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Scarlet. by weasleytwins123
Chapter 1 : Scarlet.
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The day I met Scarlet is one I would never hasten to forget. She was enchanting, exciting and utterly mesmerising in every way, and although both my parents had warned me of her nature, I ignored them, christening her both wonderful and pure as soon as I set my eyes upon her. 

It was dangerous, how I felt for her, considering what she was, but I couldn't help it. I trusted her completely, if she said she would never enchant me then I knew she would not. The thought of her, the way her dark curls fanned along her spine and her dark lashes framed those terrifyingly beautiful sapphire eyes, not to mention her soft, red lips and how they moved when she spoke my name. Her scent was her strongest power, you could smell it from a mile off, a mixture of flowers and a hint of unmissable danger. It was the scent of seduction. 

There was no denying that my infatuation was entirely more than just that. Enchantment or not, it had been love at first sight. 

The day I had met her had been a damp, dreary day, the occasional bouts of rain successfully covering all of Britain in small puddles of water. My siblings and I had returned from Hogwarts the day before, eager to learn of the surprise my mother had wrote to warn us of two weeks previous. I was now a fully fledged wizard, having finished my final year at Hogwarts I was to enter the world of work and adulthood in a months time. I had never once imagined how drastically I could have changed in one day, but upon meeting her my whole perspective of myself had altered. 

We had been waiting for an hour or so now, clustered in the sitting room, which was a surprising feat mind you, considering the enormous size of my family. I glanced around the room, catching my cousin Fred's eye and returning his grin quickly. I watched my mother and my Aunt Hermione in the corner, murmuring softly to one another as their eyes moved to the window beside them every so often. My mother was nervous, I could see that from the anxious frown lines that spread along her forehead and the twisting motions of her hands. The only people who had truly been able to read Ginny Potter completely were her children, Albus, Lily and I. She could never hide anything from us. 

I was bored, my foot tapping against the stone beneath me as I leant back against the wall with a huff. My Uncle George eyed me warily and sent me a look that obviously conveyed his boredom too. My mother had always said that the issue with being a natural troublemaker such as myself, Fred and my Uncle George was that we couldn't sit still. Glancing over at my brother Albus, I noticed he was sat patiently beside my equally patient cousin Rose. Although Albus was much more prone to break the rules than Rose was, he never pranked like Fred and I did at school, and always contained his anger. Occasionally, I was jealous of Albus' ability to hide all emotion, I was much like my father in that respect, for the life of us neither could hide our true feelings. 

I began, yet again, to wonder what sort of surprise it must be, if my entire extended family were also gathered in our house, awaiting my fathers' and Uncle Ron's return. 

My speculation ended however, as the familiar crack sounded from the front door. My mother instantly hurried out of the room, my Aunt Hermione trailing in her wake and I stepped away from the wall, drumming my fingers along my bare arm impatiently. It was apparent my father had arrived from the low voices that emitted from the hallway, and I was anxious to understand the necessity for such secrecy. 

Finally, though, my father stepped into the room with a brief smile and ran his hand through his hair nervously. He cleared his throat as his eyes flicked over to Albus, Lily and I, and I watched him swallow nervously as he turned to address the rest of the family also.

"I apologise to the children first, for all the secrecy" I furrowed my brows at this in an annoyed frown, I was not a child, I had finished school two days ago, actually. I was also aggravated that all the parents in the family apparently knew what was going on, including Victoire and Teddy, who wore nervous expressions. 

"I would like you to meet somebody who will be staying with us for a while, and I would appreciate if you all were as calm as possible, I don't want to overwhelm her."

I attempted to peer over my fathers shoulder, to catch a glimpse of the girl my father spoke of, but stopped as he shifted and a young girl stepped into the room. 

