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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 10 : You can't break a broken heart
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Another beyond beautiful Chapter Image by fayeswonderland @tda <3

"The time is gonna come when your so mad you could cry,

But i'll hold you through the night untill you smile."

Taylor Swift.



Christmas came and went, and soon enough I was back at hogwarts, Dom decided that today was the day I told James how I feel, I however whole heartedly disagreed, This resulted in me having to sit through a lecture about “Feelings” and having “trust” and if I didn’t then I didn’t love her, sometimes, I really don’t understand why I put up with her.


Walking to Transfiguration, both Dom and me came across a shocking sight.


Dom, next to me was shaking with fury, her face livid, and her beautiful eyes narrowed in a look of absolute horror.


A tall slender brunette, was backed up against a wall, snogging a tall blonde haired Ayden Wood.


The Ayden Wood that Dom was mad for, the boy that until recently worshipped her.


Our best friend, Evie Davis, Was snogging the boy that Dom Weasley “Loved”.





Dom, who had tears running down her pretty face, stood stunned, and then with a hard look at the scene she began reaching for her wand.


My eyes widened, Sure they deserved everything that was coming to them, but Evie was our friend, and besides hexing them in front of a corridor full of students may not of been the best idea.


“Don’t.” I whispered to her, putting my hand on hers and giving her a meaningful look.


Then two loud booming voices came round the corner,


“Then I punched hi-“ The loud obnoxious voice cut off, a sad, disappointed look in his wide blue eyes, his face still frozen into a smile, Next to him, the brown haired boy, glanced at the scene, his face went from, relaxed to furious, then glancing at Dom, tears leaking from her eyes, the boy took out his wand and cursed his friend, sending him hurtling through the air, until he landed on the other side of the corridor with a bang.


James Potter had just cursed his best friend.


Dom Weasley was completely heartbroken


Ayden Wood, sat up with a horrified look on his gorgeous face.


Evie Davies, looked terrified at the situation.


Freddie Weasley liked Evie Davies.


“Dom, I-“ Evie started, a hint of pleading in her voice,


“Fuck off Evie” I blurted out, a cold hard tone to my voice.


She gave me an apologetic look, before her brown eyes swelled with tears, and she fled the corridor, her long brown hair swinging behind her.


“Thank you.” Dom mumbled, her voice cracking, before rushing of in the other direction.


“You’re a fucking arse.” I told Ayden in a low voice, before rushing off after my best mate.


Turning the corridor, I heard the distinct sound of a cry of pain.




Entering the girl’s dormitories, I saw a blond haired, slender figure curled up on the floor, in the middle of our messy room.


“Dom.” I whispered a concerned look flashing across my face.


Then my heart broke, The blond carefully raised her head, her make up smudged from the tears sliding down her face, a look of absolute hurting etched upon her beautiful face.


I quickly stepped forwards, and collapsed besides my best friend, I threw my arms around her, and sat their quietly just holding her.



About four hours later, Dom sat up, a hard look on her face.


“I’m going to kill that slut.” She said in a deadly whisper.


“No.” I said, forcefully.


“What do you mean bloody no. She knew how much I fucking liked him, Elle, I told her I was head-over heels for him.” Dom said in a furious voice, her eyes narrowing.


“I know, but were not going to kill her, she’s not worth it.” I said calmly.


“mmmft.” Dom grumbled, before lying down on her bed.


Time to leave.





Entering the great hall I saw Evie and Ayden sat at the far end of the Gryffindor table, ignoring them I sat down next to a miserable looking Freddie.



“Wotcha.” He greeted a small smile on his usually cheery face.


“Hi Freddie.” I replied, with a smile.


“How’s Dom?” He questioned, a angry look flashing across his face.


“Fine. Just really pissed, Evie’s lucky Dom didn’t kill her.” I mumbled, twisting my long blonde hair round my finger.


“Where’s James?” I questioned.


“Mcgonaglle, Wood grassed him up.” Freddie said in a furious voice.




That’s low.


