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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 7 : chapter seven: thanks leah
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Elisabeth’s prog.

I grabbed my quidditch kit and ran towards the pitch when I got into the slytherin tent my whole team was already there. “Captains late again!” mike one of our beaters called out


“you set a great example!” Kate who was chaser for our team said.


“And on our first game bad girl!” tanner our other beater said. I continued to get jabs from the team as I got dressed and grabbed my black shiny hurricane 3000 broom. Harry had donated 28 of them to the school so each of the house teams could have the same brooms. Me, Fred, James, albus, lily, rose and Scorp had all gotten our own personal brooms. I ran my hand down the length of the smooth wood; my name was engraved in the end of my broom in bright purple letters. I loved my broom it was like I had a connection with it, I loved being a chaser and this broom helped me, some people even said I would give Ginny a run for her money. I concentrated slightly to make my hair the perfect shade of green that matched the slytherin colors. We walked out of the tent and the crowd went crazy I saw Leah sitting in the crowd with a younger girl, she had her mom’s Gryffindor lion hat on but she died it green so she could show support for both teams.


“Captains step forward!” madam hooch called her whistle around her neck. I stepped forwards and so did James “shake hands” madam hootch ordered I held out my hand James took it but instead of shaking it he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. The crowd cheered so loud I could barely hear the kick off whistle.


“Off they go!” Hugo’s voice echoed from the stands. I watched as James caught the quaffle and zoomed towards my net I flew under him and watched as his shot was saved by Sam the slytherin keeper. The ball fell and landed straight into my hands I raced past the Gryffindor chasers and I dodged a flying bludger. I saw Kate flying on the opposite side of the field from me; the Gryffindor keeper was watching me not Kate. I zoomed towards him and watched as he got ready for my shot at last minuet I threw the ball to Kate and she got a goal.


“10-0 slytherin!” Hugo called. James got the quaffle and flew straight to our hoops and got a goal boos came from the slytherin supporters. The game was intensifying greatly “wow Liz is giving James a run for his money and here we all thought it would be a quiet game between the two love birds!” Hugo said “oh that’s yet another goal by Elisabeth 120-50 Gryffindor better pick up the pace” I swooped down and watched as rose looked for a way to get to our goal me, Kate and our other chaser Scorp blocked the way. I swerved to the right dodging a bludger hit by Fred as I did this I looked into the crowd and saw that in the very top seats of the Gryffindor section sat harry potter, George Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Neville longbottom, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, bill Weasley and Percy Weasley. They all smiled and waved at me and I returned the favor. When I got back to the game I watched as rose fumbled the quaffle and it fell into Scorp’s hands he was racing down the pitch but the Gryffindor chasers were closing in on him.


“Scorp!” I called waving my right arm indicating that I was open “Scorpius!” I shrieked but he didn’t respond he kept flying “pass the ball!” I yelled as my frustration level rose. Scorp threw the ball but it was easily saved by the Gryffindor keeper. I indicated a time out to Madame Hooch and she blew her whistle both teams headed towards the ground. “What was that?” I yelled at Scorp once we were on the ground


“I have no idea what you’re talking about”


“don’t play with me Scorpius you haven’t passed to me the whole game you’re costing us goals!” I said angrily


“I haven’t passed to you because you want all the glory!” he snapped I advanced on him


“hey calm down” albus said stepping between us.


“I want all the glory!” I said with sarcasm


“what are you smoking!” I yelled


“watch yourself!” Scorp said trying to get closer


“calm down Malfoy” albus said


“fuck off potter!” at this I lost it and lunged at him someone grabbed me around the waist but I kicked and screamed curses at Malfoy


“you’re off the team!!” I yelled


“we will see about that!” Scorp yelled back. Madam hooch came over.


“What’s going on here?” she asked with her hands on her hips.


“I’d like to substitute Malfoy” I gritted through my teeth as she replied


“no substitutes”. I walked over to Katie


“don’t pass to Scorpius” I whispered she nodded. With another blow of madam hooches whistle we were off. I took all my anger out on the pitch I flew swifter then I ever had swerving in between chasers dodging bludgers and scoring goals.


“Oh shit! Er-sorry professor oh wow that’s Elisabeth’s 19 consecutive goal she’s on fire the score is 280-130 slytherin I don’t think Gryffindor even has a chance” as the game progressed James got a hold of the quaffle with this Scorpius flew straight at James planning to collide but James swerved and Scorp got a blatching foul great I was down a chaser but lucky for us, cheers came from the crowd as we all watched albus and lily race towards the snitch it was going to be close but in the end albus got it.. The crowd erupted I flew to the ground and was surrounded by people every one was surrounding me congratulating me and cheering my name. I felt awesome that is until harry came over instead of going straight to his daughter he came to me.


