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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 10 : Chapter Nine:- Sadness And Preparations
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What they didn’t know was that the clone was at this moment heading up to the cave. Once he’d reached his destination he started to hook himself up to the machine that the others had seen him use earlier. Once hooked up he started to think about the mind that he had touched earlier. With the extra boost of power that the machine offered, he was able to easily break through the mind blocks in Chris’s mind and he started to slowly manipulate that mind.

Chris – while he slept – was having dreams. Not nightmares, but pleasant dreams about a perfect world. A world in which he had a hand creating. A world where there was no poverty or hardship. There was also a voice in his head – but this was a different voice to the one that had been there before. This voice was softer and gentler – this voice was saying that only the two of them could make this type of world possible. All he had to do was get up right now and come up to the caves and stand together with him and follow him and his teachings. The voice was so hypnotic; he felt he could not disobey it.

The voice and the visions that Chris had see and heard were so enticing that without knowing it he got up and quietly – without waking the others – walked out of the farmhouse and headed back towards the village and the caves on the other side of the village.

He was now so entranced – with what the machine and the clone were doing to him – that he now appeared to have no will of his own. When Chris got to the caves he found not only the clone, but also the six boys they’d observed earlier. They were all there waiting for him to arrive.

The clone then spoke up.

‘Welcome to the latest follower to the cause.’ Turning to the others he said, ‘This boy will be my second in command. He’s almost as powerful has I am. You will obey him as you would me.’ And there was a joint response of ‘Yes master’ by all the boy’s.

The clone told Chris to stand in front of him, and slowly – without blinking or thinking twice about it – done what was ordered. Then the clone placed both his hands on either side of Chris’s head. Then the same light that Chris and the others had seen during their first trip to the caves was again emanating from the orb that was above the centre platform, and a straight beam fell from the orb and directed itself through the clone and out through the clones hands and into Chris. Chris shuddered slightly from the force of the beam, but eventually he had no choice but to succumb to the beam, drinking it in.

‘Now, my latest disciple, do you promise to follow me and obey me in all matters?’

‘Yes master’ replied Chris in a slow drawl.

‘Then join us in the circle and become the seventh follower within the inner circle.’

So Chris moved forward into the ring and turned to face the cloned version of Albus.

Has Chris joined the circle; Peter had awoken and noticed that Chris was missing.

‘Wake up everybody’ he said, ‘Chris isn’t here.’

Everyone woke up as soon has they heard this. There were questions asked – did anyone see him leave? When was the last time people had seen him? Etc etc – Liz even tried to contact him using telepathy, but to no avail.

‘I just don’t seem to be getting through to him. It’s almost like a barrier has gone up – just like the time we were up in the caves – and is blocking out any way of getting through to him. I’m afraid with him creeping away silently in the night, being careful not to disturb anyone, I can only surmise that he’s gone and joined the enemy.’ There were cries of,

‘No surly not. He’s one of us; he would never do that to us.’

‘I know none of you want to believe it – I for one certainly don’t – but in the absence of any other evidence that is the answer left open to us. So from now on all our plans have also to include beating him. And if I sensed things correctly earlier on, Chris is a very powerful person and he’ll probably be very difficult to beat. And if the clone and Chris have joined forces it could be near impossible to defeat them both. But either way, we have to try. I’d better report this latest setback to Doctor Williamson.’

Liz got her communicator out and was put through to the Doctor right away. After listening to what Liz had to say, he agreed with her. ‘If Chris had now gone over to the other side with the clone, we must now consider him to be an enemy, and a threat to be dealt with accordingly. So I’ll leave that to you to sort out as you see fit Liz, over and out.’ And with that the communicator went dead.

Liz looked away from her comrades, looking out towards the surrounding countryside kind of sad. She had been quite fond of Chris – like a big sister looking out for her little brother – and had been looking forward to helping him with his training. Helping him to hone his powers and other special abilities that he had. To encourage him to become what he was destined to in life. But all that seemed like it wasn’t going to happen anymore. With a big sigh Liz felt drained of all energy. Liz looked sadly out into the distance, out towards the distant hills and out towards the distant caves and towards where the final battle was inevitable, the battle that was to take place between themselves and the forces of the clone, because only the outcome of this battle would decide what was to come. Liz was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear any of the others coming up behind her.

‘I know this is difficult for you Liz’ said Andy ‘But what happened to make Chris switch sides was not your fault.’

‘I should have known that when someone falls asleep’ replied Liz ‘their minds are more vulnerable to suggestion. This must have been what happened last night, whilst we all slept. The clone must have probed his mind and turned Chris against us at time. Damn it, I should have seen it coming, I should have been better prepared.’ Liz suddenly seemed to pull herself together and turning to the others she continued,

‘Right every body, we haven’t got time to feel sorry for ourselves. We’ve a battle to fight, and win. So here’s what we have to do. We can teleport as far as the cave entrance, but because of the interference we’ll need to walk the rest of the way to the inner cave. Once we’ve crept into the inner cave – with our wands drawn ready for action – I know we won’t be able to stun the clone but if he’s left anyone on guard duty, we’ll be able to stun them, the less people we have to deal with the better. Once in the cave our main objective will be to destroy the orb and once we’ve done that, try and take out the clone….. and also Chris. We try and get has close as possible to the clone to use the device on him, and then with any luck we’ll be able to stun him and then take him back through time and bring back the original and swap them around. By the way, who’s got the device?’

Nobody answered her. A sudden dread came over Liz, she remembered giving the device to Chris, but not getting it back from him,

‘Oh no. Don’t tell me that Chris was the last one to have it?’

There were one or two nods of heads,

‘Darn it, by now he’ll have told the clone about it and it’s probably been destroyed. So I don’t think there’ll be any help from that quarter. We’ll just have to make do with what we have. Angie, you and Peter has soon as we enter the main cave dive for the left hand side and stun anyone who gets in your way. Andrew you dive to the right, again stunning anyone who gets in your way. I myself will take the centre of the cave and maybe the combined attack will be enough to catch the clone and Chris off balance. And we’ll also try for the machine as well. Once you’ve all dealt with your targets you are to help the others accordingly. But remember one thing, with Chris joining him, you can be sure that he’ll be stronger than ever and ready for us.’

For a few moments, everyone just stood there, thinking their own thoughts about what’s going to happen, about the outcome of the battle and about what the future was going to bring. I suppose they would have stood there for quite a while if Liz hadn’t spoken up.

‘Okay people, it’s time to go. But remember, this time we either capture the clone or we die trying. So look out for yourselves. Let’s go.’

Each of them thought about the entrance to the cave, and they disappeared. The only other thing you see is an empty and a few areas of trampled grass where they had been standing before they teleported.


Well that’s the next chapter. I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know what you thought in the little box below.

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