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Bedposts and Broomsticks by potterwriter340237
Chapter 16 : Changes
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AN: This is unbetaed right meow so bare with me. But on a much more positive note, here's about 7,500 words for you all to enjoy. An uber chapter for the ridiculous long wait.

Also check out my main page to get my link to my homepage where you can ask me questions, see about update times and some excerpts from time to time!

"I saw you snog Luke Wood"

"NO YOU DIDN'T!" I screamed, simultaneously dropping my Quidditch kit and pulling out my wand which let out a loud bang, causing the inhabitants of the portraits to duck.

"You know, I read that gingers are five times more likely to produce accidental magic." My dark haired cousin said casually as she peaked over the back of the arm chair.

"You're a twat Roxanne." I put my wand back in my robe pocket, and concentrated on calming my racing heart.

"That's the right idea, provoke your potential black mailer."

"You nearly gave me a heart attack and it’s a little late don't you think? Considering you've known I've snogged him from the very beginning?"

"Waiting for the opportune moment." Roxanne said loftily as she came around the chair, she crossed her arms and regarded me with a growing grin.

"I hate you."

"Well, at least be thankful it was me Freddie sent back to the pitch to get his gloves, and not James or someone. I don't think your brother would take it too well if he saw you ravaging his best mate in the equipment shed." The smirk was now covering her face.

"I was not ravag-"

"Regardless, if you're going to have a secret relationship you might want to work a bit on the 'secret' part Lily Bean."

"Can you leave now?"

"Merlin, I want too. Freddie and I were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago. But apparently he has to do his make up or something." She pouted, patience was never one of my cousin’s virtues.

"Will you stop bothering me if I go up and get him, oh lazy one?"

She laughed. "No, Fred is not one to be rushed. And you and I both know you just want to go up cause Luke’s up there. And so is his bed."

I blushed, Circe, Roxanne's a brat. "Shut up, its not like that."

"I’ll stop, its just too easy. But seriously though, what’s it like? Are you two just snog partners? Or are you together?"

What were we? Merlin we hadn't even talked, we had jumped straight from awkward mates to snogging like mad in the equipment shed. My whole attempt at being mature had failed miserably.

"Roxanne, I don't even know-"

"ROXXXXYYYY" Fred trilled as he bounded down the stairs, interrupting my vocal worrying.

"Lily when I get back we'll talk yeah?" Roxanne asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah, no worries.” I waved her off, Fred grabbed her arm and began to drag her out of the common room.

“Bye Little L!” Fred bellowed, I swear the boy spoke as if he was constantly at a sold out Quidditch game.

"Bye, have fun, make good choices!"

They both looked over their shoulders at me as they made their way out of the portrait hole flashing eerily similar mischievous grins. "We won't!"

I swear sometimes they were like twins.

"Oi Lil! One last thing.” Fred yelled as the door was closing, "heard Luke beat you!"

"I let him win the last one!!" I yelled, but was cut off by Fred's chuckle and the slam of the door.

"Bloody Weasleys." I muttered as I picked up my gear, the portraits shot me wary glances.

I pulled out my wand and waved it mockingly around. "Look I know how to control my magic! If you keep on looking at me like that I really will cause some damage. It was just a mistake earli-"

"Why are you talking to your self?"

BANG! I jumped again and this time my wand sparked and singed a nearby painting. The clergymen in it shook their fists at me.

Albus was regarding me with an annoyingly superior older brother expression.

"Shut up Al. Why aren't you studying with Rose yet?"

"Clar asked her to cover his prefect duties cause he had an assignment or something, so I'm meeting her later." Al's tone was laced with obvious disapproval.

"So now you have time to bother me, fantastic. What is it with our bloody family?" I muttered more to myself than my brother.

"What's going on between you and Luke, Lily?" The question didn't surprise me, from his reaction at practice to the possibility of Luke and I being alone together, I assumed this discussion would have to happen eventually. Unlike James, Albus was observant, which was getting incredibly irritating.

"Nothing Al, mind your own business." I snapped back, at my tone Al’s face clouded and his dark eyebrows came together.

"I see the way he looks at you."

"You're mad."

I couldn’t stop the butterflies from erupting in my stomach.

"Yet you're the one who talks to herself."

"I was talking to the portraits."

"'Cause that makes you sound normal."

"Just drop it Al, we’re barely even friends. Plus things just ended with Eric, I'm not even thinking of other boys, let alone ones that are two years older than me."

He seemed convinced, damn I'm a good actress.

