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Mischief Managed by Phoenix_Rayne
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Chapter Three

Sirius’s POV

Why does there always have to be so much damn light? I inwardly groaned as sunlight streamed insensitively into the room. Where are my dark curtains when I need them? I then realized that I was not, in fact, in my room, and that I was holding the most beautiful creature in all of existence in my arms. Which leads me to where I am now.

I’m lying here, holding my best friend. How can I be stupid enough to love her? I’ll completely botch our friendship. She probably thought I was going to bite her face off last night, not even realizing that I was going to kiss her. She’s been spending too much time with James; his naivety is rubbing off on her. How could she not know? Because she’s too preoccupied with other things. I thought bitterly to myself. She doesn’t have time to think about things like that. She trusts me, and I’m betraying that trust.

A shift in position on Rayne’s part diverted my attention to her. One of the only times she ever looks at peace is when she’s sleeping. Silky auburn hair, green eyes that look to be pools of peridot and jade, soft pale skin, yet tan and toned from Quidditch and our little outside escapades, lithe body… I’m holding an angel.

My best friend, team mate, pranking extraordinaire, (Well she couldn’t be called a Marauder without that!) soul mate, the love of my life. I shook my head to clear it as thoughts of all the things I would like to do with the lovely body of the person I am holding invaded my mind.

I figured out my feelings last summer. I had always felt protective. Like a wild animal was trying to burst from my chest in a show of ferocity to scare off any suitors, but I thought it was just me being overprotective… as usual.

I started this revelation one night as I was talking to James…as usual. I had allowed him to talk about Evans, (as usual) and so he asked me about any new lady friends I’d had a good time with recently. (as usual) James is the only one who knows I’m actually a virgin. Likewise, I’m the only one who knows he is too. Remus, however, we’ve no clue. He gets really raunchy right before the full moon and we let him do whatever. Trying not to think about our innocent Moony getting kinky in a broom cupboard. Especially since he’s been seeing a lot of my baby cousin, Tonks.

So anyway, I told James that I didn’t have any new lady friends (not so usual) and then delved into my predicament with Nyxie. (definitely not usual) Needless, or maybe not so needlessly, as this is a rare occasion, good ‘ol Prongs was speechless. Then shouted, “I KNEW IT!”

Yepp. That’s Prongs for you. So then, I freak out, Moony calms me down, (as usual) then puts my life into perspective for me, (as usual) and, and usual, I ignore his advice to tell Rayne when the moment is right. Then Wormy muttered something about cheese in his sleep. (As usual)

So now here I am, thinking about how Rayne is no longer the little girl who boasted to me when we were thirteen and her boobs came in, then refused to let me touch them for proof, (I had to try didn’t I?) and who bragged to James about catching the snitch faster, though she still sometimes does that, but more importantly, she’s not the little girl who refused to shave her legs because I didn’t, laughing hysterically when James claimed it was because I had nothing to shave, and even harder, if possible, when I yanked my trousers down to prove that I did have leg hair, which looked weird on my thirteen year old chicken legs, and didn’t realize I could have pulled one of the pants legs up.

I still haven’t lived that down.

Rayne is most definitely a woman. A very, very, beautiful woman who knows the meaning of loss, having lost both her father, through his death, and her mother, through her brokenness, in a very short period of time. Rayne is the one who named Grace. That’s what her father had wanted to name her, and Seth was trying to name her something stupid that would rival Walburga. I kid you not, that is my mother’s name.

So now you see my predicament. I don’t know how to tell Rayne.

Remus teases James and I, saying that if he ever meets a girl with red hair and green eyes he’s screwed. I can’t help but think that pink hair and blue eyes is damn near close enough.

Evans and Mason don’t know any more girls that fit the description (the red hair/green eyes combo) but Mason has been pretty chummy with Tonks. She’s fifteen, plays beater on the Gryffie quidditch team with me, and she’s damn close enough. She’s a metamorphagus, too, so who the hell knows what color her hair and eyes really are? When she was a baby, though, she had brown hair and the famous Black family grey eyes. Though Bellatrix has electric blue eyes, and she’s her aunt.