The world stopped in that single moment, my eyes transfixed on the girl who stood a mere metre away from me. Her dark hair was softly curled, framing her pale, smooth face and her enchanting blue eyes. She bit on her lip nervously, her gaze flicking over each member of my family and as her eyes met mine I offered her a small smile. She returned it, her lips moving gracefully to bend upwards, the effect astonishing as I held back a gasp at her tremendous beauty.

Subconsciously, in the moment I had met her, I had given her my all. My heart, my soul, my entire being was now focused around her. And she, with her perceptive senses, had acknowledged and understood that, long before I had myself. 

That was why she had left. 

I approached her stealthily, my footsteps made no noise as I came up behind her but she still sensed me, turning her head towards me with a sparkle of amusement in her eyes as she watched me. A flash of annoyance crept through me, I had wanted to surprise her, attempt to prove to myself that she was human. But she had sensed me, as she always did, her perceptive being once again aiding her defences. I supposed it was the seven long years of captivity that had taught her to hear as perhaps an animal would, and to understand and comprehend far more than any other eighteen year old could. 

"I wanted to surprise you" I mumbled as I dug my hands in my pockets and strode along the soft grass towards her. Her lips turned up further into a smile that dazzled my eyes and my breath momentarily caught in my throat. 

"Sorry, I would have pretended you did otherwise. Unfortuantly, I can't read minds."

"I find it hard to believe you can't" I frowned slightly at the thought of her knowing how drawn to her I was. But perhaps, that understanding may aid my cause. There was a chance she would return my feelings, although minimal. 

She laughed quietly and shook her head, her curls shaking back from her face. "No, I can't. If I could I would have known how to escape the Carrows, I would have understood their motive for imprisoning me in the first place." 

I shuddered involuntarily, my arm brushing against hers in the movement and she quickly moved to take my hand. 

"I don't understand why you hate to hear me talk about it so much."

I bristled in annoyance, finally understanding that she could not truly read minds, if she could not see the obvious answer to her question. 

"I hate to think of you like that. To think of them, killing your family and locking you up for seven years. You were eleven, and they tortured you even then. I hate to think of anybody hurting you."

Her eyes shined as I looked at her and she blinked slowly, squeezing my hand in her grasp. 

"I was strong James. Stronger now, I think, than you can imagine. I could fight them, I promise. How else do you think I survived? I would not succumb to their dark magic."

"I'm glad the Aurors killed them" I gritted my teeth together angrily. "If they hadn't, I would have. I would have hunted down Alecto and Amycus Carrow for the remainder of my life if I had to." 

"I hope you wouldn't have" she replied quietly. "That's a stupid thing to waste your life on."

I met Scarlet's gaze once more and licked my lips as she held my eyes with her own. 

"I don't think it is. Perhaps you don't understand your importance to me, Scarlet."

Her eyes filled with quick tears at those words, and she shook her head at me, her lips twitching with silent words.

"Please, James, don't..."

"You know, Scarlet, you must know how I feel for you. You've been with us for five months now, you must understand?"

"I wish I didn't James. I don't want you to-"

"Do you not return my feelings, then? Is that why you don't want me to?"

I attempted to ignore the hurt that coursed through my body and I swallowed quickly, the sensation burning my chest. 

"James. You don't understand. I am powerful, I'm dangerous. You shouldn't..."

"I've never been one to follow the rules, Scarlet, haven't you noticed that by now?"

"Your parents told you not to feel this way for me. They were right to warn you James..." she whispered, a single tear slipping down her cheek. I moved to wipe it away and she flinched at my touch. I cursed the day Amycus and Alecto Carrow had ever laid a hand on her, even though she was safe now she still thought every movement would result in her torture.

"You're a Siren, Scarlet, not a Death Eater. In fact, a half-Siren. You're still a witch. I'm allowed to love a witch."

"I'm still dangerous, James. Despite being half-Siren."

"The only dangerous thing that concerns you is how much I love you, Scarlet."

"Why don't you fear me James? I'm designed to be a fearful woman. It's in my blood."

