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Those Nineteen Years by makemeover
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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            “Pengin!” Teddy cried, leaning against the glass exhibit.

            “No, Teddy,” Harry said, crouching down next to Teddy.  “Penguin.  With a ‘win’ sound.  Penguin.”

            Teddy looked through the glass and examined the swimming penguins, a strained look on his face.  One jumped into the water and swam right in front of where the two boys were standing.  “Pengin!” he said, clapping his hands.

            Harry just laughed and turned to Ginny, who shrugged and smiled.  “Pengin!” he repeated.

            “Teddy, we’ve only got one more animal to see,” Ginny said, checking her watch.  The zoo would be closing in half an hour and she was determined that they would see all of the animals.  Teddy turned and looked at her, his hands still flat up against the glass.  “The lions!” she said.

            He gave her a confused look.  He knew some animals, but wasn’t quite old enough to put the word “lion” together with the image.

            “Come on,” Harry said, reaching out his hand as he stood up.  Teddy made a sad face and lifted his arms up towards Harry, who just smiled.  In one swift motion, Harry lifted Teddy off the ground and maneuvered him onto his shoulders.  “Let’s go!” he said, bouncing Teddy up and down to get him laughing again.  Harry couldn’t blame Teddy, though.  Even his own feet were tired.

            Ginny reached out her hand and Harry took it.  They walked back past the butterflies and flamingos and the tigers and finally made it to the lion exhibit.  Teddy cried out with joy and waved his feet back and forth, anxious to get down.  He ran over to the fence and was just as captivated as he had been at every other exhibit.

            “Cookie!” he said, turning towards Harry and Ginny and pointing into the exhibit.

            “Crookshanks is a little different than the lions,” Ginny said.  “See?” she pointed towards an adult male who was lounging on one of the large rock slabs.  “He is much bigger than Crookshanks, even though they look the same.”

            Teddy just nodded and kept staring, and Ginny had a feeling that what she said wasn’t processing, but again, he was still so young.  Harry read one of the small plaques that lined the fence to the exhibit.  “His name is Lucifer,” he said.

            This time, Ginny crouched down to get to the same level as Teddy.  “Say hi to Lucifer,” she said waving towards the lion.

            Teddy waited a few moments before saying, “Hi, Luficer.”  He started to wave maniacally and neither Harry nor Ginny corrected him, just smiled at his innocence.

            After a few minutes at the lion exhibit, an announcement came over the loud speakers placed throughout the zoo stating that it would be closing in ten minutes, and that groups should start making their way towards the exit.

            “Teddy, we’ve got to go now,” Ginny said, patting him on the back and standing up.

            “Okay,” he said, sadly.  With the new burst of energy that seeing the lions gave him, he started hobbling out of the exhibit, Harry and Ginny close behind.

            Once they left the zoo, they stopped for a quick bite to eat, and then exited the restaurant to a lovely September night.  Ginny had had to put on her light jacket, but the weather was so perfect that it felt almost too comfortable.

            After a quick walk along the small river running through the area, they decided to go home.  “Teddy,” Ginny whispered to the boy she was holding in her arms, fast asleep.  “It’s time to wake up.  We’re going home.”

            Teddy’s eyes opened but his mind didn’t wake up.  He didn’t know where they were, but looked too exhausted to care.  He was fine with being handed off from Ginny to Harry, and only became aware when he felt the odd squeezing sensation of Side-Along Apparition.  As the evening wound down, he was already asleep by the time Harry took him upstairs to put him to bed.





            Hermione rubbed her temples for a few moments before finally reopening her eyes.  Ron was sitting next to her, eyes closed as well, a distressed look on his face.  “Sporifous,” he said finally.

            “Close,” she said, turning the page of Potions on a Professional Level.  “Sopohorous.”

            Ron sighed loudly.  “I’m never going to be an Auror.”

            “Stop, Ron,” she said, putting her hand on his arm.  He pulled away and started to twiddle his fingers under the table.  Since there was an abundance of rooms at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, Harry had allowed Hermione to turn Regulus’s room into a library of sorts since it was on the top floor.  All of the walls were lined with shelves and cabinets, all of which were filled with books and ingredients.  There were also two small tables, one of which was usually empty, the other supporting rolls of parchment, quills, and ink.  There was a cauldron, scales, and various measuring instruments on the table where Ron and Hermione sat, although they were usually housed in one of the cabinets.

