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The Girl and The Snake by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 5 : Happy Halloween!
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Chapter 5




Hogsmead and of course the feast were the highlight of the chilly October day. It was a Saturday and Rose had just woken to sunlight, streaming in threw her window.

Scorpius sat nervously on the edge of his bed, a flower in his hands. A rose, to be exact. He ventured down the stairs, and up to the girls dormitory. He knocked gently. Rose quickly shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Scorpius moved silently over to her bedside table and sat down the rose. He bent down and with a light, yet swift moment, he brushed the hair from Rose’s eyes. She opened them and yawned.

“Good Morning my Rossie.”

“Morning Scorp. Happy Halloween!”

“Yes, yes it is. Look Rose…”

“There’s no time to talk now Scorp, get out so I can change and get ready for Hogsmead!”

Scorpius walked out, leaving the door cracked, he leaned against the wall with the door.

“Don’t you wanna go with your friends Rossie? If you do, I totally understand…”

“What friends? Get real, you’re my best and only friend Scorp….. Alright, how do I look?”

Rose stepped out, wearing a white, grey, and black striped sweater and jeans. Her hair was curled, as it naturally is, and her bangs were pulled back, out of her face.


“You look …… great.”


Scorpius and Rose walked out of the castle, heading down to the three broomsticks to grab lunch before going about their trip.

“Do you need any supplies before we eat?”

“Actually, I could use with a few new quills and ink. I am always running low on those. But Mum and Dad could only get me 17 Knuts and a galleon. Money is a little tight right now….”

Scorpius nodded. He could understand that. Growing up with his father being the only sane one really impacted the Malfoy savings. His mum cleaned them out their first year of marriage. They were lucky they had inherited the Mansion from Draco’s mum and dad. It just so happens Scorpius was a master at odd jobs and had saved up enough to buy Rose a decent Christmas present for once.

“Alright let’s go there first. I have to grab something for my mum, so you can start eating and I will be back soon.”

“Don’t you need to eat?”

“No, just save me a butterbeer.”


He smiled down at her, and Rose felt her knees go week.


“Alright I need 3 quills and a bottle of ink please, sir.”

“Sure thing, sweetie! That’ll be 17 knuts and 2 sickles please.”

“Um, make that 8 quills and two bottles of ink.”

Rose looked up at him quizzically and Scorpius shrugged.

“That’ll be a galleon and 2 knuts please.” The peppy store keeper said delightfully


Before Rose could even open her handbag, Scorpius slapped down the money, grabbed up the quills and walked out of the store.


“I can pay for myself you know!” Rose came charging down the pavement after him. Scorpius stopped and pushed the quills into her hand. He gave her a meaning look and started back down the pavement.

“So that’s it! You just do your noble deed then walk away!?” She yelled.


“Fine! I’m going to get some lunch!”


“Come find me when you get an attitude adjustment!”

“I won’t.”

“Uhg!” The frustrated Rose stormed off in the other direction.

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