning Myrtle still haunted it as terribly and depressingly as ever. She sat on the floor in the corner near the sinks, and wailed, so relieved to have found somewhere void of people to mock her and her somewhat nerdy ways. Her hair was a disaster from having run halfway through the castle to get to this bathroom; her silvery blue eyes were rimmed in red, and her sharp facial features, stained with tears. Crouching with her knees pulled up to her chest, she failed to hear the footsteps that approached.

Then Fred was sitting in front of her, legs crossed, hands folded, calmly watching until she should notice his presence.

"Go away, Fred!" Hanna shrieked throwing her discarded jumper at him, only to have it caught and tenderly placed by her side before Fred scooted to her side and placed a hand under her chin to bring her eyes up to his own.

She did have such beautiful eyes...

"Alright, Hanna?" He asked, wishing he had gotten to know her sooner.

"Do I look alright?!" She replied, giving him a look of something that almost resembled hatred.

"No," Fred admitted, "I just thought maybe you would like someone to talk to...but, maybe not..."

Though she would never have admitted it, Hanna was touched by his concern. Maybe Fred wasn't quite as bad as she had thought since their first meeting, "...Thanks, I guess," she said, voice barely audible as she hid her face again. She, perfect, orderly, composed Hanna Malfoy had just thanked troublemaking, silly, somewhat lazy Fred Weasley...what was the world coming to?

He smiled slightly in acknowledgement of her thanks, then inquired, "So, does this mean you do need someone to talk to?"

"You're a Gryffindor, I'm a Ravenclaw...we have to have like zero things in common and I would really like to have a moment of peace rather than argue over what time of day it is," Hanna said, knowing it was a pitiful excuse, but not having any other plan to get out of this somewhat awkward situation.

"You like Quidditch," Fred began, "I play Quidditch."

"Against my house team!" Hanna sounded as if he might have personally offended her.

"Yes, well, that's Quidditch for you. You like Transfigurations, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts; those are my favourite subjects, too," he continued.

Hanna looked surprised, "Really? Well, I suppose I've never really paid attention to my classmates..."

"You know you love all of my Ravenclaw cousins," Fred said, smirking to himself, "They're my cousins."

"What? Louis, Molly, Lucy, and Kira? I knew they were cousins but...?" Hanna looked thoroughly confused by this new development and gave Fred a considering look before adding, "Well, I suppose you do resemble them a bit..."

"See? Then I can't possibly be that bad, eh?" Fred concluded, almost jokingly.

Hanna looked thoughtful for a moment, and then gave in, "No, I don't suppose so..."

"Then what's wrong?" Fred asked, his voice going directly from joking to solemn as he tried to catch her eye again.

When Hanna glanced at him, she was immediately struck by the sincerity in those soft brown eyes. All her resistance left and she began to pour out her heart to Fred's open ears.

He didn't mock her, he didn't chuckle, he didn't roll his eyes, or say she was overreacting. Who could have known someone so silly could be so understanding? By the time they realized how much time had passed, Hanna was totally willing to drop any charges against Fred and offered her hand to him, saying, "Do you want to be friends? You're...alot nicer than I thought, and I'm sorry for judging you prematurely."

Fred smirked as he took the offered hand, "You bet. Any time."

That was the day Fred and Hanna became friends.

It was sometime around mid-fifth-year, and there was to be a ball for students fourth year and above, though they could bring partners from lower years.

Fred was feeling uncharacteristically flustery because, not only did he think he just might be acting a bit girly about the dance, he had a strange suspicion that he could just maybe-though not likely-like Hanna Malfoy.

No, that was ridiculous! She was his best friend now, yes, but like her? He most certainly did not!

Hanna then walked past, whipping her hair into a ponytail as she walked. Now or never, Fred thought, and ran off after her calling, "Hanna! Hey, Hanna!"

She turned quickly, and, upon seeing who it was, smiled warmly. Fred was the only one who could make her smile so easily, as she had inherited her father, Draco's rather reserved nature. Fred's cousins could get a grin from her if they really set their hearts on it, but only Fred could see a beaming face just at the sight of him.

