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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 9 : Chapter Eight:- The Dead Cat Warning
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The next Morning dawned sunny and bright. The birds were singing their usual dawn chorus, and you wouldn’t think that there was anything wrong in the world. But unfortunately, this was the real world and not dreamland.

All of a sudden there was a scream, which startled those that hadn’t woken up yet wide-awake in a blink of an eye. It was Angie that had screamed. Everyone rushed over to where she’d been sleeping and soon discovered the reason why she was upset. There was a dead cat lying in a pool of blood beside where she’d been sleeping. There also appeared to be a note lying beside the cat.

Liz unfolded the note and read the contents out aloud. ‘This is a warning. Do not interfere with my plans or you’ll all meet the same end has this cat. Take heed and live.’ The note was written in red, red like blood, probably the cat’s blood.

Liz was furious with this warning. ‘I’ll not have any member of my team threatened or scared off like this. Not by anyone, not even a jumped up little upstart like this clone.’ And with that she got her communicator out of her bag and immediately got in touch with Doctor Williamson.

‘I hope you have some good news for me Doctor? Because at this moment I’m not in the mood for anything else.’

‘Why? What’s happened?’ asked the Doctor.

And Liz told him about the dead cat warning that they’d received.

‘Well I do have some good and some bad news, the device that’ll render the clone’s powers useless is now ready.’

‘And what’s the bad news’ asked Liz.

‘The bad news is that you have to get within two metres of him for it to be totally effective.’

‘Well never mind,’ replied Liz ‘I’m sure we’ll manage to work it out. Could you send the device to us now Doctor?’

‘It’s already on its way.

And out of nowhere a small round metallic object appeared at their feet in front of them. Liz bent down and picked it up, it could fit snugly into the palm of her hand. There were two buttons on it, one red and one green. Then Liz heard the Doctors voice over the communicator.

‘To activate the device you have to press the green button, and the red button of course deactivates it. Good luck, Doctor Williamson out.’

The communicator went dead.

‘Can I see that?’ asked Chris. And Liz handed him the device without thinking.

‘Right then’ she said ‘we’re going to have to head back into town and head back to Albus’s house.’

At this piece of news there was a fair bit of murmuring.

‘I know that it’s asking a bit much after what happened yesterday, but with this device we can disable the clone’s powers and then we can really nail him. Then we’ll never have to worry about him again.’

‘But what about the distance?’ asked Peter ‘ We have to get within two metres of him to be effective, and I don’t think he’s going to allow us to just walk up to him and say, excuse me do you mind if I just disable your ability to do magic and such like?’

‘I know it’s asking a lot, but have I ever lead you wrong before?’ There was a general shaking of heads at this statement.

‘Right then lets move out and sort this problem out once and for all.’

So they all trooped out of the old farmhouse and headed back towards town. Liz had decided to walk the distance into town. This could be due to the fact that she could think her plans through and get them straight in her mind before they arrived at their destination.

In the meantime the clone had been busy. So as not to attract too much attention from the real Albus’s parents, the clone had used his powers to clean and repair all the damage that had been done to the house. And was even now walking along the street by himself. When he’d reached the Village Square , he sat on the top step of the old war memorial that was sitting in the centre. There he just sat and waited, as if waiting for something to happen. He kept his eyes on the road that led into town.

When Liz and the others had reached the outskirts of the town, it was decided to split up and approach from different directions.

So Liz and Chris approached from the West, Angie teleported to the Eastern end of the Square, Andrew from the North and Peter from the South. Once they we’re all in position they used their Telepathy to let Liz know that they we’re ready to move on her word.

But before Liz could say anything, Chris suddenly collapsed, and he seemed to be in pain. He was writhing around on the ground clutching his head. Liz was on the ground beside him in a trice.

‘What’s wrong Chris?’ She worriedly asked.

‘He’s inside my head’ he cried ‘I can hear his voice; he’s trying tom entice me, trying to get to me. Please make him stop, he’s, he’s hurting me.’

Liz at once laid her hand on his forehead, and spreading her fore finger and thumb to touch both sides of his temple; she concentrated and muttered a few words to herself. After a few seconds had gone by, Chris’s movements began to settle down. Eventually he was in what looked like a deep slumber and free from what he’d experienced.

Liz used her telepathy to tell the others that the attack was cancelled for the time being and everyone was to meet her at the West approach road to town. At once everyone had materialised beside her. When they saw Chris lying on the ground they asked what had happened. Liz said,

‘I’m not sure, one second he was ready for the attack and the next second he was in sever pain, clutching his head saying that he was trying to get to him. I had to calm him down; he was in so much agony. For the time being he’s calm. We’ll teleport back to the farm and see how he is later.’