"I always enjoyed a challenge" I whispered, moving closer to her, my eyes on her inviting lips. 

"If I wished James, I could enchant a man to do whatever I wanted them to, whenever. With one kiss I can render a man unconscious."

"With all kisses, or only the ones you want to?" I murmured, moving closer to her again, our lips inches apart. 

"Only when I wish them to" her eyes glimmered dangerously and my lips curled into a smirk. I enjoyed a girl who was blatant trouble. 

"You're not a dangerous Siren, are you Scarlet?" I met her eyes, which had narrowed at my words. Scarlet enjoyed to think of herself as dangerous, and I wished to teach her that with me, she wasn't. 

"You cannot enchant a man for a long period, a day at a stretch. You told me that yourself" I smirked further as Scarlet's lips parted in annoyance. "And with your kiss you can only bring unconsciousness, not death."

"You watch it, Potter" she hissed. "Or I will knock you unconscious."

"You wouldn't" I brushed my lips against hers lightly. "I'm not nearly as enjoyable to kiss when I'm not conscious, I'll have you know."

With a sigh of annoyance, Scarlet surprised me by grabbing the front of my shirt and pulling my face down to hers. She kissed me quickly, ferociously, and I soon responded, my tongue moving along her bottom lip before I bit down on it, causing her to gasp involuntarily. I took the chance and our tongues were soon exploring one another's mouths, as my hands ran along the contours of her body, grabbing onto her hips and wrenching her body closer against mine. Her legs wrapped around my hips as she moved to lie beneath me, her hips meeting my hasty gyrations as we both struggled to breathe.

She unattached her lips from mine a moment later, presumably as soon as she felt my lower regions against her, and hastily scrambled away from me. 

"Afraid of being with me?" I teased her as I leant backwards on my palms and rested my legs out in front of me. 

She glared at me, her eyes narrowing and her chin jutting out in defiance. "You should fear me, James Potter."

"Why? What are you going to do? You promised my father you would never enchant a member of his family, or another innocent man again. You promised the Ministry that, even."

"You love me" she stated casually and I narrowed my eyes at her expression. I wondered if she would dare use my unhealthy emotion against me. 

"You love me, and I can't allow that" she continued. "You have to stop."

"Do you love me?" I asked her and she bit her lip, a flash of pain crossing her face and I learnt the answer immediately. She wouldn't have kissed me if she didn't love me, she had too much control for that. She did love me, that was why she was so eager to stop me loving her, she feared the connection between us. I had to admit I did too, it was strong. 

"Don't fear what we have, Scarlet."

"It isn't allowed" she murmured. "I would ruin you, James Potter. I cannot allow myself to. I can't allow you to."

"You would complete me Scarlet, not ruin me" I insisted but she shook her head instantly. 

"They would think I have enchanted you."

"They wouldn't. They know, my whole family, of how I feel for you. I don't hide it well."

"I'm leaving, you know" she whispered and my heart began to beat erratically with fear at her words. "Now I know my mother is dead, I'm leaving. You won't be able to find me. And now you say you love me, I don't think I'll return."

"That's cruel."

"I'll be doing you a favour."

"No, you'll just be harming me further."

"You won't find me, James. Please don't try to."

I met her unwavering gaze and shot her weak smile. "I won't ever stop until I find you."

"Don't" she whispered a warning, and she looked at me one last time, before disappearing into the night.

She was gone by the time my family awoke the next morning. It appeared they had known she was leaving, she had said her goodbyes to everybody but me. I knew our conversation that night had been our goodbye, I understood she had wanted to kiss me just once before she left, despite her objections. 

From the moment she left, I searched for her. My family attempted to stop me, my mother and sister reduced to tears at my departure a month after Scarlet's.

My father had given me a list of all the possible places Scarlet may be, aiding me on my journey. I knew he couldn't bear the thought of me spending my life loving a woman I didn't have unconditionally. I knew he also couldn't stomach the thought of Scarlet being alone. He loved her as a daughter already. 

