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Never Saw It Coming by Mrs Lewis
Chapter 3 : Day One on Alien Planet.
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“Oh my god, look at her.”

“Who does she think she is, walking beside them?”

“Who does she think she is?”

Was basically all that followed me last night at the feast and on the train. Stupid gossiping teenagers!! God I had barely stepped one foot into Hogwarts before the rumours started.

I mean seriously?!

And McGonagall made it worse last night because she made me STAND UP in front of the WHOLE FREAKING school at the feast!! What woman does that!?! She also kindly informed me that given my ‘status’ at the Academy she felt fit to give me Head Girl ship! It wouldn’t be too bad if this weird Ravenclaw chick kept giving me death glares and tried to hex me! In front of McGonagall  at the feast! Oh Head Boy was James probably should mention that.

“Ergh! I can’t take this already!!” I groan to Al, James, Dommie, Freddie and Rosie banging my head against Gryffindor table. “I mean seriously I haven’t even been here twenty four bloody hours and they are already hexing me and verbally insulting me!?” I ask with disbelief etched onto my pale face.

“Well, you did show up unexpected at the start of seventh year, already sorted, given Head Girl over a girl who has been here longer than you oh and your already best mates with half of the Wotter’s.” Says Rosie logically as though pointing out the obvious and rolling her eyes for the dramatic effect.

“Yeah I mean, I couldn’t believe that someone other than Samantha Corner got Head Girl!” Exclaimed Freddie from beside Dommie with laughter dancing around his eyes like dad did all those weeks ago. I just ignore them and sigh to myself.

“It’s okay you know?” Asks James leaning in closer to me so no one over hears us.

“What is?” I ask puzzled.

“To feel upset about moving leaving your best mates and starting again.” He says this with a forced smile and pain all across his face.

“James.” I start, turning so my whole body is facing him. “James, I was force to leave my best mates nearly eight years ago by a heartless bitch who called me something I despised and made my dad’s life hell. You don’t know what moving away from Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Ron and Aunt Mione did to him and me. He hardly worked after we left; he only really started again like full time after she left.

 I am surprised we kept in such good contact with you lot, coz if Aimeelee had her way I would never have seen you again. Ever. Only now do I get to start over with everyone again. Sure I had mates back in Australia but they never replaced you lot. Not for one second. You know she is the reason why dad and Uncle Dean haven’t spoken since one year before we left?” I say all in a hushed whisper trying to make sure he catches everything.

He doesn’t say anything for a while just sits there with an angry look in his widened eyes and they only softened when I smiled at him a little.

“Well I am glad your back and your happy and you don’t have to put up with that stupid whore anymore.” He replies turning back to his breakfast as though that last comment was the most normal thing to say and just as Neville I mean Professor Longbottom comes to us with our timetables.

“Okay Miss Finnegan, you are slightly ahead in DADA, should you continue with it. Now what do you want to do?” He asks me smiling at me.

“Well DADA, Transfiguration, Charms, Potions and Herbology. Please.” I smile back at him, he hands me my timetable then turns to do everyone else’s.

“What you got?” Asks Dom. I swap my cards with Rosie and Dom, seeing we have the same classes just at different times, like DADA I have with both of them and Charms I have Rosie and Herbology I have Dom. Excellent neither one of them in Potions! Bloody brilliant.

“Shit.” I hiss making everyone turn to me including a blond boy whom I have never met before. “Who are you?” I ask bluntly. Everyone but Rosie starts to laugh at me, she just scowls at me and Freddie he is just gazing at the Ravenclaw table? Cause you know that’s how he rolls.

“I, erm, uh-“He stutters before Al interrupts him.

“This Mattie is my best mate Scorpius Malfoy.” Al says to me looking exasperated at his friend.

“One Albus I am your best mate. And two nice to meet you Scorpius.” I firmly tell Al and smile at Scorpius. Al visibly relaxes and rolls his eyes at me.

“It’s Scorp.” He says to me smiling now, now he knows I don’t care that he is a Malfoy. (I think? Well guessing. DON’T JUDGE WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!) I can’t help notice that Rosie has gone pink since he started talking, well properly, again.

