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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 6 : Confess
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 Author’s Note: Hey y’all! What’s going on? Now I have a few things before we get to the “good stuff”. First of all, a huge, gigantic, monstrous shout out to my oh-so-supportive reviewer, gran/ger! Second, I want to know, what house are you? I, personally, am a die-hard Slytherin pureblood but…just wanted to know… Lastly am sorry for the delay but I lost a very important member of my family on the 21st, so it’s been a little rough lately. Now onto the good stuff!




            Draco would be here in a matter of minutes. I had perfectly straightened my hair—magically of course. Ginny had helped me with my makeup, so naturally, I even felt stunning. She had left a few minutes ago, determined to meet my date at the Ball. I slipped on my dress, and struggled to zip it. After a moment or so, I gave up and put on my silver hoop earrings. Yes…silver… I was sporting Slytherin colors, oh the irony. I bent carefully to put on my 5 inch silver stilettos, when I stood up. A wolf whistle sounded, and I spun to see Draco’s eyes roaming all over my body. “Merlin, Malfoy!” A blush crept up my cheeks. His hair was messy, but in a styled way, his grey eyes gleaming. He was wearing a classic black tuxedo and green silk tie, to match my dress. He smirked the moment he realized I had yet to take my eyes off of him.  “Zip me up.” I say, pulling my hair from my back and turning around. The feel of his ice-cold fingers on my back causes goosebumps and a shiver down my spine. He chuckles as I shiver. When he spins me to face him, his eyes are soft. That quick, I was pulled in. Unlike every other time, I knew I wasn’t getting out of this time.  This is so bad. So, so bad. “We can’t,” I whisper as his face continues to get closer. My heart feels like it might just beat out of my chest as he replies.


“Why not, love?”


Then I closed that God awful space separating our lips.  It only took less then 10 seconds for me to part my lips and wrap my arms around his neck. His arms snake around my waist. His body was so tall, and strong, he was so warm, causing me to melt into him. I couldn’t help it.




            As the words left her lips, I knew I had to get away. I was on my feet in a split second. I’m not sure why but I had to get away. My feet flew under me, and I was soon making my way through Diagon Alley. I was sprinting so quick everything around me was a blur, and I kept running. I finally stopped, heaving and panting. “Oh shit,”I gasped, the truth suddenly becoming a reality. The possibility of this happening has haunted ever since my fling with Lavender started 6 months ago.  I was a dad.




            When we finally pulled back, she was blushing furiously.  “We should probably go now,” I suggested. She nodded, looking somewhat flustered. I held out my arm and she took it. The apparation only took but a second, but it was dizzying. I noticed as she gulped as I we walked up to the building. It was rather grand, but clutched to arm. “Can you do this?” I ask. She nods, obviously showing her Gryffindor bravery.


 As we entered the room, I felt every single pair of eyes fall on us. It was almost painfully silent. I flashed my infamous smirk as I saw Weaselbee turn red and yank his arm away from his “girlfriend” – she certainly didn’t look like a girl. Ginny’s jaw dropped, and Scarhead ground his teeth, and I saw him ball up his fists. When we finally reached them Hermione laughed shakily. Weaselbee only had eyes for her excessive cleavage apparently, and that did not pass his date. “Won-won!” Lavender snapped, and I laughed. “Watch it Weaselbee, she’s mine now. Only I can touch” I smirked and Hermione blushed, nudging me with her elbow. “What? It’s not my fault he screwed up, but I sure am glad he did” I said innocently, and kissed her. Weaselbee apparently did not like that, and raised his fist. “Ron.” Harry said, a warning clear in his voice.


Ginny just stared at Hermione in disbelief. “You look beautiful Ginny, as always” I commented. She looked at me untrustingly at first, and then smiled. “Thank you.” She replied gracefully. Well that was easy. “Well Lavender, you were saying?” Ginny picked up the previous conversation. Lavender was obviously furious on Ron’s inability to control his wandering eyes over Hermione. And there was no denying, Hermione looked absolutely… well, some of my thoughts on how she looked are not at all appropriate. To say the least, she looked absolutely amazing. “Well, um, like I was saying, I’m only four months along, but already showing.” Lavender giggled obnoxiously and turned to the side, and the bump was obvious.