Albus had told me he believed in me, which was something I appreciated immensely. He assured me I would find her in the end, it would be wrong if I didn't. It had been hard to say goodbye to Fred, who was my best friend as well as my partner in crime. But this was one journey I had to undertake alone, and Fred understood that. 

I found her two years later, in a small cottage on the island of Skye in Scotland. It was summer, surprisingly warm considering the northern area, and I had strolled leisurely along the cliff towards her house with a certainty that this day, 23rd of July, two years to the anniversary of the day I had met her, was the day I would find her. 

And so here I was, stood in the porch of the cottage, facing her surprised and delectable expression as she grasped onto the door she had just opened for support. 

"J-James?" she stammered slowly, blinking numerous times as if she thought I was a product of her imagination. I smiled at her tentatively, reaching to move a curl that the wind of the cliff had blown into her eyes. She froze as I tucked it behind her ear, softly tracing my fingers along her cheek. 

"I told you I'd find you."

"It's been two years."

"Yes" I nodded as I stepped towards her. 

"You spent two whole years looking for me?"

"Yes, I did. Are you disappointed?" I frowned at her. "I hope you still love me."

"Very much" she whispered as I became level to the doorway, barely an inch away from her now. 

"Can I come in?"

"Certainly" she whispered as I leant in to kiss her, my hand on her neck and the other quickly moving to her hip to caress the skin there. She hooked her arms around my neck, stepping back into the house and I leant my foot out behind me to kick the door shut. As the door clicked she jumped into my grasp, wrapping her legs around my hips as our lips battled with one another. I moved towards the stairs, never ceasing my kisses as I hastily carried her upwards. Luckily, the door to her bedroom was open, and I practically ran with her in my arms to lay her down on the bed. 

Our need for one another was desperate, and we couldn't ignore it for any longer. Two years had built up a mountain of suppressed desire for one another. 

Her hands quickly found the buttons of my shirt and she ripped it open, shoving it from my shoulders as she raised her hips to meet mine, moaning as I kissed her neck ferociously, licking and biting at her collarbone unmercifully. 

We stripped our clothes from one another in a matter of minutes, and wasted no time teasing one another. We had years ahead of us to do that, but for now we both needed to find our release. 

As we made love, I found with amazing certainty that we had both found our happy ending within each other. I would ask her to marry me later on this evening, perhaps as the sunset began, and in the sunrise we would wake up in one another's arms, in perfect bliss. 

We would marry a few months after, honeymoon in Italy and conceive a child. We would go on to have three children, and live a happy life with one another. Our children would inherit a small amount of their mothers power, and would be able to seduce anybody they wished, but not be able to control them as their mother could. This power of seduction would worry me when concerning my small daughter, the beautiful Natalie, who looked uncannily like her mother. But she would be happy, and so would my twin sons, Alexander and Benjamin. Scarlet and I were made for one another, I was sure of that. 

Some say that a woman of Scarlet's nature should be feared, the Sirens had been famous for their lack of compassion towards men. But Scarlet had been different, much like her mother, who had abandoned her Siren nature to be with a wizard she had fallen in love with. Scarlet had defied the normal circumstances, and so had I, by falling in love with her without being under her enchantment. 

I had always said it was something about her eyes, those mesmerising, sapphire pools of blue that had drawn me in. 

Or perhaps it was simply something about Scarlet. 

A/N - so, this is my first HP one-shot! I hope you enjoyed this, I needed a tiny break from For The First Time and idea for this was inspired by an episode of Merlin concerning an evil creature called Lania.
I did a little research about Sirens, and changed them a little to suit my character of Scarlet, I wanted her to be unique! Please leave a review, I'd love to know what you thought of this, I'm quite nervous about uploading it to HPFF if I'm honest! Much love to all readers x


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