"Creevey's a prat anyway." Al commented, satisfied as he settled in the arm chair Roxanne had so recently vacated.

"He's nice!" I exclaimed, it was true. He was probably the nicest boy I knew.

"Sure, but nice guys always finish last." Albus said somewhat cynically

"Well, you're a nice bloke."

"Do you see me with a girl friend? No, she dumped me for that dick, McDonald. You know he ate a pound of doxie eggs for a bet last year?"

"Your self depreciation is refreshing, and Vivian is a daft bint anyway."

"Language little sister." Al mock lectured me. 

"It's true though." I stated defiantly as I picked up by kit and began to make my way up to my dormitory to bathe.

"I've come to the realization that all girls are mental."

"Except for me!" I yelled now looking over the railing back at my brother.

"You threaten innocent portraits." That damned familiar smirk was back, crossing his thin lips.

"You're hilarious." I retorted sarcastically. After shooting a stinging hex at Al which he deflected with mocking ease; I stomped the rest of the way up to my dormitory taking great care to slam the dormitory door, cutting off my brother’s loud laughter.

After showering, I made my way alone down to the Great Hall for dinner. It was only in Roxanne’s absence; whether due to a row or her being busy that I realized I really didn’t have that many close friends.

I liked Edie and Sam; but much like Roxanne and I, they were attached at the hip and I found myself having trouble relating to them. Both were quiet and reserved and had little time for anything active or athletic. Also, I spent a great deal of time with my family; opting to hang out with Rose and Al and now more often Hugo than the rest of the fifth years. So when I entered the Hall to find my two dorm mates sitting with Eric, Rose occupied with Clar and Al sitting at the Slytherin table with Malfoy, I felt horribly insecure.

Choosing to avoid Eric who was sitting with the rest of my Gryffindor fifth year friends I settled down by myself on a bench near some kids who looked like first years. I was never that small when I was eleven right?

As I dug into some mashed potatoes, attempting to fool myself into believing I wasn’t self conscious, my eldest brother sat down heavily next to me causing some goblets to tip over.

“Holy Agrippa, James can’t you do anything subtly?” I demanded of him as he grinned at me and stabbed a piece of roast beef off my plate with his fork.

“Like that?” James questioned as he tore into the meat with his teeth, while spraying me with the gravy.

“You’re worse than Grawp.” I said as I wiped off the sauce with a napkin. “Get your own plate.”

“Aw, now you’re just insulting Grawp, Lily, even he doesn’t come close to James’ poor table manners.” Luke sat down across from us, with a smile as he dodged a carrot missile from my brother. I couldn’t help the blush that rose as he offered a discrete wink.

Who knew a secret relationship could be so exciting?

Wait. Was what we had even a relationship? I mean we had snogged a couple times, and he had said he liked me...

The rattle of James’s cutlery on his dish made me jump. I should not be thinking about this anywhere close to the vicinity of my older, far too protective, insane brother.

“Don’t be a wanker Wood.” James lectured his mate, “Anyway little one, I decided to grace you with my supper presence as you look like a sad little loner sitting here all by your self.”

“I was enjoying a quiet meal before you baboons so rudely interrupted.” I replied haughtily, trying to imply that my loneliness was a choice rather than the only option. 

“Now let’s say I believe you,” James offered and I sighed. Who needed siblings? I’d much rather be an only child.


“Are you avoiding your friends because a certain ‘choir boy’ is sitting with them?” James asked, the innocent question was corrupted by his shit-eating grin. Circe I hate that damn article Romilda Vain wrote.

“Fuck off James. I don’t know why you and Albus think it’s your job today to annoy me.”

“Come on now Lily; it’s our duty for the rest of our life! You think this is bad? Wait, till we’re old and wrinkly and have nothing to do BUT annoy the shite out of you.”

“Oh I’ll probably have murdered both of you by that point.” I muttered, ignoring Luke’s laughter at mine and James’ sibling banter.

“Nah, Mum loves me too much, she’d never let that happen.” James proclaimed and put a brotherly arm around my shoulders before pulling  me into a headlock.

“Fuck James, you smell wretched.” I covered my nose as he let me up for air, how I had not noticed it before I had no idea. He smelt like sweat, dirt and hippogriff dung.

“He refused to shower after practice today.” Luke explained as my brother sniffed himself.

“I smell manly Lily. It’s my natural musk. All birds like their men rugged. My tutoring partner didn’t seem to mind.”

“She must have lost her sense of smell then. And you’re not a man, and you’re hardly rugged James, with your chicken legs and three chin hairs,” I mocked.

