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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 12 : Hurtful Bludgers
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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


                The next afternoon Hermione and Crissy were seated in the box seats meant for family and friends and devoted fans of the Bally Castle Bats quidditch team. Hermione wore a black t-shirt with a large red cartoon bat on the front and the name Malfoy proudly displayed on the back along with Draco’s number. Crissy was dressed in a red shirt that had tiny little black bats flying over it with her hair in pigtails on top her head secured with little bat barrettes.


                Crissy was squealing and clapping her hands loudly every time Draco flew by their seats. Pansy and Blaise sat next to them and Ron and Vicky sat in the seats behind them. Harry and Ginny couldn’t make it due to the fact that the doctors put Ginny on bed rest until her baby was born.


                The Bats were still warming up, getting ready to play against the Falmouth Falcons. According to Ron and Blaise this was going to be an easy win for the Bats. Draco told her earlier that day that the coach of the Cannon’s would be in attendance to watch him play. Hermione tried to look around in the crowd to spot him, but she couldn’t see him anywhere, of course it didn’t help that she had no clue what he looked like and he probably wouldn’t be wearing a big sign around his neck that read ‘Coach of Chudley Cannons sitting here.’ She really had nothing to say to the man, she just wanted to see who the man that wanted to split up their semi-perfect happy family.


                She looked down on the sidelines where the unmistakable Gwen sat with her father Robbie next to her. She was hard to miss with her long golden hair, tight skirts and kitten heels. Who the hell wore heels to a quidditch match? There was a man on the other side of her father that was talking to them; maybe that was the Chudley coach.


                She tried to concentrate on the game, but like Ron and Blaise it was going to be an easy win. They were only an hour into it and the Bats were ahead by 375 points while the Falcons had zero. Now they were just waiting for Draco to catch the snitch.


Hermione and the rest of them watched as Draco slowly circled the pitch looking for the snitch. Then movement towards his left side caught his attention and then he was off following the snitch, weaving in and out of the other players. The seeker on the other team hadn’t noticed yet that Draco was closing in on the snitch, which meant Draco had the advantage of catching it.


He flew by their seats so fast you couldn’t even blink for fear you’d miss him pass by. He was millimeters away from catching it when a bludger came out of nowhere and smashed into his right side, knocking him completely off his broom.


 “No! Draco!” Hermione screamed and stood up out of her seat watching in helpless horror as his body plummeted into the earth at a rapid speed.


                Hermione handed Crissy off to Pansy then made her way down to the ground in a speed she didn’t think was possible to where Draco laid motionless on the ground. A crowd had started to gather around him, yet no one made any move to check to see if he was alright. Hermione couldn’t breathe and thought her heart was going to pound right out of her chest.


She pushed her way through the people who stood by gawking until she finally reached him. He laid there not moving, his eyes were shut and she couldn’t concentrate enough to see if he was even breathing. She dropped to her knees afraid to even tough him. What if he broke his neck? What if he broke his back? She was trying desperately not to have a full-fledged panic attack in front of all these people.


“Draco? Draco wake up! Where are you hurt? Can you hear me? Say something, anything.” She touched his face, then his neck gently with shaking fingers trying to feel for a pulse. Why wasn’t anyone doing anything? “Some get the mediwizard!” she yelled to no one in particular. “Oh Draco please wake up. Don’t you dare die on me. You can’t leave me here to deal with all of this by myself. Please wake up! You promised me you wouldn’t ever fall off your broom. You told me those brooms had a protected ward around them that was supposed to keep the rider on their stupid broom. You lied to me. How could you do that?” Okay now she was rambling and she was started to sound borderline hysterical and to top it off she was crying.


“I didn’t lie to you. I said the only way to fall off is if you physically get knocked off your broom by something. And in case you missed it that bludger came out of nowhere.” She heard him wheezed.


                Hermione looked over at him, her eyes still bleary with tears. His eyes were still closed, but he had his trade mark smirk on his lips. Her mood suddenly changed as if a cold bucket of water had poured over her head. He was struggling to get up on his elbows, but she pushed him back down.


