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Aura Lee by XxImAgInAiReXx
Chapter 1 : Aura Lee
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New story!

I put a lot of work into this first chapter (okay, the truth is, I spent two nights. But whatever!) so be nice.

The song is called Aura Lee. All credit goes to W.W. Fosdick and George R. Poulton.



James ran through the forest. He had been here before, but not nearly as far in as he was now. He knew, deep in the pit of his stomach, that he would get in trouble for being out so long, but he heard the mysterious voice again, and all thought of his worried family back at home was erased.

He heard it again. That singing.

As the blackbird in the spring,
'neath the willow tree,
Sat and piped, I heard him sing,
Sing of Aura Lee.

James stopped and listened for the beautiful voice. He heard it, faintly. But he followed it like a bloodhound on a scent trail.  He could tell it was a girl's voice, maybe his age.  He brightened a little.  Maybe he could find a friend!

The voice was tantalizingly close now. He could hear it getting softer, and figured that she was walking away. He took off again.


He listened to the lyrics of the song closely.  It was a beautiful song, and he wanted to remember it.  The girl was singing of a maid with long golden hair and blue eyes.  She was singing of the winter and the girl Aura Lee.  It was a simple song, but pretty all the same.

He stopped at the edge of a clearing, where he knew the girl was. He was hiding behind a fern frond, unseen.

He peeked over the frond and saw first, long golden hair. Then he saw that it was a little girl, his age. She was the one singing.

She seemed to be scrubbing hard at a stone wall. She was wearing dirty old jeans and a tank top. She had obviously had a sweatshirt on, but evidently, in the sun, it had gotten too hot and she had discarded it.

She had finished her song, and James felt it safe to come out of his hiding place. He cleared his throat, and she whirled around. Her long golden pony tail whipped through the air and hit her face, but she was frozen in shock, her blue eyes wide.

James wasn’t very encouraged by that, but he stepped forward, and held out his hand. “I’m James. I liked your singing. It was really pretty.” The girl stared up at him, then, with a little frightened squeak, ran away.

“No, no come back!” James said, racing after her. He tripped over a branch and tumbled into the patch of undergrowth she was in. He landed on top of her, and she squeaked and started crying.

“Oh—I’m sorry—did I hurt you?” James asked, rolling off of her. She was a great deal smaller than him.

She sniffled and looked up at him. Her pretty face was dirt streaked and tear stained, but she still was the most beautiful girl that James had ever seen. He stared at her, his mouth slightly ajar, looking like an idiot.

“Auralie.” She said in a barely audible voice. James snapped back to reality. “What?” He asked stupidly. “My name’s Auralie.” She said again.

“Oh. Auralie. Like the song.” James said. She nodded. “My parents named me after her.” James pulled a face. “Who?” The girl huffed impatiently, all signs of tearfulness gone. “Aura Lee. The girl in the song.”

“Oh,” James said, turning red. Then his eyes grew wide. “What?” She asked, whirling around. “What is it?”

“My parents! They’ll be wondering where I am!” James exclaimed. The girl’s face fell. “Oh. You’d better go, then.” James saw the girl’s expression, and he said encouragingly, “I’ll come back tomorrow.” The girl brightened immediately, and James gave her a smile. Then, he ran off back to his parents.

But he kept his promise. He came back for her the next day. And the next. And the next. And the next. They would sit in the clearing and James would ask her to sing him the song. Aura Lee. She sang for him and he told her amazing stories about the world he lived in, about his brother and sister and Quidditch, and magic.

On the girl’s tenth birthday, the boy brought the girl a handcrafted bracelet, woven together by hand and his love for her. She promised to wear it forever and always, as long as they were friends.

On James’ tenth birthday, she gave him an anklet, handcrafted and woven with music and love for him. He promised to wear it forever and always, as long as they were friends.

And so the story of James and Auralie began.



Did you like it? Review!

BTW. Should I make the next chapter in James' or Auralie's POV's? Or should I have it in narrorater (sorry if I spelled that wrong) POV?



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Aura Lee: Aura Lee


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