I once again focused on Rayne. Phoenix Rayne Mason. Her first animagus was a phoenix, of course, when she was 12. She then attempted to become a white wolf, which she did easily. By the time James and I had managed our one form at 13, she had five. She now, that I am aware of, can easily morph into a phoenix, wolf, horse, unicorn, (To follow through in saying that if James wasn’t careful, she’d shove a horn up his arse, which she hasn’t done yet) a Nereid, (Not a mermaid in the lake, an honest to Godric Nereid. Like from Greek mythology.) a dolphin, a dog (to tease me, I think) and a few others I’m not sure of. She also told me once that she is working on shifting part way and staying in between stages. She never ceases to amaze me.

I don’t think Lily truly realizes how smart her bet friend is. If she did, she’d be given a run for her money.

I watched as Rayne stirred and quickly shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep. I don’t want her to think I’m stalking her in her sleep or something. I mean, come on, I’m not that one guy. What’s his name? Oh yeah. Edward. The vampire that sparkles. No self-respecting vampire sparkles. Pshh. What a load of crap.

Rayne’s POV

Sunlight is streaming gently through my windows. Grace’s face is snuggled into my chest, (she insists on using me as a pillow) and my head is in the crook between Sirius’s arm and his chest; his arms around me.

This must be what heaven feels like.

I look over at the clock on the bedside table to my right. The time is 11:00 in the morning.

“Mrs. Potter let us sleep in,” I mused quietly to myself. The room is unusually quiet, but I can’t figure out what’s missing.

I glance over at Sirius. His ebony waves are falling carelessly over his face. They rest just above his muscular shoulders.

Godric. He’s fucking perfect.

Wait a minute? Where did that come from? I shook my head, trying to clear the image of him naked.

Carefully, I gently placed a strand of his hair in my fingers. “You’re probably going to cut it soon. I don’t want you to.” I said quietly, fingering his silky hair.
His mouth was hanging gently open, and- in that very instant- I knew he was awake. Because, he made his mistake. A light snore passed from his parted lips. I realized what made the room feel empty. Sirius, though he denies it, snores. And his snores, well, sound like a bleeding chain saw from hell. On crack. Severely inebriated. And everything else you can do to yourself without dying.

“Sirius Orion Black!” Sirius winced as I stressed his middle name. His father’s name. Yes, it’s cruel of me, but I want him to think I’m mad! “How long have you been lying there, watching me like some sugar cookie bleeding joke of a vampire?!” I mock shouted at him, sitting up.

“Shush, love. You’ll wake the children.” he said, pulling me back to him and kissing my cheek. I rolled my eyes at his antics. Damn boy knows me too well to think I was actually mad. I decided on another route.

“Do you want sleep, or are you really itching for a good snog and shag, Mr. Black?” I teased, giving my best McGonagall (Who we lovingly christened, Minnie) stare.

“Well I was going to sleep, but if you’d prefer otherwise…” he flipped me over so he was suspending me above him with his incredible arms, No, Nyxie! Stop! and puckered up, making kissy noises. I pushed his face away with my left hand,

I wonder what would happen if I were to kiss him. Probably kiss me back on principle alone. This is Sirius Black, after all.

“We should probably go downstairs, you know.” I suggested when he set me down. “There’s a little monster to feed.” I motioned toward my daughter. I mean, sister. Awh screw it, I’ll call her me daughter.

“Nahh.” he replied, giving me a teasing look.

“What?” I asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Is that how I ended up shirtless?” he waggled his eyebrows at me.

I lifted one eyebrow. “You want it back? Though I have to admit, I’m not wearing a bra.”

“I noticed.” he mock grumbled, then laughed. “No, keep it. It looks better on you. Besides, it probably smells like girl.” he said with mock disgust.

It was my turn to laugh. “Actually, to keep from that horrifying situation, I charmed it. It still smells like you.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he threatened to lick it. I dared him to and squealed and turned my face away from him, receiving a cheek covered in spit, which I wiped on his hair, and his look of triumph turned to one of horror as he shrieked about his hair. He’s such a woman.

Grace opened her eyes and tugged on my sleeve. “Mummy. I’m hungry.” She not so patiently informed me.

