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Recovery Period by GredandForgeRock
Chapter 2 : Reassemble It
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Wesley Porter had lived with Wendell and Monica Wilkins for nearly ten months.  He was completely healed, except for no memory.  He had a few odd snatches pop up during his time, like when he remembered he was an orphan.  But otherwise he was very frustrated with his mind.  He had found a job that he kind of liked and was pretty good at.  At first he had wanted to be a policeman but the lack of an identity had prevented that.  Instead he was working on the beach selling and renting surf boards.  He was no good at surfing himself but he could fit you to a board like no one else, his boss had told him.  He seemed to have an insight into people and had always fit them on the first try.  At first you would think so what, as Wesley had, but his boss said that he had reduced the amount of injuries and board mishaps by fifty percent.

His pay was decent and several times he had tried to find an apartment so that he could move out.  But either Wendell or Monica had talked him out of it each time.  To be honest he didn’t want to leave the people he had started to care so much about so it wasn’t really hard work for them to get him stay.  He had insisted that they let him pay them rent, it took a while but they relented.  Fat lot of good that did, he thought to himself, they just saved it all up and sent me on a weeklong vacation to the Outback.  Pretty cool as far as presents went but he had wanted them to do something for themselves with it not him.

As he sat in the tour jeep watching the scenery go by he couldn’t help but wonder at his own actions.  When packing for the trip he had decided to take the two sticks with him.  For an insane moment back at the house he had thought they might be of help in case something happened.  But now he was thinking unless I burn them for firewood I don’t know how they can help.  He’d been having a weird feeling in his stomach for months now and recently the feeling had increased.  He felt antsy like something was going to happen or needed to happen but he had no idea what.  Putting it out of his mind Wesley just sat back and tried to relax and enjoy his vacation. 

On the third night the group sat around the fire relaxing after a long day hiking.  It was a beautiful night, many stars overhead and a half moon just coming over the horizon.  The temperature had dropped from the day time high to a pleasantly cool evening.  The evening calm was broken by a series of pops just outside the light of the fire.  Wesley was immediately tense, but not sure why.  He carefully reached into his pack and pulled the sticks to where he could reach them easily.  One part of his mind was laughing at him thinking what are you going to do throw sticks at them?  The other part was screaming get ready they’re coming.  Thirty oddly dressed people stepped into the light.

“Which one of you could it be?” the leader asked.  No one replied as even the tour guide had a worried and confused look on his face, “I asked nicely are you going to answer me or do I have to force it out of you?”

Wesley stood with his hands behind his back, a stick in each hand, “First you should be polite and introduce yourself.  Then you need to tell us who you’re looking for.  We can’t answer a question that has no qualifier.”

“How rude of me.” he replied back, “I am a wizard; you do not need to know my name.  All I need to know is which of you is the wizard in the group and then I’ll kill all the disgusting muggles.  Is that polite enough for you?” After he asked he sent a jet of red light at Wesley.

Acting purely on instinct Wesley moved to the left so the spell shot by him, “Not really.  But what are muggles?”

“That’s really rude to move out of the way of my spell.” the man said, “Muggles are disgusting animals that can’t do magic.  And I think we’ve found our wizard.  What’s your name son?”

“I am not your son.” Wesley said, “But if you must know my name is Wesley.  Please explain to me, as I have amnesia, how did you know there was a wizard here.  I myself didn’t even know.”

“You are a very powerful wizard, we felt you the moment you crossed over into our settlement.  We tend to keep a rather large area to ourselves, fewer interruptions you know.” the man said, “So do you want to help me rid the planet of these parasitical animals?”

“Sorry but what animals are you talking about?” Wesley asked.

“These here with you, the ones sitting around the fire.”

“Do you mean these people sitting here with me?”

“Yes, yes the muggle animals.  They look like us but its deceiving.” the leader said, “Since I’m a nice guy I’ll give you first pick how about that?”

“Sure.” Wesley said pulling his right arm out and said, “I choose you.”

“Me?” Wesley nodded and the man sneered, “One of those muggle lovers are you, oh well too bad.”

He sent two stunners at Wesley, one just to his left and one to his right so that he couldn’t step out of the way again.  Without a thought Wesley blocked the two curses and started sending them back.  He had the first ten out without any return fire.  The leader was the first he removed.  He jumped the fire continuing to rain spells, that he didn’t understand, down on the group attacking.  They never stood a chance he had two wands after all; he was blocking with one and firing with the other.  Just as he was taking out the last one he heard a shout from behind.  He dropped and rolled coming up to see a green light flash just where he had been.  But one of the larger men in the group had grabbed the man and his wand so he could do no more damage.  Wesley stunned him again and then started gathering the remaining wizards into a group taking their wands as he went.  The rest of the men in the muggle group came and helped him.

“Thanks.” one man said as they tied the last one up, “I’m glad you’re not like them.”  The same sentiment came from everyone around the fire.