So Liz took a hold of Chris’s arm and they all teleported back to the farmhouse that they’d slept in the night before.

In the mean time the clone had a satisfied grin on his face. He was muttering to himself,

‘So they have someone who’s not experienced enough to block my powers. He can’t prevent me from probing his mind. And the power that I sensed there was tremendous; he would be a worthy ally to have. But for now he’s beyond my influence, there’s been some sort of mind block erected. I can’t get through to his thoughts at this time. Next time I’ll have to be more careful. But for the time being I can wait, I can wait.

Mean time, back at the desolate farmhouse we find that Chris was still asleep and Liz was trying to explain about what had happened back on the outskirts of town.

‘As I said before, he was alright one second and in agony and rolling about on the ground the next. He was shouting he’s inside my head I can hear his voice and so on. So to calm him down I used an incantation to bring up a mind blocker in his mind. It appears to have worked for now. All we can do for the time being is wait for him to wake up and see what he can tell us.

Mean time the clone had returned to the Dumbledore house, to plan his next move. He wanted the person that he’d sensed; he was more powerful than all the people that were under his control were. He wanted that power joined with his own. With that person’s power and his own combined he would be unstoppable. He kept his mind open, reaching out and feeling for the powerful mind that he’d sensed earlier. He once again came up against the same mind block that had interfered with him the last time. But he could wait, and while he waited he kept up the assault on Chris’s mind, slowly chipping and probing at the block that was stopping him. He slowly probed for any weaknesses that he could exploit. But whoever had erected the mind block had done a very good job with it. But the clone knew that if he kept up a continuous slow bombardment, he would eventually break through. And all the while, whilst he waited for his chance to manipulate that mind around to his way of thinking. He had a look on his face that showed pure greed. And if there was one thing that he was good at, that was waiting. He did after all have all the time in the world at his disposal.

Several hours later we return to the farmhouse. Chris had just awoken, and was having a drink of water; And Liz was asking him questions.

‘What happened back there Chris? We were all ready for the attack, when all of a sudden you collapsed in a heap onto the ground crying out in agony.’

‘I’m not sure’ Chris replied, ‘one moment I was ready to go, then I felt something entering my mind, some kind of strange force. And before I could do anything that force suddenly knocked me for six and I felt intense pain, unlike anything that I’d felt before. And I also heard a voice inside my head promising to stop the pain if I allowed him access to my mind. I felt like I was being enticed to go somewhere, but I’m not sure where. Then the world suddenly went dark and I remember nothing more until I woke up just now.

‘I think it was the clone that was trying to take over your mind. He sensed that you were new and had not yet been trained to block out any invasion or probes of any kind, so you were left vulnerable. I promise you one thing, that will not happen again. From now on there will always be someone with you at all times to help you through this. And that person will be helping to maintain the block that I’ve erected.’

Chris looked relieved, and said ‘thank you.’

‘No need for thanks Chris. As far as I’m concerned, your part of this team now, and we look after each other.’ There was a general nodding of heads from the others at this statement.

It was decided that there wouldn’t be another attempt at catching the clone that day. Liz had decided that it would be better for Chris to rest up for the rest of that day, to help him recover from his ordeal.

But the clone was not going to let Chris of the hook that easily. He kept up a steady bombardment of Chris’s mind. But done in such a subtle way that Chris did not even realise that his mind was being manipulated, the clone was trying to break through any mind blocks that had been imposed by the other team members. He’d realised that it had been a mistake when he’d attacked Chris’s mind directly. Now he was using stealth. But he was only picking away bit by bit with the mind blocks, what he needed was more power. So the clone decided to go up to the cave that night and use the machine to boost his mental powers.

Chris could still feel something in his mind but since there we’re no more voices he never really gave the feelings much thought. He just put them down to being the aftermath of the mind invasion that he’d experienced. The mind blocks that were being used seemed to be keeping the mind that had invaded his mind at bay.

Andrew had lit a fire and someone had produced some cans of food – along with a couple of collapsible Dixie can – out off one of the bags along with a tin opener. And soon the cans were opened and the contents poured into the Dixie ’s and placed on the fire. While the food was heating up Andrew got some plastic plates and cutlery out of another bag and placed the plates on the floor with the cutlery on top of them. Once the food was ready, it was shared out between them and whilst they ate they planned their next move.

By the time night had fallen once again they had decided that the best thing to do would be for one of them to teleport into the house and plant the device somewhere in the living room with it switched on. That way when the clone came within range of it, he would not be able to activate what ever he’d done before to bring up the protective shield. That way the person who planted the device would be an extra hand to help with any attack that takes place.

‘Right everyone, to bed. Goodnight’ said Liz.



Well that’s chapter Eight. Did you like it? Or hate it? Please say in the little box below. Thanks for reading.

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