Hermione’s face paled, and I knew what was going on. She had only caught them once. “Four months?” she squeaked. Hermione looked devastated. “Yes, that’s right.” Lavender laughed. “Well, we’ve got others to be seeing. Best be off,” I laughed, and wrapped my arm around Hermione’s waist, pulling her away. “ Four months! I thought it was fairly recent! I should have known!” she growled.  “Hermione, he’s nothing but a cheating, lying, scandalous bastard.” I whispered to her. She didn’t reply, and kept her eyes down. “Dance with me” I said suddenly. She pursed her lips, and nodded eagerly. I swept her off to the dance floor, and put my hands on her waist. She blushed as she wrapped her arms up around my neck, and we started to dance. To my surprise, she glided about gracefully.


“Thank you,” she said, trying to keep her eyes anywhere but my face.




            “Escorting me, saving me from Lavender, and the list goes on,” she laughed.


            “Actually, love, it was my pleasure,” I laughed and she finally locked her gaze with mine. “I’m not going to lie, you look stunning.” She hesitated for a moment, and we stopped dancing.  Never would I have guessed that at that moment she was going to lock her lips with mine. Not that I would have been opposed, but… I knew cameras were snapping pictures like crazy, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was her.


            When she pulled away, her eyes were practically sparkling. “Let’s go home,” she said, taking my hand. In a second, we were in her flat.  “Can I get you anything?” she asked politely, taking off her stilettos as she headed for the kitchen. I shook my head, imaging her taking off the rest of her clothes.


            “Hermione,” I said, and she turned around. I took a deep breath, and walked towards her slowly. She was so beautiful, it hurt. I held my breath as I slowly reached my hand out to stroke her cheek. “I’m sorry Ron hurt you,” I whispered. “It’s not your fault,” she mumbled. I leaned in ever so slightly and she remained motionless. “ I…Hermione… I’m going to kiss you again,” I say hesitating. She nodded, and I pressed my mouth to hers gently. I put a hand behind her neck and she gently pushed up against me. I carefully slipped my tongue into her mouth, and I heard a soft moan come from the back of her throat.


            I pulled back, with much reluctance, and she smiled. I smiled down at her, and brushed her hair behind her ear. “ We probably shouldn’t have done that,” she laughed nervously. “Why not?” I whispered into her neck. She shivered, and ran her hands up my back. “It just makes it harder to fight the feelings.”


            “I’m done fighting these feelings.”


            That made her pause, and then she kissed me. It was only a minute or so before we were prying one another’s clothes off. I unzipped her dress, and watched it fall easily off her body. She hurriedly took off my shirt and ran her hands up my chest. I stopped her when she went to take off the rest of her clothes. “What?” she asked self-consciously. “Are you sure?” I asked. She didn’t take to long to answer, and nodded her head. I hesitated, and she took off the rest of her clothes. I attempted to look away, but I am man. “I don’t think you’re thinking this through,” I whispered.


            “I’m pretty sure I am.” She replied, inching closer and closer.


 “It’s only been what? Two days? Three? Why rush this?” I ask.


She pulls her dress back on slowly. “You know, you’re right.” She sighs.


“I just want to get this right with you Hermione.” I confess. She smiles at me, face lighting eyes glowing. “But…” I started, and her face fell.


“We can still have a serious snogging session” I laugh, and take off her dress again.



Author’s note: Hey guys! Sorry about the delay, again. I have an excuse, but it’s a valid one. On November 21,2011 my dog died. I’ve had him all my life, and he was extremely important to me. He’s been around my whole life so I’m a little lost and confused. So, therefore if my chapters are few and far between, I apologize. I’m in the process of pulling it together, so please stick around. It’s another short one this time, and I have decided the last sneak peek that I added, will not be included, because I have a better idea. So here it is, and this one is definitely staying in!


“Draco, dear, sit down. I have something to tell you.”


“What is it Mother?”


“I was at St.Mungos yesterday. I wasn’t feeling quite well. Darling, I have a brain tumor, darling. The healer said I have little time. I need to know that you’re stable, and that you’re content. I need to be assured that you’re happy, Draco.”





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