            “I’m serious,” he said, putting his elbows on the table and resting his face in his hands.  “I just can’t remember anything.  I’ve always been crap at Potions and this is why.”  He ran his fingers through his hair, and Hermione’s heart broke at the look of defeat on his face.

            “You’ve only really been studying for a few weeks,” she said, motioning towards the book on the table.  “It takes a long time to get everything down perfect, and I know you can do it.  You just need to be patient.”

            “I don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” he said.  “I just can’t study.  It doesn’t stick.”

            “We just need to find a way for you to remember everything.  There is a way.  We just have to find it.”

            “I’m not so sure about that.”

            Hermione smirked and pointed her wand at the door to lock it.  “Alright,” she said, uncrossing her legs and getting comfortable in her seat.  “We can start out easy.  What’s another name for wolfsbane?”

            Ron looked up at her, a confused look on his face.  “Aconite.  Hermione that’s first year stuff, there’s no way that’ll be on the entrance exam.”

            Hermione ignored his comment and simply said, “Correct.”  With another devilish grin, she straightened up and took off her jacket.

            Ron looked at her suspiciously, but brushed it off.  “What is the most common use for lacewing flies?”

            “Hermione, what are you on about?” he asked.

            “Just answer.”

            “Ugh, fine.  Polyjuice Potion.”

            “Correct,” Hermione said.  She kicked off her shoes, grabbed them, and threw them to the side of the room.

            “What are you doing?” Ron asked.

            She ignored him again.  “What do you have to remember when handing belladonna?”

            “Wear…gloves?” he said, as if asking a question.

            “Why?” she asked.

            “It’s extremely toxic.”

            “Correct,” she said.  She grabbed the bottom hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head.  She shivered slightly as the cool air hit her newly bare skin, but the look on Ron’s face made it worth it.  His eyes looked as if they could actually bug out of his head.

            “Holy…” he started to say, his mouth dropping open.  She tried not to smile, but couldn’t help it, and she felt her cheeks flush.  She was just happy that she had recently done laundry and wasn’t wearing plain underwear or worse, something that an elderly woman would wear.

            “What’s the most active ingredient in memory potions?” she asked.

            Ron spent a few moments staring directly at her chest before finally coming to his senses.  “Um…” was all he could say.

            “Come on, Ron, focus.”

            “Jabberwocky,” he said.

            “Ron that’s a poem from Through the Looking-Glass,” she scolded.

            “Jobberknoll!” he said quickly.  “I meant part of the Jobberknoll.”

            “Mmhmm,” she said, although she gave him a don’t do that again look.  She stood up as she unbuttoned her jeans.  While keeping her eyes locked on Ron’s, she shimmied out of the jeans, tossing them into her growing pile of clothing.  As she sat back down, Ron didn’t take his eyes off her scanty, light purple underwear.

            “I – I think I can remember this way,” Ron stammered.

            “Name the three main ingredients in Wit-Sharpening potions,” she said, lazily running her fingers down her sides.

            “Ginger root!” he exclaimed.

            “Mmhmm,” she said, sliding off one of her bra straps and letting it fall down her arm.

            “Arma – armadillo bile,” he said, more slowly this time.

            “Yes,” she said, reaching around behind her, her hands getting ready on the clasp.  “One more.”

            “Ummm,” he said.  “Oh, Merlin, Hermione…”

            “Come on, Ron.”

            “I know this!” he said, and then fell silent for a few moments.  It was clear that he was thinking as hard as possible, but Hermione also had to take into account the distraction, as he still hadn’t taken his eyes off her body.  “Beetle parts!”

            “What kind?”

            “Scarab beetles!”

            “Yes!” she cried, and started to unhinge the bra, but she didn’t make it.  Before she could even get one of the clasps undone, Ron had pushed the book onto the ground, lifted Hermione up, and laid her down on the table.

            As he climbed on top of her, he managed to growl out, “Best teaching method, ever,” before he leaned down to her.


a/n: Hope you guys enjoyed this risque side of Hermione!  It was certainly fun to write.  At the rate i'm going now, I definitely won't have a novel length story by the end of the month, but I'm still going to try!  I'd love to hear what you guys think, and also I'll update again as soon as I can! :]



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