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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Louise sighed and closed her eyes. She was sat in the busy common room. Herself, Rosie and Alex had grabbed the sofa's by the fire and Louise just needed to close her eyes for five minutes, in peace and quiet...

"Remus please" someone cried as the portrait door flung open, Louise's eyes snapped open and she groaned.

"Jasmine, just leave it" Remus snapped.

Louise turned around, behind her stood a very cross looking Remus Lupin and a very distressed looking Jasmine Hanson. Followed by a very pissed off looking Sirius Black and a skeptical James Potter. Louise saw Lily raise her eyebrows at the boys entering the common room.

"I swear, he kissed me, i'd never kiss him, not over you" Jasmine begged, Alex snorted.

"Sirius" Remus said turning to Sirius who was glaring at her, "do you Marauder swear she kissed you?" Remus asked impaitently, Sirius nodded.

"Course i do Moony, Marauder swear" he said putting his hand to his heart.

"Then i believe you" Remus said simply, turning to Jasmine.

"Buh-bye" James said, shooing her off, she scowled.

"He might be lying" she protested.

"He's not" Remus said, Jasmine glared at him.

"How do you know?" she snarled, "he's lied before, you heard everything the other night, he's lied to her loads" she said pointing a finger at Alex who showed her a different finger back.

"Drop it" Alex sighed, laying her head down on a cushion, "im trying to sleep, im meant to be relaxed" she added.

"He's not lying, we would know, it's a spell" Remus explained, Jasmine gaped.

"Slut" Alex muttered, Louise snickered.

"Shut your mouth McCord unless you want me to hex it shut" Jasmine spat venomously, Alex held her hands up in mock defeat.

"Better go and change my pants, think i just shat myself" she mocked, getting up and heading up to the dormitory, Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"Please Remus, i don't like him" she pleaded.

"I think it's best you just leave" Remus said awkwardly, Jasmine gaped then turned on her heel and stormed upstairs.

Louise sighed, she picked up her bag and walked past the Marauders, heading for the library. Rosie behind her, she was sick of all the drama.


James watched Remus watch Louise walk out the common room. As the portrait door closed, Remus sighed and walked up to the dormitory. 

James sighed and flopped on the sofa next to Lily and Sirius, Peter was sat facing the fire reading Transfiguration Today.

Sirius was writing a letter to his brother Regulus, James could see a bit of it over Sirius’ shoulder, it said things like. ‘I hope you and your death eater friends burn in hell’ ‘tell the olds, I couldn’t be happier living with James’ ‘tell them im friends with mggleborns just to piss them off’ ‘in fact tell them me and my PUREBLOOD girlfriend broke up and im dating a muggle’. James sniggered silently, Sirius loved pissing off his brother and his parents it was his favorite hobby.

James glanced at Lily, she was writing her Potions essay. ‘That should be easy for her’ James thought, ‘best at potions in our year, well her and Snivellus’.

“Hey Sirius, when your done abusing your family! Want to go have some funny, Marauder style?” James raised his eyebrows at his best friend who had looked up from his letter.

“Do you mean fun with the ladies?” Sirius said with a wink, “or fun as in; dying Snivelly’s hair yellow?”

“As in pranks Sirius!” James reminded his best friend.

“Hey what about me?” Peter said turning around looking annoyed.

“Sorry Pete, thought you were too wrapped up in that book, sure come on I’ve been planning this prank for ages and it involves the Slytherin’s, let’s go get Remmy as well it’ll cheer him up I swear” James, Sirius and Peter leapt up, forgetting Lily was there.

“Wait, where are you going?” Lily said looking up from her book, she obviously had not been listening to their conversation otherwise they’d be straight in detention.

“Aw come on Lils, you know I love you but I can’t risk getting detention” James moaned.

“But I can’t sit here all by myself can i?” Lily groaned.

“Well maybe if you didn’t piss of your friends” Sirius joked, Lily shot him a death glare.

“Aw come on, how long will you be?” Lily asked curiously.

“Depends” James shrugged.

“Well where are you going?” Lily asked inquisitively. James raised his eyebrows, “I won’t give you detention” Lily muttered.

“Unbreakable vow it” Sirius hissed. James looked shocked and stared at Sirius.

“How very Slytherin of you Padfoot” James mocked.

“I was kidding, Slytherin Prank of course” Sirius chuckled.

Lily raised her eyebrows at them, but said nothing she turned to face the fire her eyes on her book, the three boys stood there awkwardly until Lily turned around.

“You can go now” she told them, they grinned at her and ran up to the boys dormitory, Remus was sat facing his headboard in a world of his own.

“MOOOOOOOONY” Sirius yelled at the top of his voice, Remus jumped obviously oblivious to the fact that they had just walked through the door.

“What?” Remus snapped.

“Slytherin Prank it’s gonna be great, I pwomise it’ll cheer you up, they’re all coming out from last lesson, come on Moons” James said in a pleading baby voice. Remus chuckled and sighed; he got up off his bed and grinned at James and Peter.