“What the hell is wrong with you? You scared me half to death. I thought you were dead when you didn’t answer me the first time.” She wiped at her eyes angrily.


He grunted. “Well I got the wind knocked out of me. I was just trying to catch my breath first. And besides it sounded as if you were on a roll, I didn’t want to interrupt you.” He smirked at her again.


“This isn’t funny Draco you could’ve died. When you started falling towards the ground I thought…” She started to tear up again. “I thought…”


Draco turned serious and reached up to caress her cheek. “Hey. I’m fine, just a little bruised.”


She grabbed his hand and put it back down to his side gently. “Don’t move you might have broken something.”


He sighed. “I’m fine Hermione. The only thing that’s broken is my dignity.”


“Just don’t ever do that again.” She said seriously.


“Do what? Get hit by a bludger or fall off my broom?” he joked.


She rolled her eyes at him. “Both you idiot!”


He chuckled the clutched his side.


“I knew you were hurt.” She said leaning over him trying to brush his hands away so she could see where was the damn mediwizard?


Just then a blur of blond and heels rushed to Draco’s side. “Bloody hell Draco are you hurt? I saw you fall and my heart stopped.” Gwen said running a hand lightly over his arm. “Do you have any idea how bad this could be for your career? Why couldn’t you choose to get knocked off your broom during next week’s game? Instead you had to do it right in front of the Chudley Cannons coach. This could be very bad, very bad indeed. It definitely doesn’t put you in a very good light. You want to get on his good side remember. You don’t want him to think you can easily get knocked over by a silly little bludger.”


“Excuse me what is your problem?” Hermione interrupted her. “No one gives a damn about his career at the moment. I’m more concerned about his health in case you missed it he just fell about five stories and you’re worried about him looking bad in front of that coach of yours, where I’m more worried about something being broken like his neck or back.”


“Listen. Ms. Granger.”


“It’s Mrs. Malfoy.” Hermione sneered; Draco smiled though she ignored him.


“Right. Mrs. Malfoy. People fall and get knocked off their brooms in quidditch all the time. People rarely die or get seriously hurt that they become paralyzed while playing.”


“I’m aware of that, but I still think it’s highly inappropriate to be talking about what this might or might not do for the future of his career. As I said before my number one concern right now is his health and well-being. He was clutching his side earlier and I think he might have…”


“Hermione I’m fine just a little bruised.” Draco told her.


“I’m sure you are but I want you to get checked out by the mediwizard first so we know for certain.”


“See he said he was fine. As I said before players fall in quidditch all the time, it’s nothing new or shocking. He might be a bit sore tomorrow morning but other than that he seems okay. Trust me I’m his manger I know what’s best for him.”


“Well I’m his wife. I think that makes me know more about what’s best for him than you do. And I say he needs to see the mediwizard.” Hermione practically yelled at the woman who was beginning to really piss her off.


Gwen sighed. “Okay if it will put your mind at ease. Let me just take a look here.” Gwen said pushing Draco’s quidditch robes to the side and lifting up his shirt to bare his torso and chest.


“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” Hermione said reaching out to pull Draco’s shirt back down.


“Relax I’m a certified mediwizard.” Gwen said.


“Of course you are.” Hermione muttered to herself as she watched Gwen examine the large purple bruised skin surrounding the side of Draco’s rib cage.


                Draco winced every time she touched that area and Hermione knew he was more than bruised there.


“Hmmm, well it looks and feels as if he has at least three cracked ribs on his right side, but I don’t believe anything is broken. Does your back hurt? Is your neck sore? Head hurt?” Gwen asked Draco.


“No. Other than from lying on the cold hard ground I don’t think I hurt anywhere else other than my side.” He told her.


“Can you move your legs? Wiggle your fingers?”






                Gwen continued to ‘examine’ his naked torso running her hands over his pectorals and abs. It looked like she was feeling him up rather than giving him a medical examination. Hermione’s fingers twitched watching her touch him. She wanted nothing more than to shove Gwen’s touchy feely hands away from him. But against her better judgment she kept her hands to herself and waited until Gwen finished her examination.