Feeling a nudge at my shin, I looked up at Luke who offered me a crooked grin before redirecting his attention to his best friend. Now the boy in front of me; however, with his five o-clock stubble due to the stupid Quidditch rules, was probably the only boy on the team who benefitted looks wise from the bet.

“Fine I’ll shower after I eat, speaking of Quidditch, how did the extra practice go?” James looked at me and Luke expectantly.

I felt my whole face heat up and I looked determinedly away from Luke who managed to speak casually, “Really well, Lily’s a great seeker, we have nothing to worry about for our game against Slytherin on Saturday.”

My blush deepened at his praise and James clapped a hand on my shoulder and spoke proudly, “Of course she is, I just had to punish her for being late.”

“Thanks James.”

Louis and Daemon sat down around us, distracting my brother from any further questions. The latter still in his Quidditch gear. I’m just surrounded by smelly boys.

Luke had taken up a steady gentle tap of his foot against my leg, completely distracting me from my meal and at the same time flustering me to no end.

I set down my cutlery abruptly enough for all the boys too look at me causing Luke to stop and me to redden.

“Luke I’m all finished eating. Want to meet me in the library in twenty?” I asked, trying to keep my voice even.

“Sure Lily.” His grin was anything but platonic, he was completely aware of how distracting his playing footsies with me was.

“See you lot later then.” I waved my goodbyes to my brother and his friends and made my way up to the tower to get my transfiguration books.

On my way to the library I came across Edie and Samira  returning from the Great Hall.

“Lily why didn’t you sit with us at dinner?” Sam asked, from anyone else it would sound like an accusation but from her I could tell it was genuine concern.

“Oh you know, with Eric and everything. Didn’t want to make it awkward.”

“Of course!” Said Edie, “I wouldn’t want to either if I broke up with a bloke for another.”

“Edie.” Sam hissed and stepped on her best friend’s foot.

Edie looked horrified and completely apologetic, “I’m so sorry Lily, I didn’t mean it like that. Oh sometimes I just seem to put my foot in my mouth.”

“Try always,” Sam said dryly.

“What do you mean Edie?” I asked worriedly. What the hell was Eric telling people?

“Well, you see...”

“Spit it out Diamond.”

“Eric said you two split up because you snogged another boy.”

“That’s not true!”

“You snogged a girl?” Her pale eyebrows shot up into her hair line and Samira rolled her eyes.

“No, Edie seriously? I may have kissed someone else, but it was innocent. It just made me realize I wanted to be friends with Eric than anything else.”

Both girls nodded like they understood, but I could see the thoughts coming to conclusions all ready.

“So who did you kiss?” Edie asked casually, stopping me from continuing on to the library.

I sighed, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Is he at least good looking?” Sam asked, surprising me. She seldom pried, I guess all it took was a good enough piece of gossip to get her going.

“Yes,” I answered begrudgingly, if I was going to be accused of cheating I may as well tell some of the truth.

Edie looked around shiftily before asking me, “Is he really good-looking?”

I laughed at this, “Yes Edie.”

“Is it John Everett?” Edie asked excitedly.

“Ew Edie! You think he’s fit? He’s a third year!” I exclaimed, laughing at Edie’s red cheeks.

“It doesn’t mean he’s not attractive!” She defended, and as we continued to laugh, she swatted at the two of us.

“Come on, you cradle robber, we have Divination to do.” Samira conceded, they both offered a wave to me and continued on their way to the tower leaving me with a grin on my face.

Maybe I could relate to these girls more than I thought.

“I’d hardly call what we were doing last night innocent.”

I jumped and my hand flew to my heart, “Bloody hell Wood, you scared the wits out of me.”

Luke grinned as he stepped out from around the corner, his handsome face illuminated by the torch light. “At least you finally admitted you think I’m fit.”

“Oh stuff it you shouldn’t have been eavesdropping.” I retorted as I went to brush by him to continue on to the library. 

Falling into step beside me he continued to talk, “On that note, I don't know what kind of witchy things you do to make yourself look so attractive but I couldn't stop staring at you at dinner. Thank Merlin, my friends are too self absorbed to notice.”

“You’re such a tosser. You’re only saying things like that to fluster me, and it’s working” I admitted, annoyed.

Luke smirked and turned so he was facing me, preventing me from walking any further. His smirk grew as I huffed and attempted without success to step by him.

“That’s true,” he reached a hand up to my cheek, “but I also mean them.”

I couldn’t help the giddy grin that rose on my lips as he bent down and gently brushed his lips against mine.