First Ayden breaks Dom’s heart, Then does the exact same to Freddie, Then has the audacity to grass up James when he’s just purposefully messed with both of his cousins.


What a twat.


“You know that your far better for her than him right?” I questioned Freddie.


Freddie shrugged, looked down for a moment, then stood up and left the great hall.





I felt a pair of hands cover my face.


“Guess who.” A throaty voice came from behind me.


“The giant squid?.” I guessed.


What? I always liked that squid.


“er, no” a voice replied.


Eh? Was worth a shot.


“I dunno then do it you bint.” I said, getting quite irritated at this game.


A deep snigger came from behind me.


“Go to hogsmead  with me?” the voice questioned.


“Er okay, but I sort of need to know-“ the hands let go, and I spun round, but no one was there.


“Who you are.” I finished, a smile on my face.








So aside from wondering who my mystery stranger was, I was in abit of a dilemma, here’s the reasons why..


-         Evie is a cow.

-         Dom wants to kill said cow.

-         Freddie Weasley’s hearts broken, again by said cow.

-         Ayden Wood is a twat.

-         James Potter now hates said twat

-         Freddie Weasley wants to kill said twat.


Do you see a cycle here?


And to top it all off I have yet to tell James that I happen to find him quite attractive.





To say the atmosphere was tense would a be the biggest understatement since Freddie declaring Albus Dumbledore was abit gay.


“Yo Elle.” A loud voice shouted.


I looked over to find a red faced Hugo Weasley running up behind me.


“Hello.” I greeted with a smile.


“Could I ask you a favour?” He questioned, his face looking quite nervous.


“Er, sur-“ I began.


“Thanks.” He said butting in, before pulling me behind a tapestry.


“I need you to keep Evie out of Roxanne’s way.” He said desperately.


“Er, why?” I questioned


“Because she is fuming, I mean like killing little bunny’s mad.” He said quietly.

“Why should I?, Evie deserves everything she gets.” I said, my eyes narrowing.


“I know that, I don’t care about her, it’s Roxanne, I’m worried, I’ve only ever seen her this mad once before, and that was because Victoire said she looked like an ape and no guy would want her.” He finished, rushing over his words.


I hate Victoire.


Looking at Hugo properly, I saw desperation in his eyes, his light auburn hair was slightly askew, and then just for a moment I understood.


His family was falling apart.


“I’ll do my best.” I murmured, offering a small smile, and giving him a hug. “Go and find Roxanne and try and calm her down.” I encouraged,


“Thanks Elle.” He whispered, before vanishing back into the corridor.






Deciding I didn’t want to deal with anymore Weasley’s today, I made my way back up to the Gryffindor common room, playing with my curls.


My thoughts went back to the mystery stranger, what if he wasn’t a stranger at all?, then the thought of James crept into my mind, maybe it was him?, I mean, I think he liked me, maybe?


Fighting a smile, I pushed open the portrait of the fat lady, and skipped lightly into the room, it was deserted, with only two people sat by the fire, the boy leaning in the kiss the girl.


How sweet.


Carrying on, I peered back and the couple.


Then I froze, my body went numb and my mind went blank, tears started welling in my eyes, and my mouth was open in shock, my heart broke into a thousand pieces, because I knew the boy kissing the girl. The boy’s hazel eyes caught sight of me, his face, flooding with regret, he ran his hand through his messy hair, and the girl, turned, gave me a narrowed look, then smirked proudly.


Turning on the spot I ran upstairs to the dormitories, where I crashed into Dom.


Her usually perfect hair was messy and pulled back, her pale face was covered with red splodges, where she’d been crying so hard, and her dull blue eyes, flooded with concern, whilst taking in the sight of me.


“Ellie?, what happened.” She murmured in a soft voice, running forward and throwing her arms round me.


How do I tell my best friend that her favourite cousin, the boy I liked, was down stairs kissing my worst enemy?


James Potter was kissing Cassie McMillan, the girl who cursed me.




A/N What did you think? Alot of broken hearts in this chapter, Poor Elle!, please review, and let me know your opinions! <3 

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