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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter Nineteen:


“Do you want to come up?” I asked as he helped me off the motorcycle.


“Sure, I want to make sure you get up to your flat without falling on your arse again,” Ero said, taking my hand and tucking it into the crook of his arm. When did he turn into a gentleman?


“Excuse me, you’re the one who fell on his arse” I retort, making him chuckle. We walked together to my flat in silence. What am I doing? I don’t even know..He has a girlfriend for bollocks sake. Though to tell the truth I don’t even see her around the pub at all. In fact, Ero hasn’t mentioned her in months. Huh.


“I’ll put the tea on,” Ero said, helping me on to the couch. I watched him as he moved easily around my kitchen. He really has been here more than any other of my bloke friends. I watched him move around in my kitchen, every movement he made was graceful but, rough in a way. I don’t know why I never noticed. I looked down at my bulging belly again and sighed heavily. Ewan was going to have to make a house call because I did not want anyone catching wind of my current situation.


“I think I have to call Ewan, I need to know why this bump is bigger than when I was pregnant with Tamsin,” I said, looking over at him.


“That’s a good idea. Do you want me to go and get him?” Ero asked, as he sat down and put the two cups of tea on the coffee table.


“Yeah I guess so, there’s some floo powder in the canister on the mantle,” I said, pointing over to where pictures of Tamsin and my family were.


“I’ll be back in a flash my L-Allisha,” Ero said, stumbling on his words. What, did he just almost say? I shook it off as he pressed a kiss to my forehead and disappeared into the fireplace. I just sat there in shock. Ero had been becoming nicer every day and now he calls me love and kisses my forehead…What? More importantly, I like it. This has to be the side effects of my mangled heart and the pregnancy.


“Allisha, what’s wrong?” Ewan’s voice broke into my thoughts. He stood straight in front of my fireplace, a concerned look tightening his handsome face.


“Um my bump is too big,” I whined, as Ero stepped through the fireplace.


Ewan bent down in front of the couch. He had a rucksack of his Healer supplies. Ero sat next to me on the couch looking uncomfortable as I was feeling. “Looks like I’ll have to take a deeper look,” he said, looking strictly professional, with a touch over older brother face. “You might want to go and slip into a night shirt and take your knickers off,” Ewan said, making Ero scowl.


“Um…okay,” I muttered, turning beet red.


A few minutes later I was on my couch with my legs spread eagled. This was very uncomfortable. Ewan’s face was practically in me. Closer than he had been when I had birthed Tam. Ero just looked away looking horrified and super uncomfortable. I looked at him trying not to look at Ewan’s face which was partially obscured by my bulge. I felt his fingers and cringed. It felt so wrong to be touched like this by someone I thought of as an older brother type. I took hold of Ero’s hand and squeezed it affectionately. It instantly calmed the both of us. I concentrated on his touch and warmth.


And that was when my door opened and in walked the one arsehole I did not want to see. Or want to see me in this position. Bollocks, I really do need to learn to lock my bloody doors. “Don’t you ever knock?” I said, angrily.


“I don’t know how….What the hell is going on?” Erien said, finally noticing my current company and position.


“I’m getting a Smear done. Ewan makes house calls now,” I said, making Ewan wink at me and chuckle.


“Is something wrong?” Erien said, thankfully not noticing the bump. Shite, I forgot he doesn’t know that I could be carrying his unborn child.


“Just a little ill, I can’t leave the house for a few days so Ewan came by to make sure I was okay,” I said, wishing he would take the bitterness in my voice as a hint to leave.


“Oh for the love of Voldy’s Moldy shorts. Allisha, you’re having twins,” Ewan said, making me, Ero, and Erien gasp.


“Twins? Are you sure?” Ero said, voicing my question before I could.


“I’m an experienced Head Healer, of course I’m sure. Allisha both of them are perfectly healthy, you’ll all be fine,” Ewan said, removing his fingers and snapping off the bloody glove.


“Oh Merlin, why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant Alli? We could have really hurt you that night at the party!” Erien said, tilting his head. At this point I realized that my legs were still in the air spread wide open. Ewan and Ero were trying not to smirk while Erien and I turned red in the face. “Uh well um…I see your er....yeah... looks lovely as ever Alli,” Erien muttered, turning away.


“Hey! You shouldn’t be talking about Alli’s…uh…that way…” Ero trailed off trying to look anywhere but me. I lowered my legs and closed them a bit tighter than when I was sitting with Ero. His hand still warm in mine.


Erien’s sapphire eyes trailed down and darkened when he spotted Ero’s hand in mine. “Why should you care about what I say about Alli?” Erien said, rudely.