“Well you’re going to be quite sore for the next few days. I suppose it isn’t wise to let you finish the game today. And unfortunately you’re going to have to take a few days off from practice until you’re ribs heal. I’ll go tell the coach that you won’t be able to finish the game. Right now you should probably check with mediwizard Charles to see what kind of treatments should work best for your ribs.” Gwen said getting off the ground and turning around and disappeared into the crowds.


                Once Gwen left them alone Draco managed to sit up on his own and Hermione attempted to help him up, which was a wasted attempt because he was determined to prove to her that he was fine. As soon as they both made it to their feet, the crowd surrounding them erupted in applause. It was enough to even make Draco blush as he gave a sheepish wave to the crowd as they slowly walked by.


Blaise and Ron met them halfway followed by Vicky and Pansy who was still holding Crissy. “Man that was some fall. You alright mate?” Blaise asked Draco.


“I’m fine just a few bruised ribs is all.”


“He’s has cracked ribs and he has to sit the rest of the game out and take a few days off until he heals.” Hermione corrected him.


Draco rolled his eyes. “It’s not that big of a deal. I’m fine, it barely hurts.”


                Once Pansy and Vicky reached them Crissy who looked like she had been crying reached out to Draco wanting him to hold her, but Hermione reached for her instead.


“Daddy can’t hold you right now sweetie, because daddy’s hurt.”


Draco sighed. “Hermione I’m fine really.”


“I saw your black and blue torso. So don’t pretend you’re not in pain.”


               The game continued on behind them as they all reached the Bats locker room where the mediwizard Charles gave Draco the same prognosis as Gwen did; three cracked ribs and bruised tissue on the right side of his torso and chest. He gave him some special ointment with instructions to massage it into his injured side twice a day for three minutes and lots of rest. No strenuous activity for a few days.  


                Draco hated leaving the game early especially after something minor like a couple bruised ribs. It was his first official game as a professional quidditch player and he blew it. He should have been paying more attention to his surroundings when he was chasing the snitch.


                It was more than his ribs that were hurt it was his pride as well. And now Hermione was making a huge fuss over him, which was quite amusing especially when she tried to one up Gwen and her expert advice. And the fact that Hermione was making a bigger deal out of his injury then was necessary could help put him at the advantage, maybe she could play his nurse and attend to his every need, he thought with a smile. Not that she would actually agree to something like that, but he could certainly dream about it.


                The Bats ended up winning even without his help. The second string seeking Mike caught the snitch that he had been chasing before he got knocked off his broom.


                The three of them apparated back to their house. Hermione put Crissy in her playpen then ordered Draco to sit down on the sofa and rest. He didn’t like feeling helpless, he had a couple bruised ribs, it’s not like he had a broken leg or anything. He watched as Hermione went to the bedroom after she settled Crissy in her playpen.


He got bored and restless after sitting and doing nothing for two minutes so he got up and followed her to the bedroom. She wasn’t there, but he heard water running in the bathroom, the door was cracked open so he walked over to it and peeked inside. She sat on the edge of the bathtub running her fingers under the tap, probably to check the temperature he remembered her doing that every time they had to give Crissy a bath.


She changed her clothes, instead of wearing an outfit representing his quidditch team, she now wore a fitted t-shirt and an old pair of worn jeans, or at least he thought they were old, because they were faded in color and had a ripped hole halfway up her leg just above her knee. She had the top button undone and folded over at the waistband of her jeans, probably because she wasn’t able to fasten them over her growing belly. But all his sexually frustrated mind could think of was that it was easy access for him to remove from her body later.


She also had her hair twisted up in a knot on top of her head that drove him crazy. He never thought that the back of a woman’s neck was particularly attractive, but he was finding Hermione’s nape very sexy to look at and even better to touch the soft skin there. He ran a hand down his face. Now was not the time to get turned on especially when all she wanted to do was treat him with kid gloves because of his injury and not rip his clothes off.


Her back was to him so she didn’t see him come in. He cleared his throat which got her attention. Her back straighten and she twisted around to look at him.


“Oh good you’re here. I ran a bath for you. I figured you could use a good soak. I added some mineral salts to the water that should help soothe you’re aches and pains.” She told him with a slight blush creeping up her cheeks.


