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Lost Potters 5: Nothing Really Changes by HP lookalike
Chapter 2 : Cake
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 Dom Weasley was in a foul mood. It wasn’t really fair of her to be in such a bad mood, especially at her sister’s wedding, but in a foul mood she was. It was because of her mother and the cheek of the woman. She had taken her aside in the morning, eyed her daughter up and down distastefully and then uttered the words: “Don’t ruin today for your sister Dominique.” Dom was furious. Whilst it was fair to say she and her sister had never been the closest, there was no way in hell Dom would be spiteful or selfish enough to ruin her sister’s wedding. The fact was, Dom and her sister were too completely different people. Victoire had always excelled in school, straight Os, top of her year, Head Girl. And she’d fallen in love quickly, with the man everyone loved: Teddy Lupin. Dom and Teddy had always gotten along fine and now he was marrying her sister and she couldn’t have been happier for the couple.

Dom herself, in contrast, had never been the perfect daughter. She had preferred a broomstick to dolls growing up and when she had headed off to Hogwarts, little changed. She had become a fixture in the Quidditch team in her fifth year, and then she was named captain after James left. She had never done badly in school, passing all her OWLs with decent enough grades, but the marker set by Victoire was impossibly high. Dom had never fallen in love either, unlike her sister. She had dated Josh briefly in said fifth year but it was clear his heart lay elsewhere. Dom would not describe herself as a slut, but unlike Rose, she had lost her virginity in the previous year, her 6th, to Jake Black-Hunt. The two had been very drunk and did not discuss the incident. Dom had only told Rose, she wasn’t sure if Jake had told anybody, although judging by the amount of pranks Roxanne had played on her following the incident, she probably knew. Dom had also, much to her mother’s dismay, ditched her blonde locks for an edgier, brown haired look.

But, despite all the key differences between her and her sister, the fact that her mother thought she would do something to sabotage her sister hurt Dom, stabbing her in her core. Anyone who knew her would say she was a delightful if impetuous person and to suggest a malicious side to her would be distinctly out of character. But, as Dom pulled on her turquoise bridesmaids dress, she knew she couldn’t sulk. The best way to show her mother up was to be the best sister ever and that was exactly what she was going to be. Dom ran a hand through her jagged hair, spiking it up and grinning at the result. Beside her, Rose was straightening hers and eyeing up her own dress, the same shade of turquoise suspiciously, as if it was going to jump out and grab her. Both their makeup was immaculate and they shared a look. Rose was Dom’s rock, whenever she needed anything; she turned to her best friend. Across the room, Lily was attempting not to sulk as her mother slathered her in makeup and James was sneaking a kiss off Hayley, who was wearing less makeup than all the other girls, but still managed to look more dazzling than the whole lot of them.

“Careful or you’ll show up the bride,” James whispered before his mother shooed him off, waving her wand dangerously in his direction as he held up his hands apologetically. Dom smiled, James catching her eye and winking. James was amongst her favourite cousins; they’d always gotten on well. Roxanne, Lucy and Molly were in the other changing room and Victoire was nowhere to be seen, presumably hidden somewhere with the Maid of Honour and Fleur. Dom glanced at her reflection one last time, finally satisfied with the way she looked. Rose was scowling at herself, as if her body was committing a cardinal sin. Dom chuckled and Rose turned her glare onto Dom, who shrugged and stood, aiming for the back entrance to the small tent they were in. The stench of spray and makeup was intoxicating; she needed a bit of fresh air.

Dom stuck her head out the back and glanced around, hoping she wasn’t going to bump into anyone that might question her. Her eyes met those of Josh, who was sat on a bench, smoking a cigarette. Dom grinned at him and strolled over, sitting beside him and eyeing up the cigarette suspiciously.

“Smoking kills you know!” she said smugly, as Josh stamped it out, shooting her a look.

“I need something to calm me down,” he explained. “Fred and I are sitting with Nicky and Toni and James and Hayley aren’t even around to keep the peace.”

Dom winced. Fred and Toni had gone out throughout their last year at Hogwarts, but had eventually broken up after one screaming row too many. To say things were volatile between them was an understatement. As for Nicky and Josh, they had eventually decided against a relationship, but had never really been able to turn it off. Her mere presence would be torturing Josh, especially as they never had to see each other anymore now they’d left school.

“I’m sorry,” Dom said gently. “I know it must be hard for you.”

“Well sitting there with her whilst Fred and Toni attempt to stop ripping each other’s throats long enough to talk civilly is always a battle,” Josh smiled. “I’m just worried Fred is going to do something stupid.”

“Keep an eye on him for me,” Dom requested, staring back across the Burrow, where the Marquee was alive with activity as people bustled around. “Nothing can be allowed to ruin today.”

“Of course Dominique,” Josh replied gently. “Anything for you.”