“Okay Scorp it is then!”

“Well as lovely as this is, Freddie, Matts and I have Potions. So Cya Al, Scorp, ladies.” Says James tugging on my arm and snapping Freddie out of his day dream .

“Righto let’s go then James my lad.” Al and I snort at Freddie, trying to be cool.

“Cya Australia.” Winks Scorp the cheek! I mean he could hardly talk to me less than a minute ago.

“Bye Scorpie Worpie.” Wiggling my fingers at him as James takes my hand and guides me out of the Hall before I leave I notice Rosie is still scowling at me whilst Dommie is laughing at Al and Scorp.

“Do you really have to tease him?” Asks Freddie with a grin on his face.

“Uhmm hmm.” I pretend to think. “Of course I do you wanker.”

James just laughs at his cousin and me, when he laughs I notice he is still holding my hand. I simply stop walking and which jerks him to a stop and causes him to fall over face first. HAHA! Win for Mattie!!

“Oof, jeez Matts give a guy a warning would you?”

“Nope.” I answer helping him up. “Now what do you two idiots have?”

“Were you not just listening Matts? Me and Freddie have potions with you.” James rolls his eyes at me and gives me his timetable. It’s exactly the same as mine Freddie’s is too except he isn’t taking Herbology he is taking Divination instead. SLACKER.

“SLACKER!! Freddie!! Why on earth would you take Divination!?” I say clutching my hand to my heart, grinning up at him. HEY!! I am SHORT okay!?!!

“Well, one; It’s a bludge and two; erm… Uhmm.. That’s it I guess.” He says with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Well Uncle George will be proud of you won’t he?” I tease walking beside both of them, towards the dungeons for Potions.

“Yes, yes he will.” Freddie replies puffing out his chest in pride. He looks like a wanker.

“You look like a git mate.” Says James to his cousin raising his hand over my head to clap him over the head, I am REALLY short alright!!

 I look at grin at James and say “I was just thinking the same thing only instead of ‘git’ I thought ‘wanker’ would be better.”

“What’s a ‘wanker’?” Ask Freddie stopping at the classroom door

“Uhmm.. Erm.. Well actually I honestly don’t know the answer to that Freddie, I know that it’s an insult and that it’s a stupid word but I like stupid words.” I grin at him , the answer doesn’t help his confusion in one bit, and in fact it makes it worse.

“The blood traitor looks confused. Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

I turn around to the unfamiliar voice and see a big burly bloke that looks like a troll. His face is squished together is hair is all different colours and his eyes, they make me shudder, they are coal black! BLACK!! THE COLOUR OF OUR FREAKING ROBES!!

“Piss off Flint. Now before I make last year’s farewell look tame.” Growls James at the boy who is Flint.

“Now, now Potter. I don’t think that you are showing our half-blood/blood traitor transfer student the proper English customs do you?” He sneers at James. James and Freddie look like they are about to murder him, I could care less. I got called worse things at the Academy.

“Well excuse us Flint if we don’t take you words to heart.” Hisses Freddie, piping up for the first time since this boy first showed up. Flint regards Freddie as though he is a bit of dirt turns to James and sneers at him before turning to me. I feel rather than see his coal black eyes raking up and down my body. I shudder at this, James unconsciously takes a step towards me and holds his wand firmly beside him.

Flint sees this movement and turns back to James and sneers again. He takes a step towards me, I half think he expects me to step backwards but I don’t I hold my ground and glare at him.

He leans and I feel James tense next to me. I shudder again as his hot sticky breath come into contact with my skin.

“Now, now Australia. I would watch my back if I were you. Your precious Potter won’t always be able to protect you. You will be mine in the end. I ALWAYS win, I never let something I want go.” He whispers in my ear. That disgusting PIG!!

Unlike when Scorpius called me ‘Australia’ I hated it when it came out of his mouth. I shoved him away from me and pull out my wand and place it on his chest, his friends who up until now remained silent shouted with indignation, I silenced them with a glare and turned back to Flint.