“Me too.” Wesley shrugged, “I didn’t even know I was a wizard until he told me.  I really do have amnesia.  I’m not even sure what I did to them all.  It just sort of exploded out of me.  A non-magic couple has helped me recover from some injuries and I know you aren’t animals.”  He tried to relax and noted the feeling he had been having was gone.  He didn’t know if it was the release of built up magic that stopped the feeling or the attack.  He wondered did wizards know when they were going to be attacked.

At that moment there was another series of pops.  The group gathered behind Wesley as he stood straight with his arms behind his back, hiding his wands.  A group of about thirty came into the light again but this time they were in uniforms.  Wesley relaxed a bit and but not completely.

“Everyone freeze.  We’re from the government we had a report of an attack in the area so we are investigating.  What happened here?” the leader asked.

“These wizards tried to kill my friends here.” Wesley stated.

“And you are?”

“Wesley Porter.  Who are you?”

“Head Auror Nate.” the man said, “Are you the one that stopped them?”

“I had help.”  Wesley indicated the people behind him. 

“Are you all wizards?” Auror Nate asked.

“No.” Wesley’s replied.

“Well I need to talk to the wizards among you.”  Nate said, “Then I’ll have to obliviate the rest of you.”

“What does that mean?” asked the man who had helped earlier.

“It means they’ll wipe out your memory of the event.  All you’ll remember is a pleasant evening in the Outback.” Wesley said though he had no idea how he knew it.

“Actually that sounds like a good idea.” One woman said, “I don’t think I’m ready to believe in magic like that yet.  It’s just too scary to know it’s out there and I’m helpless against it.”

“But I don’t want to forget.” The man said, “I need to remember this happened so I can stop it if it happens again.”

“It shouldn’t.” Nate said, “Most muggles never run across magic.  And if they do they don’t remember.  Most wizards don’t think like this group.  And we take our statute very seriously.  It’s best for all of us if you don’t know we exist.  Besides people will think you’re insane if you go talking about wizards, witches and wands and such.”

“I still don’t like it.” the man grumbled.

“Mr. Porter we’ve been after this group for about five years.  They’ve been spreading anti-muggle propaganda and making a nuisance of themselves.  Thanks for your help.” Nate said, “I’m afraid though that you’ll have to come to the ministry with me so we can view your fight with them.  They’ve never attacked muggles like this before.”

“When these guys said muggles they made it sound like a bad word.” Wesley said, “But you don’t, so is it a derogative term you use or what?”

“It’s not intended to be a derogative term but some, like these, make it one.”  The ministry wizards started disappearing with the group, “Sorry but it’s time for us to go.  Can you gather your things?”

“Sorry everyone.” Wesley said, “I’ve had fun the last couple of days, it was nice getting to know you.”

“Thanks Wesley for saving us.” the woman from before said, “I’m sorry we won’t get to remember you.”

Hermione stepped out of the Ministry for Magic in Australia.  She couldn’t believe they had finally found her parents after all this time.  She climbed into the car beside the official and they started the drive to the address where her parents now lived.  Several tense minutes later and they were arriving.  The drive had been similar to the Knight Bus but not as rough.  These cars just seemed to flow though the traffic.  The official smiled at her, “Under muggle methods that drive would have taken almost an hour.  I think six minutes is pretty good trade yes?”

“Yes, gives me less time to worry about this.” she replied smiling.  They climbed out of the car and walked up to the door.  After a few moments it was answered and they were ushered into the living room.

“This isn’t about Wesley is it?” Monica asked as she passed out the tea.

“Sorry but who is Wesley?” Hermione asked.

“The poor boy with amnesia that boards here.” Wendell replied, “We’ve grown so fond of him we’d hate for him to leave us.”

“Oh, no.” Hermione smiled, “This is about me.” Her parents looked expectantly at her, not knowing they were in for a shock.  She pulled out her wand and waved it in a circular motion and said, “Of all the flavors of Bertie Botts beans there are I prefer vomit.”

“What?” Three adult in the room all questioned the young woman.

“That was the catch phrase.” She replied to the ministry official.  He nodded and then looked at the other two.  Confusion left their faces as their memories returned.

“Hermione, what did you do?” Her mother asked.

“Protected you the only way I knew how.” Hermione was close to tears as she explained, “For the last few years I’ve been lying about the state of things in the magical world.  It was so much worse than I said it was.  But I needed to be a part of it.  I needed to help Harry.  He won by the way.  The dark wizard was stopped and it’s safe for you to come back home.  I understand if you’re mad at me for doing it but you need to know I was desperate.  I spent the year on the run with Ron and Harry, the Ministry was accusing muggleborns of stealing magic.  Voldemort was on a rampage killing muggles and magicals alike.  I was so terrified for your safety.  So I created Wendell and Monica Wilkins and gave you the dearest wish to live in Australia, far away from England and the danger.”

“We can’t leave yet darling.” Wendell or rather Randall Granger said, “We have Wesley to think about.  The poor boy is suffering from amnesia we can’t just kick him out of his home.”