“Stop it Joshua,” Dom warned. “So much has happened and I’m not going to fall at your feet, so don’t even try and flirt with me. Not today, not with the girl you dumped me for so close, knowing you’re just using me for closure.”

“Sorry Dom,” Josh sighed. “I’d better get back, make sure Fred doesn’t explode.”

“No worries, just keep an eye on my delightful cousin,” Dom grinned. “I suppose I’d better go check on Rose, she’ll be having a minor breakdown over her makeup by now.”

Josh laughed and Dom almost felt bad leaving him as she slipped back inside the tent. True to form, Rose was indeed having a minor breakdown and Dom smiled to herself as she reassured her best friend. Some things in life were fantastically predictable.

The ceremony was truly beautiful. James wouldn’t stop shooting funny looks at Hayley, Teddy grinned like an idiot and occasionally got the younger boy to nudge him to reassure him he wasn’t dreaming and that this was really happening. Victoire looked radiant, nothing short of angelic. Her dress was long and white, swooping and curling and seemingly never ending. Her face was pale white, seemingly natural and her curly blonde hair licked her shoulders and beyond. Louis and Bill stood with her, with Harry and James on Teddy’s side. Fleur was crying, everyone was muttering about how beautiful the whole thing was and nothing could spoil it. Then, Dom spotted it out of the corner of her eye. Fred and Toni were rowing. Dom flicked a silencing charm in their direction, satisfied as Nicky and Josh pulled the pair apart and sat between them, cooling off the furious pair. James also seemed to have caught sight of it but, luckily, everyone else was so preoccupied with what was in front of them, they all seemed oblivious to it.

Dom was in some ways glad when the ceremony was over, because it gave her the opportunity to talk to her cousin. She waited until the bride and groom were engulfed by their families and then she swept over to where Fred was steaming and she dragged him off to one side, anger in her eyes.

“Fred, I swear to God if you ruin today for Ted and Vic, I will personally fit you into a box and ship you to Antarctica without your fucking wand. So fucking cool it. I get it, you and Toni fell out, it happens, but if you must air your dirty laundry in public, do it when you’re not at your cousin’s wedding.”

Fred grumbled and muttered an unintelligent reply, his eyes transfixed on the back of Toni’s head. Dom slapped him in the face and he moved to look at her, his eyes unfocused and irritated. Dom shook her head, aggravated, and then moved away, letting Josh talk to him, aware that in the background, James had finally pulled himself away from best man duties and was storming over furiously.

Satisfied that between them, James and Josh had the situation under control, Dom headed over to the crowd of people, all chattering away and pushed her way through until she reached Victoire, who had just finished a conversation with Hermione. When she caught sight of Dom, she beamed and pulled her sister into a big hug, Dom grinning as they broke apart.

“Congrats sis,” Dom laughed. “I don’t think any of us are surprised you beat me down the aisle.”

“Well, I am six years your senior,” Victoire pointed out. “Nothing to be ashamed of Dommie, just means you have to work harder.”

“Don’t call me Dommie,” Dom pouted, as her sister ruffled her hair. “Where’s mum?”

“Busy being mum,” Victoire replied airily. “You know what she’s like, just stay out of her way until the wedding’s over. Probably better for your sanity.”

Dom laughed, acknowledging the truth of the statement and found herself being ushered towards the giant table that had been erected in the garden and was now taking centre stage. Teddy and Victoire sat at the head of the table, with her family and the Potters next to them. Dom took up her seat next to James and opposite Lily, who was chatting with Louis. James nudged Dom and indicated to Fred, who was currently leaving his seat, chasing after Toni. Dom swore and got to her feet, James only a few steps behind her.

“Well it wasn’t my fault!” Toni screamed. “I didn’t force you to sleep with her now did I?”

“I thought we were past that!” Fred yelled. “That had nothing to do with what happened, you just couldn’t take that I was making new friends!”

“Yes Fred, new female friends, when you had a history of untrustworthiness!” Toni shouted, as Dom attempted to usher her away. She spun and now Dom was facing the house and James and Fred were opposite her. Fred elbowed James in the mouth and James stumbled back as Toni shot a spell at Fred. Dom stepped in front of Toni as Fred fired back and Dom was blasted off her feet. The sheer force of the spell carried her and she found herself hitting the table with a loud crash. She felt herself landing painfully in someone’s lap and then opened her eyes. She was toppled on top of Lorcan, who was rubbing his head painfully. Then, as Dom’s eyes opened wide with horror, the cake on the table she had just collided with toppled, the force of the collision sending it tumbling, all over her, slamming into her with a sickening squelch as Dom felt herself being covered in the stuff. Beneath her, Lorcan looked torn between laughter and horror and then Dom felt herself being dragged to her feet by her ear by her furious mother, as the entire family looked on, all of them sharing Lorcan’s view. Half of them had given in to laughter, the other half looked horrified and murderous. Fred looked as though someone had just caught him robbing Gringotts. And James, who was stumbling to his feet behind Fred, looked ready to kill. Dom shoved off her mum and hurried over to where the entire family was now looking, at Fred and Toni. Toni was stood, open-mouthed and as Dom reached them, James decked Fred in one solitary punch, shaking his fist as it ached. Teddy was on his feet by this point, but Harry sat him down and he and George reached the pair of boys, Lorcan in pursuit. Dom watched, bemused, as the two parents tried to ascertain what had happened, whilst Teddy soothed a crying Victoire. Dom sighed. It was going to be a long day.

