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Expecting Otherwise by majamariamaja
Chapter 1 : Seating Arrangements
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** A sort of sequel to Otherwise Engaged, but can certainly be read on its own. **

ci by KatDaniels here at the site

Chapter 1. Seating Arrangements


I growled as I turned to scowl at the person who had just shouted at me.

"What?" I barked. It was another group of awestruck first years - all girls, the boys were too intimidated, I guess. Wish the girls felt the same way. Bloody rugrats.

"Sorry, but aren't you-"

"Hermione Granger's daughter? Yes." How many times had this happened today? It had to be at least six, and I bet there would be several more to come seeing as it was still early. I mean, classes hadn't even started yet, so the staring and repetative questioning would just get worse.

"Wooooow..." the group in front of me exclaimed in awe, dragging out the word - some of them even gaped.

"And didn't your father use to be-" another one of the girls started, but I didn't let her finish.

"A Death Eater, yeah, that's right." I rolled my eyes. "And just so you know, the name's Adella. Now get out of my way."

My friend Clover laughed, and the two of us pushed past the blushing girls.

"Every year," I hissed. "Every bloody year!"

"I guess that's the price you pay for having famous parents." She smiled mockingly at me, and I scowled at her - which of course caused her to smile even wider. "Now let's get a move on. I don't want to be late."

"Why do you always have to be there half an hour early?" I complained. "Does it really matter that much where we sit? Everyone sleeps in on the first day, so why can't we-"

"Everything you need to know about a person can be told by where they sit on their first day! It defines who you are for the rest of the year," she explained passionately as she whipped her long, fair hair for effect. Jeaslous of her straight, silky locks, I grabbed the tips of my own blonde, chaotic tendrils and scowled at them. "If you want to sit with the losers and freaks, that's your choice - but I would prefer not to commit social suicide, thank you very much."

With a complaining moan I followed Clover as she picked up the pace, and then basically sprinted into the Great Hall. Not even casting a glance at the rest of the long Slytherin table, she went to sit down at the far end with the few others who also cared too much about their seating arrangements.

Brayder was already sitting there, feet stretched out on the bench, chatting with the Zabini twins, Deuce and Chase. The three of them greeted us as we came to sit down, and Brayder smacked my butt, smirking.

"Bray!" I reprimanded with laughter in my voice. "You know I've told you not to do that!"

"Yeah, and you know I never listen," he winked at me before returning his dark gaze to the Zabinis, but with a posessive arm about my waist. I didn't mind, honestly, I quite enjoyed beinghis.

"So," Chase picked up the subject the lads were on before we arrived, raising his brows at his brother in the proces, "you just ran away? Right after..?"

"Yep. I hit it and quit it."

"You hit and quit what?" Clover asked, even though we all already knew what he meant.

"Deuce, living up to his reputation, spent his first night back at Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement. You know, before he bolted."

"What?" I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I couldn't help it. We only got here yesterday! "Already?"

"And you just left her right after you were done?" Clover snorted before continuing. "Men."

"Was it because you didn't want to see her morning-face, or what's the deal?" I asked, and Deuce answered by shrugging, a non-verbal way of saying he didn't care. This made Bray smile at him, and the two of them exchanged devilish grins and approving slow-nods.

A slow-nod is when guys silently agree on something and react by bobbing their heads(while keeping eye-contact, and usually a cheesy smirk plastered on their faces) as to an inner calm and rythmic Reggae-beat.

I know your picturing it.

"I wouldn't want any man to see me in the morning when I wake up. But still, leaving right after being... intimate is pretty shitty behaviour," my best friend said while fiddling with her shimmering hair as she spoke. She tried not to look at Deuce too much, but I(being the only one who knew about her inappropriate crush) noticed easily how her attention kept returning to the attractive man beside her.

"I know what you mean," I aggreed with her, feeling how we, being the only girls in our group, needed to stick together. "I feel ugly when I wake up. I never get how Bray can want me in the morning the way I look."

"Let me make something clear, ladies," Brayder cut in, his hands in the air to get attention. He didn't need to. Everyone was always aware of him, he was just that sort of person. "Men wake up aroused in the morning. We can't help it. We just wake up and we want you. And you women are thinking, 'How can he want me the way I look in the morning?' It's because we can't see you. We have no blood anywhere near our optic nerve."

