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Letters to L.C. by ScarletRoses
Chapter 3 : Mermaid Tears and Broken Butts
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Of course this gorgeous chapter image was made by paradox. at TDA. she's brilliant.


To say that I needed a tutor was an understatement. I was never good at many classes, unable to focus that part of my mind on listening. My fifth year I had received a tutor, via McGonagall’s request, but had scared them away in two sessions.


Who would have known that if you mix two spells together (because I couldn’t remember which one to use) things would explode?


Somehow, I had managed to get into NEWT Potions. I think Slughorn felt bad for me, because I had sat there begging him to accept me into his class. He explained to me if I blew up the classroom again, I would be out of his class.


Like that would happen…for the fifth year in a row.


I was one of the first students in the classroom, so it was easy for me to take the best table. Guess there is a luxury of having your life threatened by Sirius Black.


As people filed in, no one took the open seat next to me. Someone even took the chair from next to me, placing it at a different table. Sadly, I was used to this, not only in Potions either. People acted as though I had dragon pox.


I convinced myself a few times that I did, just to lessen the blow of the weird stares.


“Alright class, today we are going to be-“ Slughorn started, his normal bellow echoing around the room. The slam of the door interrupted him.


Sirius stood in the doorway, a smirk playing on his lips. He nodded at Professor Slughorn as though he hadn’t interrupted him one bit.


“Nice of you to join us, Mr. Black.” Slughorn said, his tone bitter.


“I thought so,” Sirius retorted, receiving a few laughs from his classmates.


“You can take the open seat next to Ms. Crowley.” Slughorn stated. I looked around at first, not sure if he was referring to the spot next to me or not.


Bollucks. Who else has the name Crowley.


I silently hoped that he had accidentally said my name or that I had imagined it.


“Next to her?” Sirius asked, disgust dripping from his voice.


I frowned and turned to glare at him. He was staring at the seat next to me, as though it were filled with tiny inch worms. I looked at the chairless spot too, imagining a chair made out of inch worms and cringed immediately.


Stupid disgusting inch worms.


“Yes. Maybe you can teach her a few things, yes?” Slughorn said, turning towards the board and away from the conversation.


“I’m sure he could,” James said from across the room. Sirius shot him the dirtiest look I’ve seen exchanged between the two. “Sorry mate, habit.” James added with a wince.


I swore I could see smoke coming out of Black’s ears. Fuming (smoking more like it), he took a chair from a nearby table and sat down at the place furthest away from me. Good. If that spot had inch worms, I didn’t want to get infested. They’d crawl towards him first, being that he’s more good looking than me.


Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about an infestation of any sorts. Sirius might have to, actually. They’d crawl in his ears (which did look a little small, to be honest) and then they’d make their way up to his brain and eat it.


“What are you staring at, Crowley?” Sirius hissed at me. I teared my eyes away from his small ear and looked at the cauldron.


“You have abnormally small ears. Probably just look small because of your large head,” I said nonchalantly. I felt his eyes burning into the side of my head, but didn’t desire to turn towards him. I could feel my own head smoking.


“Get started!” Slughorn demanded. People started bustling around, walking towards the supplies cupboard and grabbing their ingredients. I took as long as I possibly could flip towards the designated page. I had to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible.

When I glanced up from my book, Sirius was already at the cupboards, digging out ingredients. Bollucks. I suppose he did want a good grade after all, but did he really have to bring those ingredients to our table? Did he not understand why no one wanted me as a partner? Did he not understand that the cauldron in front of us would blow up in less than a half hour with my luck? Obviously not, because he came back, slamming multiple ingredients on our table.


I finally reached the designated page. I scanned the list on ingredients and glanced at what he had brought back. “Looks like you got it all…” I commented, though I hadn’t the slightest clue if he really had.


He chose to ignore my comment and started a fire beneath the cauldron. I took to letting my eyes wander around the room. Lily Evans was partnered with James Potter, muttered nasty words under her breath. Lily Evans avoided Potter like he was the plague. Almost as much as she avoided me. James reached towards Lily who immediately slapped his hand away without a second thought as to where he was reaching.


I chuckled to myself, but felt the cold eyes on me once again. I reluctantly snapped my eyes towards my own table where Sirius was (once again) glaring daggers at me. I swear he has magical powers (well other than the obvious). He could probably burn me with his eyes if he wanted. He was probably debating that, actually.


“Are you going to help at all?” He asked, his voice low and it was actually quite terrifying.


I wasn’t sure what to do, to be honest. The words in my potions book didn’t do me any good, since I barely knew what ingredients were what. Sirius went back to chopping up his root-like object, so I took one that looked similar and started to do the same. Until I felt the knife yanked out of my hand.


