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Teacher's Pet by theupsidedownquibbler
Chapter 4 : You're A Professor Now
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Alexis Bledel as Rose Weasley

 You’re a Professor Now



It was my first night shift and I was dreading it. My day had gone by with absolutely no incidents. I was assuming it was because Seventh Year Charms didn’t run on Wednesdays. I had been perfectly content observing Flitwick teaching his students and had even enjoyed a short conversation with Lily about her perfect Gemino Charm. Despite the peaceful route my day had taken, I was not happy to be staying up all night patrolling the castle. Especially since I knew the next day, my patience with a certain Potter would be waning because of the lack of sleep.



            Now, I found myself standing alone in front of the Great Hall, waiting for tonight’s Prefects to check in. I was glad to see Rose Weasley approaching.



            “Hey Aves,” she said in a bored voice, “McGonagall thought since it’s your first night patrol that it’d be best for Head Girl and Head Boy to assist you,” she rambled on, “Not that you haven’t been a Prefect since fifth year or anything! As if she thinks you don’t know how to do your job!”



            “Hey Rose,” I smiled to myself at her no nonsense attitude, “Honestly, I’m kind of glad for the company and, you know, a familiar face,” I finished. Rose was just like her Mom: she didn’t take crap from anyone. Although she looked just like her Aunt Ginny, she had Hermione’s brains. McGonagall had even let her take a few of her NEWTs last year so that she would be able to “focus on her Head duties in Seventh Year”. That was why Rose wasn’t in my Charms class. Even though it would be nice to have a friendly face in the class, it would be a daunting task trying to teach her anything.


            “I swear-- he is always late!” Rose muttered angrily.



            “Who is?”



            “Wood.” Did that sound spiteful?



            “Jonathan Wood is Head Boy?” I asked incredulously.



            “Seriously Aves? You’re a Professor now. I’m fairly certain you’re supposed to know who the Head Boy is,” Rose sighed.



            “Well, technically, I’m not a full Professor, but merely a student—“ I started to say until I was rudely interrupted.



            “Well hello ladies.” I turned around mid-sentence only to come face-to-face with a smooth-talking prat, or Jonathan Wood (whichever you prefer). McGonagall must have been sick when she decided to bestow the honour of Head Boy to Jonathan Wood. Better yet, he must have bewitched her somehow. He was rotten to the core, and I suspect that was part of the reason Albus had turned out so differently from the rest of his family. He was definitely the reason that Rose and Albus rarely spoke to one another.


            “Finally,” Rose huffed, “we can get to patrolling!”



            “I’ll be heading up to the Seventh Floor then,” Wood said curtly, nodding his head and turning around to the staircase.



            “Why does he want the Seventh Floor so badly?” I asked Rose.



            “Avery, did you ever have a boyfriend at Hogwarts?” She questioned.


            “Not since fifth year, but it was short lived,” I explained, “James gave him one look and he ditched.”



            “The Seventh Floor,” Rose started, “Is where the more promiscuous couples go to, well, snog,” she finished looking uncomfortable.



            “Okay, that still doesn’t explain why he would want to patrol up there,” busting snogging couples is never fun, and I can attest to that.



            “He isn’t really patrolling, he’s up there snogging some bint as well!” Rose looked stung. I couldn’t help but think that there was a reason Rose acted so coldly towards Jonathan, but I didn’t want to pry.



            “Okay, let’s go bust him then,” I said simply. 



Rose looked at me in approval, “That’s the first sensical thing you’ve said all night.” 



            “Well, I do have my moments.”






            Rose was definitely on edge. It was a bit frightening in all honesty. She always seemed to be the type of girl who would take charge in any situation. We had busted three couples, and we hadn’t even started to look behind the hidden tapestries. 



            “Why haven’t we seen him yet?” Rose asked, “If he was really patrolling, we’d have seen him, right?



            “Why do you care about Wood so much Rose?” I questioned.



            “He just always gets away with avoiding his Head duties,” Rose started, “Avery, it’s horrible. I can’t keep up with my work as well as his, and I am constantly trying with him! There’s a reason McGonagall made him Head Boy, and I’m determined to find it!”



            “Rose, you know, training the bad boy doesn’t always work. Wood has always been a loose cannon. You’re striving for the unattainable,” I replied.



            “I’m supposed to help him Aves. Just like you’re supposed to help A--,”



            “Did you hear that?” I cut Rose off.



            “Hear wh--?”



            “I thought I had said I would cover the Seventh Floor,” Wood said, cutting off Rose again. He must have been following us for awhile.



            I looked up at him defiantly. He had an air of authority, I would give him that. Even though I was technically his superior, it didn’t feel like it. 



            “We just wanted to check on you,” Rose said as she looked him up and down, no doubt trying to observe any signs of a recent hook up. She looked relieved, and then confused, “But why didn’t you break up the three snogging couples that were in the wide open?”



            “I just got here actually,” he started, “but I had to stop on the way up.”



            “Why?” Rose asked immediately.



            “Do you really want to know the intimate details?”



            “Yes!” Rose exclaimed.



            “I had to stop at the toilets, okay?” Wood blushed. Then Rose blushed. I had to admit, it was kind of cute. Although I still kind of hated Wood.



            “So,” I started, to break the awkward tension that had overtaken the scene, “Let’s start looking behind the tapestries.”



            “Yes!” Wood shouted a little too eagerly, “Rose can look down the West corridor, and you and I can look down the East corridor, Ms. Longbottom."


            The look on Rose’s face at this suggestion was heartbreaking. She wiped a tear discretely from under her eye. I had to fix this.



            “No,” I said, “I’ll take the West corridor, and you two can take the East, I’m the Professor after all.”



            “But Rose will be fine on her own!” he shouted eagerly, “Right Rose?”



            A sob escaped her lips, “I’m not feeling too well actually, you two will have to patrol by yourselves.” Then she just booked it down the hallway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rose look so distraught in my life. I would have to seek her out tomorrow; she would need a friend.



            “You’re an eejit!” I yelled at Wood, “Now, come on. We’re starting down the West corridor.”



            “But, I really think we should split up!”



            “Fine!” I shouted exasperatedly, “Then you can go down the East corridor.” But as I turned to walk down my half of the corridor, he followed me. I glowered at him.



            “I changed my mind,” he said.

A/N:  I know it's been a really long time!  But school has been really hectic this year.  My Creative Writing class is demanding and I haven't been able to write much fanfiction.  My Christmas break starts on the 15th of December, so I should get quite a few chapters written so I can just post them consecutively.

So, now to the story.  I know it's been a really long time!  And this chapter is disappointingly short; however, I promise the next one will be longer, and include Albus.  As always, please leave a review with your thoughts (good or bad) because it means a lot to me and will inspire me to write quickly!


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Teacher's Pet: You're A Professor Now


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