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What Makes Me smile by joy9494
Chapter 6 : Surprise
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  I blinked once, one eye after the other, and sense came rushing in.

    Where am I?
    What’s going on?

   I needed to get out.

   I pushed myself up only to be introduced to a throbbing pain pounding mightily on the back of my skull.

   I winced, Damn what is that.

   In to my line of vision appeared the face of a kindly woman. She gently pushed me back down and spoke soothing words.

 “There Deary, just lie back down. That’s quite the head wound you’ve got their. Why, we thought you’d never wake, poor dear.”

 She placed two fingers lightly on top of my scalp and again I winced.

 The woman clucked in pity and shook her head, “Now that shouldn’t be too hard to fix, here drink this.

  I took whatever it was she gave me and gazed upon the woman. She wasn’t young, but she was still a lovely looking woman, and it was easy to see she had been even more beautiful in her youth. Her long jet black hair cascaded down, framing her well defined face. She was pale, like silver moon light, but looked like a Spanish Queen with her dark, thick locks and almond black eyes.

   “What is your name my dear?”

   I hesitated, I couldn’t tell this  woman my real name or she’d turn me over to the authorities for sure.

   “Umm.” My voice was horse. “Hailey Eisenberg.”

   “Date of  birth?”

   “Eleven twenty-seven nineteen fifty-nine”

    The woman nodded. “How many fingers am I holding up? “

     She smiled revealing glimmering white teeth. “So Hailey, Dear, may I ask how you came about your predicament? Your lucky our Siri found you when he did, otherwise, you may have easily bled to death.”

       I opened my mouth waiting for a magnificent lie to take form but, luckily, I was saved as the door swung open and in stepped two boys.  

      One was clearly  related to the woman tending to me. His own black hair, however, was an unruly mess, sticking every which  way and his large hazel eyes were hidden behind a pair of round spectacles. The boy however, despite his quirks, held a certain charm. He was handsome, with the same bone structure as the woman, and a sort of sideways grin that seemed to promise mischief.

    The other boy was an entirely different species. He was bigger than the first boy, still thin, but less gangly. His muscles  were well defined, even through his simple black tee. His black hair was thick and curled. And then he turned to look directly at me and my breath caught in my throat.

    Those eyes, his eyes-

    I couldn’t speak, because I didn’t know how-

    but this boy, this beautiful boy was, he had to be-

    those gray eyes, storming oracles, they were the same as….


    “James, Sirius. How nice of you to check up on our little Hailey here.”

    My eyes were bugging out of my head and my jaw hung open.

    “Hailey dear, this is my son James and this here is your hero… Sirius.”

    I closed my mouth and forced it to make words, “n-nice to meet you.”

    “What’s wrong with this girl,” I could here James snicker to Scruffy, “why is she staring at you like that?”

    Scruffy, or Sirius, as I now knew him, shifted his weight from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable.

    “Brain damage,” was his reply.

     I cut my eyes at him, then put on my most darling smile and addressed the woman.

    “Excuse me Mrs.….”
    “Oh,” the woman’s eyes widened, “of course, Potter, Mrs. Potter.”

   “Mrs. Potter, right. You wouldn’t object to me saying a word of thanks to my hero… would you?” I batted my eyelashes.

  “Oh, oh, of course not,” Mrs. Potter replied blinking rapidly. She jumped off the bed hurriedly making her way for the door, on her way she grabbed James by the shoulders and the two rushed out, shutting the door behind them.

    Sirius and I were alone.
    “Sirius?” I raised my eyebrows, keeping my features hard and cold.

    “Hailey?” He put on a stare with force equal to my own , and I saw that I was matched.

    “So you’re an amanigus, right then?”

    At this I received a glimmer of surprise, but it was quickly replaced with the same cold, hard façade.

   “And you? Why you're Coraline Jones, the teenage runaway, hiding from the authorities simply because she is too weak to make her own decisions.” He spat out the last part with pure contempt.

    A ball of anger formed at my very core. I could feel my face turn a bright red as I tightened my fists before letting it explode in a string of fiery curses.

    “You filthy-pompous-lying bastard, what do you want?! Why haven’t you told them?!”

    His eyes softened for a moment.

    “I-I want you to stay here, with the Potters.”

    I began to protest.

    “You don’t have to worry, the Potters are a good bunch they’ll take care of you.”

    “But what am I supposed to tell them?!” I was seething, and skeptical, and stubborn. I was blinded by these things, so much so that I could not be grateful, for the kindness I was receiving, or to be here lying on soft pillows with my life and virtue intact.

    “You’re a muggle orphan with no living relatives who ran away from foster care after being housed by a particularly abusive family… sense you will be seventeen soon, there is little to no purpose putting you back in the governments custody.”

    I blinked in disbelief. “Did you just pull that out of your arse?”

   He smiled a smile that resembled  his mischievous friend’s, only… darker.

  “Why Coraline Jones, ” he raised his eyebrows, that devilish grin still in place, and stepped forward until he loomed over me. Then, ever so slowly, he placed each one of his arms to my sides, pinning me to the bed. He leaned down so close that I could feel his hot breath as he spoke, “you’ll soon find I’m full of surprises.”

    My breath caught in my throat as I stared up at this familiar yet alien presence and realized something that should have disturbed me greatly… Scruffy was hot.

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What Makes Me smile: Surprise


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