“No! You do not get to use a knife, are you crazy? Wait, don’t answer that.” Sirius slammed the knife down on his opposite side. Great. Now what was I supposed to do?

I reached for a jar labeled “Mermaid Tears”. Not only did the tears look like individual drops of rain, I could hold them in my hand! I took out one and then another and another until my hands were filled with Mermaid Tears. I tossed them from hand to hand, the movement going faster and faster. It was like the tears were alive and jumping in my palms!

The next part wasn’t my fault, I swear. The tears had a mind of their own when they took a leap out of my hand and into the fire beneath the cauldron. I personally thought it would put the fire out, but no, the fire blazed around the cauldron in an attempt to swallow it whole. It didn’t stop either, the fire reached inside the cauldron and started eating our potion too!


“What the bloody hell-?!” Sirius yelled, grabbing out his wand and soaking our desk in water. I didn’t even have to look up this time; I knew the glare was on me.


“It was the Mermaid Tears…they leaped at the fire…” I mumbled, but I knew no defense would work.


Sirius gathered all of his belongings in one sweep of the desk and stomped (rather like a child, actually), towards James. They talked in hushed tones, seeming to have a heating conversation. Then, both returned towards my table, eyes set in hard stones.


“Lenny, why don’t you go work with Lily? She’s pretty good at potions,” James suggested, but I knew it was more of a demand.


How the bloody hell was me and Sirius supposed to have our relationship if he spit me out at everyone? I chuckled again to myself, probably making me look like more of a nutter.


“Right-o,” I responded when they seemed to be staring at me for an answer. I thought people wanted me to be more silent?


I gathered my own belongings, trying to wring out my cloak that had been resting on the table. It was soaked with the water Sirius had poured over the table. I walked towards Lily, setting my things down and shooting her my best winning smile.


She gave me an odd look before going back to her potion. Great. The reputation of Loony Lenny probably just returned.













“Where the bloody hell do you think you’re going?” Teddy grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, stopping me from escaping. Bollucks.


“Outside. It’s rather nice out there. I think I have Quidditch practice or something today.” I tried, but knew he wouldn’t go for it, because that Ravenclaud (haha, my mind made that one up and it’s rather clever) knew my whole schedule better than I did.


“Did you not hear me calling to you?” He asked me. I furrowed my eyebrows, recalling saying his name back.


“I said your name too.” I told him. He raised his eyebrows, doing the opposite movement as me.


“Lenny, let’s take a walk, shall we?” Teddy asked, but I knew it was more of a demand. He wrapped his arm through mine and dragged me in the opposite direction I was going.


I knew I should’ve stayed in bed this morning.


He didn’t stop, nor did he talk. He just kept walking. Dragging me up staircases, around corners, and through corridors. I felt as though I was going to get the biggest lecture of my life. I scanned my mind to see if I could recall getting a particularly bad grade, but came up with nothing that would get me a Teddy Lecture. I didn’t get any detentions, did I? I had received detentions while day dreaming before and never even realizing it.


Finally, after what seemed like days (it really did seem like days), he stopped in an empty corridor. Was he going to kill me? If he did, there would be no one who would ever look for me. Teddy would be the only one to ever lead a search party for me and if he killed me, he’d never look for me. Bollucks, he’s going to kill me!!


“Before you kill me, remember I’m your twin and what goes around comes around buddy! I will haunt you!” I shrieked, pulling away from him as fast as I could manage.


“Kill you? Merlin, Lenny. You’re crazy, you know that?” Teddy said, giving me a warming smile. My shoulders fell as I sighed. Good, he wasn’t going to kill me. “But I could kill you. Bloody hell, Lenny! Mind telling me what’s going on?”


“Well...I started a fire in Potions today, nothing new. Not my fault though, those Mermaid Tears jump by themselves, I swear!" I knew he was fishing for a specific answer, but I didn’t have the proper answer.


“No…that letter Sirius was talking about this morning sounded a hell of a lot like you…and your initials are L.C! You can’t possibly…” Lenny seemed at a loss for words as he stopped himself.


“Well, I told him to eat his toe, so you don’t have to play big brother, Teddy. It’s not like Sirius-toe-eating-Black would ever look at Loony Lenny anyways, so let’s be realistic here.” I growled, quite angry that Teddy didn’t seem to believe I could ever be destined for someone like perfect Sirius Black.


Well, it was true.