“Plus getting a rise out of you is quickly becoming one of my favourite past times. I can see why your brothers enjoy it so much.” He commented, breaking the kiss and wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

I swatted at him, making contact with his hard stomach, effectively breaking our embrace, “Prat.”

“Fine Potter, lets go learn.” He sighed as he picked up the book bag he had dropped to kiss me.

As we made our way to the library I observed him in the flattering torch light. He must have broken his nose at some point, because it was slightly crooked, and instead of taking away from his attractiveness it only improved it. That paired with his strong jaw covered in stubble and his warm hazel eyes made me affirm what I told Edie and Samira; he was very fit.

Luke didn’t seem to mind the silence or my scrutinizing, he simply kept on looking forward with a slight smile on his face, confident as anything.

We found an empty table near the Charms section of the library and settled down.

“So you’ve moved on to vanishing mice?” Luke asked me, leafing through my text book.

“Yeah, I’ve got to write an essay on the difference and similarities of vanishing invertebrates and vertebrates and how to adjust the incantation and wand work used.”

He nodded in understanding, “Right yeah, I had to write a similar one when I was in fifth year. When’s it due?”


Luke laughed, “Okay, get started on that, I have some work I need to do for transfiguration. If you have any questions or anything you can just ask?”

I nodded, and he smiled then pulled out his own textbook and parchment. We worked in comfortable silence for an hour or so, only broken by the rustling of parchment and the scratch of our quills.
One of the most prominent and noticeable differences in the enchantment of...” A warm hand on my knee jarred me from my thoughts.

Looking over at Luke, whose eyes were still focused on his textbook, and back down to where his large hand was now drawing lazy slow circles on my thigh, I grinned. Maybe studying wasn’t so bad.

Try as I might, I had immense difficulty refocusing on my parchment. I finally reached down and placed my hand on his, effectively stopping his actions. Instead of being deterred he flipped his hand and grabbed my own, this time turning to grin at me and butterflies erupted in my stomach. 

A book slamming on our table made both of us jump, causing us to immediately let go of each other’s hand and for my knee to make painful contact with the table.

“How are you Lily?” My middle brother asked as I swore, he sat down across from me and Rose followed Albus’s example and took a seat.

“Fine Al, what are you doing here?” I grumbled.

“Well, Lily, Rose wanted someone to look over her Transfiguration essay and I thought to myself,  ‘hey self, I know a seventh year who is already helping someone out in transfiguration’ so that brought us here!”

“Brilliant.” I muttered in response to my brother’s excessively bright tone. He obviously hadn’t believed me, and was taking it upon himself to police Luke and I, when we had opportunity to be alone.

“Is that okay Luke? If you are too busy or anything I would completely understand. I’ve just been going mental with all the work sixth year is causing. Al and I have a Defense quiz tomorrow as well.” Rose explained to my study partner.

“It only gets worse in seventh, but not a problem Rose let me see it. I’ll try to help if I can.” Luke offered with a grin, Rose gave him a relieved smile and reached into her pack bringing out a ridiculously long parchment.

To give him some credit, Luke’s smile only faltered for a second at the considerable length of my cousin’s essay. 

For the next hour we all worked in silence, stifled by  the tension between Luke and I caused by my brother, I was ready to bail on the study session. My plans were interrupted by the appearance of Ashton Davies.

“Wood, what’s going on? Why has your mate, Weasley, not done anything to me yet?” The good-looking boy asked, trying to appear as unconcerned as possible.

“No idea what you’re talking about Davies.” Luke responded without taking his eyes off of Rose’s paper.

“Come on-” Davies began before being interrupted by Rose.

“Can you please leave Ashton? None of us particularly want you here.” She asked primly.

“Sure Red,” Ashton offered a leer and a wink in her direction, Rose grimaced in turn and Al began to draw his wand.

“Fancy meeting you here, Davies.” Came a voice from behind the bookshelf.

The Ravenclaw jumped at the voice as my cousin in question came into view and leaned casually against the shelf.

“What are you doing here Weasley? I wasn’t aware you could read.”

“Oh, I’m just full of surprises.” Fred answered grinning, tapping his hand against his palm, and with a scowl Davies turned on his heel and all but raced out of the library.

With a self satisfied smirk, Fred sat down heavily at the head of the table, his appearance complimented by a black eye and a fat lip. “Don’t know how Louis lives in the same dorm as him.”

“Mate, what happened to you?” Luke asked, concerned.

