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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 15 : The Date
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I do not own Harry Potter

You are lucky readers; today is my birthday (I wrote this on my birthday Sept. 13th) so you get an extra special Chapter!  Enjoy!

Sorry about the delay, I had to make a few changes...Thank you for the reader who brought the French translation to my attention, I thought I had it right, but alas I don't speak French.  I fixed the name of the resturant, so now it is correct!

Ch.15 The Date



After Ron disapparated, Jake called for Harry, and Harry alerted the aurors that Ron had been sighted. I wasn't worried which was kind of odd considering the look on Ron's face promised that I should be. I was more shaken that while Draco kissed me I felt so much, not just the wonderful feeling of his mouth on mine, or his tongue tangling with mine. I felt it more in my heart, all the way to my soul. I cared for Draco, really cared for Draco. I needed to be around him, I thought of him most of the time, and looked forward to the times he dropped in to the store. I not only cared for Draco, but Narcissa and Lucius.

My parents had both been hunted when I sent them to Australia and even thought they knew nothing of life before I altered their memories, somehow the Death Eaters figured it out then killed them. I had sort of become part of the Weasley family, especially since Ron and I had been dating. Lucius and Narcissa deeply regretted what had taken place in their home while Draco was growing up, and because of that they were more compassionate now. I was flabbergasted when I learned that Lucius sat by me and held my hand the entire time I was unconscious and in the hospital. Narcissa stopped by often and we had lunch together and tea, and we went shopping for different things. She offered, and then demanded that I take her with me to my last healer appointment.

If I were honest with myself, I would say that a few of my baby names I thought of because of them. I know it is a little odd considering that Draco and I haven't really been together long, and he hasn't really even told me that he cares about me. I have sensed it, but he's never really said it.

"Hermione, are you almost ready?" Cassie calls through the door to my room, she had come over to get ready with me, and the boys are picking us up here. "The boys will be here soon."

"I'm ready don't get your knickers in a twist." I say and I laugh as I open the door.

"You look great!" Cassie says her eyes going a little wide.

I had decided on a twist to a little black dress. My tummy was quite large now, so I can't hide it anymore, I'm wearing a baby doll dress that was red across the bust and straps that came across the front and crisscrossed in the back. Then flared out in black a bit from the bust down so it wasn't formfitting in the least. It ended just above my knees and every time I moved, the dress flowed out and around me, very loose and comfortable. I had decided for sexy undergarments as well, you know just in case. I had on a sheer lace red bra with a black bow in the center that I had just bought considering I have gone up a cup size, and the dress and bra, accentuated my breasts nicely. My knickers were also red and lacey and are tied together on the sides with little black bows; they are just enough to cover the basics. I finished my outfit with red and black pumps.

"Cassie you look amazing." I say, she is wearing a simple black strapless fitted dress with a pink bow on the breast, and pink stilettos. She had put her hair all up and it looked amazing. I had left my down in big waves, one side clipped back from my face.

Just then there is a knock at the door, Cassie and I exchange a look and then a soft squeal. I walk to the door and peer through the peephole, its the boys.

I open the door and I and Cassie are standing so that the first thing the boys' see are us. While their mouths both drop, making us both smile, I check them out.

Draco is wearing black pants, and a dark green polo shirt, with the top two of four buttons undone. He has on black Born dress Oxfords, Blaise is wearing similar attire except he is wearing Dark gray slacks and a black and gray pinstripe button down un tucked and left open with a dark gray shirt underneath, and black loafers.

"You look ravishing." Draco says as he steps toward me then pulls me into his arms and kisses me lightly.

"You don't look so bad yourself." I say smirking, he just grins at me.

"You are beautiful, Cassie." Blaise says and then blushes. "Thanks Blaise, you look good." She answers her eyes wandering up and down him.

I roll my eyes at the two and say, "Are we ready, I'm starving."

"Of course you are, Baby Momma." Draco says chuckling Cassie and I grab our clutches and a couple shrugs, then we head to the floo, I don't apparate as much it makes my feel queasy.

Merveille du la Nourriture which means Wonder of Food was the restaurant Blaise picked, and I have heard is has great French food. We are shown to our table and everyone gets their wine while I have water, the menus are in French and Draco and Blaise order for us. They were quite cute stealing glances at us and then looking away when we caught them. Our food comes and everything is wonderful.

