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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: A little bit on the inside.
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Draco hurriedly walked away from the scene that just happened. It was one thing to talk to Weaselette and even to Hermione, but the way Ron reacted caught him off guard. He knew that’s how most people would reacted to him, but he never had to deal with it before and was surprised how painful it felt to be reminded of his past like that.

His thoughts drifted to Hermione how different she seemed to be. She was confident and beautiful. She had ways been pretty, but Draco would never let himself think of her in that way. It wasn’t anything about blood status that made him push the idea of her away. It was more like the social implication that made him not think of her as a girl.

He thought back to their last time they shared a moment together.
It was just after the fire in the room of requirement. Harry and Ron ran ahead and Hermione was left with him. It was only a few minutes, but it changed his life forever nonetheless. Most likely it didn’t mean anything to her, but to him it did.
Hermione rushed to the front of Draco, put one hand on his chest, and took his hand with in hers in a gentle grip. Draco out of habit wanted to pull his hand from hers, but didn’t this time for some unknown reason.

“Regardless, Draco this isn’t you, you have a choice. No matter what they have made you believe. I know deep down inside you aren’t like this. There is a better man inside of you. All you have to do is let him shine through.”

Draco and Hermione’s eyes locked for a moment that felt like a life time for him. Draco felt his stomach do back flips and it felt like a light went off in his head. She was right, he did have a choice, it was his life, and no one else’s. Draco did something he never thought he would do in his life time. He kissed her on her cheek, before she ran off. But, not without yelling a thanks, to which she replied with a small smile over her shoulder. It was the first time it dawn him that he had a choice, never before he had given it a thought, he always did what was expected of him. She was right he had a choice and maybe it was about time he used his god given right of free will. He was going to make his own choices from here on out. Draco took one last look at the burning room behind him, before taking off in the other direction to find his mother and get the hell out of there.

Hermione was left him watching her. She didn’t know what had gotten in to her in that moment to say that to her former nemesis. She didn’t know why she grabbed his hand. She didn’t know why she said those words out of all the millions she could have said. Hermione knew what she said was true she just didn’t know why she said them. It was just something she had always thought. Something, she had to say just in-case they all died that very night.

The sounds of Draco’s footsteps as he walked the dark and lonely London streets brought Draco back to reality. He could barely believe that he had seen the Gryffindor princess that night and had a civil conversation with her not to mention saw her drunk as a skunk. Draco would have bet his entire fortune on Hermione never stepping out of line, tonight though he was surprised, and would have lost. Hermione wasn’t what she seemed to be after all. Maybe there was more to her than her book worm image.

He replayed their conversation in his head as he walked up the steps to his apartment. His mind trailed off to the moment just before she passed out. Their eyes locked and even though he didn’t exactly mean to he saw into her mind.
He saw her memories of a tattooed arm holding a guitar just behind a set of door, followed by an image of a radio face in mist of a feeling utter bliss of rediscovering something dear to her heart. Draco couldn’t help, but to wonder what song could mean that much to her. If only their eyes stayed locked on each other for a few more seconds he could have known what it was, well maybe.

Draco put his key in the lock, turned the knob, and walked in to his house. He walked to right where his guitar was set up standing next to a bottle green lazy boy chair. He picked up the guitar and strummed the strings losing himself in the moment and in the thoughts of the far and few pleasant words he shared with Hermione Granger.


Hermione woke up in her own bed with a headache the felt like it would last a lifetime. A muffled groaned left her lips and she stretched her aching muscles. The sunlight peeking through her curtain it hurt her eyes, her mouth was dry, and her hair was knotted in a birds nest on her head. She shuffled slowly to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth and washed her face. The cold water woke her up to her thoughts. She had a momentarily flashed in her mind’s eye to the dream she was just having.
Sand dunes with waves crashing around her to nature’s melody crashing on its shores, A song played in the distant, the same tune that she unconsciously hummed to herself unknowingly. She could feel the warm arms around her and soft lips brush against her neck. In the dream she felt safe and not empty. These days she felt like she was always searching for something and this dream she felt contended and happy. A feeling she wasn’t use to.

A slight cough could be heard behind her. It yanked Hermione out of her reliving her dream.

“How are you this morning, feeling alright?”

Ginny was leaning against the doorframe holding a cup of coffee, wearing a colorful kimono.

“Could be worse, I guess” Hermione answered rubbing her eyes and leaning against the door frame of the bathroom.

Hermione followed Ginny into her kitchen and was surprised to see Harry sitting at her kitchen table reading the prophet. Ginny face went red when Hermione stole a glance at her best friend. Ginny just shrugged her shoulders at Hermione’s motherly gaze.

“Wanted to make sure you were all right last night.” Ginny said taking a seat next Harry.

Hermione walked to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup. She was normally a tea drinker, but after the night she has she was glad that Harry was a coffee drinker. After taking a seat across from Harry and Ginny, Hermione asked
“So, what happened after I passed out?”

Ginny couldn’t help, but to laugh. Harry was the one though who spoke up.
"It was a good night for us. Ron on the other hand had a little bit of a rude awaking.”

The few words got lost among Harry’s laughs.
Hermione sipped her coffee trying her best to recollect the events of the previous night. But for the life of her the last thing she remembered was watching some random guy smoking a cigarette and with a blank face, she looked to Harry.

“Yeah, we thought you wouldn’t remember.” He threw a knowing glance at Ginny who smiled into her coffee. “So, Ron and Ginny were surprised to find you in passed out in Malfoy’s arms.”

Hermione had a hard time letting his world set in. A smile slowly fell from her face as the night flashed before her eyes, the man smoking a cigarette, their conversation, her speaking her mind, then it all going black.

“No, it couldn’t have been, of all the people what on earth why would he be at my birthday party? Plus whomever I was talking to was nice and caring and that couldn’tbe the ferret.”

It was Ginny who spoke this time,

“Well, that’s my bad, then. He is friends with the band I hired and he called asking if it was cool he came to watch his friend’s band play. I’m sorry I guess it’s was more of big deal then I thought it would be. I know I should have told you.”

Hermione looked to her best friend “No, it’s ok don’t worry about it. Wait did you just say Ron found me in the arms of Draco?” She said as she put a hand on Ginny’s forearm.

Harry and Ginny nodded enthusiastically with toothy smiles across their faces.

“Yup” Ginny gulped out as she sipped her coffee.

“That’s not good” Hermione replied

Again, Harry and Ginny smiled at her. “No it might have been the best thing to happen?” said Ginny “Maybe my brother won’t be such a git anymore and put a move on you. Something by the way he should have done years ago.”

Harry laughed and pounded his fist on the table “Here, here. Don’t know what’s wrong with him, Hermione you’re a catch and if he’s too stupid to know it than he deserves to lose you.”

Hermione smiled at her best friend’s word. She smiled slightly as she took a sip of her coffee and silently agreed with him. She was happy at least she didn’t make that much of a fool of herself. The only problem the night flashed before her eyes. The moments she spent with Draco were the best birthday present she could think of. It was the first time she felt settled and happy. The way he said Granger haunted her thoughts as the rest of the day past her by. Something about the sound of the way he said it had a calming effect on her. The only thing she was having a problem with how could anything that Malfoy could do make her feel good; no better than she had felt since before the war.






A/N: Hope you like my tiny tale about Draco. If you liked it please tell me about it. If you don't, then all I have to say is

'keep your words short and sweet, you never know which ones you're going to eat'.

Lots of love to you all. Again, thank you for your time. ~S

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