“Uh thanks.” He said looking from her to the bath she prepared for him, wow she really was taking this Florence Nightingale think seriously.


“Sure. Well you do that and I’ll go make dinner.”


“Would you like to join me?” he teased, he couldn’t help it and it was the perfect opportunity to do so and he couldn’t resist seeing what her reaction would be.


“What?” she asked confused.


“Would you like to join me?” He asked again looking towards the bath. “There’s plenty of room for two.” He looked back at her.


Just as he suspected, she was as red as a strawberry. “N…” she cleared her throat. “No thank you.” She said trying to look serious.


“You sure? I was hoping you could help me wash my back, since I probably won’t be able to reach, what with my battered ribs and all.” He tried to make a pouty face towards her.


She rolled her eyes at him and handed him a sponge thing connected to a long stick. “No.”


He took the stick sponge thing from her. “No, you’re not sure?” He teased again.


He was rewarded with another eye roll. “No. I am sure. And that’s to help wash you’re back with, in the places you can’t reach.” She pointed to the stick thing with a smirk. “Now get in there before the water turns cold.”


“Okay.” Before she could turn to leave he lifted his shirt, and was pleased when she didn’t run out of the room, but watched as he took his shirt off.


                Unfortunately it was followed by a gasp when she got a look at his injured side. He did admit that it looked pretty gruesome what with it being a dark purple and black color covering the majority of his ribcage on the right side of his body.


“It looks a lot worse than it feels.” He tried to make light of it, until he saw the tears in her eyes.


He walked over to her wanting to hold her, but she stepped back. “You could’ve died.” She whispered.


“But I didn’t.” he assured her.


“I thought I lost you, when I saw you fall. I was afraid you were going to leave me to deal with all of this by myself…alone.” She gave a harsh laugh and wiped at her tears. “How’s that for selfish?”


He reached for her and put his arms around her, this time she let him, but she didn’t hug him back, probably afraid to touch his injured side. “No it’s not selfish. And I can’t promise I won’t get hurt again while playing quidditch, but I told you last night we’re in this together until we find the answers we’re looking for. And I meant it. I have no intention of leaving you. I’m sorry I scared you.”


She nodded into his chest then pulled away. “Just try not to do it again.” She told him, and then went back into her nurse mode. “Make sure you wrap that around your torso tightly when you’re finished.” She told him pointing to a cloth bandage that was sitting by the sink.


“Whatever you say Nurse Granger.” He teased.


She rolled her eyes at him and turned to leave.


“The offer still stands in case you change your mind.”


She chuckled as she started to walk out the door. “And the answer is still no.” she said over her shoulder smiling.

“You’re loss then.” He called out after her.”


“I’m sure.” He heard her say as she left the bedroom and shut the door behind her.


                After she left him alone, he undressed the rest the of way and got in the hot water, though what he really needed was to stand under the shower and let cold water run down his body. Especially since he was still sweaty and grimy from the game, not to mention it would help cool down other things on him as well. But once he sunk down into the hot water and leaned back and relaxed he did feel better.


                After a nice long soak he got out and dried off. He attempted to wrap the cloth bandage around him, but gave up on the second try. It hurt too much to twist and reach behind him. He needed an extra pair of hands to pull that off and he knew the perfect person for the task. He thought about calling her back in when he caught a whiff of something delicious smelling coming from kitchen. And his growling stomach overruled the need to wrap the bandage around his chest.


                He quickly threw on a shirt and walked out the bedroom. Hermione was putting a bowl of garlic roasted potatoes on the kitchen table. Salad was already plated and if he wasn’t mistaken he smelled the delicious aroma of a Sunday roast. How did she know this was his favorite meal growing up as a boy?


She saw him and straightened up. “Hi.” She said as she pushed a stray curl that fell from her clip back behind her ear. “I hope you’re hungry.”


He nodded. “Starving. What is all of this?” he asked nodding towards the dinner set up.


“I thought it would be nice to have an actual home cooked meal, instead of ordering take out again.”

“And you cooked all of this?” he asked surprised.


