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Perfect: That is Me. by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : Perfect: That Is Me.
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Chapter Image by Karni (MyMyMiss at TDA)

I stared up at the ceiling blankly as the last of the common room occupants retired to their dormitories. I closed my eyes, sighing, revelling in the moments of peace and quiet. How much ever I liked being the centre of attention, tonight I wasn’t in the mood. Okay, maybe I was, but not so much as always.

I slowly got up from the plush green sofa that I’d been seated on and walked towards a little corner in the room where a large ornately decorated mirror stood, with a few accessories around it. Courtesy to my dear boyfriend’s father, we, meaning us Sixth Year Slytherin girls, had succeeded in getting this luxury established in our common room. We had each wanted one such amazing mirror in our dormitories but unfortunately they were too small so we instead put it in here.

As I stared at the dark-haired girl staring back at me from the mirror, I couldn’t help but smile. If there was one thing that could lift my spirits, it was looking at my own reflection. I loved myself – every bit of my perfect body and my gorgeous face. I was proud of whom I was, coming from a rich pureblood family and having the most handsome and rich guy in my Year as my boyfriend. Yes, I was lucky, and it made me happy to see how others envied me – especially that bunch of silly Gryffindors. It was no secret that they all hated me and my precious gang, especially the so-called Golden Trio, but I knew the real reason for their hate was that they were jealous of me. After all, I was amazing, and they were not.

Unfortunately, tonight I wasn’t feeling quite amazing. My lovely boyfriend had been absent for too long, for the fifth day in a row. Tonight, I was determined to confront him.

Picking up a lip-gloss and applying it carefully over my lips, I contemplated on what to say to him. We had never really argued, not really, so I didn’t quite know how to react to his sudden aloofness. As I combed my long, dark, sleek and shiny hair, I wondered what he had been up to all these days. He did say he’d been appointed something important by the Dark Lord, but I wasn’t sure if he was boasting or not. I knew how much he enjoyed boasting, and well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. I looked cool, and menacing to the others, when I was latched to his arm. I didn’t want my popularity to go down and if he carried on this way, it surely would soon. After all, I, being the great person I was, couldn’t be seen wandering alone, now could I? No, that would definitely be very bad for my reputation.

I smirked as the perfect solution came to me while re-applying my mascara. I, for one, knew very well how to throw tantrums – I could shriek, bang my fists, stomp my feet, and even pout effectively – my parents surely knew that too and now it was my dear boyfriend’s turn to get acquainted with it. I was not going to stand his distance from me for one more minute. And if the worst came to the worst, I could threaten him with spilling some of his deep secrets to the entire Hogwarts population; that would surely bring him back on track.

With having decided this, I walked over to the sofa again and settled on it, examining my perfectly manicured hands. To my dismay, I discovered there was a small blotch of ink on one of my knuckles. I gasped.

These kind of things happened to that bushy-haired bucktooth Gryffindor bookworm, and I couldn’t for the life of me think how on earth ink landed on my hands! Shaking my head, I took out my wand and performed a perfect Unblemishig Charm that left my skin as flawless and as smooth as ever. Now that was much better.

It was only mere moments later when I heard footsteps. So, my great boyfriend had finally decided to turn up after his late night trip. It was time to get in action.

Smirking to myself, I got up on my feet, tucked my wand away in the pocket of my too short black skirt and smoothed the front of my white top. I crossed my arms and allowed a pout to form on my lips as I tossed my hair behind, making sure I looked sexy yet annoyed at the same time.

Yes, the Slytherin Prince was surely going to get it from me tonight; after all I was perfect and I had my dignity, I wasn’t going to let him set me aside so easily for whatever mundane task he was up to. 

A/N: Hello lovely readers!! Well this was written for the WoodrowRynne's Unnamed Challenge where we had to include absolutely no names of characters in the story. It was pretty fun writing this piece, and I think my main character is pretty obvious right? I hope it is, because you have to be able to guess who do you think she is! So please leave reviews on who you think it is, and also give me your feedback on how you found this one-shot overall. Thank you for taking the time to read, and now the little box down below is waiting for your kind comments!

A gentle reminder: Constructive Criticism is welcome, Bashing my story is not.


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