Fred shrugged and sighed, “Nothing too bad, I assure you. Roxanne had the idea to try to get into Hogsmeade by going through the Whomping Willow entrance, without hitting the knot that immobilizes it. Obviously I didn’t make it through unscathed. Our waitress at the Three Broomsticks gave us each a butterbeer on the house though, so all in all a successful night.”

All four of us gaped at my cousin, “Do you two have a death wish?” I asked, “You’re lucky a black eye and a fat lip were the worst of your injuries!”

Fred waved off my worry “I’ll live, and Roxanne got through first without any injuries so I thought I’d be fine. Unfortunately I didn’t see the one branch coming that got me. The nurse has already healed the ribs I broke, told her not to waste the time on my face. Roxanne is never going to let me live it down.” He groaned.

“You’re an idiot.” Rose declared, shaking her head and Al nodded in agreement.

“I think you’re confusing idiot with badass.” Fred answered smugly.

Luke grinned at his friend’s apparent stupidity, “How have you lived this long?”

“Dumb luck and a deal with the devil.” My cousin offered us a lopsided grin as he stood to leave, “I’ll see you lot later though, can’t stand this place, too many books.”

“I’ll come with you, Lily, we’re done yeah?” Luke asked me as he handed back Rose’s essay.


“Wicked.” Fred said, “Let’s go plan what we’re going to actually do to Davies, I’m getting impatient.”

Rose looked distraught at the mention of revenge, “Fred, come on now, be the bigger person and just let it go. Plus you could lose us house points and we are already trailing behind Slytherin and Ravenclaw.”

“No worries Rose.” She looked relieved at Fred’s answer. “Any points we lose for getting even with Davies will be replaced when we win the match next week.”

Fred! That's really not what I meant!” Rose shouted after him as he strutted out of the library, while Luke followed, he offered me a subtle smile and I grinned. Someone shushed her from over the bookcases and she blushed.

“Bloody Weasleys.” Rose scowled as she returned to her paper to review the corrections Luke made.

Al grinned and poked her, “Don’t forget, you’re one too.”

“Stuff it, Potter.”

The day of the match dawned an exceptionally frigid November Saturday afternoon, my breath caught in the air as Roxanne and I walked down to the pitch with our brooms over our shoulders.

“You ready, Lily Bean?” Roxy asked me.


“Awfully chatty this morning, aren’t we?” She continued, further pestering me.

I ignored her.

“Might this terrible mood be brought on by the fact that you have not snogged or talked to your mystery lover this entire week?”

“He’s been busy, and I’ve talked to him a bit.” I answered her frostily.

“Sure, but when he’s surrounded by your brother and the rest of the Marauders doesn’t really count.”

“Are you trying to make me feel bad Roxanne?”

“Sorry, I’m not actually.” She answered honestly, raising her hands in apology, “More just curious.”

“It’s just hard get time alone with him, he’s always with one of his mates and Al is still all suspicious.”

“Understandable.” Roxanne nodded in sympathy. “Maybe you should talk to Luke and figure out where you two stand?”

“Yeah, maybe.” I conceded, “Anyway enough talk about this, I need to focus on Quidditch and finding the snitch not about my boy issues.”

“Sounds good.” My cousin agreed and went to push open the change room door.

“Hey Lily.” A soft voice startled me and I looked to see Luke leaning against the wall of the change room.


Merlin, we're eloquent.

Roxanne grinned, “I’ll cover for you.” 

She pushed through the change room door and left me standing nervously waiting for Luke to say something.

“Come with me?” He asked, as he jerked his head in the direction of behind the building.

“Sure.” I followed him.

Luke grabbed my arm as we reached the private space, and pulled me so my back was against the solid stone of the wall.

Letting out a small squeak at the abruptness of the action, I had little time to react before Luke had me pressed tightly between the wall and his hard body. He smelled like leather and Quidditch, my body curved to his on instinct and suddenly his lips were on mine.

In my limited experience of snogging I knew I had never, ever, been kissed like this. There was no space between us, I was pressed so tightly to his front that I could feel his chest plate digging into my stomach. It still wasn’t close enough.

He tugged gently at my bottom lip with his teeth and in return I kissed him harder, Luke’s thumb rubbed across where my jersey and trousers had separated leaving a couple centimeters of bare skin for him to find.

The other hand was making quick work of destroying the plait that had been keeping my wild hair under control.  He still hadn’t shaved, due to the Quidditch team rule, but with every scrape of his stubble on my cheeks and neck I decided I really didn’t mind it.

What seemed like ages later we finally separated and he rubbed his nose gently across mine.

Out of breath and his warm hazel eyes dancing with laughter and something else, Luke gave me one last chaste peck, “Good luck out there.”