"Hermione, I heard who stopped by the store earlier, was everything okay?" Blaise asks me looking worried.

"You know, Harry gossips like an old woman with nothing else to do." I say a little annoyed.

"Actually, Lucius told me." Blaise says hiding a smirk.

"Yeah, I'd put money on the fact that Harry told him, your father is worse than I don't know who but he sure does like to poke his nose in everywhere." I say looking at Draco, who is smiling and shrugs at me.

"He only does it to you." Draco says laughing now while I pout a little, though not really feeling upset.

"He is so sweet." Cassie says smiling at us, "You know he wanted to come in to work for Hermione the other day so that she could rest." She adds.

I shake my head and Blaise and Draco laugh. "That man." I say. The dessert comes and we all share.

Draco leans over to whisper in my ear, "You look really great tonight, I can't keep my eyes off of you."

I feel his breath on my ear and I shiver a little, "I've noticed." I whisper back, "Though you haven't seen anything yet, I have a surprise for you." I say seductively in his ear and he chokes on his wine.

"You okay mate?" Blaise asks across the table, while Cassie winks at me guessing what we were whispering about.

Draco looks at me with a hunger in his eyes as they drop to my chest and down my body, and back up to my eyes. "I'm fine." He says hoarsely and I giggle a little.

Blaise gives us both a look then something must have clicked for him, he blushes and looks away then turns to Cassie to try and start a conversation.

"What kind of surprise?" Draco leans in to whisper again while laying his hand on my thigh just at the hem of my dress.

"Hmmm, well lets just say that maybe there's a bow or two you get to untie, if you want." I say against his ear then quickly I lean in a lightly nip his ear.

His hand tightens on my thigh briefly. "Are you serious?" He asks me looking directly into my eyes.

I nod and smile at him, even if he doesn't care for me the way I do for him, I can have this much. I can cherish whatever he is willing to give me. He smiles at me a true genuine smile that makes his dimple pop and his eye spark a little.

"Hey, Hermione, Blaise and I are going to go and get a drink can I come by tomorrow and pick up my stuff?" Cassie asks and I pull my eyes off Draco to look over at her. She looks completely happy and I hope that they get to know each other and give it a try.

"Sure, no problem, I could just bring it to the shop, too." I respond and smile at both my friends. They say their good byes, and then Draco turns to me, "Are you ready to leave?" He asks softly.

"Yes, I think I am." I agree and we rise to leave the restaurant. Once outside, we decide to walk a little ways before heading back to my place.

"Oh, Draco, you can feel the babies moving again, they are really hyper right now." I say and put his hand that I am already holding on my belly.

"I think that is so amazing, really amazing." He says barely above a whisper. "Do you want to come back to my flat?" He asks me slowly rubbing my belly looking at me.

"Yes, I think I would like to." I answer and feel a different feeling in my belly, excitement.

We walk a couple blocks back to  Merveille du la Nourriture and floo to Draco's. Once we step out of the fireplace I look around, this is the first time I have been to his flat. It is not what I expected at all. He has a dark brown love seat opposite a dark brown sofa; the end table and coffee table are dark wood. The carpet is a chocolate brown giving the entire space a warm inviting feel. There was a huge fire place opposite and arch that connects his living room to the dining room, which has a bar with an open wall into the kitchen. Down one hallway is what looks like two rooms both doors closed and down the other hallway looks like another room and bathroom. I look around and like the atmosphere, it is homey and warm and not at all what I pictured for Draco.

"Would you like anything? Something to drink?" Draco asks looking nervous about me looking around and not saying anything.

"No, I don't want anything to drink, I really like your flat." I say smiling at him, "There is something else that I would like." I say as I walk toward him.

"What's that?" He questions looking at me as if waiting for me to give him a request.

"I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out." I say quietly as I bring myself to him and rise on my toes to kiss his mouth.

"Hmm, I might need a hint," He says smiling against my lips. "Or two."

"I think I can give you a hint." I say then let my shrug fall to the floor as I wrap my arms around his neck and bring his face down to mine. I let all my passion leak into the kiss and I open my mouth to accept whatever he gives back. I move my tongue into his mouth and suck his into mine. I don't give him any slack as I run my hands up and down his chest, shoulders and back.