“I didn’t mean it that way, Lenny. Any guy would be…lucky to have you.” He smirked at me, slinging an arm over my shoulder. “Not that I wouldn’t kill them. I would, totally. It’s just…Sirius Black? Those stars must have been out of line. You deserve someone so much better.”


“I thought he was your friend?” I asked, giving him a smirk back. This was my Teddy, someone not even those blonde bimbos could take away.


“He is, he’s just not the best guy. You know that, though.” Lenny directed me out of the corridor, deciding that the drag all the way here was not necessary. “Just don’t keep up these letters, yeah? He’s going to figure out it’s you sooner or later. You are way too creative with your insults. ‘Eat your toe’?”

We both laughed as we entered the Great Hall, both of our laughs matching. It was weird, but we were like a puzzle that fit together. Just because we were twins did not mean we were alike, but it did mean that we completed each other. We have been together since we were created, for Merlin’s sake! We were once the same “person”, so to speak. If I had one person in this whole world, it was Teddy. Teddy was my Teddy.


My Teddy.


He sat down next to me, but shortly after, we weren’t alone anymore. Remus Lupin sat opposite me, a knowing look on his face. I knew what was coming before he even said it. Was I really going to be bombarded with questions about this damn letter all day?


“Lenny… can we talk?” Remus asked, glancing at Teddy who seemed to suddenly tense his shoulders.


“Is it about the thing with the…person?” I asked, trying to see if he even remembered. I had hoped all day that nargles had eaten his brain.


“Err…yes.” Remus said, catching on to my logic.


“Teddy knows.” I told him, grabbing the butter and drowning my potatoes in it.


“Oh. Do you? How’d you-Oh, this morning when Sirius said the letter. I thought that was pretty obvious too.” Remus said, giving Teddy a warm smile.


“Bollucks, I thought he would have put two and two together. Sirius gets the most of Lenny’s insults as it is! Thought he would recognize one if he saw it.” Teddy added, his shoulders untensing as he fell into easy conversation. It was like I wasn’t even there. And I was alright with just eating my potatoes in silence.


“Sirius is pretty thick, though.” Remus added with a chuckle.


“If thick means gorgeous, then yes.” Sirius had piled in, sitting next to Remus as did the rest of their mates. I grumbled, stuffing more potatoes into my mouth.


“Is that all you’re going to eat?” Peter said from next to me, looking at my mound of potatoes in disgust.


“Let her. I hope the butter kills her.” Sirius hissed. I glared at him and without a thought, picked up my fork and flung the potatoes at him.


“Nope. Potatoes don’t kill.” I said with a shrug, returning to eat my potatoes. There was a small gasp, but it wasn’t like that was the first time I had flung food at Black’s face.


This joke of us being destined was getting funnier and funnier as time went on. Really, it was getting quite comical to me.


That was until I felt something meet my face. Something that actually had substance to it. I felt it mesh against my face, but before I could react, I flew away from the table in shock (and to be honest, from the force of the pie in my face). I hit the ground and the first thing I felt was pain. Utter pain shooting up my spine and melting my insides. White hot pain.


I let out a loud shriek and rolled over onto my stomach. I could barely handle the pain. I grabbed onto Teddy’s arm and felt tears pricking my eyes. This had to be ridiculous to anyone looking on. I couldn’t sit up from the pain. Teddy jumped over the bench and knelt down beside me.


“What the bloody hell did you do, Padfoot?” I heard James asked, but I squeezed my eyes shut to try to block out the pain.


“Lenny, where does it hurt?” Teddy whispered, his comforting voice washing over me, but not enough to stop the white hot pain. I gestured towards where I felt the pain, but not sure of where I had gestured towards.


“Bloody hell.” I heard sodding-Sirius say, as though he were choking back laughter.


“It’s her tailbone.” Teddy said, all seriousness in his voice.


“Merlin, Sirius! You broke her butt!” James shouted, not holding back his laughter. 

 Bloody Hell. I had a broken butt. 

 How am I supposed to go to the bathroom?!




Author's Note: 

So, I know there are unnecessary spaces and such and I realize how annoying it is. I will fix it...eventually. It's a lot of work to go through and get rid of all the spaces, to be honest. I will try to fix this at a later date, but I'm not sure when I'll get around that.

I am very greatful for everyone who has sent reviews! Keep doing it! It makes me feel all warm and tingly. And it actually gives me some ideas for the story! I love to hear what everyone has to say. The good and bad.

Rate/Review and the chapters will come faster...maybe...if I decide that this is more important than school (which the semester is almost over so chapters will be up faster)!

I know this chapter is overdue and that it's not all that important, but it's a filler, what do you expect? <3

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