“You disgusting PIG!! Do you think your pathetic attempt to scare me worked? Well it didn’t I can assure you! You are nothing but a foul evil prick who is just trying to impress daddy. So fuck off and never ever, I repeat ever talk to me again or try to ‘win’ me! You foul pig!” I pull away my wand and turn around to face James and Freddie. James grins at me and Freddie winks at me.

Before Flint or any of the other students who had gathered to watch could say one word, the dungeon door opened with a BANG. Making the whole class to jump.

“Now, now let’s get started shall we?” Said the voice of our Professor, Professor. Corner. She was Head of Huffelpuff; she was such a sweetheart too. With that everyone outside started to file in I was walking with Freddie in front of me and James closely behind me with his hand on the small of my back, he guided me to one of the back rows of desks.

“Okay so Corner may be a ‘sweetheart’ outside of class, but in reality she is a bitch okay?” Whispers Freddie as we sit down. I just nod.

“Now as you know there is two of every core class this year, because the elective classes have become more popular. I can tell that in the other class will probably be slightly bigger due to the numbers I see right now. The people at your desk will be the people you will be working with throughout the whole year.” I look down next to Freddie to see who is next to him and I notice that it’s Samantha Corner of all people! Freddie and James look with me as well and I feel Freddie tense as Samantha smiles at him. Hmm I wonder?

“Today you will be reading the first chapter of your text books then you will proceed to start The Draught of Living Death, which will have to be completed this lesson if it is to work sufficiently. You may begin.”

“Okay, so can I just say something?” Says Samantha, startling the boys and me, we just all and turn and wait for her to continue.

“Well. Erm, I just wanted to say I am sorry for trying to hex you at the start of term feast Matilda, when I realized I had lost Head Girl to a transfer and not Rosie or Dom, I sorta lost it a bit plus it didn’t help my self-esteem that you are from Australia and you’re drop dead gorgeous . And uhm what I am asking is if you can forgive me and maybe could we start over as friends?” She looks at me sheepishly and rubs her neck in an act of self-consciousness.

I smile at her and say “Sure, and its Mattie, I need some friends. I mean I love my family but they annoy the shit out of me.” I wink at her for good measure. She breathes out a sigh of relief and smiles at me before turning to her book.

“Great! Thank you so much and I will only call you Mattie if you call me Sam.” She replies grinning at me.

I nod at her and grin to myself. Maybe this won’t be so bad.

“Hey uhm Matts. What are you planning?” Asks James noticing my grin.

“Well, Jimmy. I have a feeling that this year will be pretty brilliant. Even with Dad away.” I continue to grin.

“Okay Matts, whatever you say.” He replies rolling his eyes at me.

“Oh and Freddie? Corner doesn’t seem like such a bitch.” I whisper in his ears, so Sam doesn’t hear me.


 “Are you Matilda Finnegan?” Asks a bored looking Gryffindor fourth year. I nod at the bored looking child, he is quite plain looking too, poor kid. Oh well.

“Headmistress McGonagall wants to see you and James Potter after dinner this evening out the front of the Gryffindor Common Room.” He says to me before turning on his heel and leaving before I could answer the little swot! Oh well he won’t be getting any girls so it all works out KARAMA is a BITCH!

I turn around and walk up to the seventh year boys dormitories in search of James. I lightly knock on their door, after noticing the Plaque that reads “The Second Generation Marauders” Instead of “Seventh Years” I just smile and shake my head and wait for an acknowledgment.

“Yeah, yeah.” Answers a gruff voice that I don’t immediately recognise.

“Hey James I -.” I stop in the middle of my sentence when I realize that the boy who acknowledged me wasn’t James but a boy who I haven’t seen in nearly six years Seamus Thomas. Dean Thomas’ son, my god-brother.

“Hey Matilda.”  He says after a minute’s awkward silence I cringe at my name.

“How are you?” I whisper walking further into the room, noticing that James is standing at the bathroom door not saying anything.