“Same to you.” I breathed, and I ducked my head, attempting to hide the blush that had risen from our intense snog.

Luke grinned then moved one arm off the wall, giving me a gentle tap on the bum to get me moving, I slipped past him to enter the change room. Adjusting my mussed hair, I ignored my brother’s lecture for nearly being late and Roxanne’s cheshire grin while I put my arm guards on.

This would be an interesting game to say the least.

“Ladies and boys of Hogwarts, I give you the Gryffindor Quidditch team; WOOD! FAY! WEASLEY! WEASLEY! POTTER! POTTER and POTTER!” Screamed a voice as we darted out of the entrance and into the stadium to a roar of cheers and screams. We really needed to diversify the team.

“Bloody hell is that Hugo announcing?!” Roxanne yelled over the noise as we took our warm up lap.

Sure enough, I could spot my orange haired cousin sitting in the announcers booth beside Professor Longbottom.

Just when I thought he was done, Hugo still managed to surprise me.

“And the Slytherin Quidditch Team, I give you; MALFOY! KRUM! PEARSON! KING! HALL! WHITE and TURNER!”

The opposing team came out, more green blurs than anything else, I caught a glimpse of my opposition John Turner a tall and gangly sixth year Slytherin. I didn’t know much about him, his first year was last season and he was off injured when they played us.

James had said he was fast, here’s hoping I’m faster.

We took our places across from our opposing positions, and after James and Daemon shook hands the whistle was blown and the game had begun.

“The quaffle is immediately to Potter, a pass to Potter and then to Fay then back to Potter, then a drop to Fay, a brilliantly executed Porskoff Ploy by the captain there. Fay pulls back and that’s a GOAL! Ten-nil for Gryffindor! It seems James Potter has made a brilliant choice in recruiting Noel Fay. Some of you might remember Andrew Fay, last years chaser and Noel’s older brother. Well, folks it looks like it runs in the family! I guess that could be said about the entire Gryffindor team!”

The grin that stretched across Noel’s face was huge and I let out a whoop, excited that the game was already looking up.

“Hall, Slytherin’s newest beater takes a swing, attempting to knock the Gryffindor captain off his broom-” Hugo was doing great, I thought in the back of my mind as I scanned the pitch. “Ohh and the shot goes wide, not enough power behind that one mate, maybe if Slytherin hadn’t picked such fairy as their beater-”

“Mr. Weasley!” Professor Longbottom admonished as I choked back a laugh. Damn, Hugo was funny. 

“Where’s Gryffindor’s beater? Neville needs a word with him.”

“Not him, you!” Neville yelled, and tore the microphone away from my cousin, “the score is thirty-ten for Gryffindor!”

The entire stands were in hysterics over my witty cousin, I even saw Fred and James exchange quick surprised grins.

I, however, really needed to focus.

The crowd screamed and booed as Slytherin got another goal past Luke. Scanning the pitch, I desperately searched for a hint of gold with no success. I did a couple more laps around the pitch attempting to ignore the chaos that was occurring around me when suddenly Turner went into a sharp dive.

I cursed and urged my broom towards the Gryffindor posts where my opponent seemed so focused. Then I saw it, the snitch was dancing around the grass at the bottom of the hoops. Speeding by Luke who managed to block a shot by White, I entered into a steep dive coming neck and neck with the Slytherin seeker.

Both of us were on equal brooms but the snitch was so low to the ground that it would come down to daring and skill not speed. Well, I wasn’t in Gryffindor for nothing.

Turner pulled out of the dive feet from the grass but I kept going, pulling my broom sharply and I could feel my toes graze the pitch. The snitch jumped a bit in the air and I knew it was ready to take off soon, so taking a rough judgement I launched my self off my broom.

Flying through the air I felt my fingers close around the hard metal and then I rolled, hitting the hard earth and knocking the wind out of myself with a loud oomph, skidding, my head centimeters away from the bottom of the metal golden hoop.

Raising my fist weakly in the air, the cold small sphere in my hand and barely breathing from my fall and from my excitement,  the crowd burst into cheers.

“Lily Potter has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins 190 to 30 in the first match of the season!” Hugo screamed through the microphone, Neville beside him, was doing a goofy victory dance.

Someone landed heavily next to, a rough hand ran over my face and hair ensuring that I was okay.

More people arrived around me, all cheering and yelling madly, I managed to sit up with the help of Luke, who I realized was the first person to arrive and I grinned at my teammates.

James and Al were on either side of me, both screaming “Well done, little sister!”