"The man speaks the truth," Deuce nodded in agreement, giving all of us a knowing look. I saw how Clover's eyes brightened when their gaze met, and I knew I was going to have to endure another monologue about his blue eyes yet again...

"I fear Deuce's sexlife will to be an ongoing topic this year, especially since it's our last one at Hogwarts and I bet he's going to want to make it one for the books -" Chase gave Deuce a glare, which his worse half answered by smirking. "- so I am going to change the subject. Did any of you listen to McGonagall's speech last night?"

"At the feast?"

"No," I rolled my eyes at another one of Deuce's usual dumb question. How did he not fall down more often? "At the ballet recital, what do you think?"

"No need to be rude, Del," he furrowed his brows and crossed his arms in front of his toned chest. You couldn't see the muscles through his robes, but I knew they were there, and that was enough. Quidditch had done these boys good...

"To answer your question, no, I didn't listen," Bray interrupted before I could retort, and it was good he did, because I was strangely on edge lately. All right, I was always on edge, but I was especially edgy nowadays. Instead my attention went to studying Bray's masculine features. The guy exuded a primal sexuality, and always seemed to have a cut or bruise somewhere - I don't know how he got them, or why, but they certainly made him look like the rebel he truly was. Satisfied that I was the one whose waist was being held by this sensual God, the male Aphrodite, I snuggled closer to him.

"There's apparently a new class this year. Only for us 7th years, actually."

Deuce coughed dramatically, "Geek," another cough.

Chase glared at his brother, but otherwise ignored the interruption.

"McGonagall didn't say much, and the new teacher wasn't present at the feast yesterday, but she said it's called Human Relations."

"Sounds like something I'm easily going to sleep through." With an appropriate yawn, Deuce exchanged another look with Brayder. Their bromance, as they called it, was already irking me.

While we were chatting, the Great Hall had suddenly become quite full, but we didn't really notice. Everyone knew very well not to crowd us, since many had experienced first hand how Brayder always reacted when people came too close, and his extensive reputation took care of the rest. That he was a loose cannon was common knowledge, and to be on the safe side, our fellow students kept all contact with him to a bare minimum - even eye contact was a risky move. Actually, several teachers followed this example.

"Good morning, students," McGonagall's piercing voice caused immediate silence, but Brayder kept chatting with Deuce, only lowering his voice a tiny fraction. "The Heads of Houses will now hand out each of you your individual timetables. And I wish all of you a good first day, now I hope you'll enjoy your breakfast." And with a clap of her hands, food appeared on the table.

"Finally!" Deuce exclaimed and threw himself over the vast breakfast choices in front of us. Both Brayder and Chase followed his example and then quickly engaged in a heated conversation about Quidditch, already planning their strategy to beat (especially) Gryffindor.

I immediately leaned forward to grab a large sausage, but Brayder caught my arm.

"Maybe you shouldn't eat that, Del," he said, and I stared bewildered at him. "I don't want people to say 'oh, there goes that hot Quidditch Beater with his big, fat girlfriend'. Do you?"

I shook my head, and after Brayder let go of my arm he put some salad and a carrot on my plate, patted me on my hip and turned to chat with Deuce again. Chase had obviously noticed, and began glowering at Bray, but didn't say anything. It wasn't a wise move to tell Brayder off, especially before breakfast.

For a long moment I just sat there, staring at the small meal on my plate, feeling literally sick. Brayder had these moments sometimes, and they used to bounce off me pretty quickly, but this time it was stuck in my head, the echo of his comment repeating in my mind like an annoying song. I was rarely emotional, I was the sarcastic, mean and funny one. Emotional wasn't a part of my repertoir, but I now had the unfamiliar need to lay in a fetal position somewhere, hurl, and cry until it made my ribs hurt.

"Del, are you alright?" Clover leaned over the table and looked from my unusually serious expression to my non-existant breakfast.

"Mhm." I tried to smile, but failed miserably. When she was about to call me on it, I shook my head carefully and nodded slowly to my side where Brayder was sitting. Clover understood immediately and then gave me a reassuring smile. She knew I'd tell her about it later.

"All right, listen up, everyone!" It was a needless command, because everyone's eyes were already glued to the woman entering the room, her heels clicking against the stone floor. The long, brown hair framed her perfectly tanned face and fell carelessly onto her bare, equally tanned shoulders. She couldn't have been much older than thirty years old, and her curvaceous body made every male student in this room to forget to wipe the drool off their dripping chins.