“I dunno, how do you think I would be? After losing my best mate and god-sister, and my god-father for six years and still knowing that my other best mates still gets to see her when I don’t then find out about three years later that you moved across the world. And then I find out that after all this time you’re coming HOME after nearly six years when you stand up at the start of year feast.” He says sounding hurt and pained. I hadn’t even realized that he wouldn’t have known. I thought dad would have tried to talk to Uncle Dean.

“Well actually I don’t know probably the same way I am feeling? I should have grown up knowing you and spending my summers with you and my family. You know I lost my whole family because of some temper mental whore who left me and dad about three months after I started school?

I felt like shit, I lost everything and I knew that I could never replace that, not ever. Then when Dad said he had a mission with the Australian Auror Department and I would need to do Seventh Year here I was beyond happy because I knew I would get my family back, properly. Anyway dad told me that Uncle Dean had told him before Aimeelee forced him to stop talking to Uncle Dean that, Uncle Dean and Aunt Pavarti would be sending you too Beauxbatons, so I didn’t even try to find you last night or this morning.” I whisper to him and then sit down on the closest bed, which by the night stand looks like James’, cause of his reading glasses and an old Quidditch book.

James leaves his post by the bathroom door to come and comfort me but Seamus beats him to it, I am sort of glad because I have missed him so much. I fling my arms around him and cry into his shoulder.

“Oh Tilda, don’t cry. And as you can see Mum and Dad decided against snotty Beauxbatons! We can’t make up for lost time but we can start over, you’ve always been my sister, you’re in all my childhood memories with James and Freddie. I have missed you so much. Tilda, my little baby sister.” I smile through my tears at his old name for me, that I only let him call me.

“Thank god.” Says James from beside us. Me and Seamus break apart and look at him.

“Oh well, I thought that if you didn’t bother trying to figure things out then me and Freddie would be forced to choose between that two of you.”

“James.” I start in my most serious tone and face to match. “You are a twat.” I grin at him and hug Seamus again.

“I have missed you to Seamus. So much.” I smile at him and turn to James again and realize for the first time he is shirtless. INSERT GASP HERE!!!

“Uhh Jimmy? Mind putting a shirt on?” I whisper.

“Oh, uhmm nope. Why am I making you uncomfortable?” He teases.

“Oh, erm, uhm. No?” I say but it comes out as a question, this causes both boys to wink at each other and grin at me.

“Ermm, anyway I came in here to tell you James that after dinner that Minnie wants us out the front of the common room.” I tell him looking anywhere but him.

“Okay, well than lets go. It’s okay Matts I have a shirt on now.” He grins at me and Seamus snorts at me.

“Seamus just because we have started speaking again does not mean I will not use violence against you. And James what about dinner?” I ask him.

“We missed it.” He shrugs and grabs my hand to pull me towards the common room, as he drags me away I grab Seamus’ hand as well.

“Well then you two are going to have to get me tea after we speak to Minnie.” They just roll their eyes at my comment. Stupid bints.

“Whatever you say Tilda.” Winks Seamus.

When we all get to the common room everyone looks our way and starts to whisper as they see me holding James’ and Seamus’ hands coming down from their room.

“THANK MERLIN!!” Screams Rosie and Dommie together.

“We thought that you two would go half the year before talking again!” Screeched Dommie and holding out her hand to Freddie to which he begrudgingly put two galleons in her palm.

“You were betting on us?” Asks Seamus in mock disgust.

“Anyway as much as this reunion is smashingly fun, me and Matts have a meeting we can’t miss. We will meet you all back here when we are done with Minnie. Tootaloo.” Says James to everyone, then he resumes pulling me away.

“James I can walk you know?” I ask him

“Yeah I know but your so slow.” He turns around and grins at me before pushing the Fat Lady open to meet Minnie.

“Ah your on time. Excellent.” Says a crisp firm voice. Minnie.

What joy.

^Notice the sarcasm? Good

“Yep, good evening Minnie.” I say to her. She just rolls her eyes at me. SCORE! No detention!!

“Right, well it is time I show you the Heads Dorms.” She says addressing us both. We stare at her with our mouths wide open. Shocked.