Ero shot up, his hand breaking away from mine, I missed his warmth already. “BECAUSE SHE’S MY..friend. My bestfriend in fact,” Ero said, ending awkwardly. I almost blushed. I’m his bestfriend. Did I want to be more? I don’t know.


“Right I remember. Don’t you have somewhere else to be? Like with your girlfriend and kid? Instead of here with Alli and Ewan,” Erien said, in that Flint tone of his.


“I don’t think my life is any of your business Flint. And next time you decide to come over make sure to let Alli know before just strolling in like you live here,” Ero said, glaring daggers at Erien.


“What the Hell? You don’t even live here! You can’t tell me when to come over to Alli’s,” Erien said, challenging Ero’s glare with an icy gaze of his own.


“But, I can. Next time you decide to pop in make sure you check with me first,” I said, stepping in between the two of them. My back brushed against Ero’s body while my large bump brushed Erien’s hard stomach. My thighs flared up in heat and I had to concentrate to push Erien slightly.


“Whatever you say Allisha. Um…congrats on the twins,” Erien said, taking this as his cue to leave.


“Well, I have patients to attend to at work. I’ll come back soon to take another look. Take care Allisha, Ero,” Ewan said awkwardly, before leaving through my fireplace.


It took another moment before I realized that my back was still against Ero’s front. He was warm, his scent was amazing. Ero’s hands caressed my shoulders softly it was such an intimate touch. So intimate in fact that it had me seriously wanting to kiss him. Oh bollocks, those were not thoughts I should be having at all. He’s not even single, nevermind the fact that we couldn’t possibly work out as a couple, ever. “Let’s get you back on the couch,” Ero said, squeezing my shoulders softly.


I nodded and we sat back down together. We sat together in an uncomfortable silence, for was seemed an eternity. Until, Ero turned on my TV and blue ray player. Then we sort of just cuddled up watching a very old movie called Bram Stoker’s Dracula. After a while I sort of just drifted off to sleep. When I woke up it was really dark outside and Ero’s head was against my bump. His breathing was light and steady, he looked beautiful. I tried to get up slowly without jostling him. Wasn’t going to happen, if I moved, his head would fall into the couch cushions.


I looked up at the clock on my mantle and yawned softly. It was three in the morning. Holy crap, we’ve been asleep that long? I smiled as his face unconsciously nuzzled my bump. I really had to pee though so I had to risk waking him. So, I maneuvered away from him, making his head thump lightly into the sofa cushions. I thought he’d wake up but, he just shifted slightly and continued his soft breathing. He looked so like a beautiful Aristocratic Vampire in the moment. I really do need to stop watching and reading muggle vampire books and movies.


I went to the bathroom and pulled up my nightie realizing that all this time I wasn’t wearing any knickers…BOLLOCKS!! I’ve been cuddling with Ero with no knickers on!!! I rushed into my bedroom and pulled on the first pair I found. They would have to be my old Snitches knickers from when I went to Hogwarts. Such found memories in these knickers….NOT. My bed called to me, warm and inviting, it was a pull I couldn’t resist. So I did, I climbed into my large bed and pulled the covers over me. I waited for the warmth to kick in but…it never did.


My bed hasn’t felt warm since Al left…fuck. After a while of drifting in an out of consciousness I think I was right in between sleep and waking when I felt the warmth spread through my body. It was wonderful and after that I fell asleep for the rest of the night. When I woke up the next morning, I felt something poking my bum. My eyes widened, Ero…he was why I felt warmth. And at this point I’ve slept in the same bed with Al long enough to know that it's not Ero's hands poking my bum.


I turned over to face him, his arm still around me. His eyes fluttered open unfocused and still sleep ridden. And then they focused on me and he smiled sleepily. “Errr…Ero you’re poking me..” I muttered.


He looked down and smirked slightly. “It’s for you Alli,” he said smirking sarcastically. “Honestly woman every bloke gets it, it’s not like we choose when this happens,” Ero said, rolling his beautiful grey eyes.


“Thanks prat,” I said, making him chuckle.


“Sorry about the whole being in your bed thing, you looked cold when I woke up so I thought I’d try to warm you up,” Ero said, grinning.


“I was and….you did,” I said, grinning back. I think I’m majorly crushing on him at this point. We laid together for a long time, it was nice and I felt the warmth I’ve been missing for a long time. It was nice. Except for the being pregnant with twins and not knowing who the twins father is and crushing on a man who’s so not right for me and has a girlfriend and son thing.


A/N: Okay I know you probably hate me for leaving it like this and the whole her liking Ero thing. It’s really not my fault. The characters do what they want without me telling them to do it. Hopefully you still even feel like reading it. Hope you like it.

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