"I am Mrs Gloria Martinez, and I will be your Professor for the next year." I bet not one of the guys in the classroom heard anything other than her thick Spanish-like accent, and noticed the way her hips swayed as she walked up to the front of the room, not what she actually said.

"Now," she said, interrupting some soft gurgling noises erupting from several parts of the room. "Would you please change your seating arrangements so that you're sitting with someone you wouldn't normally sit with?"

Nobody moved, and this made the exotic beauty turn suddenly, and surprisingly, frightening as she glared before raising her voice threateningly.

"It wasn't a question. It was an order."

And as if the room suddenly began burning with a violent intensity, everyone in it jumped to their feet and flitted about aimlessly before sitting down without even glancing at whom they sat themselves next to.

"Perfect," Professor Martinez smiled, showing off a perfect row of pearly white teeth, a beautiful contrast to her radiant caramel-coloured skin. "The seat you're residing in now will be yours for the rest of the year." There was a collective groan coming from the students now that they fully realised that she was talking, and actually perceived what she said.

I gave a moan as well, at least until I took a look at who was sitting at my side. A blond, seemingly shy guy with a strong chin and blue eyes met my gaze and we exchanged polite smiles. All right, I could give this lad a shot.

"And take notice of the person next to you, because you'll get very well acquainted with them over this year." People began muttering complaints to themselves, not able to complain to each other seeing as they weren't sitting with people they knew. "Now you'll turn to your partners and start a conversation."

"How are we supposed to do that?" I turned to look at Deuce who had just raised a question that several people seemed to support. He was grimacing as he pointed his thumb at the girl beside him. "I don't know this girl."

"How about saying 'hello'?" She answered sarcastically, the accent on 'hello' sounding as though she had something stuck in her throat that she tried to cough up. "Now!"

After a moment of quietly protesting with annoyed, uncomfortable expressions and low groaning, everyone turned grudgingly to their seating partners.

"Ehm, all right," I began, after giving the cute guy next to me an awkward smile. "Hello."

"Hi." Was all he said. Not much. And I have to admit, I was a little disappointment.

"So, ehm, what's your name?"I hoped this would get the ball rolling.

"Tristan Knight. And yours?"

"You don't know who I am?" I asked loudly, quite surprised. I just couldn't help myself. And when Tristan gave me a weird look, I quickly let out a short, stiff laugh, trying to erase the moment. "I mean, I'm Adella."

"You don't have a surname?" He asked sarcastically, a little too snooty for my taste. And I immediately gave him a glare.

"Of course I do." How could he not know who I am? I mean, everyone knew. It was common knowledge. He's probably joking. A bad joke, but a joke nonetheless... Okay, I just had to ask again. " You really don't know who I am?"

"You didn't know me. Why should I know who you are? What makes you so special?"

"Well, that's different-"


"Ehm, you know, because of my parents." My brows furrowed as this conversation was pushing my patience to the edge, and he seriously began to irk me. "They're famous."

"You don't say?" He said before muttering under his breath. "Is that why you're so far up your own arse..."

"Wh-What did you say?" Did he just say what I think he just said? The nerve!

"Nothing. So, who are your parents?"

"Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy," I said proudly. I know I complain about people staring and whispering, but I secretely enjoyed it. Fame was a glorious, but fickle, addiction.

"Huh. Never heard of them." The roof suddenly became very interesting to Tristan, and I lifted my head to try and see what he was looking at. There was nothing there.

"You've got to be joking." It was offending that he didn't know, wasn't it? My parents and most of my immediate family formed the Magical World into what it was today, they were already in our History books, for god's sakes! "My mother saved the Wizarding World, and she's the Minister for Magic. My father was a bad guy, a Death Eater, now the Head of Wizarding Security."

Nothing. Only an uninterested shrug of the shoulders, as if he heard this sort of thing all the time and was boringly unaffected.

"Sounds like an unlikely couple."

"Yeah, I guess..." Fine. It was obviously his intention to push my buttons, but I was certainly not going to give him the satisfaction of showing how much it affected me. "So where are you from?" I asked, and his expression remained unchanged. Darn him and his sodding pokerface!

"Originally from London, but I've spent the last six years in Seattle."

"America?" Relief fell upon me, and I grinned. "Oh, well, no wonder you haven't heard of me, or my parents!" I sighed, and was immediately in a better mood now that we'd cleared up this whole misunderstanding. "Did you go to school there?"