“But Professor, I thought that the Head Dorms were taken out in our dad’s days?” Asks James.

“Well, yes they were but after sufficient re-modelling they have been brought back in by myself and Neville, also with your parent’s consent of course.” She says matter-of-factly. “Shall we?”

She walks off leaving us to follow. She walks only a short distance from the Fat Lady to another portrait of a large shaggy dog and a slightly smaller more well groomed dog, sniffing each other with curiosity.

“The portrait guards take the shape of your patronus’.” She answers our confused faces, okay so I will talk to James about that later. “Now the password is “Dumbledore’s Army” and it will need to be changed monthly and the portrait will only recognise your voices and the two of you must be aware of password changes. These dorms have been brought back in because you are trusted and are mature young adults do not abuse that.” She continues before walking off and leaving us to explore our new home. “Oh your things are already in there too.” She calls over her shoulder.

“Shall we?” Asks James.

“We shall. Dumbledore’s Army.” I say the portrait swings open. I give the portrait another confused glance before following James into our new common room it’s the exact same as the Gryffindor one just on a smaller scale and in the back corner there is a small kitchen. Up on the back wall there is one staircase as I look around I notice that it’s the only one, opposite the staircase is a door which has our study and a small library in it. Together we walk up the stairs and come to the first landing and see that there is two doors, one on either side of the landing.

“Which one first?”

“The right?” He answers with curiosity drowning in his voice.


I walk over to the right hand side door and open it up to a small toilet and sink with a small mirror sitting above it. I close the door and move to the one on the other side of the landing with James in front of me he opens the door to a huge bathroom with a huge vanity mirror and a big double basin bench, on the back wall there is one large shower and on the wall in between the vanity mirror and shower there is another floor length mirror covering most of the wall. I look at James and raise my eyebrows. It looks like we are sharing a bathroom for the next year.

“Let’s go further upstairs yeah?” I ask James he just nods his mouth slightly open in awe.

We only walk up the stairs five more steps before we come to another landing again with two doors on either side before continuing up. We enter the room with ‘James’ inscribed on it in big loopy writing, and find that all his clothes and his suitcases are already here even though we just left them in his old dorm and the room is themed like his one at home, Gryffindor red and gold plastered everywhere and all these old photos of everyone up as well. I turn around to the door with my name inscribed onto it, across the landing and open the door to my room.

It’s exactly like my new one at Ginny and Harry’s looks like, all the walls are white with one big window going along one of the walls draped with blue curtains, and it’s facing the Black Lake and some of the Forbidden Forest. I am surprised to find that my trunks and clothes are already up here as well but I am more surprised that just like James’ room, up on my wall are all my favourite photos and my posters of the Irish National Quidditch Team (my favourite) I turn around and see that he is behind me taking in my room just like I took in his.

“Hey you have a window!?” He asks incredulously.

“Yep, guess Minnie and Neville love me more than you.” I tease before shoving him out of my room and closing the door behind us. “Shall we see what else there is?” I ask him.

“Yeah okay then tea, I am starved.” I shrug my shoulders at him and gesture for him to go up first.

Again there is only five or six steps before we get to another landing but instead of doors there are portraits on either side of the landing, with the same dogs at the portrait hole guarding them and instead of more steps there is a double door, we exchange a glance of confusion before choosing the portrait of the more well groomed dog (my patronus) when we pull it open we see a hallway and I recognise it as the hallway to get to the seventh year girls dorms.

“Cool.” I say before shutting it again. I look at James and he still looks confused. “It goes to the seventh year girls dorm silly.” Comprehension dawns on his face before he strides to his patronus portrait and opens it. After he opens it he yells “FREDDIE!! SEAMUS!!” he then, being the mature wizard he is slams it shut before the boys realize he is there. I roll my eyes and motion towards the doors we each push one open the doors to a small balcony with a set of chairs and a table in the middle of it.

“This is ace.” Whispers James before throwing an arm around my shoulders.

Yes it is. I think to myself. 


Okay, let me know what you think. (: 

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