Roxanne had pulled Noel to dance with her, both looking rather foolish and Luke was simply looking at me with a relieved expression.

“All right Potter?” Luke asked, a smile creeping onto his face, the snitch twitched feebly in my hand.

“Just fine, Wood.”

He offered me and hand and pulled me gently to my feet. I felt a little woozy,

James grinned at me, and slung an arm around my shoulders drawing me away from his best mate. “I’m glad mum wasn’t here to see that. She would have strung you up from your ankles on the laundry line if she saw you leap like that. Then she’d put Al and I up there with you for allowing you to go through with it.”

“Maybe,” I agreed, “but you have to admit. Dad would’ve loved it.”

James’ grin grew, “Aye, he would have.”

“PARTY UP IN THE COMMON ROOM!” Noel announced to the team and the crowd.

“That’s my cue, going to have to make a quick trip to my fire-whiskey stash for tonight!” James said.

“Don’t let Rose hear you say that James.” I offered but I knew my warning would go unheeded.

“See you up there to celebrate Lils!” My brother gave me a one armed hug and raced off grabbing Luke and Fred on his way up.

I was looking forward to the party. Right after I got a cure for my wicked headache that had sprung up to due to my fall. Not that anyone needed to know that.

The party was in full swing by the time I had returned from the hospital wing and showered. I had taken some extra time to do something with my hair and Roxanne had even let me use her favourite perfume. Something incredibly surprising since Roxanne could only get it when Victoire and Dom went to France as the creator refused to fill owl post orders. She rationed it as if it was her last bottle of fresh water and she was stranded in a dessert.

I saw Hugo being loudly complimented by my brother and cousin Fred for his great job at announcing. A pleased flush had risen on his cheeks and I offered him a grin and a wave from across the room.

Roxanne was chatting with Edie and Samira while Rose was arguing with a fourth year about the bottle of fire-whiskey in his hand.

“You look especially pretty tonight.”

I turned to see Luke sitting on the boys dormitory stairs holding a bottle of butterbeer loosely in his hands.

“Any particular reason?” He asked as I sat down beside him.

“Knew I’d be running into you.” I answered cheekily.

Luke grinned widely at my response, “Very good Potter, where’d you learn a line like that from?”

“Nowhere.” I said nonchalantly, reaching over and taking the butterbeer bottle from him, I took a sip.

“So me then?” He grabbed the bottle back from me and took a swig, finishing it and I let out a laugh.

“I’ll be back, going to grab two more.” He squeezed my leg and rose to go to the drink table. I watched him go, appreciating how he walked, his broad shoulders filling out his t-shirt nicely.

Rose sat down beside me with a huff, “Congratulations Lily.”

I laughed, “Wow, you sound so sincere.”

She blushed, “I’m sorry Lily. I’m as happy as the next Gryffindor but I hate having to be a prefect in these situations. Everyone drinking and such.”

“I know Rose, but I mean look at Louis!” I motioned over to my cousin who was sound asleep in an arm chair. His mouth hanging open and Fred leaning over with his wand, dying both his eyebrows pink. “He’s Head Boy and he’s still obviously managing to have a good time!”

“He’s not drunk Lily. I know, I’ve been with him most of the night. Louis is just knackered from all his classes and Head Boy duties.” Rose explained.

“And yet you still want to be Head Girl.” I shook my head, not understanding the draw.

Rose smiled and shrugged in defeat. “Can’t really explain it. Anyway I’m off Lily, I promised I’d go for a walk around the castle with Clar.”

“You’re ditching a raging party to go for a dull walk?” I asked confused.

My cousin rolled her eyes, “Bye Lily.”

Watching her walk down the stairs to the common room portrait hole, I noticed Luke still over by the refreshment table, surrounded by three giggling girls and one reached up to run a hand through his hair. He just laughed.

A slew of emotions swept over me; jealousy, confusion and insecurity as I watched him flirt with the seventh year girls.

Rising from my place on the stairs, I turned on my heel and made my way up to my brother’s dormitory intending to get the invisibility cloak and maybe head down to the kitchens. Anything to escape watching girls throw themselves all over Luke Wood.

Beginning to dig around in James’ trunk I was interrupted when the door opened and I jumped back trying to look innocent.

Luke pushed through the door, a butterbeer in each hand and a confused expression on his face.

“Lily? What are you doing up here? I thought I was going to meet you up on the steps? I had to ask a couple people if you had left or not to figure out where you went.”

“Of course, because with all the girls around you, you’d be hard pressed to notice little ol’ me walk by.” I answered snippily, hating myself for the evident jealousy lacing my tone.