“Can you stay for a while?” Jane asked, “Wesley will be returning in a few days, I’d love for you to meet him.  I think you’d like him.”

“No, I have to get back.  We’re in desperate trouble again, just not me directly.“ Hermione smiled ruefully, “It’s my friend Harry.  He went missing after the battle.  Our government is trying to have him declared dead so they can take his money.  I’m leading the effort to stop them.  I can only be gone for a couple of hours.”

“You can get to Australia and back to England in two hours?” Randall asked.

“Yes and that includes an hour or so talking with you.” Hermione grinned.

“Splendid.” he grinned back.

Hermione laughed with her father until she heard a key rattle in the door.  Before she could do anything she heard a voice that tickled her mind yell, “Wendell, Monica where are you I have splendid news?”

“In the living room Wesley.” her mother called.

“You’ll never guess what happened to me on the trip.  Wizards are real and I am one and I stopped,“ Wesley reached the room and paused at the additional people in the room, “oh hi Hermione, I stopped a group of them from hurting the muggles.  The ministry even gave me an award for their capture.  I told them I have amnesia and they did a spell and told me my name is…”

Hermione couldn’t believe it.  The man she had spent the last year looking for stood chatting about something with her parents. “Harry Potter.”

“Yes, how did you know?” Harry asked.

“Well Wesley you did say hi Hermione when you walked into the room.” Randall said, “So any new memories yet?”

“Yes.  I remember everything.” Harry ran over and picked up Hermione and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.  “I’d been getting bursts of memories every since they checked my wand and told me my name.  But it all came back when I saw you.  Did I stop him?  How’s your year been?  How are Ron and Ginny?  Is she mad at me?  Did she find another boyfriend?  How about everyone else?  Oh no Teddy.  ”

“Shut up Harry.” Hermione said putting her hand over his mouth, “It’s been a crazy year.  First of all you need to know that you did indeed stop Voldemort.  Next most important thing is the Wizengamot has declared you dead.  If you don’t appear before July tenth they will empty your vault into the coffers of the Ministry.  The Minister voted against it along with twenty three other members but twenty six voted for it so they were over ruled.  But it made all the magicals so mad that instead of twenty Aurors and Order members looking for you, most of our world has been.  Ginny and I have spent all our free time looking for a loophole in the law they used and we found one but we’ve been killing ourselves trying to fulfill what it requires.  Now you can just appear and knock them on their bums.”

“We have to do this right.” Harry said, “And we need to get your parents home.  Who knew that I would get thrown half way round the world just to be found by your parents?  Good thing you did that memory thing to them or I’d have been here with no real help. ” Turning to the people he knew as the Wilkins Harry smiled, “You know you’re the only ones on the list willing to take in older teens and adults.”  The two adults smiled at Harry and their daughter.

“I have a port key returning to England in forty minutes.” Hermione said, “We could have you packed up and take your things with us.  The Ministry here told me they can get you tickets to return to England today.  I can pick you up at Heathrow by seven on Tuesday morning.”

“Fine.” The Grangers said they were willing to go now that Wesley was settled, “By the way where did you get the name you picked from?”

“What name have you been using?” Hermione asked.

“Wesley Porter.” Harry said, “It just sounded familiar very close to Weasley and Potter wouldn’t you say.  I’ve missed you sis.”

“I’ve miss you more.” Hermione finally gave into her tears.  Randall and Jane folded themselves over the two teens in a group hug that lasted for several minutes.

“I told you that you’d like him.” Jane said Hermione gave a watery chuckle, “Though I had thought for a boyfriend not a brother.  But that’s ok.”

“I’m not boyfriend material for her.” Harry said, “That’s Ron’s job.”

“By the way Harry.” Hermione grinned, “The portkey will be dropping us off in the Gryffindor girl’s dorm at Hogwarts.  Ten PM local time”

“Brilliant.” Harry said sarcastically, then grinned and said, “Actually that is brilliant, will you point me to Ginny’s dorm?”

“Just don’t tell Ron.” Hermione pulled back.


“Oh, I have your cloak.” Hermione said, “Ron made me bring it just in case.”

“So how are we going to do this, without getting hit with her best hex?” Harry asked.

As they packed all the Granger’s things Harry and Hermione formulated a plan to get him back without getting hexed by Ginny Weasley.  They also planned the attack on the Wizengamot members that were out to hurt Harry.

Twenty minutes later they were almost packed and ready to go.  Harry looked into his closet and pulled his clothes out.  Long ago he had sent the clothes from the agency back along with some others as a thank you for their help.  He liked the clothes he had now.  He flicked his wand and all the clothes folded themselves and jumped into his trunk.  I love magic he thought as he closed it and then floated it down the stairs.  The five people climbed into the Ministry car, Harry and Hermione with pockets full of her parent’s shrunken things.  The trip to the ministry was quick.  In no time Hermione’s parents had their tickets and were headed to the airport.  They had told their neighbors they had a family emergency at home so no one questioned their quick exit.   

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Recovery Period: Reassemble It


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