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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 5 : living in hell
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Thanks for reading and reviewing guys, means a lot :)



I sat in the library with Lee after the first weekend of being a muggle, and the week had passed quickly and friday had rolled round again which meant returning to muggle land.


It was a pretty tough weekend, Malfoy was a complete moron when it came to muggles, he didn't know how to work an oven or microwave, he couldn't even turn the TV on, it was like living with a 2 year old, in all honestly I struggled too, whenever i was at home my mum would cook and clean. 


Needless to say the weekend with him had been horrible, I did everything in my power to avoid Malfoy, each night I spent on the sofa and whenever he entered a room i made sure I left, I don't know how I can survive the rest of the year like this.


I was thankful to have the whole week away from muggle life to actually crack on with my homework and spend time with Lee but sadly now it was Friday I only had an hour left and then I couldn't see him till Monday.


"So hows the wonderful Malfoy" asked Lee looking up from his work, I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes


"Honestly if I had my wand I would have cursed him at least 286 times by now" I groaned placed my palm on my face 

"he's an idiot, he tried to put his clothes in the oven to wash them then proceeded to put his dish in the watching machine, not to mention the fact that he tried to share a bed with me, I swear I could kill him" I frowned shaking my head 

"but besides all that hows pug-face?" I asked eyeing Lee


"She's not as terrible as I thought, turns out she knows a few muggles and actually knows how to cook and work muggle appliances so I'm getting some good meals" laughed Lee patting his firm stomach 


"Yeah cause you need to eat more don't ya fatty" I joked.


The past week I had really missed Lee, we spent so much time together not seeing him as much was like being separated from your Siamese twin.


"Well at least I'm better off than you" replied Lee coldly


"Yeah you are, Malfoy is a nightmare, he just has no idea" I huffed throwing my quill down.


"I can't believe he tried to get in bed with you, he really will try it with anyone" laughed Lee, I furrowed my brow


"I would rather snog Hagrids dog than that inconsiderate worm" I moaned


"Has he managed to tweak you actually live in a muggle home yet?" asked Lee looking curious


"No, I told him my cousins a squib and that's how I know so much, I don't think I could handle him knowing the truth" I replied bluntly.


Lee was the only person who knew about my mum, Lee of course was a pureblood even though his entire family were in Gryffindor they really loved me and my knowledge of muggles they found it fascinating.


Me and Lee sat quietly for a while doing out homework, we really had a lot to crack on with.


"Have you been set a task yet?" asked Lee through the silence, I shook my head


"You?" I questioned suddenly feeling interested


"Uh yeah, we got a letter last night" sighed Lee leaning back from his work, I stared at Lee willing him to continue


"it's nothing fancy, we just have to drive to a supermarket and do a muggle shopping trip and some other stuff" replied Lee coolly waving his hand in the air.


I pondered over what our task could possibly be, hopefully something simple like that would be good.


Before I knew it my week of sanity and normality were over and me and Lee slowly trudged back to the Slytherin common room.

I wasn't looking forward to a weekend full of having dinner pathetic microwave meals and cereal. 


Malfoy really wasn't helping he was a worse cook than me, he burnt toast because he couldn't work a toaster.

I was truly dreading spending the weekend with him, last weekend was ok, we had no task so we could avoid each other, but now with the knowledge of tasks beginning I knew we'd have to do something together.


Sadly me and Lee arrived in the Slytherin common room, lots of younger students were sitting around chatting, I spotted my door and Lee's several feet away, we slowly walked towards the cold stone wall where the doors were and separated to our own.


"Eugh, I guess I'll see you Monday morning" I muttered sadly


"Rory I swear you're in your own world sometimes" said Lee with a sad smile


"what?" I huffed standing by my door trying to find my key


"It's the Christmas holiday from tomorrow, everyone is leaving to go home in the morning" he said walking away from his door to me


I stared dumbly at his warm friendly face, this could not be true, this would mean I'd have to endure 3 whole weeks alone with Malfoy as a muggle, life could honestly not get any worse.


"Kill me now" I groaned banging my head on the door "Honestly Lee, screw this class get you wand and fire the killing curse at me" I whined


"Before you know it this will be over" he consoled placing a hand on my back


"I'd die without you I swear" I muttered moving my head from the door and looking to his big blue eyes 

"Oh come here" I said swiftly grabbing Lee into a big friendly hug, finally letting go he smiled at me


"Have a good Christmas and try not to murder Malfoy" joked Lee nudging me


"Honestly I promise nothing, keep your eyes on the muggle news" I said with a wink.


And with those last words I pushed open the door and stepped inside the dark broom cupboard locking the door behind me.


I pushed open the cupboard door and entered into the hallway, the scene was very different from when I entered last week, the floors were pretty dirty, I looked into the living room where wrappers and discarded mugs sat on the coffee table, but what could you expect from two teenagers that normally lived with their parents.


"MALFOY?" I called out in hope of no answer


I was in luck as the house was silent, I headed upstairs to the bedroom flinging my bag across the room and kicking off my trainers, thankfully the bedroom wasn't too messy, the laundry basket was full of clothes and few items lay next to it, the bed was still sheet less but other than that it looked fine.


I pulled off my shirt, tie and trousers throwing them all into the already overflowing laundry basket, muggle life was harder without my mum there to clean up after me.


I headed into the wardrobe in my lacy red underwear hunting for some clean clothes to put on standing by the bathroom door I rummaged around for a while when the door to bathroom clicked open, steam filling the wardrobe as Malfoy stepped out and I swiftly stood up.


Malfoys body was dripping wet with nothing on but a black towel wrapped around his waist there was water dripping down his perfect muscular chest, his blonde hair tousled and wet, my eyes were glued to his beauty my mouth almost hanging open.


"Did you want something?" he asked in a cocky way scanning my body up and down and giving me a wink


I then realised I was only in my underwear, I grabbed the nearest item of clothing off a hanger to cover myself


"By all means you could have joined me if I had known that's what you've been hiding under your uniform all these years" he said with a smirk his eyes lingering on my curvy shape half covered by a tee shirt.


Malfoy brushed passed me his wet body grazing mine sending my body into a spasm of goosebumps as he entered into the bedroom, his clean winters day scent filled my senses as he walked away, my eyes stuck to his body.


I swiftly pulled on the item of clothing which turned out to be one of Malfoys green Slytherin shirts.


"Oh bog off Malfoy" I muttered walking out of the wardrobe


"I wouldn't have minded too much" he said laughing as he laid on the bed


"I'm not one of your little groupies Malfoy, unlike the rest of the Slytherin girls you are the last man I would wish to share a bath with" I said coldly walking towards the door


"Say Rory Sweetie what's for dinner tonight?" he cooed staring at me sweetly with his silver eyes


I paused at the door and turned around quickly my dark red hair fanning out behind me from the sudden move.

I glared at him my dark brown eyes meeting his stupidly gorgeous silvery grey ones feeling so annoyed I wanted to scream, he really knew how to push my buttons, I just glared at his smug face for a moment.

I grabbed one of my shoes off the floor and threw it at him hitting him right in the chest, he looked quite taken aback.


"Piss you, you-y-you bloody git" I stammered my hands clenched into fists 

"You can do your own bloody dinner" I growled as I stormed out of the room my hair swaying behind me again, I took a fleeting look to see him throw my shoe on the floor with a grin.


I swear I will kill him by the end of this.



Hope you enjoyed it :D





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