“Liz! That was some great flying keep it up kiddo 19 consecutive goals great job!” he said giving me a hug I returned the favour after this he walked over to lily gave her a small hug and said “good job Hun better luck next time” with this lily gave me the dirtiest look I had ever seen and stormed off the pitch.




Later that night we were all sitting in the room behind the great hall eating dinner all of us there was Draco, harry, and Ron with their kids. George with his kids including Roxianne who was a fifth year Hufflepuff. Bill was with his two kids remaining in school Dominique who is a seventh year Gryffindor and Louis who is a fifth year Gryffindor. Lastly there was Percy with his youngest daughter Lucy who is a third year Hufflepuff. We all ate and laughed at the jokes Fred and George cracked. All the mothers were at victoires house for a party announcing her pregnancy none of the women knew but Hermione because Ron had spilt the beans to her. I felt so happy to be with my belated family, I turned to harry


“where is my dad?” I asked


“work” he said sadly shaking his head. Of course I should have known work, my father was a bit full of himself he thinks that just because he helped concur the dark lord and now he is an auror that he needs to be at work or it will fall apart. Truthfully the person who needed him most was me and my sister. I watched as my sister laughed with Lucy as she ate, Lucy saw me looking


“do the nose thing!” she called to me I smiled and changed my face so I had a pigs nose everyone laughed as I changed my face for entertainment.


“So…you and James huh?” bill asked my hair turned red as I looked down at my empty plate I could hear James chuckle beside me as he placed his hand on my knee comforting me. I smiled slightly


“so have you shagged yet?” George asked us harry spit out his pumpkin juice Percy choked on his pasty and Fred smashed his fist repeatedly into the table as he laughed his ass off. Before me and James could say anything Leah spoke


“are you silly!” she laughed “the only guy Liz has shagged is Scorpius!” I felt the blood run from my face as the table got quiet everyone’s eyes were on me Scorp and James.


“Leah!” Neville scolded I stood


“may I be excused?” I whispered everyone nodded and I left the room.


I felt horrible I can’t believe Leah had done that I mean she has said some stupid things in the past but this was crazy. She had just told everyone including James that I had lost my virginity to Scorpius. I sighed and put my head in my hands, I was sitting on the marble stair case outside the great hall. Footsteps headed towards me I sighed and looked up expecting James but instead Scorp stood there.


“Hey” he said awkwardly shoving his hands in his pockets


“hi” I replied


“can I sit?” he asked I nodded. He sat beside me


“you ok?”


“What do you think” I snapped we sat there for a while not talking suddenly Scorp wrapped his arms around me. I knew I shouldn’t but I missed his hugs, I gave in and returned the hug. After we pulled apart I noticed James standing there. Scorp stood and left James walked forwards and stood in front of me


“you mad at me” I said James looked at me


“not mad disappointed” ouch that stung “what happened between you and Malfoy is none of my business I’m just a bit sad that you don’t trust me enough to tell me that he was your first” I felt the tears coming “hey! Don’t cry” James said moving beside me and holding me to his chest “think of it this way I get to see how I match up to him” I laughed and hit him lightly I the arm


“James!’ I hissed


“what its true” I cut my eyes at him he just chuckled and held me closer.




I tapped my foot waiting for her to enter the dorm, I didn’t care that all the girls were in here the news would spread fast a few people had already asked me if it was true. Leah walked in holding an umbrella in front of her


“don’t hurt me!” she yelled




“I’m sorry” she whispered “it was an accident I didn’t..”




“I didn’t mean to we were all just having fun it slipped out”




“so I’m forgiven then?” she asked hope filling her eyes


“no Leah you are not” it killed me to see her face as I said this but it was true I crawled in bed and pulled my curtains closed. Silent tears fell down my face, I could hear Leah crying every two minutes she would say


“I’m sorry” I just ignored her and tried to sleep.



“Wow you look like shit” rose said as I sat down across from her at the Gryffindor table.


“Do you know?” Fred asked


“huh what?” Fred handed me a copy of the prophet the headline made me sick to my stomach:

James potter’s girlfriend fooling around with a Malfoy!
We have received news from an inside source that Elisabeth Finnigan James potters current girlfriend has given her virginity to Scorpius Malfoy. After Slytherins victory yesterday the potter-Weasley clan gathered for a family dinner at Hogwarts the conversation turned to James and Elisabeth. A simple comment made Elisabeth’s supposedly best friend blurt out that Elisabeth shagged Scorpius Malfoy. Malfoy happened to be there with his father Draco-


I couldn’t read any more because all I could think was that my dad read the prophet every day.


Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the super cool J.K Rowling


Uh oh how do you think Elisabeth dad will react we all know he doesn’t like the Malfoy’s much. Also who rated to the prophet? Stay tuned and find out. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts. Check out my Flickr account: moony_elisabeth_harry for pics from the story





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