I pull his polo shirt up his stomach a little so that I can put my hands on his flat stomach and run my fingers along his abs. He gasps when my skin makes contact with his then lifts me up so that I can wrap my legs around his waist easily. He walks down the one hall and into his bedroom. He doesn't get very far, he stops and presses my back up against the wall, with Draco in front of me and the wall behind me, I'm easily held up. I can't get enough of his skin so I pull up his shirt the rest of the way and yank it over his head.

He is gorgeous, rock hard chest and abs, though his skin is soft, he has hair lightly sprinkled on his chest, and a sexy little happy tail that disappears into his pants. I can feel his muscles every time he moves.

He breaks the kiss "Bows to untie." He breathes then looks up at me with a grin on his face that clearly says 'I'm going to enjoy this'. He supports me again as he pulls us away from the wall and walks to his bed. He sets me down gently and I take advantage of undoing his pants, as he kicks off his shoes. 

He stops me by lifting me up to my feet and turning me so that he's sitting and I am standing in between his legs. He looks up at me with dark silver eyes, and a look of pure lust and want. He slides my dress up over my belly. He stops here and looks down from my eyes directly in front of him at my belly. He leans forward and kisses my belly lightly then looks back up at me and smiles, showing his dimple. Then he continues with my dress until he pulls it over my head.

"Wow." Is all he says as his eyes roam over my body. He slides his hands down my arms to my waist then up over my ribs. He stops with his hands cupping the outside of my breast and smiles at me again, "I like this bra." He moves his thumbs so that they brush over me as I suck in a breath and close my eyes, letting my head fall back from the pleasure. 

"Draco." I moan and bring my hands up to cradle his head against my chest. 

He brings his mouth up to mine and I greedily drink in his kiss.

Then he pulls back slightly and looks down at me, "You are beautiful." He moves his hands back down my ribs to my hips wear the bows on my knickers are resting. He pulls the ribbon on one side watching the ribbon slide away from the bow and undoing itself, then he pulls the one on the other side.  He grins at me then reaches up to unhook my bra. The cups peal away from my already sensitive breasts and he drops it onto the floor. He smiles at me again, "You are so perfect." Then he kisses me again as he lifts me to turn me and lay me on the bed in front of him.

He smiles at me, and says "Don't worry I'll be gentle with you, I don't want to hurt you." I smile up at him as he leans in to kiss me again.

"Draco, please." I say I guess I am going to beg, I want to feel.   "Please, Draco I need you now." I gasp. "Please, I want to feel you."

Thankfully he rises up over me.

"Oh my gosh!" I gasp and he moans long and low, "You feel so good." I say, and then my brain goes into pleasure mode.

Draco and I find our rhythm as sweat gathers on our skin, he is such a gentle lover, and he makes everything inside me feel amazing. "More Draco, I want to feel more." He brings his head up from my neck and looks directly into my eyes, he smiles devilishly then leans his head down to kiss me sucking my tongue in and out of his mouth, while he moves.

I can feel nothing but pleasure as I slide my hands down his back lightly scraping him with my nails, I dig my fingers into his gorgeous skin and pull him closer. I cry out his name as my body shudders in pleasure hoping that I will get to keep Draco for the rest of my life.

He collapses half on half off me onto the bed, and turns his head toward me. "Hermione." He breaths and I turn my head to look at him. His hair is even more disheveled than normal and his face is slightly flushed, he has a small, satisfied, smile on his face and his eyes are warm liquid silver. "You are so much more than I ever expected." He says and then traces his finger along my cheek and jaw.

He moves his hand to my waist and pulls me to him then wraps himself around me as if he could become a human blanket, my human blanket. He kisses my forehead, and then looks at me, "That was amazing."

"I agree." I say to him and smile, I lean forward and kiss him then lay my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeats feeling safe and comfortable.


Draco cuddles me against him and kisses my temple, “Go to sleep sweetheart, I will watch over you.”  He whispers and I feel so safe in his arms.


I know at that moment, I am a goner. I know at that moment that I am helpless because I am completely in love with Draco Malfoy.



I have had to make some changes, I hope for those of you who have been asking about this chapter, you will enjoy it! :)

Thanks so much for reading I really hope you enjoyed this chapter, please review and let me know what you thought :)  Thanks!

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Mondays: The Date


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