Hermione blushed. “Well I had a little help…okay a lot of help. Ziggy help me cook the roast and the potatoes and I put together the salad.” She told him, Ziggy rounded the corner holding a basket of warm bread and waved sheepishly at Draco.


He waved back. “Well it smells great.”


                The two of them took their seats at the dining table. Crissy was already seated in her highchair. Draco watched as Ziggy placed the bread on the table.


“Ziggy would you like to join us for dinner?” There is plenty to go around.” He asked


“She can’t. She has a hot date tonight with another house elf named Waltzy.” Hermione smiled at Ziggy who blushed a light pink.


“Yes Mrs. Hermione, but Ziggy can stay if she is needed here.”


“Nonsense Ziggy, you go on and have some fun tonight. Thank you very much for all of your help with dinner.”


“It was no trouble for Ziggy. Ziggy likes helping Mrs. Hermione’s family.” And with that she vanished with a wink.


“House elves go on dates?” Draco asked surprised.


“Why wouldn’t they?” Hermione shrugged.


“I don’t know. I guess I just never really thought about it before.” He said starting in on his salad. “How did you know this was my favorite meal?” He asked her.


“Ziggy mentioned it and I thought it would be nice, something different for a change.” She said with a slight blush.


                Sometime after dinner Hermione and Draco were in the nursery trying to put Crissy down for bed. She had been fussy all night, probably because she didn’t have much of a nap since they were at the game most of the day. After Draco read her two story books, she finally fell asleep. They quietly shut the nursery door behind them.


“Well I’ve learned a valuable lesson there. Never let her miss her daily nap.” Hermione said.


“Well look at it this way maybe she’ll sleep through most of the night.” Draco chuckled. “Now that we’re alone can I ask you something?”


Hermione nodded. “Um…yeah sure.” She said sounding a bit nervous.


“Well earlier I had trouble putting that bandage thing around me and…”


“You don’t have it on? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You need to wear that to help support your ribs. They may not be broken now, but if you’re not careful you could easily break them simply by breathing to hard.”


He rolled his eyes. “Well I haven’t broken anything yet so could you help me with it?”


“Yeah I’ll go get it and it’s probably time for you to rub the ointment on that the healer gave you.” She told him as she got up and disappeared into the bedroom, then came back out holding the cloth bandage in one hand and the small jar of ointment in the other. She came over to the sofa that he was sitting on and sat down next to him. “Um…do you want to rub this on…or um do you need help with that as well?” she asked him sounding nervous again.


“The majority of the bruised area is on my back so if you don’t mind I could use your help rubbing it on because I’ll have trouble reaching back there.”


“No I don’t mind.” She said blushing a bit.


“So do you want to do this here, or in the kitchen where there’s a better light?” He asked her feeling slightly nervous himself which was ridiculous because she was about to rub smelly ointment on his ribs which wasn’t sexy or relaxing at all, at least it certainly wasn’t when mediwizard Charles did it earlier that day.


                It was just the anticipation of her about to touch him. Girls have touched him before, hell Gwen practically felt him up after he fell and nothing. He didn’t feel any nervousness or excitement about that when her hands were running over his skin. But the thought of Hermione’s hands running over his skin was a different story all together.


“Here’s fine.” She told him.


                Hermione watched as Draco took his shirt off and laid it next to him on the sofa. She tried not to stare at his naked torso or his injured side. All she had to do was rub the ointment on and wrap the bandage around him and that was it, nothing more…so why was she all nervous all of a sudden? With shaky fingers she unscrewed the cap from the jar of ointment and immediately wanted to put it back on or plug her nose or something.


“Oh my god that smells awful.” She said trying not to breathe through her nose.


Draco grunted. “Yeah which means you should probably get on with it. Once it makes contact with skin it doesn’t smell as bad.”


“Okay, here it goes.” She said taking a deep breath and with a grimace stuck her fingers into the smelly goo.


                She gently moved his arm out of the way so she could reach his injured ribs. She tentatively touched her fingers to his side and he sucked in a gasp. Hermione immediately pulled her hand away from him.


“Sorry did I hurt you?”


He shook his head and cleared his throat. “No your hands are just cold.” He told her.