“James Potter you are head boy" Remus said sternly, James shrugged and Remus chuckled following them out of the dormitory.
They were finally out of the common room, walking down the staircases, they had walked past Lily who had told them to not to get in to much trouble, they had poked their tongues out at her, maturely of course, and ran out of the common room.


“Right” Sirius cackled, “There’s a couple of Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s in this huge group as well, so what do you want me to do about them”.

“Umm dunno, leave them there, I think it’ll only affect the Slytherin’s but I think Daniel Pain and Paul Withers are in that group so it won’t matter if we get them as well” James chuckled.

“Kay what do you need me to do Prongs?” Sirius grinned at his friend.

“I actually need you to make a show of yourself so the Slytherin’s don’t move, ideally they need to shout stuff at you and stay put, and can you do that Pad?” James asked him, he turned around but Sirius had already disappeared.

“HELLO PUREBLOOD FREAKS” Sirius yelled, and just to his luck all the Slytherin’s turned around to face him.

“What do you want you filthy blood traitor?” Someone shouted out, Sirius grinned.

“Reg? Reg was that you? Blimey Reggie I haven’t see you in weeks, how’s the parents?” Sirius smirked at him when Regulus had made his way out of the crowd.

“What do you and your filthy blood traitor friends want Sirius?” Regulus spat, coming out from the crowd and to Sirius’ glee the Slytherin’s were looking from himself and Regulus intently, they weren’t going anywhere.

“Aw come on Reg don’t be so blunt” Sirius said pretending he cared.

From the side of him he heard James mutter an incantation and Sirius stared at Regulus and noticed his tie and badge had turned into Gryffindor colors and the Gryffindor badge was on the side of his cloak, Sirius barked out a laugh even Lily sniggered and tried to disguise it with a cough. What was funnier is that the Slytherin’s hadn’t noticed.

“What’s so funny?” Regulus sneered.

“Not much Reggie, how’s mum?” Sirius snickered.

“Seriously ill actually Sirius” Regulus spat.

“Oh shame, well send my get well soon’s” Sirius smirked.

He looked Regulus up and down, his eyes landing on his shoes, Sirius started to laugh again at what he saw, he averted his eyes upwards boring them into Regulus’. Regulus had obviously not noticed that his shoes and every other Slytherin’s had turned bright maroon and gold.

“Sirius you’re a pathetic excuse for a Black you know that?” Regulus scoffed

“Well Regulus you are a pathetic excuse for a slytherin you know that?” Sirius was practically peeing himself with laughter.

All the Slytherin’s robes were maroon and gold with the Gryffindor lion on the back, their trousers were bright pink as well. They had been Gryffindored. They had finally started to notice when James had changed the color of their robes but before they had been oblivious to it and they were shrieking some of them muttering incantations, but the spells weren’t wearing off. To Sirius’s delight Snivellus was amongst them and he looked absolutely ridiculous.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter ran back to the common room, collapsed in a chair wetting themselves with laughter and telling Lily what happened and as they had expected Lily looked very stubborn and strict.

“You could’ve been caught” she muttered, Sirius groaned.

“This is why girls don’t get told about pranks Prongs, I don’t care how much you love her” Sirius whined. James sniggered.

“And something might’ve gone wrong” she continued.

Sirius threw a cushion at her and it hit her on the face, she growled but shut up. They sat in silence all doing their own thing for about an hour. When the common room door opened and in walked Rosie Chaplin, Louise Edwards and Alexandra McCord. Sirius groaned and sunk lower in his chair, Lily got up and walked out the common room, probably towards the library and Remus went up to the dormitory.

“Wow ladies, you’re doing great for friends, your presence makes your ‘best friend’ leave the room and head to the library, it makes Remus leave the room and go to his dormitory and you make Sirius feel uncomfortable” James mock applauded them. Rosie glared at him.

“Shut up Potter” she snarled.

“No in fact I have freedom of speech and at the moment you three are not in my good books, all of you have upset Lily, Edwards you have hurt Remus and McCord whenever you come into a room my best friend squirms so much obviously afraid he’s going to be punched or screamed at in front of everyone, at the moment you girls are looking very Slytherin, you should be ashamed of yourselves” James growled at them.

“He has a point” Sirius said sitting up, jumping to James defence, “my family would be impressed with the way you three are acting, having an argument with a muggle-born, one of you rejected a half-blood and another one of you punched a ‘blood traitor’ my mother would happily take one of you three under her wing” he snarled at them. They all looked shocked especially Alex who it probably hit the hardest.

“Piss off Black” Alex muttered angrily storming past him, but Sirius grabbed her arm and spun her around, he was strong he looked her right in the eyes and glared at her.

“I don’t even know what the hell happened to you, you used to be so nice and sweet and now have a look how you treat people Alex, the way you’re going you’ll end up like our parents, bitter and rotten, so don’t tell me to grow up or grow a pair, when Im not the one who needs to do the growing up” Sirius glared at her.

Letting go of her arm, he walked up to the dormitory after Remus followed by James and Peter, leaving Alex stood their very, very confused.

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