"No. I lived with a pack of wolves," was his answer. I was not amused.

"You're joking?" I asked, slightly doubtful considering how strange this lad was.

"You're a skeptical one, you are. But yes, I did joke this time. Excuse me for wanting to lighten the mood in here."

"Yeah. Great ice-breaker."

He flashed me a broad smile, and I felt a strange urge to lean in closer to him. "I thought so."

Okay... So maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

"Sweet Potter's armpits!"

"Do you mind?" I caught up withChase's quick steps, andhit arm hard. "That's my uncle you're talking about."

"Sorry, Del. I keep forgetting," he said and massaged the sore spot my fist had left on his arm. "But still! Did you see the behind on that woman?"

Brayder shrugged. "She's okay."

"'Okay'?" Chase repeated and slowed down his pace in order to give Bray a shocked look. "She was way more than okay." After a few seconds of thinking, he added, mostly to himself. "I'm so going to tap that."

"First of all, 'tap that', are you serious?" Clover asked, her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline. "And second, you know she's married, right?"

"Stupid monogamy!"

"And that she's like fifteen years older than you?" She added and stepped over a second-year who fell down in front of her.

"Stupid-" Chase began, before his expression changed. "No, actually. That's not too bad."

"And she'd never go for an awkward teenager," Deuce cut in, letting out a laugh. "She's a real woman. Real women need real men."

"What are you on about? I am a real man!"

There was a few seconds of loaded silence before everyone blurted out in laughter, at the exact same time. I even had to chuckle a bit myself.

"Oh, you got me good there, little brother," Deuce said after drying away a few imaginary tears, something that made Chase radiate with fury.

"Only by two minutes, you sack of-"

"I'm sorry to say this, mate," Brayder cut in before this discussion devolopved into another sibling fight. "But you're not very macho. I am macho, Deuce is macho. You? Not so much."

"Don't listen to those idiots, Chase," I said as we walked down to the dungeons for our free period. "I think you're great."

"Gee, thanks Del." With a sarcastic roll of the eyes, Chase turned away from me and caught up with the other guys. "I'm serious, guys, I am macho! And I'll prove it to you."

"How exactly are you going to do that?" Clover lit her wand as we walked through a dimly lit hallway toward our secret Slytherin entrance.

"By getting Professor Martinez to kiss me," Chase said spontaneously.

"Ooh, is this a bet I'm hearing?" Brayder turned to Deuce, who returned his gaze enthusiastically.

"I daresay it is," He replied as Clover opened the secret passage into the common room. "All right. The first one of us to kiss her wins, then."

"Wins what?" I asked dryly, stepping after Clover, followed by the rest of the gang. I didn't even notice anymore how the room suddenly fell silent when we walked in, but I searched it for a familiar face while the guys thought for a second.

"Pride," Brayder said, after not coming up with anything better.

"And honor," Deuce jumped on board.

"Fine by me," Chase snorted at the challenge, it apparently being easy for him. We all knew it wasn't. "Get ready to lose, brother dear."

I finally found the young face I was searching for, and he was already looking my way. My little brother, Heathcliffe, was waving gawkily at me, and I waved back. The smile on my face went unnoticed by the testosterone-filled teenagers surrounding me.

I was just about to walk over to Heathcliffe and ask how his very first day here at Hogwarts had been thus far, but then someone snuck past our group since we were sort of blocking the entrance. Luckily they refrained from commenting this.It was a smart move not to say anything, but the movement still caught our attention, and it made Brayder notice me and the way I was still waving at my brother.

"Judge ruling: it has to be in public to be viewed as a win." Brayder's hand took the one I was using to wave at Heathcliffe, but I pretended not to understand that he did this on purpose.

"That's fine- Wait, did you say in public?" Chase swallowed noticeably.

His more confident twin brother reached out his hand, and it floated awaitingly in the air between them. I sighed. This was idiotic.

"Chase, you don't need to do this just to prove to your brother th-" Without warning, Chase grabbed his brother's hand and forcefully shook it. "Or maybe you do, what do I know."


First chapter! What do you think? What are your thoughts? :D
If you've read 'Otherwise Engaged', how do you find this as its sequel??
What are your impression of the different characters?

Tell me everything!

Ahh... It's good to be back :'D


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