Dom was sat on a bench, watching as the family all stood talking, occasionally looking over at her. She was still covered in frosting and it felt sticky against her skin. James was sitting with Hayley, who was pressing an ice pack against his hand. George had apologised profusely before dragging his son away; Toni had apparated home. The reaction everyone had feared most would be Grandma Weasley, who vowed to have words with her grandson once he regained consciousness. Nobody had spoken to Dom, but it was clear that she wasn’t to blame; it was more a case of pity that they ignored her. She had taken an entire wedding cake to the head whilst trying to stop her sister’s wedding descending into farce and failing miserably. Teddy and Victoire had left, leaving the others to pick up the pieces, opting for an early honeymoon. Dom found herself being joined by Lorcan, who was sporting a black eye from where she’d landed on him.

“Well, this wasn’t how I envisioned today going,” Lorcan admitted, sitting beside her and grinning at her. “There was a lot less cake involved.”

“Tell me about it,” Dom groaned. “I’ve just humiliated myself in front of the entire clan and Fred’s little stunt pretty much ruined the wedding. And I’m sorry about your eye, by the way.”

“It wasn’t your fault Dom, everyone knows that,” Lorcan pointed out before wiping his finger down her cheek and sucking on it. “Yum, butterscotch.”

“Hey!” Dom protested, laughing as she punched him, leaving a cake stained mark on his arm. “That’s my face remember?”

“Really? Every part of you just looks like creamy goodness now,” Lorcan teased as Dom pouted.

“Eugh Lorcan, that’s disgusting,” Dom hit him again and then looked back at the crowds. “How on earth am I going to live this down?”

“Well you can start by letting them all try a taste,” Lorcan suggested. Dom glared again and this time wiped her hand across his smug face, smearing it with frosting. “That was lovely Nique, just lovely.”

“You’re the only person who calls me Nique,” Dom noted, chuckling as he used his handkerchief to remove some of the cake from his cheeks. “I’m not sure if I like it.”

“Give it time,” Lorcan smiled, standing and offering her a hand. “It’ll grow on you.”

Dom smiled back and took his hand, heading back to the party with him following closely behind. She headed over to where James was sat, Hayley laughing as she saw Dom. Lorcan had slipped off into the crowds and James grinned ruefully.

“You look awful,” he pointed out, as Dom smiled.

“Tell me about it,” she groaned. “How’s your hand?”

“Broken,” James sighed. “I really should’ve just stunned the bastard. Your mother was looking for you, something about an apology but I wouldn’t bet on it being anything more than begrudging.”

“That’s alright,” Dom laughed. “Any apology from mum is a massive achievement for mankind. Any news from the newlyweds?”

“They’re on their honeymoon,” James replied. “Teddy seems cheery enough but Victoire’s down in the dumps. Although she extends her thanks for taking that hit for her, she knows that must’ve been painful.”

“Both to my ego and my body,” Dom laughed. “But I’ll recover. All in all, it was one hell of an eventful day. I think I’m going to go and take a long, hot shower, see if I can get all of this gunk out of my hair. Shame about the dress, I was hoping to save that for another occasion, but I guess that’s not going to happen now is it?”

“Probably not,” Hayley giggled. “I may have cheated a little and used the one this idiot bought me for Christmas, the changing one. But hey, it happens. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone else will be up for the mockery at the next Potter/Weasley social event. They usually are. You’ll only be called cake girl for a month or so.”

“People are calling me cake girl?” Dom groaned.

“Only one or two,” James reassured her.

“James, even her dad was calling her cake girl,” Hayley pointed out.

“My life is over.”

Fred woke up, lying on the sofa in his own house. He ached and groaned as he sat up. He heard voices and his heart sank. His dad, his mum, his grandmother. Fred leapt to his feet and looked around, but no escape options were open to him. He went to apparate, but his head was spinning and there was no way he could concentrate. Then, the kitchen door opened and Grandma Weasley honed in on him, her eyes narrowing to slits as she moved towards him. Fred whimpered.


A/N: Hi there guys, chapter 2 is up!! Woo! I hope you're all enjoying the story so far even though it's barely started. Let me know what you think by leaving a review! :) HP

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