                She went back touching her fingers to his warm skin. Gently rubbing in the ointment. She could feel his eyes on her, but she stayed focus on her task, if she allowed herself to get distracted then she might hurt him and she didn’t want that.


“Am I hurting you?” She asked quietly rubbing in the area around his back.


“No,” he said his voice sounding low and husky, the hard muscles in his back and abdomen moving and bunching with each breath he took beneath her fingertips.


Once she covered all of the injured area on his skin she pulled away and wiped her hands on a towel. “All done.” She told him still avoiding eye contact with him.


                She was afraid if she looked into his eyes she would lose all control and give in to what she wanted to do most, which was kiss him. She reached for the cloth bandage and stood up motioning for him to stand up as well. He stood in front of her less than an arm’s length away. He towered over her about a foot above her head. The tension in the air definitely kicked up a notch and Hermione was finding it rather difficult to breathe, and not because of the smelling goo on his skin.


“Can…can you hold your arms out?” she asked him embarrassed that her voice shook a bit when she spoke.


                He stepped closer to her and did as she asked. She began to wrap the bandage around his torso, awkward at first because she had to lean in close to get her arms around his back without actually having to touch him anymore then she already was. She rounded his back one last time and tucked the end into the bandage making sure it was tight and secure. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek and she knew he was still watching her.


“Hermione.” He whispered.


Finally she looked up into his eyes noticing them full of heat and passion.


“Is this whole friend’s thing working out for you?” He asked her.


“Huh?” Not expecting him to say something like that.


“This. Between you and me. Us being just friends. Is it working out for you?” He asked her again taking a step closer to her.


“I…um it was your idea to be friends, wasn’t it?” She asked getting that nervous excited feeling deep in her belly when he kept looking at her so intently.


“Yes and I’m beginning to regret coming up with that idea. So what about you?”


“She began to nod her head but stopped herself. “No…it’s not.” She said quietly now not being able to look away from him.


He took another step closer to her until he was only a few inches away from her. “Do you know what I’ve been wanted to do all day?”


Hermione shook her head no, “What?” she asked breathlessly.


“This.” He whispered and leaned in and kissed her.


                Hermione accepted this kiss immediately opening for him effortlessly without having to think about it, it was just a natural response for her. She ran her hands lightly up along his chest savoring the hard muscles underneath her fingertips, then slowly ran her hands further up to circle around the back of his neck and toyed with the ends of his hair. He moaned her name against her lips as her tongue tentatively dueled with his.


“You drive me absolutely mad.” He whispered kissing her along her jaw and down her neck. “You’re so beautiful and sexy it hurts.” He said into her ear playfully nipping her earlobe.


“You hurt? Maybe…maybe we should stop then.” She said tilting her head to give him better access to her neck, but made no attempt at stepping back away from him.


“Not that kind of hurt.” He told as he gently grabbed her hand and guided it to the zipper of his pants.


Hermione gasped at the feel of his hard length beneath her fingertips.


“Feel what you do to me?” He whispered against her lips.


                Instead of moving her hand away in disgust at his boldness, she stayed and lingering there to touch him. He deepened the kiss making her forget everything, but him and her, together. And in this moment that’s all she wanted, needed. That thought made her legs weak and shaky.


“Draco maybe we should sit down or something. I think…I think my legs are about to give…eek!”


                He scooped her up in his arms and she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around this neck. But then it all came back to her…his injury.


“No Draco, put me down, I’m too heavy. Your ribs…you’re not supposed to…”


“Shh.” He silenced her with a kiss and sat them both down on the sofa. He sat her on his lap with her knees straddling his hips. “Better?” he asked.


She nodded. “Are you’re ribs hurting?” She asked him.


“Not a bit.” He told her as he grabbed her hips and moved her forward pressing her hips into his.


Hermione forgot all about his ribs as she leaned in to kiss him. After a long delicious snogging session she couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled back a bit so she could look at him. “Draco?”


“Yes love?”


“I want…um I want you to…touch me.” She asked quietly biting her lip nervously, not sure how he would react and not entirely sure what she was even asking of him.


