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My Heart belongs to Black... by Malfoylover01
Chapter 3 : why i love them..
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i know my spelling and grammer sucks but hopefully i'm might be getting a bata soon so be nice






This week has been hell, first I've been avoiding all my friend so I'm always in the Library , classes and Great Hall on my own so that sucks, if Sev wasn't still in the hospital I might have someone but he should be coming out today so maybe he be in potion with me, but to top it all off I feel like shit I keep forgetting to take my medicine so that making me feel worse I can tell people notched the complete change in me but because there to scared of me they won't say anything which I'm kind of glad of but I heard Remus looks a lot worse than me.




I heard Lily and Alice talking the other day maybe they didn't realised I was there or they did and they wanted me to hear, anyway it seem the guy isn’t taking me not talking to them to well Sirius won't talk to anyone only if they ask him a direct question, James hasn't pulled one prank yet which is so unlike him Peter isn't eating proper saying he's ill and Remus hasn't been sleeping it kills me that I'm cause of so much pain but it has to be done if they care for me so much they tell me what the secret is. Anyway I should get to potions I'm kind of late.




When I walk in to potion I knew straight away that everyone was talking about me cause they all stop and turned to look at me but I'm not bothered I can see Sev in the corner smiling at me this week seems to be look up I thought as I walk up to sit next to him I heard people whispered.




“She looks like hell”




“Did you hear she cut out all her old friend for a Slytherin?”




“Maybe she going out with him”




After that I just blocked it out as I sat next to Sev, I turned to look at him he must of heard everyone too but he just laugh because me and him both know, He just like James totally and completely in love with Lily Evens so I had to Laugh to for the first time this week. He lent back and wants loud another for everyone to hear.




“It true you do look like hell ever heard of makeup it does charms.”




Everyone want quiet I just rolled my eyes as I got my book out my bag.




“What ever Snape look who talking you just come out the hospital wing and you still look like shit.”




He just smiled at me and wants.




“Well I think your mates did me a favour these scars going to make me look a little older.”




I winced a little remembering what happened I smiled looking at him.




“Yeah makes you look about 200 to 300 years old”




He just rolled his eyes as the teachers walk in.




“Now class we will be making Love potion today”




“What fun maybe you should tell you friend to watch their drinks.”




Snape whispered in my ear I couldn't help but laugh which made everyone look at us.




“Is there something funny Miss Pingilton”




The professor asks.




“No professor just Mr Snape telling how the potion work that all.”




The professor just smiled at this everyone know he love Sev because he's one of his number one students.




“Well of course Mr Snape if very good at all the potion I forgot thanks you Mr Snape for taking care Of Miss Pingilton.”




Sev just smiled than turned to look at me as he answered.




“Any time sir you know how Miss Pingilton is with potion she can some time get thing mugged up.”




I tried to stop myself laughing the teacher was so dumb he just nodded and carried on with his lesson while Snape just kept look at me.




“Nice save Luc”




“Learnt from the best”




I said as I wrote down the note the professor was putting on the board.




“Not that I don't love having you company but why aren’t you with the rest of your friends?”




I turned to look at the back of the class where all my friend are they where look at us with sad eye I couldn't bear look any more so I just shook my head and turned to Look at Sev who just raised his eyebrow at me .




“We had a fight after Sirius hit you I can't put up with the lies and secrets any more they wouldn't even tell me why he hit you in the first place so I said I need some time and space for a while.”




Snape just nodded and turned to a them and then back to me.




“But don't you have a secret to.”




“Yeah but it not like I'm not going to tell them I Just want to wait for the right time they won’t tell me cause the afraid I won’t love them anymore.”




Snape just laugh and I turned to look at him and he was still look at them when he want.




“Wow they really don't have any faith in you do they because to be fair to you it won’t be that big of a secret.”




he turned to look at me again I just smiled I love how he has so much Faith in me it make me feel a little better.




“Yeah well it seem only you think that anyway how did you find out the secret?”




Snape just smiled and look kind of proud of himself.




“Well because I'm so smart I work it out it weren't hard if you put all the clues together you work it out to”




I played with my hair and then look at him




“Well I could or maybe you could tell me instead.”




But before he could answer someone drop and smashed something at the back of the room as we turned around I saw that it was Remus who had cause the noise but he wasn't paying attention to the mess on the floor, he was just looking between me and Sev with worried eye, I heard Sev laugh next to me and turned to him and raised my eyebrow at him he just shook his head and want.




“To answer your question no I can't tell you what it is because it not my secret to tell and I like not to be in the hospital wing again so soon after getting out.”




I just laugh and shook my head and want loud enough so they could hear me at the back.




“Fine I work It out on my own but I tell you now if it some stupid I will hurt them.”




Snape just laugh and shook his head.




“Whatever I think they heard you so go and get the ingredients detective Lucy”




I stuck my tongue out at him but as I got up I got light head and the last thing I remembered before I black out is Snape shouting my name.