“Well then, we need to get some food into that tummy of yours; don’t we, pumpkin?” Sirius asked her, and she nodded fervently. I rolled my eyes at Sirius’s ability to make all women swoon, even my two year old sister/daughter.

Lily’s POV

My mum just told me that Mrs. Potter phoned to invite me over. Apparently, Rayne arrived last night.

Maybe I’ll go, but I might have to drag Marls or Alice over with me. Marlene McKinnon, Alice Prewett, and Mary MacDonald are our roommates. Well, Mary used to be, but she switched places with Nymphadora Tonks and is now sleeping in the 5th year dorm. Okay. Whatever, Mary. Don’t let us in. Not that we blame her, her parents were killed and her sister is a 5th year. Tonks was nice enough to switch with her. I don’t think she really got on well with them anyway. I don’t think she minded at all, Tonks, that is, because last year, she used to sneak out with the Marauders, (Rayne included) and they would throw little parties. Ha. As if you could call any of the Marauders’ parties “little”. They never do anything quietly.

I shuffled downstairs and grabbed some toast, then apparated back to my room to annoy Tuni. She hates it when I do that. I finished my toast and grabbed my bikini. It was green, emerald of course, to match my eyes, and it had blue swirls on the bottoms. Rayne had gotten us matching bikinis. Hers was more of a shamrock color, though, and had white and brown swirls on the bottoms instead of blue and white.
I threw on a pair of shorts, an open button down top, grabbed a towel and extra clothes, threw everything into a bag that was charmed to stay small and light but held everything, and I mean everything and anything, and charmed my makeup to stay on. I was about to sprint to the Potters’ when my mum called, “Lily Marie! Shoes!” Oops.

I quickly put on my black flip flops. They’re made of this really cool black cloth and they’re super comfy and have super thin straps. I then sprinted, as was the original plan, headlong to the Potters’ and knocked the griffin knocker eagerly.

Potter answered the door, raising his eyebrows at my choice of apparel, but nothing could ruin my mood.

“Eager to see me, are we, Evans? You’ve already done half of my job.” He said, gesturing to my bikini top and unbuttoned top.

“But, of course, Jamie.” I cooed at him. “It’s only natural that I would, seeing as we’re already caught up. I figured you would be, though, your guard dog would’ve told you I was on my way and I knew you’d start stripping.” I finished coolly, gesturing to his top, or rather lack thereof. He was clad only in his blue pajama bottoms.

He stared at me, shocked, until I heard his mother’s voice calling, “James? Is that Lily? Well don’t keep her standing there, invite her in!”

“Oh, right. Er, would you like to come in?” he asked me.

“I’d be delighted.” I flashed him my sweetest smile and stepped into the house. House is an understatement. Mansion.

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“Water, please.”

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. I think he was trying to clear it. Then disappeared into the kitchen as Black came out.

“Morning.” he said with a wink.

“Morning, Black. Is Rayne in there?” I asked pleasantly.

“Yeah. ‘Spect she’ll be out as soon as James mentions you’re-”


“Guess he just did.” Sirius said.

I didn’t have time to respond, seeing as I was knocked to the ground by all 5’ 11” of my best friend.

“Hello, love. Pleasant holiday?” I asked from our position on the floor. She was currently lying on my stomach, on her stomach.

“Better now that I’m here.” she muttered darkly.

I nodded, understanding that we would talk later.

“Want to swim?” she asked eagerly.

“No. I’m only here in my bikini because I want to show off my rack to everyone here.”

Potter’s eyes went wide at this and Sirius snorted, saying something about Rayne rubbing off on me to Remus, who had entered when James came back.

“Lily, we’ve had this talk,” Rayne said, mock scolding while Sirius picked her up from behind with one arm and helped me up with his other hand before setting her down. She wasn’t even phased in the slightest and continued, lowering her voice, but loud enough for everyone to hear. “It’s okay when we’re together, but these public displays are not acceptable!”

“But, but,” I whined loudly, “you have these, these, TRACKS OF LAND and I feel that I have to constantly flash my boobs around to keep up!”

Rayne laughed, Potter blushed, and Black snorted. Everyone laughed louder at James’s crimson face.