                He smiled at her as his warm fingers made their way underneath the hem of her shirt and traveled upward until he cupped her breast in his hand. She arched towards him trying to feel as much as possible. She was sick of shying away from what she wanted. And she wanted him.


“More.” She whispered against his mouth. “I want to feel you’re hands against my skin.” She told him feeling bolder then she ever had in her life.


                He did as she asked and unclasped the back of her bra and in slow torture moved his hand around to touch her once more, taking his time to feel, stroke and caress her.

“Draco.” She moaned and arched further into his touch, her heart was pounding; she had never wanted anything more badly then him at the moment.


“Tell me what you want love.” He whispered in her ear.


                She was about to tell him what she wanted, when she heard crying. It was as if cold water had rained down on her. She pulled away.


“Crissy’s up.” She said.


Draco sagged against the back of the sofa and let out a sigh. “I’ll go check on her.” He told her.


Hermione crawled off his lap so he could stand up.


Once he stood up he leaned back over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Don’t go anywhere.” He smirked then made his way towards the nursery.


                Hermione watched him leave the room and smiled as she touched her fingers to her lips which were puffy and no doubt red from being thoroughly kissed. She relaxed back against the cushions feeling giddy and girly, and tried not to let the nerves get the best of her when she thought about what might happen next once he came back out. After a few minutes she debated whether or not she should go check on them and see if he needed any help with Crissy. When he came back out holding Crissy in his arms. Crissy was still crying, her cheeks flushed and her nose running.


“I can’t get her to stop crying. Does she feel hot to you?” He asked walking towards her.


Hermione stood up and took Crissy from him and felt her forehead, she did feel hot. “Your right I think she might have a fever.”


“What are we supposed to do about that?” He asked running a hand down Crissy’s baby curls.


“I’m not sure. We could take her to St. Mungo’s. It might not be anything, but I don’t want to take any risks.”


“Okay I’ll go put together her bag.” He told her grabbing his shirt off the sofa and regrettably putting it back on.


“Make sure you grab her Dragon.” She called after him.


Crissy coughed and then started crying harder.


“I know honey, we’ll get you all better in just a little bit.” Hermione said kissing Crissy’s forehead trying to soothe her.


                Draco came back out holding Crissy’s dragon in one hand and her diaper bag in the other. Hermione went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of apple juice for Crissy to drink, she always remembered her mum giving her apple juice to drink when she wasn’t feeling well.


“Okay if you hand me Crissy. I’ll be on my way.” Draco told her.


“What? No you’re the one who’s hurt. If anything I should be the one to take her and you should be the one to stay here. And if you don’t like that then I’m coming with you, no time for negotiation.”


He sighed. “Okay fine. Let’s go then.”


Hermione walked towards him holding Crissy and grabbed a hold of his hand and then apparated to St. Mungos.


                It was close to midnight and the waiting lounge at St. Mungos was packed. Crissy’s fever still hadn’t gone down, though she did become a little less fussy the longer they had to wait and the more tired she became. Hermione had already looked through every issue of Witch Weekly they had available for people to look through as well as read the day’s issue of the Daily Prophet…twice. It was times like this that she would kill to get her hands on an actual book. It felt as if they had been waiting there all night long, when really it had only been about three hours.


“You look tired. Maybe you should go on home and get some sleep. I’ll wait here. I’m afraid they’re not going to see us anytime soon.” Draco told Hermione who sat next to her holding Crissy.


“No, I’m fine. As I’ve said before if anyone needs to go home it’s you. You’re not supposed to be up and about. Instead you’re supposed to be resting.” She told him quietly.


“Cristina Malfoy.” The receptionist said over the speaker in the waiting lounge. “The healer is ready for you now.”

                Hermione’s heart was breaking hearing Crissy cry and carry about. You would think she was getting a shot or something, when all the healer was doing was checking her nose, ears and mouth and listening to her breathing as a nurse held her down. Hermione wanted nothing more than to take her baby in her arms and leave this place. Anything to stop her from crying. Draco must have noticed her distress because he reached down and grabbed her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.


