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Evacuate The Dance Floor by thesinandthesinner
Chapter 3 : The Jive Aint't My Vibe
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A/N: Read and enjoy! Reviews are greatly appreciated

The weekend passed by without any major incidents (minus the standard chaos the Marauders usually caused) but no one was sent to the Hospital Wing this time.

Lea and Lily were hunched over their books in the library on Monday afternoon unbeknownst to them that the four golden boys of Hogwarts (well three golden boys and a tag a long) were sitting a few tables away and deep in the middle of what they deemed a serious conversation.

“So…you finally get her,” Sirius commented quietly as he sat back in his chair.

“Yeap. Kind of. More or less.” James looked at said girl with thoughtful eyes.

“Yeah right. C’mon Prongs, she barely even looks at you otherwise.” Remus snorted. He looked at his friend with a flat expression.
“Not true! She’s….amicable enough when we’re doing our Head Boy and Head Girl duties.”

Peter rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the essay topic before him. “Describe the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Non Verbal Spells in Direct Combat.” Professor Longstreet always gave the toughest essay assignments in DADA. He shook his head. Maybe he could copy off Remus later on.

“You mean she tolerates you.” Sirius gave his mate a pointed look.

“No! One time we were patrolling the corridors after hours and we caught this one fifth year couple snogging out in the open and instead of offering my usual sarcastic, witty comment I was an adult and everything and reprimanded them. Maturely!”

“Really? And?” Remus asked dryly.

“And she smiled at me!”

Sirius gasped and clutched his hands together. “She smiled at you? Really? How many times?”

James slapped him three stooges style. “Shaddup. It’s progress.”

“Uh no offense, but she didn’t look exactly thrilled to be your dance partner.” Peter butted in.

He was met with a glare and he shrank back. “The point is, she doesn’t want me to curl up and die, like she did last year.” James announced.

“Yeah big deal.” His best friend waved a dismissive hand.

“Ok Mr. I’m-Awesome, how does it feel like to be paired up with the girl who broke your nose?” James taunted. Remus and Peter sniggered. Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hey, at least she likes me!”

James sputtered. “PA HA!” Even Remus looked at him incredulously.  “Get real Padfoot. Lea fancies you as much as she fancies spiders buttered into her toast.”

He fell quiet for a long time. This troubled him. The very idea that a girl, with breasts and everything, could not like him, was well, absurd. Every girl liked him. Or at least most of them did. And those who didn’t, never really told it to his face! Normally this wouldn’t trouble him. He’d usually go to said girl and charm the skirts off her, take her out on a date to Hogsmeade, may or may not snog her and then usually, they’d be good.

At least, that’s what he did with the small 1% of the school’s female population who did happen to air their dislike for him. And that 1% had now turned to 0.5%.

For some reason though, it bothered him that Lea didn’t like him. He had always thought they were mates…more or less. In a strange way at least. He always thought her cool attitude towards him was just her personality. She was very enigmatic towards everyone and he automatically assumed that was just her nature.

He must have been quiet for a long time because James waved a hand in front of him. “Uhhh, earth to Padfoot? Padfoot do you read me?”

“Yeah. I’m still here.”

Remus gave him a sympathetic look. “Look mate, it’s not your fault. I think. This in fact, may be a good thing. You need to be taken a notch or two.”


Peter nodded. “He’s right. Even Prongs here has deflated his head a bit. I mean, c’mon, Lily smiles at him for Merlin’s sake.”

“You, my friend, have been served.”

“This is impossible. And I Sirius, Black, will conquer the impossible.” He hotly declared.

“And how, pray do tell me, plan to conquer the impossible? Rappel down the girl’s tower, break into her room and ravish her until she falls in love you?” Remus asked sarcastically.

“Hey, I only did that once. And Hestia fully agreed that it was a good move. She was impressed!”

“Yeah and when you told this James who was with Lily and Lea at the time, Lea looked at you as if you were the most pathetic thing on earth.”

“Well, I’ll get her to like me then!”

“What, you’ll imperio her?”
“Course not. I’ll do something…I’m just not sure yet.”

James looked at him with utter disbelief. “Face it Padfoot. This time, you don’t get the girl, and that’s that. Never in the last six years has she ever shown any interest to you.”

“No. The story is far from over. It’s just beginning. And it’s not like I like her. I just need to make her like me. Or at least not hate me.”

His mates looked at him. He looked at them back with a determined, cocky expression on his face. Sirius always got what he wanted. Sooner or later. 

Monday night the thirty couples once again assembled in the Great Hall and spread out. Professor Longstreet started the lesson right on time and had them stretching as soon as they had entered.

Lea took a deep breath and bent down to touch her feet. She felt a slap on her behind and sprung upright, murder on her face until she saw Lily laughing at her.


“Couldn’t resist, with your butt lookin all cute in your leggings.” She giggled and then sat next to her and went into a pike stretch.

“Ha ha ha,” was her response. Lea rolled her shoulders and then felt a pair of arms and the pure scent of a male encase her. She stiffened.

“Evening partner,” Sirius grinned, his breath tickling her neck.

“Get off me!” she scowled. Biting back a chuckle, Sirius stepped away and swung his arms around, loosening his muscles and tossed her a cocky smile. She narrowed her eyes and then slapped him.


“Oh by the way, along with no wandering hands rule, there is also the rule of NO UNNECESSARY TOUCHING.”

“Fine. Fine Fine. Have it your way. Loosen up a little bit Tourval.”

“de Tourval,” she automatically corrected him.

“Fine. Loosen up. We’re going to be dancing, and stretching and all that. And some dances as I’ve heard, are downright…sensual…sinful in a way. Like the salsa.

Or the Viennese waltz or the tango. Which I think, is a dance of passion, and hate. And if performed to their potential, there’s a lot of skin on skin,” Sirius said with relish.

