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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER!!! Okay??? Jeez...
A/N: Enjoy!
Chapter Six

Ginny is sitting quietly in the Common Room the next day when Harry approaches her.
Harry:"Power to the people!" *pumps fist in air*
Harry:"Dunno. Heard it on TV once."
Ginny:"What's TV?"
Harry:"Nevermind." *goes to muggle radio and turns it on* "Ginny, wanna dance?"
"Hey Ya" by OutKast comes on and they start dancing. They look like two chess club geeks at a school dance. Suddenly Draco climbs in the portrait hole.
Draco:"I've finally found this dump." *looks at Harry and Ginny* "Oh Lord."
Ginny:"Draco! I can't believe you saw that!" *runs and jumps out of the window out of embarassment*
Harry:"Ginny!" *follows her*
Draco walks over to the window and watches them both hit the ground.
Ginny:"Ugh, we're all dirty."
Harry:"Wanna go take a shower?" *big grin*
Ginny:"K." *goes with Harry back into the castle*
Above, Draco watches them enter the castle.
Draco:"Freaks. Accio broom!" *broom appears*
Draco flies out the window and back into Slytherin tower.
The Trio sat at the Gryffindor table that night at dinner. Dumbledore and Trelawney were whispering secretly together, as the students and the rest of the staff polished off their plates.
Dumbledore:"Everyone, if I may have your attention."
*everyone gets quiet*
Dumbledore:"Thanks, homies. Well I have some great news! *wraps arms around Trelawney* "Sybill and I are getting married!"
No one says anything. They just stare.
Trelawney:"I forsee a ceremony in October!"
Dumbledore:"Okie, well, back to dinner." *sits down*
Everyone starts whispering and laughing.
Harry:"What is Hogwarts coming to?"
*SilverCloud appears*
SilverCloud:"Hogwarts is becoming insane Harry, and I made it this way, mwahahahaha!!!"
Harry:"I never liked you." *chases SilverCloud out of Great Hall*
Ok people, this is the last chapter I wrote. I'm probably just gonna end it here. But if it upsets my dear readers that much, I could MAYBE do more...


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Hogwarts Gone Wild: Chapter Six


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