The bloke looked completely bewildered, and that, if possible irritated me even more.

“What are you talking about?”

“The fact that you had those seventh year tarts all over you and you were flirting with them!” I retorted.

“Lily, they’re my friends. All those girls are in Gryffindor. Hell, you know all of them.” Luke explained patiently.

I huffed and crossed my arms, still observing him.

“And I wasn’t flirting with them. Wasn’t I just telling you how attractive I find you?” Luke came closer and offered me a butterbeer which I grudgingly accepted. 

“Okay then.”

He grinned, “Because I find you incredibly fit, just so you know.” He reached forward and gently pulled on my belt loop encouraging me to come closer.

“Is that all?” I was closer to him, relenting, but still annoyed.

“What do you mean?” Luke asked confused.

“I mean, am I just someone you find attractive and want to snog? Or well-” I stuttered for the first time since we had begun talking, “Is this something more?”

His hand came up and gently caressed my face, “You are someone I find attractive, someone I want to snog and someone I want to have something more with.”

“Well, fine then.” I allowed myself a relieved grin and stood slowly up on my toes to place a kiss on his lips. He tasted like butterbeer and I felt him smile against my lips.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COMMON ROOM DAVIES!” The yell from downstairs made us both jump, and we both raced out of the dormitory and down the the stairs.

Fred had his wand out and pointed at a very intoxicated Ashton Davies, his eyes bloodshot and his dirty blonde hair disheveled. Roxanne was crying and had both her hands wrapped around her brother’s arm, trying to restrain him. I pushed through the crowd collecting around the fight.

“Just hex me already mate! Do I need to tell you more? How about how your sister nearly begged me to shag he-”

Ashton’s head snapped back as Fred’s fist connected with his jaw, the Ravenclaw stumbled back grasping drunkly for something to catch his balance, and upon finding nothing collapsed, his head colliding roughly with the hard stone floor.

A cheer went up amongst the common room and Fred breathed heavily, attempting to calm down. Roxanne looked between hitting Fred or hugging him. I ran over to help Roxanne pull my cousin away from causing anymore damage.

The cheering was immediately ended as the portrait door swung open, and Professor Neville walked through.

I had know Neville all my life, he’s one of my parent’s best friend and he’s Al’s Godfather, never had I seen him looking this angry.

He stalked over to Ashton’s prone form and looked between Fred, Roxanne and I, to the boy on the floor. 

“Who did this? Who injured him?” Neville’s gaze was burning as he watched Fred, who in turn, uncharacteristically looked at his feet. It suddenly dawned on me that Fred was worried about being suspended and thus in turn not having a future in his dream job of working at his Dad’s store. When Aunt Angelina made a threat, she stuck by it.

Luke was watching apprehensively from the stairs, James was across the room by the fire place and Louis was somehow still passed out.

“I’ll only ask once more, who-”

“It was me.” I spoke before I could even think about it, everyone’s head swiveled in my direction, and Professor Longbottom gave me a long searching look.

“You punched Mister Davies, Lily?” He asked disbelievingly. Roxanne gave me a confused look through her tears.

“Yes.” I said, now more sure of my self and the lie I was committing too.

“You knocked out Mr. Davies?”

“Well, I hit him professor, but he’s wasted and I think that’s part of it.” I answered, trying to maintain eye contact with my professor and the man who was deemed family.

The entire room was dead silent, with the occasional shuffling of the process of hiding fire-whiskey bottles. 

“You’re not covering for anyone?” He still didn’t believe me.

“No sir.”

“I’ll have to write a letter to your parents.What do you think they’ll have to say about this?” Neville asked disapprovingly as he began to lead me out.

“Well, to be honest Professor Longbottom, I expect them to be proud. My mum’s the one that taught me how to punch.”

The common room erupted into laughter and I swear I even saw Neville crack a grin though it was quickly covered with a slight motion of his hand.

“Berger you’re his dorm mate, can you please take Mr. Davies to the hospital wing?” Neville asked as he lead me out of the common room to his office.

The portrait was about to close when a loud shout rang through, “TO LILY POTTER! THE SUPERB SEEKER THAT WON US TODAY’S GAME AND THE CONQUERER OF THE PRAT!”

The statement was met with a loud roar of approval and several people cheering my name.

No matter how much trouble I was in, I couldn’t help the huge grin that crossed my face as the portrait door slammed shut.

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Luke held the door open for me and I tried not to grin like an idiot when he took my book bag and slung it over his shoulder, his arm returning to its former resting place across my shoulders.

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