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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 17 : Birthday Wishes
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Disclaimer: I solemnly swear I don't own anything.
Mud splashed over me and sprayed into my mouth as I landed. I could hear The Slytherin crowd roaring their approval. I glared at them as I wiped the dirt off my face. The game wasn’t over yet. I would catch the snitch. I just had to find the little bugger. This was made incredibly difficult by the fact that we were currently being soaked by buckets of rain and I was up against Al Potter. He was possibly the most talented quidditch player ever.

I would tell James that actually, he’d probably kill me. 
The thought made me smile slightly as my captain landed and glared around at all of us. I hastened to replace the smile on my face with a scowl. If I was seen smiling while we were losing I would be killed. 
“WHAT IS WITH YOU ALL TODAY?!” she screamed over the top of the rain, though I’m not entirely sure if she wouldn’t have been screaming with or without rain.

Usually I didn’t really care about these things but today I had to agree. I hated losing to Slytherins and it was my birthday I needed a win seeing as everyone had forgotten. 


Even Michelle had forgotten.

I had to admit I was furious. I used that anger to keep me going and help me find the snitch. Also at one point I may have pushed one of the Slytherin beaters off of their broom. He chose the wrong day to slam his stupid bludger at me. 

The captain had now proceeded to yell at everyone separately. I cringed as I knew that my turn was soon. 
“And you Hardwick.” The captains voice dropped to a low hiss, I had to strain to hear it. I think I nearly wet myself; my captain is one scary girl. Don’t tell anyone else though. “FIND THE BLOODY SNITCH!” 

I did not just jump.

We all scampered back onto our brooms as soon as the whistle blew. None of us wanted to stay in that girl’s presence for too long. I didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if we lost the game. The thought made me inwardly shudder as I zoomed back up in the air and cast my gaze around for the snitch. I was higher than all of the other players except for Al who I sent a quick smile and nod to. He was a nice kid, a hell of a lot less arrogant than his older brother and, as I had recently learnt much less oblivious too. He had discovered my incredibly small, new found crush on Potter only a few days ago. The memory of it made me smile slightly as I continued my fruitless search. 

It was just after curfew and I was sitting in the common room waiting for Michelle. She was in the boys’ dormitory with Fred and his friend’s. It seemed like an important girlfriend moment for her so I hadn’t wanted to intrude. I was sitting as close to the fire as I could get, it was warm and cosy and I was glad I could go from the Ravenclaw common room to the Gryffindor one constantly. The cosiness of the Gryffindor one made me feel like I was safe and at home but sometimes it grew too much and I enjoyed being back with the quiet and studious Ravenclaw’s in my airy, blue common room, with the best view of the lake might I add. Anyway I was waiting for Michelle and although enjoying the warmth of the fire was starting to get a little irritated. I had spent most of the day waiting for Michelle, (to finish classwork, homework, getting dressed, doing makeup, snogging Fred etc.) that I was starting to feel like a rather ill used friend. As I sometimes do when I am feeling particularly grumpy I began to complain to myself. Under my breath, of course but it became clear that I was still heard when I heard laughter from across the common room. I turned to see James and couldn’t help from grinning. I tried to force my mouth to stop but it never listens to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if my face had lit up upon sighting him too. Thank Merlin he didn’t notice though, oblivious idiot. He came to sit with me by the fire. 
“Why aren’t you up with Michelle and Fred?”
“I already know Michelle well enough; she passed the friend test long ago.”
“Friend test?”
He sent me a bemused look.
“You don’t know what it is?” He was almost laughing.
I glared and he continued.
“I don’t know exactly. It isn’t a real test per say, it’s just we meet the girlfriend and decide whether or not we like her. You’d be surprised how many guys have broken up with their girlfriends because their friends didn’t like her.”
“That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.” I told him matter of factly. He gave me a faux pained look and turned back to the fire. 
“Do not judge the friend test.”
“I will judge the friend test because it’s stupid.”
“No, it isn’t”
“Yes, it is.”
“No it isn’t.”
“It really is.” 
“No it_”
“Oh, alright then. But just so you know I would most likely break up with someone if she didn’t pass the friend test.”
“Wow, you take it really seriously don’t you?” I teased, “But why only most likely?”
“Well, if I really thought I was in love with someone or if she was a
really good snog then maybe I’d disagree.”
“You’re a pig,” I punched him in the arm (perhaps with a little more force than necessary) but kept my tone light as I asked my next question. I had intended for it to be a joking question but I could feel my heart beating faster as I asked and my palms getting sweaty while I waited for his answer, “What if it was me your friends didn’t approve of, what would you do then?”
“I’d agree with them of course!” he exclaimed without thought, “Don’t care enough about you.”
He started laughing and upon seeing my hurt expression gave me a quick hug. “I’m just joking Ivy, you’re actually alright you know.”
I would have laughed along if I had been able to concentrate on anything but the fact that he smelled so good. James Potter was going to drive me insane I just knew it. I had to get out. 
“Listen,” I said, “Tell Michelle I’ve gone back to our common room because I’m sick of waiting for her.”
“Aww,” he replied sadly, “But I only came out here because Michelle said you’d be down here.”
“Whatever.” I snorted with disbelief. 
I got up to leave waving him a brief goodbye and on my way out was joined quickly by his younger brother who had been up there with Michelle and Fred but had gotten bored. I hadn’t known that he had heard pretty much most of our conversation.