“Well it doesn’t seem to be anything serious, just a common chest cold. Nothing that can’t be cured with a spoon full of children’s pepperup potion twice a day until her symptoms reduce. Just make sure you stay with her until the steam stops coming out of her ears. It’s sometimes tends to frighten the younger ones at first. And make sure she drinks lots of fluids as well.”


“So that’s it? It’s just a cold, nothing more?”


“Yep just a cold, she should be as good as new in a couple of days. If not come back and see me.”


“Okay thank you very much for all of your help.” Hermione told the healer as she took a fussy Crissy into her arms from the nurse.


Once the healer and nurse left the room Draco spoke. “We waited in the waiting room for three hours at this time at night just so the healer could tell us to give her pepperup potion? We could have brewed that at home.” He said sounding irritated.


“I’d rather be safe than sorry. Children are different that adults, it could have been anything and could have gotten much worse if not treated properly.” She handed him the diaper bag. “So can we please just go home now?”


“Yeah okay let’s go home.”


                The healer gave Crissy a spoonful of pepperup potion before he left the room and it was already starting to take effect. Steam was slowly starting to trickle out her ears and her face carried a pink hue to it. Once they were finally back home it was nearly two o’clock in the morning.


 “Go ahead and go to bed Hermione. I’ll stay up with her until the steam stops.” Draco said.


“No you need to rest, I’ll stay up.”


“I’m fine Hermione. I’m not even that tired and you look exhausted, so go ahead and go to sleep. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”


Hermione finally gave in and kissed Crissy goodnight then went to bed.


                The next morning Hermione could see the sunlight streaming in the windows through her closed eyes. She felt lazy and tired and could easily sleep another four hours. The warm strong arm that circled her waist shifted.


“What time is it?” Draco mumbled behind her.


She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. She cracked one eye open to look at the clock on the bedside table, but made no move to actually…move. “Early.” She mumbled snuggling back against his body. He kissed the back of her neck so lightly that it sent shivers down her body all the way to her toes. “What time did you finally come to bed?” she asked him.


“Mmm about four hours ago.” He told her moving her hair out of the way so he could kiss down her neck.


“Then you should probably go back to sleep.” She told him starting to roll over to face him, but she didn’t realize how close he was to her and she accidentally nudged his injured side with her elbow.


Draco let out a curse and clutched his side rolling onto his back.


Hermione sat up and went to his side. “Oh god Draco I’m so sorry, I completely forgot. Are you alright…What am I saying? Of course you’re not alright.” She rambled hovering over him.


“Just give me a second.” He wheezed out, his eyes tearing up a bit.


Once he managed to catch his breath she asked. “Can I do something? Do you need anything?”


“You could kiss it and make it better.” He smirked still clutching his side.


The man had a one tracked mind.


She eyed his bandaged side. “Uh not with that smelly goo all over it.” She joked.


“Fine then you can kiss me here instead.” He pointed to his lips.


                She wasn’t going to do it, but once her eyes moved to his mouth she changed her mind and decided to go for it. Licking her lips she lowered her head and kissed him lightly on the lips, then pulled away. His hand came up and cupped the back of her head bringing it back down to meet his lips.


“More.” He whispered as their lips met again.


                He flipped her over so that she was now the one laying on her back and he was the one hovering above her as he deepened the kiss. A tapping noise at the window interrupted them.


“Now what?” Draco said pulling away from her slightly.


“It’s an owl.” Hermione pointed out.


“Who would be writing at this hour?” he asked as Hermione rolled off the bed and went to the window to retrieve the letter that the owl was carrying.


Hermione looked to see who the sender was and her face paled. “It’s…it’s from Candlewick.”

AN: Hey everyone I am so sorry for the horribly long wait. I've been so swamped with school and work that I've had no time to write. Hopefully this chapter makes up for the long wait, it has drama, suspense, romance and humor. So what did you think? Did you like it? You probably hate me because I kept interrupting Draco and Hermione every time they decided to get closer together...but I couldn't make it too easy for them ;) Anyway I want to be able to tell you that I'll have chapter 13 up soon, but I can't promise that. But I will try my hardest to get it up as soon as possible, you'll just have to be patient. And as always please keep reading and reviewing I love getting all of your feedback!!

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