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I'll Like You For Always. by michaelasaurus
Chapter 1 : Damage is Done
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I don't own anything in Harry Potter's universe, however much I may want to!


“With Potter Lily? With POTTER?!” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, there was no way this could be true. Lily could barely hold it together herself, sobs wracked her thin frame, she couldn’t even bear to look at him, the guilt she felt was too powerful.

“I-I-I don’t know how it happened!” she cried, “”It just-It just sort of, sort of happened, a-and I don’t know, I just don’t know!”

“Lily, why?! Why would you do this? Especially with him!”

“I don’t know! Okay? We were in love. We were in love, and I left him. I left him because I loved YOU more. But I just don’t know anymore. How can we be together when you are never here?”

“I’m here Lily, I’m here and I always have been!” Severus protested

“No Severus, You aren’t here. You are present, but you’re not here.” She screamed.

“Lily what does that mean?” He shouted.

“It means that you’ve changed. You spend all of your time with Avery and Mulciber. They’re not good. They’re DEATH EATERS Sev! For god’s sake!”

“They are not Lily! Do you want me to show you my arm? I have no Dark Mark! I’ve been at work!”

“Oh please. Don’t try to pull that on me. You and I both know where you really spend your time. It is awful, and I will not put our daughter through that. Never.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I am leaving you. And I am taking Elizabeth.”

“Lily no!” Severus gasped, he was losing the only two things in the world that he cared for, he was losing everything, all at once.
“Lily, we—we were supposed to be together, always.” He choked; tears welling up in his black eyes.

Lily walked through to their bedroom, she had already packed her things, as well as Elizabeth’s. She stopped at the cradle and picked up her tiny daughter, born only a few weeks before. Born before this madness, when Lily still knew the man she loved before her world was turned upside down. With her daughter in her arms and her bag at her side, she opened the front door. She glanced back at the man she once knew standing open-mouthed against the wall.

“Goodbye Severus.”

With those words still hanging in the air she walked out into the cold winter evening and disapparated. That was the last time she’d see Spinner’s End.

Severus didn’t move for several minutes. He didn’t even know if he’d breathed. The woman he’d loved all of his life had just walked out, carrying with her the most important thing in his world. He slid down the wall landing on the cold floor, and he cried.


Lily appeared just outside the Leaky Cauldron, she was scared. Tom the barkeep showed her inside to a room and brought her a luke-warm bowl of soup. She smiled at him. Even if it wasn’t five-star food, she appreciated the gesture. She pulled a baby carrier out of her bag—undetectable extension charm—and carefully placed the sleeping Elizabeth into it, and then she pulled out some parchment and a quill and wrote a letter.


I’ve done a terrible thing. Remember a few days ago? When I saw you in Hogsmead? We hadn’t spoken in such a long time, and all of those feelings rushed back. I left you, at the end of sixth year; I left you for Severus, because I was scared for him. I was scared of what he might become if I wasn’t there.
Then we met in Hogsmead, and we drank, we drank far too much, and we were together. I’ve done a terrible thing, James I’ve done such a terrible thing.
I didn’t tell you that I was with Severus, engaged.
I didn’t tell you that I had just had a daughter a few weeks before. I didn’t tell you. I was wrong not to tell you. But I missed you, and it felt right. I am so sorry James, but I’ve done something worse.
I left him. I left him, and I took our daughter. I took his child away from him James! And I’m scared. And I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.


She wrote the address on the letter and asked Tom to post it for her. When the owl was gone, she collapsed onto the bed and let herself cry.

Not fifteen minutes later, there was a tap at her window, a tawny barn owl with a letter in its beak.

Where are you? I’m coming right now.

She scribbled “Leaky Cauldron” and gave the note back to the bird. He was going to come and yell at her. Tell her how awful she was. She felt horrible. She wanted him to come and yell at her.


It seemed like she had just closed her eyes, when James Potter knocked on her door. She sighed, and let him in, ready for the tirade of angry words. What she was not prepared for was the hug she received. James grabbed her and pulled her close. He closed his eyes and hugged her tighter. She felt safe. His arms seemed to fit around her perfectly, and her head resting just below his shoulder felt nice. She started sobbing again, hot tears rolling down her cheeks. James stepped back and looked at her. She looked like hell. Her eyes were puffy and red, her hair was a mess, and he couldn’t believe that such a beautiful confident woman could be so fragile. He sat her down on the bed and said,
“Tell me.”

Lily told him everything. Starting from the end of sixth year. It was painful for him to hear her talk about when she left him, it reminded him how much she had changed him. He hadn’t loved anyone else since that time. She told him about Severus, all of her fears that she had and how happy they had become. She told him about learning she was pregnant, the happiness she found in that. James looked over at the tiny baby in the carrier, blissfully unaware of what was happening to her mother. Then she told him about what had followed, more happiness, and excitement, for the birth of their child. Then the story changed, Severus had begun to spend more and more time with shady characters, and he had started to act differently. He changed she said. She finished her account and looked at James. She still loved him. She had never stopped. She firmly believed that it was possible to love two people at the same time James grabbed her hand and said,

“You’re not staying here. Come on, you’re coming home with me.” Lily’s eyes filled with tears again as she looked up at James.

“Thank you.” She whispered, and squeezed his hand.


Thanks so very much for reading! This is my first submission to this site (or any other fanfic site) and I would love to know what you thought of this chapter/beginning/story idea. This is just a short chapter to sort of feel out the water, and gain a little feedback! Thanks! :)

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