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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 1 : Well This is New.....?
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 It was August 31st and I was packing last minute (as per usual), for the train to Hogwarts tomorrow. I was almost done when i heard a tapping on the window. It was my owl Looney. I opened the window to see she had a letter. it was from my best friend ( well one of them) Lily Evans. We were making plans to meet at Kings Cross at 10 am ( Lily always had to be insanely early), We were going to breakfast at this quaint muggle cafe next to the station and then head for the train ( we all wanted to get a compartment as far away from the Marauders as possible).



The next day i woke a little late ( okay it was a lot late). When i finally  met Lily and Halen ( Halen Wren, My other Best friend) it was 10:45, we rushed through breakfast and had to run to the train. When we opened the last compartment with any space left,i looked around the compartment all i could think was 'shit it's going to be a long ride" and as i glanced at three of the marauder's faces ( one of them, Sirius, was missing which was peculiar considering he was usually attached to james' hip) i knew my thoughts were right. i turned around just in time to run right slam into Sirius Black. " Woah there Jonesie ( Jonesie? where the hell'd that come from) i know you like me but there's no need to throw your self at me" he smirked " God Black, could you get a little bit more full of yourself"




Lily interviened before it got to ugly  saying "come on JJ there's No Where else let's Sit" ( What the hell?, what's wrong with Lily, Normally she'd be up and out of here before  anyone could even process the situation). The look on James' face was enough to show me everyone else noticed this weird occurrence as well. " hey! , lily you can sit beside me" James  practically screamed. " jeez, Prongs way to look Desperate" Sirius smirked. "Jonesie , Have a seat" i looked around and realized i was the only one still standing, Lily was talking to James ( actually talking not even raising her voice or looking the least bit annoyed) and Halen was in the corner talking animatedly with Remus.




I turned And sat Beside Sirius ( a little to close for comfort with all of us in the compartment) And began to have an actually civil conversation with him.We talked about lots of things quidditch, what we did over the summmer and so on, until Severus Snape (Lily's ex best friend and the maurauders wors enemy) decided to come into the compartment to see if there was any room, needless to say it ended with him begging Lily to forgive him while the whole time James was giving him dirty looks. Lily eventually calmed down and sat back on the bench, "Gawddd! I wish he would just stop that already and leave me alone i told him i couldnt forgive him what with all those future deatheaters he hangs out with no wonder he turn out to such a jerlk" ( Lily was just letting off steam later she'd rant about how she didnt mean anything of the things she was just worried for him and pissed we had heard thisargumant many times before) As Lily sat down she accidently sat onJames and when she jumped over to her seat her cheeks went bright red as there fingers brusheed,  My last Thought Before The train pulled away was " What in the Bloody Hell is Going on Here?"

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