"Hanna, you have a partner for the ball?" Fred asked, nervously biting his lip. Please say no, please say no...

"No, why?" Her smile faded to be replaced by a curious look, having inherited her mother, Hermione's inquisitive nature.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go with me," Fred said, then exhaled in relief. He had inherited none of his namesake's confidence with girls. Strangely enough, however, though unbeknownst to Fred, many of the girls in his year would have given anything to be asked out by him.

She looked a bit surprised, but quickly brought back her smile and said, "Sure. I would like that!"

"Alright, see you tomorrow, then?" Fred had to work very hard to conceal his excitement. She hadn't just said yes, she had said that she would like it!

Hanna nodded, then walked off...and was that a skip in her step?

That was the day Fred realized he liked Hanna Malfoy. Mercy, what was the world coming to?

It was the next day that the rumor spread: Fred Weasley was taking Hanna Malfoy to the ball. It was no secret that plenty of boys would have loved to trade places with Fred, and plenty of girls with Hanna, but they were all too late, because the rumor was proven true that evening.

Fred was wearing a black suit with a red shirt underneath that clashed horribly with his red hair, but what did he care? It matched Hanna's strapless, floor-length, glittery red dress and that was all Fred cared about regarding his clothes.

A dozen or so teens oohed and ahhed at the sight of the lovely couple. Louis Weasley only frowned, jealousy evident on his face. A few girls scoffed at not having been asked out by Fred, but could find nothing to criticize about Hanna.

The first dance began: slow, soft, romantic.

Hanna heard it, and, on hearing Fred's inquiry of whether or not she would like to dance now, was a bit reluctant.

But he was giving her 'the look' that always melted her, and she couldn't help but give in. Their eyes locked as Hanna placed a hand on Fred's shoulder, and his found her waist.

Little did they know how beautiful a couple they made, as they held hands with their other hands. The music only got slower and slower as the night wore on; the louder music would come near the end.

Fred soon asked if Hanna would like something to drink, and as soon as his cousin was gone, Louis straightened his black dress robes and approached Hanna with the friendly airs he was accustomed to around her.

"Hi, Lou! How has your night been?" Hanna was practically glowing with happiness, and for the first time, Louis saw that bright smile only Fred, Draco, and Hermione had ever seen.

For a moment, he was frozen, gazing adoringly at Hanna's face. Then he snapped back and replied, pleasantly, "Excellent, but it would be perfect if I might have your hand for his dance."

He offered his hand to her with a half-grin, and Hanna softly placed her gloved one in it,"Of course!"

Louis pulled her onto the dance floor and the dance commenced, slow, as it was destined to be for twenty minutes more. They danced along with the other couples for some time until the first blast of loud music hit them.

Hanna burst into laughter, and kissed Louis on the cheek, "You looked so adorable when that happened!" She said, and turned to go back to where she was sure Fred was probably waiting by now.

Louis touched his cheek. Hanna had kissed him! He might be able to fly.

Hanna found Fred sitting with his head in his hands, eyes closed, and two glasses of red juice in front of him.

"Fred?" Hanna asked, sounding slightly concerned as she laid one small, gloved hand on his shoulder, making him jump slightly.

"Hanna! I..." his voice trailed off for a moment, and he decided not to act how he felt: a bit betrayed. Yes, he had confirmed to himself and absolutely accepted that he liked Hanna...alot, "Sorry, I didn't know where you had gone."

She smiled slightly and pulled her chair up beside his, "That's my fault. I'm sorry, I should have told you I was dancing with Louis...I hope you don't mind..."

Slippery cousin, Fred thought, then said, "No, it's quite alright, no need to apologize."

"Well, I left you here without a warning..." Fred placed a finger over her lips and said, "Never mind it."

Hanna gave him a dazzling smile and suggested, "How about we go dance hiphop?"

Laughing, they joined the crazy crowd, and Fred thought it was all worth it to see Hanna's amused looks at all the weird dance moves.

That was the day (or night) that Fred fell in love with Hanna...and Hanna didn't know it.

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