Oh my god why is it so loud don't people respect peoples sleep time any more oh my head is banging wait where I'm I.




As I opened my eyes I saw who was causing the all the shouting my big very angry friend yelling at poor Madame Pomfrey.




“What do you mean you can't tell us what wrong with her?”




Sirius yelled.




“Come on she our friend we have a right to know.”




James and Remus yelled together and Peter nodded in agreement.




“Come on Madame Pomfrey I know what going on so I don't know why you don't tell me.”




Snape yelled who was by my surprise standing next Sirius who looks like he agreed with him. I couldn't hold it in any more I had to laugh they look all look so cute standing next to each other and shouting on my behave. But I soon regretted it cause once I started laughing every single one of them came rushing toward me and even though their my friend you be scared to if 5 tall and very large boys came all running at you at once but thankfully Madame Pomfrey got there before them and stopped them from jumping on me.




“Ok boys slow down we don't want Miss Pingilton to pass out again if you all attack her.”




Then she turned to look at me, I just smiled pretend that all my body wasn't hurting.




“Are you feeling better Miss Pingilton you can stay in for a little long if you still feel a bit off?”




“No Miss I'm aright it just I didn't have any breakfast this morning that all sorry for worry you”




Madame Pomfrey just smiled at me and patted my head.




“It aright dear but like I told you before you have to eat anyway I just go get you your things and then you can go ok”




I just nodded and as she walks away I turned to look at all my friend and laugh again from the look on their face.




“And what is so funny Luc?”




Snape ask while the other guy just nodded in agreement which made me laugh harder.




“Oh nothing I just never thought I see the day when all of you get along it warms my heart and gives me my first memory for my locket.”




Sirius, Peter, James and Remus all look shocked but Snape just rolled his eyes




“Well when someone we all care about fainted in potions of course we put our differences aside to make sure she aright.”




Even though I know he was trying to keep his cool I could see the worry in his eye I must of really scared him. I leaned over and rubbed his arm.




“I'm aright Sev please stop worrying.”




He just rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand.




“Easy for you to say I nearly had a heart attack when you fainted on me”




I just laugh and give him my puppy dog’s eyes.




“I'm really sorry Sev please forgive me”




He just rolled his eyes again my puppy dogs eye never work on him like it does everyone else.




“Whatever Lucy if you do then we be having a few word anyway got to get back to lesson so see you later.”




He walk off leaving me and the other four lad which was kind of awakened I think we stood there for a bit 10 minutes till I got bored and had to start a conversion.




“So how you been.”




They just all looked at me like I was mad or something but strangely enough it were Peter who answered.




“Well seeming one of our best mate blows us off because she can't handle us keep a secret it been shit how about you.”




Wow when did Pete get a little back bone of course it won’t least but I kind of like it.




“Wow Pete blunt but ok well seeming I'm the one lying in the hospital bed it been just as bad for me to and I never said I didn't want to be friends with you again it just I needed some space that all.”




“Well you had a week it that long another for you or do you want some more time if you not done hurting us.”




James said looking at the ground and the other three just nodded in agreement ok now I'm getting pissed off they think I'm doing this just to hurt them I would never.




“Hey listen here you and listen closely I never did this to hurt you guys and for you to say I am is making this a lot hard then it already is god and I was all ready to forgive you and be friends again but....”




But like before I couldn't finished they all jump on me.




“Really you really going to forgive us please say yeah.”




I could help but laugh Remus does rabble on when he happy, it just at this time when Madame Pomfrey walk in.




“I'm glad you lot are good friends but could you please get off her before you crush her to death.”




They all jump up and because they jump so fast they all fell on their asses which made me laugh hard.




“Ok memory number two you’re making this to easy ha.”




 Madame Pomfrey just shook her head and walk over to me.




“Here you go dear and please will you eat more and you have to check in with me next week for...”




But before she could finishes I butted in.




“Yea Wednesday I be there thank see you then.”




She just nodded and walks back into her offices as I got up and turned and look at the boys




“Well come on then let go to the kitchen and get something to eat.”




“Erm Luc does that mean we’re friends again?”




Sirius ask looking at me worried as did the other three I couldn't help but laugh.




“Guy we were never not friends I just needed space so come on.”




As started to walk off I heard them start to walk behind me when I remembered something and turned around to look at them.




“Oh Yea and I will find out your little secret don't interrupt me James”




I Said holding my hand up to stop James cutting in and telling me not to bother I stepped a little closer look at them one by one and carried on.




“Listen you can't stop me trying to work it out I never listened to you guys before when you tell me not to do stuff so I'm not starting now I will find out you secret and after we'll talk about it ok.”




They all just nodded looking more worried, I just turned around and carried on walking to the kitchen thinking this will be one of the most tricky thing I'll ever have work out.




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My Heart belongs to Black...: why i love them..


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