Lea’s bright blue eyes darkened with anger. He was insufferable. Truly.

But before she could give him a piece of her mind, Professor Longstreet clapped his hands and a silence fell over them.

“All right students. Tonight we’re going to learn the Jive.

Now the Jive is an American Dance which is derived from the Jitterbug. It’s a looser, less inhibited version of it. It’s a swing dance.

It has a six beat pattern, and the male leads the dance, while the female mirrors his moves.

Tonight myself and Josie and Tomas will demonstrate the dance to you and then teach you the basic steps.”

With that two new people gracefully emerged from the opposite entrance. Both were tall, lean and had dancer’s build. These must be the professional dancers to instruct them, Lea thought. Josie, the woman was young, and as she and every boy could suddenly see, highly attractive. She flashed Professor Longstreet a smile.

He in turn started the gramophone and a bouncy, jazzy number filled the hall. Josie and Tomas took their places and suddenly she moved her hips to the left and the right and Tomas stuck out his right foot twice and then switched his weight to the left.

They chasses to the left and to the left, Josie arched and flashed her leg up in front of her in performing a nearly vertical split. They bopped up and down on feet back and forth and Jose shook her chest foreword and back, looking perfectly beautiful and sexy at the same time.

At the end of the number, the students looked stunned. Lea exchanged a look with Lily and Lily just looked back at her wide –eye. There was no way they could dance like that.

“And so! That’s the jive. And now I know that looked nearly impossible to do, but I don’t expect you to dance like that. Josie and Tomas are professionals. But hopefully this gives you something to aspire to. Dancing is a sport and art rolled into one.”

“This guy is must have ingested a magic mushroom or something,” Sirius muttered. Lea elbowed him in the rib.

“Yes. As your professor said, we don’t expect you to dance like us. But the jive is actually one of the easier ballroom dances and is quite fun.” Josie affirmed.

“Now, I want everyone one to follow Tomas and I. Professor…,”

“Longstreet,” he finished for her. She smiled again and then continued, “Longstreet will explain the basic steps and then I want all of you to follow us.”

Obediently they spread out and watched as the pair demonstrated the steps. They both moved to the left taking three steps and then to the right with three steps. Then they rocked back and forth with their left and right foot.

“Now, the technical terms here are chasses and the rock step. You chasse to the left in three steps, and then chasse to the right. Then you do a rock step, left foot back and right foot front.” Longstreet explained as Josie and Tomas did the steps again, slower this time.

“Now it’s your turn!” Tomas announced. With a feeling of trepidation running through everyone’s bodies, they hesitantly moved to the left and then to the right. Before they got to the rock step part though, Josie cut in.

“Um…are you guys sick?”

They shook their heads. “Are you guys dead or something? C’mon! This is a quick dance! Dancing is fun! Give some life into these moves!” she exclaimed.

The group tried again, a little faster this time. But not quick enough apparently.

“More. Let go of yourselves and move. Get grooving babies.” Josie urged them impatient.

Lea rolled her head back and then chassed quickly to the left and then to the right, frustrated. Why did her fellow classmates have to make this harder. Sirius followed her lead and they slid smoothly to the left and right again.

“Yes! That’s more like it. Give it some!” Josie pointed out triumphantly to them. Lily and James eyed them and then followed in their fashion.

Truth be told Lea moved quickly because she was just as impatient and Sirius had followed her just because he didn’t want to be outdone.

Ten minutes later the entire group was moving more freely to the left and the right and had progressed to performing the rock step. That’s when they ran into some problems.

Lily accidently knocked into James as she had started off with the wrong foot. “Crap! Sorry.” She apologized and flushed. James waved it off and tried to mirror her steps again but they were off sync. They weren’t the only ones. Many other couples were confused with the mirroring of each other and what foot they started off with.

Sirius was doing his best to keep up with Lea’s energy as she rocked back and forth and then did an impromptu spin. He spun too, only to loose his balance and fall on the ground thud. She bit back a laugh.

“Don’t say a word.” He growled as he got up. Little Miss Show Off.

“Oh c’mon Sirius. It’s just a little spin.” She spun again, but spun three times in succession. Sirius raised his eyebrows and tried it himself but failed.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” she shrugged, not answering. She spun again and put her arms above her head. “Just move mate. Move your body.”

“I could think of better ways to move my body,” he retorted. “Ways that I’m sure would pleasure both me and you!”

She glared at him and kicked him in the shin. Yelping, Sirius jumped back from her. “Bloody hell woman what was that for?”

“For being an arse!”

“You’re being a show off!”

“I’m trying to make the best of sucky situation!”

“Well it’s not like I asked to be your bloody partner!”

“Yeah well I’m not exactly thrilled to be with you either, Mr. I’m- Merlin’s- Gift- to Women!”

“You’re not exactly the most amicable person to be around with too ya know!”

“Nor are you! God, just shut up and stop putting a damper on everything!”

“Is there a problem here?” A cheery voice asked. It was Josie who had been observing the couple.

“No.” they answered in unison. Lea still had daggers in her eyes and Sirius looked thunderous.

“Good. Now I was watching you two and I think you’re doing pretty well so far. But you need to put some more affection into the dance. The jive is a happy, playful dance.”

“Yeah well what can I say ma’am? Jiving with this one just ain’t my vibe.” Sirius replied throwing Lea a dirty look. She merely rolled her eyes.

“Well you better make it. You two show some potential so I suggest that you put your differences aside and concentrate on dancing.”

Lea huffed and crossed her arms. Sirius shook his head. “Yeah all right.”

“Good. Continue. The spin was a nice touch.”
Lea stuck her tongue out at him and Sirius moved to grab her but she slid to the left quickly and out of his reach.



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