“Mummy!” I heard from the kitchen. I assumed it was Rayne’s sister, Grace, but did she call her Mummy?

“Hold on, Bear!” she called back. “I’ll be right back.” she said to me.

“I got it.” Sirius said.


“I got it.” he repeated firmly.

“Thanks.” she said.

In the kitchen, you could hear the squeals of laughter of a girl being thrown into the air and covered in kisses as Rayne gazed fondly at the kitchen door.

Potter handed me my water, running a hand through his hair. Again.

He has really changed. He’s tanner, broader, taller, his face had lost the boyish characteristics and matured into something else.

He’s gorgeous.

I suddenly felt insecure and pulled my open button down closed around me.

I glanced towards Rayne, where she was saying something to Black and he was snickering, then she took Grace and announced, “Nap time!”

Sirius invited Will to join us in swimming, but he politely declined, saying that he would rather explore.

We headed out to the pool.

James’s POV

Lily Evans is at my house. Evans is at my house. Holy shit! What do I do? She’s come over before, but she’s never talked to me before! She’s being… civil!

Maybe she likes me.

“She doesn’t like you.” Remus said to me.

“How the hell did you-”

“You were wearing your “Maybe-I-have-a-chance” face.” He told me.


After four rounds of chicken, Rayne sitting on Lily and Sirius on James, and Remus refereeing while Mrs. Potter brought snacks, Rayne and Lily came out as the obvious winners, and Sirius was berating James for letting Lily win.

“Me?!” James said incredulously. “You were the one who fell over on your own just because Rayne untied her top and flashed you!”

Sirius adopted a dazed expression, then snapped, “Well have you seen her?! She’s got these, these…” Sirius made a crude massaging type motion in front of his chest.

“Tracks of land?” Rayne offered.
“Yeah!” Sirius exclaimed. Then, realizing his faux pas, blushed.

James pushed him into the pool. “He needed to cool off if you know what I mean.”

Sirius sprang from the water and grabbed James, dragging him with him.

Lily snorted.

Then Rayne let loose a battle-cry worthy of the Lord of the Rings movies while standing on her chair while making crude hand gestures involving several pelvic thrusts before diving into the pool, flipping 3 times in the air (Like a jedi) and screaming “CANNON BALL!!!!”

Thus sinking Atlantis.
And drenching Lily.
Who yelled at James.
Who didn’t defend himself and glanced at Sirius and Rayne.
Who were making bets on how long it would be till James and Lily were snogging each other senseless.

And for a moment, everything stopped because Remus was eating the cookies.

And then World War III broke out.

Sirius and Rayne stole the cookies, claiming their mothers didn’t care enough to make them for them and that they should have them because James could have them any day.
“What about us?” Lily asked, gesturing to herself and Remus.

“Fine.” Rayne said, eyeing them suspiciously.

“Share!” Mrs. Potter called.

And all was peaceful in the kingdom until…

There was only one cookie left.

And then…

Sirius jumped on Remus, Rayne tackled James, and Lily rolled her eyes.

Grace came out and picked up the cookie.

Everything stopped.

Rayne was over one of James’s legs and under another, clenching a fistful of his hair, sprawled across his chest.

Remus and Sirius were in very compromising positions, and quickly sprang apart, shuddering.

Grace walked over to Sirius.

Then slammed the cookie into his face, smudging and smearing it with both of her little hands.

“How’d she get out?” Lily asked. Everyone shrugged. (Well as best they could, given their positions)

“I’m magic!” she giggled, “g” pronounced “yeh”.

“Kids! Time for lunch!” Mrs. Potter called.

Sirius scooped Grace onto his shoulders, his face covered in chocolate, her cookie smothered hands locked into his hair. Rayne quickly jumped onto Remus’s back, and Lily glared at James, before saying, “Awh, what the hell? Why not?” And promptly leaping onto his back and racing to the chaos that was feeding starving teens and otherwise called lunch. And absolutely freaking delicious.

A/N: What do you think? Please review! It makes me so happy!
I know that Twilight and LOTR aren’t created yet, but whatever! It’s my story and they make for interesting comedy.

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