“So,” he started after a few moments of silence, (it wasn’t awkward. I knew Al quite well from the previous year when he had decided to get vengeance on his older brother for all the times James had left him peeved. He had enlisted my help of course.) “How long have you fancied the idiot?”
I was about to start laughing at this, knowing full well just how much the constantly bickering brothers loved each other but then I fully comprehended what he had just said. I had forgotten how perceptive that kid was. 
“I don’t like James at all.” It wasn’t very convincing. 
He raised an all too knowing eyebrow and I glared at him. He didn’t even flinch. 
“Why don’t you tell him?”
Having completely forsaken all pretence I informed him, hating the slight edge to my voice as I did so, that Potter was my friend and didn’t like me back. All he did after that was laugh. Even long after the conversation he would glance at me every so often and laugh knowingly. Freak.

I glanced again at Al whose full concentration was on the task at hand. I didn’t know how he did it, focus so fully on something. I knew I sure couldn’t. Again thoughts of my so far horrible birthday came to my mind and that spurred me on to keep looking for the snitch. I needed a win today. I heard the roar of the Ravenclaw side of the crowd through the pouring rain as Ravenclaw scored its first ten points of the match. I grinned through chattering teeth and ignored the horrible feeling of being drenched. My hair, plastered to my head, was making it difficult to see along with the pelting rain, by this stage everything just looked like zooming blurs of green and blue. I couldn’t tell what was going on at all. 

Then suddenly I saw it. I thought it was a Hufflepuff at first but then I realised we were playing Slytherin and it wasn’t as bright as the Hufflepuff yellow. The snitch I squealed in excitement diving down to retrieve it. Al was hot on my tail having heard my squeal but all my energy was focused on that tiny ball of gold. I pushed forward with all my might straining to reach it, my hand was almost there and then there was a loud sickening crack and the crowd gasped in unison. Forgetting the snitch I glanced around to see who had been hit and then as pain spread through my arm I realised the Slytherin beater had gotten vengeance for the friend I had pushed off the broom. For a moment I couldn’t breathe and then everything went black. 

The first thing I became aware of when I woke up was a sharp pain in my arm and annoying tapping on my head. I opened my eyes with a quiet groan and immediately settled my glare on James. He smiled sheepishly and stopped hitting me lightly on the forehead, “I was bored.” His brother who sat next to him smirked and I could tell he was trying not to laugh at the both of us. I did not understand that boy at all. There had always been something about him; he always seemed to know too much, to be in tune with everyone, all their thoughts and feelings. Glaring suspiciously I wondered if he could read minds. 
“How long have I been out?” I wondered out loud noticing the sky had darkened to an inky black. 
“A few hours.” Michelle’s voice answered from the other side of the bed. I turned to smile at her, happy that she was there. 
“Pretty terrible way for your birthday to end huh?”
“Yeah,” I agreed, “Hey, wait a minute. You remembered?”         
“Well of course I remembered Ivy. I’m not that bad of a best friend am I?” she laughed lightly, “I got you a present.”
I opened up the small box she handed me and was faced with the most disgusting necklace known to mankind. It was almost impossible to comprehend how such a hideous thing could exist. The chain was delicate twisted silver and really quite beautiful but the bright pink gem. I hate pink. I turned to grin at Michelle,
"Good to see you’re keeping up the tradition of giving me things you love and I hate so that you can keep them."
 She laughed and hugged me quickly taking back my necklace and clipping it around her neck. Sometimes I forgot how much I loved Michelle. No one else understood us.

I could hear James and Al laugh from their seats as Michelle giggled happily.
“Thanks for sitting with me.”
“Oh, well now that you’re awake I’ll be going. You know how it is, can’t stand you while you’re talking.” James joked as he got up and stretched. I couldn’t help but notice how attractive his muscles looked in the tight grey t-shirt he had on. They rippled slightly as he stretched and I knew my eyes were probably looking slightly glazed as I stared for far too long at them. James smirked at me as he stopped stretching and leaned over to whisper something in my ear.
“You know, you shouldn’t make it so obvious when you’re perving on someone Ivy. If you wanted another snog I’d just ask instead of acting like a creepy pervert.” And then he walked away with the other two leaving me utterly gobsmacked. 

Had that just been a free invitation to snog him? 
If so this was turning out to be the best birthday ever.
But it couldn’t have been. Could it?

A/N: I'm so sorry you had to wait so long for such a terrible chapter.  I hoped you liked the ending though.  Do you think that it is possible James knows about Ivy fancying him?

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